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With great power comes incredibly great pettiness. When a group of slacker friends working at a debt collection agency gains amazing superpowers, they will stop at nothing to avoid using them, Because becoming a superhero just sounds like a lot of hard work.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Antiheroes

S01E01 Great Superpowers Are a Huge Pain in the Ass 11/08/2014 The responsibility that comes with great power is totally lame
S01E02 Why Invisibility Is the Worst Superpower 13/08/2014 With great power comes incredibly great pettiness.
S01E03 Why You Shouldn't Get Drunk With Superheroes 15/08/2014 No wonder Jean Grey went off the deep end.
S01E04 How the Government Would Actually Treat Superheroes 18/08/2014 Or: Why drug addicts make the worst mutants.
S01E05 Why Superhero Stories Don't Need a Villain 20/08/2014 For reasons other than his overly gruff voice.