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Join Walter Cronkite investigates the mysteries of human evolution.


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S01E01 The Human Puzzle 10/01/1994 Compared to other species, human beings have been on earth for a very short time. For millions of years, dinosaurs dominated. Then came an evolutionary upheaval-- the continents shifted, the climate changed, and the ape emerged. In Africa, our primal ancestors began to make huge biological leaps forward. But what mysterious phenomenon allowed humans to branch off from the ape?
S01E02 Great Strides 10/01/1994 Once humans learned to walk upright, they began to take giant developmental strides away from their animal relatives. They invented tools, which provided the edge in the search for food. The awesome power of fire came next, then the evolutionary grand prize-- the human brain.
S01E03 All in the Mind 10/01/1994 As the human brain evolved, early man gained an incredible evolutionary advantage-- the power of language. It brought humans closer together and led to a higher form of creativity. Cave paintings, sculpture, and decorative tools sprung from man's hand. Today, the human mind still drives the species-- but is that enough to guarantee survival on the evolutionary tree?
S01E04 Science and Fiction 10/01/1994 While evolutionists and creationists debate the origin of the species, an intense controversy rages within the scientific community itself. Why is science so obsessed with the purity of our origins? Can it affect the fate of our species? In a sobering look at our place in the natural order, leading evolutionists risk a glimpse into the future of the human being.

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