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Remi Warren is on a mission to embrace and claim the wildness that lies deep within each of us. He shows us that there is a beast in all of us and that it has a natural and necessary place in today’s world. Each episode begins by learning about adaptations, techniques, and traits used by a specific hunter in the wild. Remi learns everything he can by studying the predator itself, and gets extra info from experts in biology, physiology, and ecology. He then tests himself and designs both trials and training regimens to embody this trait. When prepared, Remi heads to the wild with a clear challenge to meld with nature and hunt like an animal.


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S01E01 The Power of Patience - Alligator 01/10/2015 Remi Warren discovers the power of patience as he learns how to lie in wait like an alligator for his prey in the swamps of Central Florida. His mantra will be “calm body, alert mind” as he hopes to literally get his hands on a pig in the wild in one explosive, lethal movement.
S01E02 The Eyes Have It - Golden Eagle 08/10/2015 Eagles are estimated to have eyesight up to eight times stronger than that of the average human. Using the power of modern optics, Remi Warren attempts to spot and hunt Coues deer from long range like one of the world’s greatest winged predators: the golden eagle.
S01E03 Save Your Breath - Otter 15/10/2015 Remi Warren attempts to adapt to the river otter’s aquatic lifestyle as he learns to hold his breath and swim underwater in search of fish prey. Using modern dive gear and his natural mammalian diving reflex to his advantage, Remi will learn proper freedive techniques to dive down and spear for fish off Southwest Florida’s Gulf coast.
S01E04 Go Pack Go - Wolf Pack 22/10/2015 Wolves hunt by chasing their prey as a pack. Remi enlists his brother Jason and Apex crew members Dan Doty and Dom Savio to hunt elk in Montana as a wolf pack. Together, they will attempt to run down and cut off a spooked herd of elk with the hopes of putting Remi into bow range. In order to do this, he’ll have to train to increase his lung capacity, slow his heart rate, and be able to run uphill in high elevations with both speed and endurance.
S01E05 High and Mighty - The Great Blue Heron 29/10/2015 Remi Warren prowls the edges of Michigan’s waterways in hopes of hunting like the Great Blue Heron. After an afternoon observing Great Blue Herons in the wild and a lesson in frog gigging from 12 year-old Owen Lynch, Remi takes to the open water to see if he can use perspective to his advantage to spear fish like the Great Blue.
S01E06 Disguise Surprise - Coyote 05/11/2015 Inspired by an iconic painting by George Catlin, Remi Warren stalks buffalo in Sonora, Mexico disguised as a coyote. Taking advantage of the buffalo’s inherent indifference toward coyotes, he attempts to sneak as close to the herd as possible on hands and knees without spooking them. If he manages to close in on a buffalo, he’ll take it down with a bow and arrow – Apex Predator-style.
S01E07 Stalk the Stalk - Mountain Lion 12/11/2015 The mountain lion teaches Remi Warren the importance of a stealthy and silent stalk to get within striking distance of it's prey. Using motion analysis Remi hones abilities to successfully ambush a mule deer on a hot and rugged Montana hunt.
S01E08 Hide and Seek - Octopus 19/11/2015 After studying nature's master of camouflage, the octopus, Remi Warren works with expert Sam England to perfect a camouflage strategy. Deep in Wyoming’s back country he applies his newly learned understanding and tries to become invisible and deadly on a pronghorn bow hunt.
S01E09 Forage and Gather - Black Bear 26/11/2015 The black bear is not only a masterful hunter but an opportunistic forager. Remi Warren learns the black bear's gathering traits from lauded black bear expert Dr. Lynn Rogers. Remi will have to set aside his rifle and bow and uncover his black bear instincts to find a meal in the woods of the southeast US.

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