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The Zhou family has high hopes in giving birth to a son, but was disappointed when Zhou Ji Wei was born a girl, making her the third daughter in line. Because she was a disappointment to the family, she was only ever given hand me downs from her sisters. She felt no love from her family, but luckily she feels the love of a family from her neighbor especially Dai Nai Nai. There she meets her 'brother' Dai Yao Qi and follows him around trying to be the best sister ever, however he has never wanted to have a sister. As she tries her best to be close to him as his sister, she slowly realizes the feelings she holds for him are not love for a brother but something more.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Apple in Your Eye

S01E01 Episode 1 08/08/2014
S01E02 Episode 2 15/08/2014
S01E03 Episode 3 22/08/2014
S01E04 Episode 4 29/08/2014
S01E05 Episode 5 05/09/2014
S01E06 Episode 6 12/09/2014
S01E07 Episode 7 19/09/2014
S01E08 Episode 8 26/09/2014
S01E09 Episode 9 03/10/2014
S01E10 Episode 10 10/10/2014
S01E11 Episode 11 17/10/2014
S01E12 Episode 12 24/10/2014
S01E13 Episode 13 31/10/2014
S01E14 00/00/0000

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