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The Apple Keynotes offers video of the company's most important announcements, including presentations by Apple CEO Tim Cook and former CEO and Apple founder Steve Jobs


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Apple Keynotes

S01E01 Annual Sales Conference, Hawaii (1983) 01/10/1983
S01E02 Shareholder Event (1984) 24/01/1984 Steve Jobs introducing Macintosh at the Apple's Annual Shareholders Meeting on January 24, 1984.
S01E03 Apple II Forever, San Francisco (1984) 24/04/1984 The first 100 Days of Macintosh – Apple II Forever Event.
S01E04 Macworld, San Francisco (1997) 07/01/1997 Steve Jobs 1st reappearance on stage. Gil Amelio (Apple’s CEO) botched the whole event, effectively ruining Steve Jobs' comeback moment. Steve was consultant at the time.
S01E05 WWDC, San Jose (1997) 16/05/1997
S01E06 Macworld, Boston, The Microsoft Deal (1997) 06/08/1997 Historic Keynote. Steve Jobs announces a partnership with Microsoft and hinted to the Think Different campaign.
S01E07 Special Event, Think Different (1997) 05/05/1997 During a Special Press Event, Steve Jobs introduced the Think Different campaign to an exclusive audience.
S01E08 Macworld, San Francisco (1998) 08/01/1998 Rare footage of MacWorld SF where iCEO Steve Jobs brings no new products… but that Apple is starting its resurgence.
S01E09 Seybold, New York, Studio Display (1998) 17/03/1998 Steve Jobs announced the first ever Apple flat screen display and pitted the G3 PowerPC to the poor Pentium II.
S01E10 Special Event, Cupertino, iMac (1998) 06/05/1998 Defining keynote where Steve Jobs introduced one of Apple’s most iconic and beloved product, the iMac. The cute transparant computer took the industry and consumers by storm and can be credited of changing an industry known for it’s boring and ugly designs. It’s also the first product of the “new” Apple era envisioned by Steve Jobs.
S01E11 WWDC, San Francisco, OS X Strategy (1998) 11/05/1998 5 days after introducing the iMac, Steve attempts to convince developers that the OS X transition won’t hurt much.
S01E12 Macworld, New York (1998) 08/07/1998 Steve didn’t announce anything new at MacWorld NY, rehashing most of WWDC’s content.
S01E13 Macworld, San Francisco (1999) 05/01/1999 Steve Jobs introduced a redesigned Power Mac G3, colored iMacs, FireWire and Mac OS X Server.
S01E14 Macworld, Tokyo (1999) 21/02/1999 Macworld Tokyo was basically a rewrite of Macworld San Francisco’s keynote six weeks earlier.
S01E15 WWDC, San Jose, OS X & OS 9 Preview (1999) 10/05/1999 Steve Jobs introduces new PowerBooks before giving extensive demos of OS 9 and showing an early version of OS X.
S01E16 Macworld, New York, Clamshell iBook (1999) 21/07/1999 Say hello to Apple’s newest laptop, a candy-colored clamshell book with handle and wireless networking.
S01E17 Seybold, San Francisco, Power Mac G4 (1999) 03/08/1999 The keynote started as a rehash of MacWorld NY but became suddenly interesting with the unveiling of Power Mac G4.
S01E18 Special Event, Cupertino, iMac DV (1999) 05/10/1999 Steve Jobs launched Mac OS 9 before announcing a new iMac with DVD… and iMovie.
S01E19 Macworld, San Francisco (2000) 05/01/2000 An all-software keynote geared towards the Future where Steve Jobs revealed OS X, iTools and a new CEO.
S01E20 Macworld, Tokyo (2000) 16/02/2000
S01E21 WWDC, San Jose (2000) 15/05/2000
S01E22 Macworld, New York, G4 Cube (2000) 19/07/2000 Hardware focused keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the G4 Cube, new Power Mac G4, new iMacs and more.
S01E23 Seybold, San Francisco (2000) 29/08/2000
S01E24 Expo, Paris, OS X Beta (2000) 13/09/2000 In somehow a rehash of Macworld NY, Steve Jobs managed to announce updated iBooks and more of OS X.
S01E25 Macworld, San Francisco, iTunes (2001) 09/01/2001 Steve Jobs starts Apple’s digital hub era with the introduction of iTunes and iDVD.
S01E26 Macworld, Tokyo, Psychedelic iMacs (2001) 22/02/2001 In mostly a rehash of Macworld SF ’01, ‘Business Suit’ Steve did show something new, psychedelic iMacs.
S01E27 Special Event, Cupertino, White iBook (2001) 01/05/2001 Say goodbye to colorful iBooks. Steve Jobs introduced a totally redesigned, white iBook at a Special Apple Event. Sales of the clamshell iBooks had been disappointing lately. Unit shipments of iBooks were down 52 percent in the first three months of 2001 compared with the same period the year before. It was time for a change.
S01E28 WWDC, San Jose (2001) 21/05/2001
S01E29 Macworld, New York (2001) 18/07/2001 A long and uneventful event where Steve Jobs showcased the new Apple Stores and new hardware.
S01E30 Seybold, San Francisco, OS X Puma (2001) 25/09/2001 Steve Jobs opened Seybold before inviting Phil Schiller and others continue.
S01E31 Special Event, Cupertino, iPod (2001) 23/10/2001 Landmark event in which Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod, spearheading a new era in consumer electronic.
S01E32 Macworld, San Francisco, iPhoto (2002) 07/01/2002 Macworld San Francisco was an entertaining keynote and worth the watch. Steve Jobs introduced a totally new design for the iMac (Sunflower iMac), updated the iBook and introduced a new application for its digital hub strategy: iPhoto (version 1.0).
S01E33 Macworld, Tokyo (2002) 21/03/2002 Steve Jobs showcases Apple’s Digital Hub to Nippon Mac fans.
S01E34 WWDC, San Francisco, Death of OS 9 (2002) 06/05/2002 Hilarious mock-up funeral where Steve Jobs put to rest any uncertainty developers had about the status of Mac OS 9 – the company’s “Classic” operating system.
S01E35 Special Event, Cupertino, Xserve (2002) 14/05/2002 In this rather soporific event, Steve Jobs and Apple’s management introduced Xserve, Apple’s attempt to enter the entreprise market. The move was a rather strange since at the time, Apple was totally consumer focussed. It released iconic products like the iMac, clamshell iBook and iPod and had very little to do with the Fortune 500 companies. The event is also the first time that Tim Cook appeared on stage for Apple.
S01E36 Macworld, New York, OS X Jaguar (2002) 17/07/2002 A milestone event. Steve Jobs introduced OS X Jaguar with several new apps and iPod became available for the rest of the world.
S01E37 Seybold, San Francisco (2002) 10/09/2002
S01E38 Expo, Paris (2002) 10/09/2002 In a rehash of Macworld NY, Steve Jobs showed OS X Jaguar in details.
S01E39 Macworld, San Francisco, Powerbooks (2003) 07/01/2003 Major keynote where Steve Jobs introduced new PowerBooks, Airport Extreme, FireWire 800, Safari, Keynote, Final Cut Express & iLife.
S01E40 Special Event, Cupertino, iTMS (2003) 28/04/2003 Historic keynote in which Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes Music Store, changing forever the way people get their music. When Steve Jobs announced the iTunes Music Store, the shift to digital music was already started. But no existing solutions were compelling enough for users to drop their music CDs in favor of mp3s. It was a complex world of Digital Right Management and small online music portfolios. It sucked.
S01E41 WWDC, San Francisco, Power Mac G5 (2003) 23/06/2003 Kickass keynote where Steve Jobs previewed OS X Panther and introduced the mighty Power Mac G5.
S01E42 Expo, Paris, Revamped PowerBooks (2003) 16/09/2003 Excerpt of the event where Steve Jobs revamped the PowerBook line-up and introduced a wireless mouse & keyboard.
S01E43 Special Event, San Francisco, iTunes for Windows (2003) 16/10/2003 Steve Jobs unveiled a version of iTunes for Windows and cemented Apple’s dominance in the digital music market.
S01E44 Macworld, San Francisco, iPod mini (2004) 06/01/2004 This uneventful keynote was saved once Steve Jobs introduced iPod mini after unveiling iLife ’04 & Garageband.
S01E45 Special Event, London, iTMS UK DE & FR (2004) 15/06/2004 The biggest story in digital music got even bigger when Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes Music Store to the U.K., Germany and France.
S01E46 WWDC, San Francisco, OS X Tiger Preview (2004) 28/06/2004 Steve Jobs previewed new features in the upcoming OS X Tiger and wowed the audience with a new stunning 30-inch Cinema Display.
S01E47 Expo, Paris (2004) 31/08/2004
S01E48 Special Event, San Jose, iPod photo (2004) 24/10/2004 Steve Jobs introduced the iPod photo and mocked the idea of playing video on an iPod a year before shipping the iPod Video.
S01E49 Macworld, San Francisco (2005) 11/01/2005 Fulfilling keynote in which Steve Jobs introduced interesting new hardware and software.
S01E50 WWDC, San Francisco, Switch to Intel (2005) 06/06/2005 Landmark event where Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel processors and made podcasting mainstream.
S01E51 Special Event, San Francisco, iPod nano (2005) 07/09/2005 Disappointing event where Steve Jobs was rumored to launch iPhone but introduced the Motorola ROKR. Luckily the iPod nano saved the day.
S01E52 Special Event, San Jose (2005) 12/10/2005 Entertaining keynote that saw Steve Jobs introducing video functionality on iPod, brought TV shows on iTunes and PhotoBooth on iMac.
S01E53 Macworld, San Francisco (2006) 10/01/2006 The switch to Intel has started, Steve Jobs introduced the first Intel products: MacBook Pro & iMac.
S01E54 Special Event, Cupertino, iPod HI-FI (2006) 28/02/2006 A tired looking Steve Jobs introduced the iPod HI-FI, one of the few Apple products that can be labeled as major flop. After that keynote, it was never heard of again…
S01E55 WWDC, San Francisco, Mac Pro (2006) 07/08/2006 This keynote ignited questions regarding Steve Jobs’ health whom looked tired and shared the stage with other Apple’s VPs.
S01E56 Special Event, San Francisco, Apple TV (2006) 12/09/2006 Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he unveils the new iPod nano, iPod shuffle and the all new Apple TV.
S01E57 Macworld, San Francisco (2007) 09/01/2007 Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs kick off the Macworld Conference & Expo 2007 with a keynote address from San Francisco's Moscone West. Check out the exciting new developments at Apple, which include the addition of Paramount movies to iTunes, Apple TV, which allows you to wirelessly play all of your iTunes content from your Mac or PC on your television, and the pioneering iPhone. This revolutionary product is a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone, and an Internet communications device all in one.
S01E58 WWDC, San Francisco, Safari for Windows (2007) 11/06/2007 In a rehash of last year’s WWDC, Steve Jobs previewed again Leopard and introduced web apps for iPhone & Safari for Windows.
S01E59 Special Event, Cupertino, New iMac (2007) 07/08/2007 Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he unveils the all new amazing iMac as well as the new iLife and iWork suite.
S01E60 Special Event, San Francisco, iPod touch (2007) 05/09/2007 In an iPod-focus event, Steve Jobs refreshed the full iPod line-up, unveiled the iPod classic moniker and introduced iPod touch, iPhone’s little brother.
S01E61 Macworld, San Francisco (2008) 15/01/2008 Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs kick off the Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 with a keynote address that covers exciting developments at Apple, including the MacBook Air and the addition of movie rentals to iTunes and on Apple TV.
S01E62 Special Event, Cupertino, iPhone Software Roadmap (2008) 06/03/2008 On March 6, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone Software Roadmap. The iPhone Enterprise Beta Program gives IT professionals the opportunity to try iPhone 2.0 software and provide Apple with feedback before general release. Upcoming iPhone support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and industry-standard corporate security standards will allow IT professionals to seamlessly integrate iPhone into their enterprise environments. The iPhone Developer Program provides a complete and integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing your free, commercial or in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch.
S01E63 WWDC, San Francisco, iPhone 3G (2008) 09/06/2008 Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicks off WWDC08 in San Francisco with a keynote that announces the iPhone 3G and the new MobileMe Internet service.
S01E64 Special Event, San Francisco (2008) 09/09/2008 Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveal what's new in music.
S01E65 Special Event, Cupertino, Unibody MacBook (2008) 14/10/2008 In this short presentation, Steve Jobs introduced the unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook and refreshed the MacBook Air.
S01E66 Macworld, San Francisco (2009) 06/01/2009 Watch Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, unveil Apple’s latest innovations at Macworld 2009.
S01E67 Special Event, Cupertino, iOS 3.0 Preview (2009) 17/03/2009 Learn about the new SDK and get a sneak peek at iPhone OS 3.0 software.
S01E68 WWDC, San Francisco, OS X Snow Leopard (2009) 09/06/2009 Watch Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, unveil the new iPhone 3G S, the new MacBook Pro family, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
S01E69 Special Event, San Francisco (2009) 09/09/2009 Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller announce the new iPod touch lineup, the new iPod nano with built-in video camera, and iTunes 9, the world's most popular software application for purchasing, managing and playing media.
S01E70 Special Event, San Francisco, iPad (2010) 27/01/2010 Apple today announced iPad, a revolutionary device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and much more.
S01E71 Special Event, Cupertino, iOS 4 (2010) 08/04/2010 On April 8, Apple unveiled plans for the biggest and most exciting iPhone software update yet. iPhone OS 4 will include over 100 new user features for iPhone and iPod touch owners to enjoy. And for developers, a new software development kit (SDK) offers over 1500 new APIs to create apps that are even more powerful, innovative, and amazing.
S01E72 WWDC, San Francisco, iPhone 4 (2010) 07/06/2010 Apple today presented the new iPhone 4 featuring FaceTime, which makes the dream of video calling a reality, and Apple's stunning new Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, resulting in super crisp text, images and video.
S01E73 Special Event, Cupertino, Antennagate (2010) 16/07/2010 Steve Jobs rushed out of his family Hawaiian vacation to face journalists and tackle uprising negative opinion about iPhone’s 4 antenna debacle.
S01E74 Special Event, San Francisco, Apple TV 2 (2010) 01/09/2010 On September 1, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPod lineup, Apple TV, and iTunes 10.
S01E75 Special Event, Cupertino, OS X Lion/MBA (2010) 20/10/2010 On October 20, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the new MacBook Air, Mac OS X Lion, and iLife '11.
S01E76 Special Event, San Francisco, iPad 2 (2011) 02/03/2011 On March 2, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the forthcoming iPad 2 as well as the release of i0S 4.3.
S01E77 WWDC, San Francisco, iOS 5 (2011) 06/06/2011 On June 6th, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and team unveiled the forthcoming Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.
S01E78 Special Event, Cupertino, iPhone 4S (2011) 04/10/2011
S01E79 Special Event, New York, iBooks (2012) 19/01/2012 On January 19, Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, and team revealed iBooks 2 featuring iBooks textbooks, along with iBooks Author, and iTunes U App.
S01E80 Special Event, San Francisco, iPad 3 (2012) 07/03/2012 The new iPad and new Apple TV.
S01E81 WWDC, San Francisco (2012) 11/06/2012 Mac OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6, MacBook Pro with Retina display
S01E82 Special Event, San Francisco, iPhone 5 (2012) 12/09/2012 Tim Cook is revealing the new iPhone 5, new iPods and the all new Apple EarPods. Also showing first demo of iTunes 11.
S01E83 Special Event, San Jose, 13 in. Retina MBP (2012) 23/10/2012 iMac and Mac mini receive updates, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro is introduced, iPad is updated with faster CPU and Lightning connector and all new iPad Mini is revealed.
S01E84 WWDC, San Francisco, iOS 7 Preview (2013) 10/06/2013 Apple CEO Tim Cook and team present iTunes Radio, iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, next generation Mac Pro, and updated Macbook Air
S01E85 Special Event, Cupertino, iPhone 5C and 5S (2013) 10/09/2013 Apple CEO Tim Cook and team unveiled the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.
S01E86 Special Event, iPad Air, Mini and MacBook Pro (2013) 22/10/2013 Apple CEO Tim Cook and team unveiled the new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, updated MacBook Pro with Retina display and next generation iWork and iLife Apps for OS X and iOS.
S01E87 WWDC, San Francisco, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (2014) 02/06/2014 See Apple CEO Tim Cook and team unveil OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 with iCloud Photo Library, new Messages features, the new Health app, and more.
S01E88 Special Event, September 2014 09/09/2014 See Apple CEO Tim Cook and team unveil the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch.
S01E89 Special Event, October 2014 16/10/2014
S01E90 Special Event, March 2015 09/03/2015 See Apple CEO Tim Cook and team present Apple Watch and unveil the all-new Macbook, ResearchKit and HBO NOW.
S01E91 WWDC, San Francisco (2015) 08/06/2015
S01E92 Special Event, September 2015 09/09/2015
S01E93 Special Event, March 2016 21/03/2016
S01E94 WWDC, San Francisco (2016) 13/06/2016
S00E01 Steve Jobs and Bill Gates @ D5 Conference 30/05/2007
S00E02 Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference 02/06/2010
S00E03 CNBC Titans: Steve Jobs 06/10/2011
S00E04 iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed The World 16/10/2011
S00E05 Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs 15/10/2010
S00E06 60 Minutes: Interview with Walter Isaacson about 'Steve Jobs' 23/10/2011
S00E07 ntv Wirtschaftsreportage: Steve Jobs 06/10/2011
S00E08 Tod einer Ikone: Wie Steve Jobs die Welt veränderte 06/10/2011
S00E09 Celebrating Steve 19/10/2011 A celebration of Steve's Life. Watch the special event, filmed live at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California.
S00E10 Steve Jobs: Stanford Commencement Speech 12/06/2005
S00E11 The Worlds Most Powerful: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs 04/12/2003
S00E12 Charlie Rose: Interview with Walter Isaacson (Author of 'Steve Jobs') 25/10/2011
S00E13 Charlie Rose: A Tribute to Steve Jobs 07/10/2011 A Tribute to Steve Jobs with Eric Schmidt, Ken Auletta, Walter Mossberg, David Carr, Walter Isaacson, Lawrence Ellison, Bob Iger, Marc Andreessen, Marissa Mayer, Steve Wozniak
S00E14 Die Apple Story 00/00/0000
S00E15 Steve Jobs - One Last Thing 02/11/2011 ONE LAST THING takes an unflinching look at Jobs’s difficult, controlling disposition, and offers unique insights into what made him tick. While there has been near-universal agreement that Steve Jobs was a great innovator in business and technology, ONE LAST THING looks into why he was so great. What were the influences that shaped his character? What drove him from such humble beginnings to the heights of success? Featuring interviews with, among others, Ronald Wayne, co-founder of Apple with Jobs and Steve Wozniak; Ross Perot, who invested in NeXT Computer when Jobs was running out of money; Walt Mossberg, principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, who interviewed Jobs every year from 2003-2010;, frontman and producer for The Black Eyed Peas, whose “I Gotta Feeling” currently ranks as the most downloaded iTunes song ever; Dean Hovey, designer of the original mouse for Apple; Robert Cringely, writer and host of the PBS series TRIUMPH OF THE NERDS: THE RISE OF ACCIDENTAL EMPIRES; Robert Palladino, calligraphy professor at Reed College, whose classes Jobs credited with inspiring his typography design for the Mac; and Bill Fernandez, who introduced Jobs and Wozniak in Sunnyvale, where the three hung out in his father’s garage and tinkered with electronics. In a never-before-broadcast interview from 1994, Jobs expounds on his philosophy of life: “You tend to get told that the world is the way it is, but life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact; and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you … Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” In his many successful Apple product launches, Jobs developed his own catchphrase to tease his audiences. Appearing to reach the end of a presentation, he would then announce to the expectant crowd: “Oh — one more thing,” before unveiling his latest design achievement. This documentary exploration of the life of one of America’
S00E16 Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy 14/12/2011 Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy is the unauthorized documentary about the late Apple co-founder,Steve Jobs by BBC.It provides a different perspective about him which is far different from what most previous documentaries like "Steve Jobs:One Last Thing" and "Steve Jobs:The Last Interview" have presented him to be which is a technical genius and a great visionary.Interviews from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak,former Apple CEO John Sculley, Stephen Fry, world wide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee,branding guru Rita Clifton,Xerox Project Manager Danny Teslar and many others that did not include Apple,Jobs' biographer and sister,Walter Simpson and Mona Simpson respectively. Evan Davis acted as a narrator that takes us to Job's journey of success from the garage to leading Apple to becoming the most valuable company in the world.