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In this PBS series, Emmy Award-winning actor John McGivern explores what it's like to live, work and play in 13 different communities in Wisconsin. He will talk to employers, residents and “enjoyers” of these neighborhoods. What he finds is that they are all different - and all the same. John Gurda, local history expert, reveals the past of the featured community and maps out the boundaries so you’ll know where to go if you want to do your own exploring.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Around the Corner with John McGivern

S01E01 Bayview 26/01/2012 Join Emmy Award--winning actor John McGivern as he explores living, working and playing in SE Wisconsin's unique communities. In the first of this 13-episode weekly series, experience Bay View along with John as he checks out the Lake Express Ferry, goes inside Klement's, and chats with residents. He finds food and fun at Pastiche Bistro, Riviera Maya, Lulu's, and Sugar Maple, learns how food is grown at Sweet Water Organics, "chills on the hill," relaxes at Tonic, visits the Boulevard Theater and asks Alderman Zielinski to sum up the neighborhood. And, as will happen in every episode, historian John Gurda shares the history and emographics of the area.
S01E02 Wauwatosa 02/02/2012 John McGivern introduces some of the people and places that make Wauwatosa unique-- and a little cranky! In the village, John chats at LaRev and outside the old fire station; he strolls with Joe Bartolotta; and, he finds John Gurda at the Little Red Store. There's music, flowers, food, treats, creativity--and one place John can't wait to go: The Irish Fest headquarters. This is the only episode in which John goes from Hoyt Pool in the summer to the curling club where it feels like winter! Where else can you go to church, the movies and to Hawaii all in half an hour?
S01E03 Riverwest 09/02/2012 John visits a neighborhood you either know well or not at all--Riverwest. New, hot businesses like Flux Design and Café Corazon, are just down the block from places that have defined the neighborhood for decades like Ma Bensch and Woodland Pattern. Gems like the Polish Falcons and St Casimir's Church have been creating community in the neighborhood for literally more than a hundred years! This episode is jam packed with co-ops and community activists, bikes, books, artists, parks, bars, clubs and yoga! Add John Gurda, and now you'll really get to know Riverwest!
S01E04 Cedarburg 15/02/2012 John McGivern doesn't have much time to catch his breath in this episode, because Cedarburg is a busy place! Could there be any more to eat and drink? Between the restaurants and winery at Cedar Creek Settlement, Amy's Candy Kitchen, The Java House, PJ Pipers Pancake House, Out & Out and Wayne's Drive In, John gets plenty full! But, he found lots to do that's not food related, too. John discovers that the shops on Washington Avenue offer everything from jewelry to home goods to lawn art to toys. He visits the Cultural Center, the General Store Museum, and stops to chat with the Pastors at Advent Lutheran Church. Then there's the vegetable farm, salon, quilt museum, performing arts center, a walk through the famous covered bridge... so much that you just have to watch!
S01E05 Sheboygan 23/02/2012 John McGivern heads north on I-43 to explore Sheboygan. Did you know that you can surf, go the theater, shop the oldest hardware store in Wisconsin, learn about Hmong culture, the history of Sheboygan and eat the most delicious hard rolls in the state all with about three miles? John Gurda starts off on the lakefront, and it's a short trip to great destinations like the Kohler Art Center, the Blue Harbor and Bookworm Gardens. Mix in a little Frisbee golf (oops, sorry -- we mean Disc Golf!) and terrific employers like Acuity and Torke Coffee, add an outstanding Riverfront, and top it all off with fantastic cuisine or a mouthwatering Sheboygan classic - a double Brat. John describes Sheboygan as "comfortable," and you'll soon agree!
S01E06 Historic King Drive (BID #8) 01/03/2012
S01E07 Burlington 08/03/2012 Step out of the city and join John McGivern in Burlington, a place where baseball, burgers and sailing are the pastimes of choice. John wishes you could smell this episode, because Burlington smells sweet--like chocolate! He meets Fred and his world famous burgers, experienced true community theatre; and, John soon realizes he is not a construction worker, but could be a car salesman! With Brown's Lake right there, John couldn't resist the opportunity to experience what it's like to live on a lake in the summer. It doesn't get any sweeter than this!
S01E08 Brady Street 08/03/2012 You're going to love this episode, because everyone loves Brady Street! John Gurda explains how this historic neighborhood developed into a "live local" haven with extremely loyal residents. Nowhere else will you find longstanding icons Glorioso's, Sciortino's, Roman Coin, and Wolski's next door to newcomers like Thai-namite, Hybrid and Dry Hootch. At Zaffiro's and Cempazuchi's, John could have spent the whole episode eating, but he shops and visits, too, because the unique people and places on Brady Street can't be found anywhere else. He explores vintage goods at Dragon Fly, Art Smart Dart Mart, Fabrizio Capelli Salon, Saints and Sinners Tattoo Co.; and, talks with Father Tim at Three Holy Women. What a place! It all fits on Brady Street because it is "Wide Open".
S01E09 Racine 22/03/2012
S01E10 Third Ward 29/03/2012 Milwaukee's Third Ward is literally saturated with creative people, and John McGivern meets many contributing to the creative vibe of the area, including an artist and art critic, an opera singer, and media producers. John finds a company that hasn't changed locations or products in 50 years; stops and shops at Lela and Retique, heads over to Broadway Paper and swings by the Public Market. Ready for fun, he heads to SPiN, the Wicked Hop, and tours the rest of the Third Ward. If you haven't visited in a while, you won't recognize it because this community has been "reinvented"!
S01E11 Greendale 05/04/2012 John McGivern explores one of only three "Greenbelt" communities in the United States—Greendale! John Gurda certainly knows tons about this planned community built by the FDR Administration in 1936, but it's John McGivern who explores Greendale today and discovers its fantastic character. John learns why sections of Greendale are so defined, and it doesn't take him long to hear the defining sound of downtown Greendale, where barbershop quartets are alive and well. John meets a barber who's been in the community for 40 years, and visits the Taste of Home Test Kitchen at the Greendale Visitor Center. He tours the local bakery, malt shop and the Shoppe Around the Corner. John also visits a lime farm, where they don't grow limes, and becomes a weed-out-warrior while discovering this true Wisconsin Original!
S01E12 Lincoln Village, South Milwaukee 12/04/2012 Where is Lincoln Village? John McGivern finds out this south side Milwaukee neighborhood is anchored by St Josaphat's Basilica on the east and Forest Home Cemetery on the west. Talk about a melting pot! John finds authentic Mexican boots, candy, food and bakery right across the street from the Polish deli, down the block from the Serbian restaurant. There are bikers and boxers, an architect and an audio engineer. And Kosy Park (that's what the locals call Kosciuszko Park) is the heart of it all with a community center that truly serves the community. History is important here and so John talks to the folks at Urban Anthropology and a resident who has called the same house his home for 84 years. And speaking of history, John Gurda not only tells the history of the neighborhood, but shares a bit of his own, too!
S01E13 East Town 19/04/2012 We wrap up the first season of Around the Corner with John McGivern where John starts and ends everyday -- East Town. As Milwaukee's center of commerce, people have always worked in East Town. The businesses are local and global, really big and really tiny. Places like the Pfister and London Cleaners have been here forever, but newcomers continue to add to this ever-changing community. In the last few decades, there's been a real resurgence of people who come to live and play here, too. Home to the theater district, the art museum, and some of the best restaurants and street food in the state, there's always something to do (and eat!). But as a resident, John invites you to hang out at Buckley's, on "the W's" or in Cathedral Square, and come grocery shopping with him and meet his friend, Madeline. John Gurda says it was called Juneau Town, it's been known as Yankee Hill, we all call it Downtown, but John McGivern calls East Town "home".
S02E01 Shorewood 10/01/2013 The first episode of the second season is Shorewood, so named because it's situated between the shore of Lake Michigan and the woods along the Milwaukee River -- at least that's what John Gurda says, and who's going to doubt him? This close knit community, with its churches, restaurants and zillion salons, feels familiar because of some long-standing community treasures. Ever gone to Hubbard Park Lodge, climbed the stairs of Atwater Park, eaten at Benji's Deli or seen a show at Shorewood High School? Chances are that you have. But have you been impressed by the Table Tennis Club, sat on the roof of the Garden Room, had a custom garment created at Sophisticated Rose or licked the salt from your fingers at Goody Gourmet's? It's the combination of old and new that make Shorewood a truly great place on a great lake!
S02E02 Mineral Point 17/01/2013 If you knew that Mineral Point was the birthplace of Wisconsin, you are either a resident of Mineral Point or John Gurda! We did anticipate that it wouldn't be called Mineral Point if it weren't for minerals, so we couldn't wait to visit Merry Christmas Mine and the Pendarvis Historic Site. But we quickly learned that the main attraction today isn't zinc, it's art. There's weaving, potting, acting, singing, sculpting and glass making, not to mention cheese making. Don't laugh - the cheese that comes out of Hook's is art in and of itself! We discovered one of the great opera houses left in Wisconsin, the most friendly mailman you'll ever meet, and the only library we've ever been in that encourages graffiti. All that and so much more in this charming, hospitable and well preserved community.
S02E03 Kenosha 24/01/2013 We love Kenosha, and this episode! So many "firsts" for us here: first civil war museum, first velodrome, first trolley car, first dinosaur, first visit to Tenuta's and the first time John played on a ladies bocce ball team! The rebirth of downtown Kenosha is nothing short of invigorating. And even though we were hot (average temp when we shot was 104), we were enchanted as well. There's nowhere else that you'll find an artist in a light house, a couple selling tuxedos and Hawaiian shirts, a charter boatload of Illinois fisherman and the communications director of Jockey International talking incessantly with such excitement about underwear! And it all works!
S02E04 Up North 31/01/2013 There's nothing like going "up north" in Wisconsin in summer. And where is that, exactly? It may be different for you, but when John McGivern was a kid, "up north" was where his family would vacation. So for this episode, John goes back to Waupaca Chain of Lakes and finds it as relaxing and friendly as ever. We found idyllic cottages along the banks and boats of all kinds in the water. And the people who own them... they are so lucky! In Waupaca (that's a city), discover charming businesses like Freckled Frogg and Furniture by Todd. In King (that's a town), be moved at the Veterans Home. In Rural (another town), visit with a life-long resident, and at Camp Onaway (that's an island), envy the joy of youth. Summer in Wisconsin doesn't' get any better than this!
S02E05 Walkers Point 07/02/2013 Walker's Point is by far the most diverse place we've been. Seriously! Just try to find another community that has a blues bar, a roof top garden overlooking a giant four-sided clock, a distillery, the best boutique hotel in the country, countless restaurants, one of John's favorite stores, a 350 pound city founder, and a horse stable! See? You can't. We loved the people and the feel of Walker's Point, and John Gurda loved that he didn't have to study even one bit to tell us the history! And the fact that we were in our own backyard made the whole experience comfortable, easy and too much fun!
S02E06 Neenah 14/02/2013 On the northwest bank of Lake Winnebago in the Fox Valley, we were thrilled to explore the idyllic community of Neenah. How can you pass up a community that bills itself as the world headquarters of world headquarters? And even if that title can't be proven, Neenah is proof that even though industry changes, communities can reinvent themselves. Both Johns get schooled in this episode -- John Gurda learned about the paper potentates, and John McGivern goes to 8th grade math class. We found paper weights, music and manhole covers galore, and of course John eats well yet again. We're pretty sure that Rapunzel lives in Neenah, and East Wisconsin Avenue has some of the best real estate we've ever seen. Such an attractive community!
S02E07 Waukesha 21/02/2013 We knew about the Les Paul connection, but there are so many gems in Waukesha that were a joy to discover. This was our first (and maybe only) "five points" community. A magic and joke shop, great chocolate, sewing supplies, beads, great food, old-fashioned ice cream and tattoos, all within about a five minute walk. Add the oldest college in the State, 27 guitars (10 of them are giant!), and put John McGivern in a giant pink flamingo, and then we knew we really had something! And best of all, we dispelled our fear that we wouldn't find our way back out! But after spending the week, we weren't too eager to leave anyway. The "Sha" is hot!
S02E08 Madison 28/02/2013 Did you know that ours is the only state Capitol on an isthmus? We liked everything about the isthmus. We even like the word "isthmus." And John Gurda loved it because it's bike rider heaven! John McGivern loved it because from State Street to Willy Street, there's a vibe here that doesn't exist anywhere else in the State. All John had to do was tour the Capitol and the UW campus to realize that "active" has many meanings here in Madison. But Madison produces more than laws and students, like great food and all things Sconnie. After exploring for just four, beautiful Fall days, we fully understand why students and residents alike have such passion for this city. On Wisconsin!
S02E09 Wisconsin Dells 07/03/2013 Wow! And fun! Talk about something for everyone. The Wisconsin Dells has natural wonders and manmade adventures, decades-old businesses and brand new attractions - and we loved it all! Water -- as in a flood - is what formed the landscape, and water -- as in waterpark park capitol of the world -- is what makes the Wisconsin Dells the number one tourist destination in the State. Yes, John will try anything once, so he screams down the water slides, cruises up the rivers, bounces around the curves of the go cart track, and flies under the parking lot in a roller coaster and over a lake on a zipline. We discover HoChunk pride, appreciate HH Bennett's genius, and then there's Swiss Maid Fudge and Paul Bunyun's. Need we say more?
S02E10 Sherman Park 21/03/2013 Take a drive down Sherman Blvd., turn the corner to Grant Boulevard and then backtrack to 47th street, and you will see some of the finest and most varied residential architecture in Wisconsin. Sherman Park has so much to offer--not just architecturally, but racially, culturally, and cuisinely (is that a word?)! Looking for the largest Orthodox Jewish population in the State? How about an old gas station that now pumps coffee, or a neighborhood hospital that has anchored the community for 125 years? Here, businesses (large and small), neighbors (black and white), and cultures (American, Asian and Jewish), all come together to create a close knit community that feels so much like what we wish all of Milwaukee could be. Everyone is welcome!
S02E11 Port Washington 28/03/2013 It's called the city of seven hills, but Lake Michigan is why Port Washington exists. Ewigs built their business on it, artist Shirley Gruen paints it, yacht builder Bill Prince is inspired by it, the people who publish Sailing Magazine write about it, and the people who built their house using the pebbles they gathered from its shore really got the most out of it! At the intersection where Grand Avenue meets Franklin Street, look east and you'll see first clean and arguably the most modern marina in Wisconsin. Look north and you'll be completely taken with St Mary's on the top of the hill, but don't look past one of the most quintessential main streets of the season, packed with businesses old and new. Look down and you might see some of Port Washington's most famous product, Allen Edmonds shoes! It was a complete joy to explore.
S02E12 Whitewater 04/04/2013 John McGivern has always wanted to go back to college (to visit, not to study!). Even though UW-Whitewater is a big part of this community and a big part of this episode, it's not all students, academics, theater and sports. Ever wonder what it would be like to own a coffee shop and bakery in a college town? (Busy!) Or how about owning a sports bar? (Busier!) What if you owned an off campus rental company? (Busiest!) For visitors and residents alike there's plenty to do, and a short jaunt to the Fuzzy Pig is required. Of course, we told John that a look inside Shockwave Haunts was also required, and he still hasn't recovered! Whitewater buzzes and hums along and makes you want to just go with the flow.
S02E13 Northern Door County 11/04/2013 In this episode, we slow things down for a relaxing, completely beautiful Fall visit to the quiet part of Door County. From Sister Bay, to Ellison Bay, all the way to the Washington Island Ferry, John not only found colorful leaves, but colorful characters as well! Join him at a fish boil, get up on the roof of Al Johnson's with the goats, relax at a real retreat, choose a great book, bowl, and, of course, eat! Northern Door County--now that we know how idyllic it is in the Fall, we can't wait to come back for the other three seasons!
S02E14 Gurda Special 18/04/2013 John Gurda, our resident historian, author and friend, has been schooling John McGivern for two seasons now. In 26 communities around our state of Wisconsin, John Gurda has had three minutes in each community to share the history, geography and demographics of the area. Yep. Just three minutes, and John Gurda thinks that's too short, too! So in this special one hour episode, John Gurda gets to go a little more in depth as he expounds on eight specific locations: The Milwaukee River Greenway, Walker's Point, Forest Home Cemetery, Port Washington, the Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Greendale, and the old National Soldiers Home. Even an hour is too short, but we are sure that you're going to learn something. John McGivern sure did, and he enjoyed every minute of it. You will, too!