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Atom Ant operated out of an anthill in the countryside, where he possessed such things as a mainframe computer and exercise equipment. His powers mostly consisted of the ability to fly, superspeed, and amazing strength. He was often contacted by the police, who sent him out on assignment. Some of these missions parodied those of Batman. In one episode, the police force was shown to be underfunded and inept, as they relied on Atom Ant to do all their police work. The only two police officers were the chief and deputy chief. The department only possessed one rusted patrol car. Atom Ant fights various villians including recurring ones like Ferocious Flea and mad scientist Professor Von Gimmick.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Atom Ant

S01E01 Up and Atom 02/10/1965 A criminal called Big Fats Dynamo makes a prison break. Atom Ant, sent to recapture him, outsmarts him to the point of a knock out.
S01E02 Crankenshaft's Monster 09/10/1965 Mad Doctor Crankenshaft creates a little glob that increases in size with every bite to eat. Atom Ant reduces the glob's size with a spin.
S01E03 Gem a Go-Go 16/10/1965 The Tura Lura Topaz gets stolen by Fancy Finger Finnegan. Atom Ant has get through Finnegan's traps to catch him and recover the jewel.
S01E04 Ferocious Flea 23/10/1965 A Show Director and his Ferocious Flea rob a lot of banks without leaving a trace. Atom Ant follows their trail and blows their cover.
S01E05 Rambling Robot 30/10/1965 A robot built by Junior goes out of control and smashes things in his path. Atom Ant has a hard time smashing the robot then rebuilding it.
S01E06 Nobody's Fool 06/11/1965 Two thugs operate in a robbery while their accomplice Anastasia Antnic waylays Atom Ant, but she turns against the thugs.
S01E07 Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant 13/11/1965 A criminal and his partner Muscles send an ant called Mr. Muto to take care of Atom Ant, but they get into a friendly chat instead.
S01E08 Fastest Ant in the West 20/11/1965 Atom Ant is summoned by a town Sheriff to take care of the outlaw Rowdy Dowdy, who isn't giving up easily.
S01E09 Mistaken Identity 27/11/1965 Ferocious Flea takes Atom Ant's identity and sets him up for robberies. Atom Ant unmasks Ferocious in his latest heist.
S01E10 How Now Bow Wow 04/12/1965 Ferocious Flea and Bone Brains steal a first prize dog from a dog show. Atom gets the two out of the way and returns the dog.
S01E11 Dragon Master 11/12/1965 Dr. Strange puts Atom Ant in a time machine taking him to the Arthurian Times. Atom Ant saves the kingdom from a dragon before returning to his time.
S01E12 The Big Gimmick 18/12/1965 Atom Ant battles Dr. Von Gimmick in his gigantic robot. Dr. Von Gimmick attempts to get the ant out of the way with his one weakness: A picnic.
S01E13 Super Blooper 25/12/1965 Atom Ant assists the actor playing Super Guy to make him look genuine in front of the public, especially dealing with a bank robbery.
S01E14 Wild, Wild Ants 01/01/1966 Atom Ant battles the Anthill Mob on a picnic raid, until they're resigned to join Atom in his fitness club.
S01E15 Dina-Sore 08/01/1966 Atom Ant takes on a museum dinosaur, which has become animated by a bolt of lightning until the beast is driven out to sea.
S01E16 Amusement Park Amazement 15/01/1966 Atom Ant holds off Dr. Von Gimmick's dangerous weaponry and finally gets him to build the amusement park he intended to construct.
S01E17 Bully for Atom Ant 22/01/1966 On a vacation in Mexico, Atom Ant helps a man named Chicken Enchilada to fight in a bullfight in order to win the hand in marriage of his beloved Concita.
S01E18 Termighty Mean 29/01/1966 Dr. Von Gimmick assigns Atom Ant to capture his escaped super eating termite Godzilla. Atom Ant manages to tame the termite with a stick of bubble gum.
S01E19 Nine Strikes You're Out 05/02/1966 Mad scientist J. Dastardly Deeds clones himself eight times with the aid of a cat's mythical nine lives, and Atom Ant takes them out.
S01E20 Go West Young Ant 12/02/1966 Atom Ant assists soldier ants in a battle against a red ant tribe. Atom Ant challenges the chieftain's son to a settle a peace between the ant divisions.
S01E21 Knight Fight 10/09/1966 Atom Ant flies back in time with his time machine. He finds a charming princess about to be forced into marriage by the Black Knight. When he is challenged to a duel by the knight, he beats him and wins the hand of the princess.
S01E22 Pteraducktyl Soup 17/09/1966 A professor at National Laboratory has invented a new serum- one that brings 'em back to life. He injects a preserved prehistoric bird, and it comes to life... only it grows to giant size and keeps growing, stepping on people and stomping bridges. The mayor sends for Atom Ant, but the professor and the bird are "birds of a feather" and stick together.
S01E23 Up in the Air Squares 24/09/1966 Buildings are being taken away by a magnet chopper driven by Toadstool. Atom Ant saves the city hall then proceeds to recover the police building.
S01E24 Mouse Rouser 01/10/1966 A mean old cat isn't satisfied with just catching a mouse. He ties it to a target and throws darts at it as a game... till Atom Ant gets into the picture.
S01E25 Killer Diller Gorilla 08/10/1966 Atom Ant heads off to New York to try and capture the Mighty Kink Konk.
S01E26 Rock-a-Bye-Boo-Boo 15/10/1966 Atom Ant picks up a signal on his earthquake seismograph of a bolder falling on a Bavarian city. He flies off to save the town only to discover that what he thought was a boulder is actually an egg from a giant bird. The bird gets upset when she sees Atom with her egg and he must calm her down.
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