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"Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall Where Bad Comics Burn" Atop the Fourth Wall is an ongoing internet series hosted by Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug), a comic book enthusiast who wields a magic gun and reviews really, really, bad comic books. Along with Pollo (his trusty cardboard robot) and Iron Liz (Lewis' real-life girlfriend) Linkara defends the world from Evil Scientists, Robot Duplicates, Zombies, and Extra-Dimensional Conquerors all in the span of a review of some crusty comic.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Atop the Fourth Wall

S01E01 Spider-Man #56 26/10/2008 Which one is the clone?! By the time this story ends… you won’t care!
S01E02 Doom's IV #2 03/11/2008 In the future, stupid names will be all the rage.
S01E03 Batman #147 11/11/2008 The only Batman comic where you’ll ever hear Batman say, “I’ll soon be able to slip out of the thongs!”
S01E04 The Top 15 WTF Moments in Comics 17/11/2008 Linkara's first review on the site which earned him Awesome Blogs of the Week
S01E05 Titans #1 23/11/2008 Not the Teen Titans, but at the same maturity level.
S01E06 Sinnamon #11 30/11/2008 Who knew communists were such prudes?
S01E07 US-1 #1 07/12/2008 A realistic, hard-hitting exposé on the lives of truckers!
S01E08 S.C.I. Spy #1 15/12/2008 “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, but I expect you to be more entertaining than this comic!”
S01E09 Superman at Earth's End 24/12/2008 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Well, whatever it is, it certainly isn’t Superman…
S01E10 Godzilla Vs. Barkley 05/01/2009 I think this whole thing was really just a PSA for not putting coins in your mouth.
S01E11 Uncanny X-Men #423 (1) 12/01/2009 An examination of Chuck Austen's work on the book. (Part 1)
S01E12 Uncanny X-Men #424 (2) 19/01/2009 Some books inspire people to become Catholic. This book inspires Catholics to laugh their heads off over how someone doesn’t know anything about their religion.
S01E13 Mr. T and the T-Force #1 26/01/2009 Mr. T in his own comic at last...and it tanked!
S01E14 Star Trek #1 02/02/2009 Looking into one of the final frontier's comics.
S01E15 Newmen #1 08/02/2009 A Liefeld inspired book gets its comeuppance.
S01E16 NFL Superpro #1 20/02/2009 A look at the NFL/Marvel Comics partnership that created a football inspired superhero. I swear I didn't make that up!
S01E17 Neutro #1 25/02/2009 Going back to the Silver Age, scientists build a robot super that...destroys more than it saves. Special Guest Appearance of Dr. Insano as President.
S01E18 Amazons Attack Prologue (1) 03/03/2009 In preparing for the next show, Linkara fills everyone in on the history of Wonder Woman.
S01E19 Amazons Attack #1 and 2 (2) 10/03/2009 A review of the first two issues in the Wonder Woman epic saga....which didn't have Wonder Woman in it much.
S01E20 Amazons Attack #3 and 4 (3) 17/03/2009 Continuing the look at the time when Amazons attacked the DC universe.
S01E21 Amazons Attack #5 and 6 (4) 24/03/2009 Ending the epic look at a lackluster story which Wonder Woman barely appeared in.
S01E22 Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1 31/03/2009 Teenage women in skin tight uniforms acting idiotic. The comic could be anything!
S01E23 Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains 07/04/2009 Linkara counts down the worse instances of heroes becoming villains.
S01E24 Daredevil #305 (1) 14/04/2009 Daredevil and Spider-Man team up to face an organ stealing villainess. DD's inner monologue threatens to take over the comic.
S01E25 Daredevil #306 (2) 20/04/2009 More cameos from the TGWTG team as Linkara continues his look at the DD/Spidey team-up.
S01E26 Blue Beetle Tribute 28/04/2009 Linkara goes over the history of the Blue Beetle from the Golden Age to the modern times.
S01E27 World of Warcraft #2 and 3 05/05/2009 Linkara looks at the comics based on the popular MMORPG.
S01E28 Captain Planet and the Planeteers #3 12/05/2009 A review of the magazine starring the environmental team of superheroes.
S01E29 Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (1) 15/05/2009 Part of the Year One Crossover event. Linkara teams up with Spoony to review a bad Wolverine game. In the end, Dr. Insano arrived, ending the episode in a cliffhanger. To be continued in The Spoony Experiment.
S01E30 Youngblood #1 19/05/2009 A review of one of the comics that launched Image Comics back in the early 1990s by Rob Liefeld. He hated the art style which dominated the book.
S01E31 New Guardians #2 26/05/2009 Linkara reviews a comic whose premise is solely based on passing genes down to the next generation of humanity.
S01E32 The Marriage of Hercules and Xena 02/06/2009 Linkara looks at the comic based on the hit live action TV shows.
S01E33 Secret Defenders #9 09/06/2009 Dr. Strange teaming with War Machine, Silver Surfer and Thunderstrike. What could go wrong? Linkara looks at the 9th issue of the relaunched Defenders book.
S01E34 Secret Defenders #10 16/06/2009 Part two of the badly drawn adventure.
S01E35 Superman vs Terminator #1 22/06/2009 It's a Kryptonian powered by a yellow sun vs. a bunch of robots. They won't be back.
S01E36 Countdown Prologue 29/06/2009 Linkara previews his review of DC's Countdown storyline.
S01E37 Countdown Part 1 07/07/2009 Part one of the Countdown review.
S01E38 Countdown Part 2 14/07/2009 Part two of the Countdown review where he looks at the second half of the maxseries.
S01E39 Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown 20/07/2009 Counting down the worst moments of the DC Crossover event.
S01E40 Xena #1 28/07/2009 Reviewing a wannabe porno comic. No this character isn't related to the other Xena!
S01E41 Cable #1 04/08/2009 A review of the Jon Romita Jr drawn issue of Cable.
S01E42 Law and Order #1 11/08/2009 No it's not the television show. That one makes sense!
S01E43 Batman: Fortunate Son 17/08/2009 Batman faces his most menacing adversary yet. Rock and Roll! Bogus!
S01E44 Air Raiders #1 24/08/2009 A comic based off a toy. Some are good and some have people MINING AIR!
S01E45 Nightcat #1 31/08/2009 Singing superhero? Someone call Dazzler!
S01E46 Zero Patrol #1 07/09/2009 From Zero to Still zero...
S01E47 Blood Pack #1 14/09/2009 Somehow I don't think they're on a medical plan.
S01E48 Mickey Mantle #2 21/09/2009 Comic biographies of baseball players do not make a good comic. Even if it is Mickey Mantle.
S01E49 Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man #1 28/09/2009 This is a comic starring the Kool-Aid Man! No good can come of this!
S01E50 Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1-2 05/10/2009 Linkara begins his review of the comic series based on the game.
S01E51 Silent Hill: Dying Inside #3-4 12/10/2009 Part two of the review. There's not much coherence in this story.
S01E52 Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5 19/10/2009 The final part of one of the strangest video game to comic adaptations ever!
S01E53 Maximum Clonage 26/10/2009 Linkara looks at the other mess Spidey got himself into!
S01E54 22 Brides #1 03/11/2009 A team of female spies made by Quesada. Hmmm....
S01E55 Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward 03/11/2009 Linkara decides to do a mini-review of a good Silent Hill comic.
S01E56 All-Star Batman and Robin #1-2 10/11/2009 Frank Miller and a reimagining of Batman and Robin.
S01E57 Doom #1 16/11/2009 Doom. Good game. BAD COMIC!
S01E58 Spider-Man, Storm, Cage 24/11/2009 A remake of an early '80s anti smoking comic. Good thing they didn't use Nick Fury. Just sayin'.
S01E59 Bimbos in Time #1 30/11/2009 Another bad black in white comic with scantily clad women.
S01E60 The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 1 07/12/2009 They got CSPAN in my Batman comic!! It's Miller time again!
S01E61 Extreme Super Christmas Special #1 15/12/2009 Troll from Youngblood collects the things from the "12 Days of Christmas" song. Already you know what the outcome is going to be.
S01E62 James Bond Jr. #3 21/12/2009 Comic based on the cartoon about a kid playing James Bond. No girls. No martini. No way.
S01E63 Top 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W 28/12/2009 Counting down the jokes Linkara COULD have made in the series this year!
S02E01 Pitt #1 04/01/2010 From the creative minds of Image Comics comes a no nosed musclebound psycho!
S02E02 Scarlett #1 12/01/2010 Vampires, Cultists and a main character that doesn't show up much! Yeah, this comic's a winner!
S02E03 Future Five #1 18/01/2010 Propaganda at its finest as Linkara takes on people who insist people need to go to college!
S02E04 Ultimates 3 #1 and 2 25/01/2010 Incestuous supers. Check. Jerk supers. Check. This must be the Ultimate version of Earth's Mightiest heroes!
S02E05 Ultimates 3 #3 and 4 01/02/2010 More insanity and drunken superhero goodness in issues #3 and 4. These guys need to stop being douches.
S02E06 Ultimates 3 #5 08/02/2010 The Robo-Ultimates start their attack!
S02E07 Youngblood #2 15/02/2010 Linkara takes on Liefeld AND it's Part 1 of his epic battle with Mechakara!
S02E08 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1 15/02/2010 Linkara vs Mechakara Part 2
S02E09 Strange Adventures #136 22/02/2010 After the Mechakara battle, Linkara wanted to show the good side of robots!
S02E10 Doom's IV #1/2 02/03/2010 Doom's IV returns! OH NO!
S02E11 X-Men #1 08/03/2010 Let's see how the second book starring the Children of the Atom holds up! Sure it sold a lot of copies. But, is it good?
S02E12 Darker Image #1 15/03/2010 The Maxx made his first appearance here! That doesn't say much, does it?
S02E13 The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2 22/03/2010 It's Miller time again! WOOT!
S02E14 Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2 29/03/2010 They made a second issue of this?!
S02E15 Star Trek/X-Men #1 05/04/2010 What happens when both McCoys meet? Hijinks!
S02E16 Athena #1 12/04/2010 More butt shots than the Gods can handle!
S02E17 JLA - Act of God Part 1 19/04/2010 This is another case of "Good concept that's poorly executed".
S02E18 JLA - Act of God Part 2 26/04/2010 More whining and no one doing anything!!
S02E19 JLA - Act of God Part 3 03/05/2010 FINALLY the final chapter of an Elseworlds tale gone horribly wrong.
S02E20 TMNT Meets Archie 10/05/2010 They got TMNT into my Archie!
S02E21 Lunatik #1 17/05/2010 What the sense make?
S02E22 Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos #1 25/05/2010 When Chuck Norris is in a comic, bad things happen.
S02E23 The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3 31/05/2010 The finale of Dark Knight Strikes Again. How bad is it? Well...let's just remember that AT4W is where bad comics burn.
S02E24 Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win 07/06/2010 Take Radio Shack and a PSA and you'll have this comic!
S02E25 Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #1-2 14/06/2010 Linkara's missing! No worries. Harvey Finevoice can take on Anita and her non vampire story!
S02E26 Freak Force #1 22/06/2010 Duuuuuuuude! Linkara's still missing in action! However, the most radical '90s Kid is here to look at the most bodacious comic EVER!
S02E27 Chain Gang War #1 28/06/2010 Linkara's still missing! Don't worry! Iron Liz is here to help save the day!
S02E28 Ewoks #9 05/07/2010 Iron Liz takes on the Ewoks just as Lord Vyce makes his move!
S02E29 Cable #2 12/07/2010 More shoulder-pads action with The Askani'Son. Don't worry, it isn't like he went on a crusade to protect a mutant he claims is a messiah. Wait..what?
S02E30 The California Raisins 3-D #2 19/07/2010 I've heard it through the grapevine...they made this comic and I don't want it to be mine.
S02E31 Hardcore Station #1 26/07/2010 Space stations are cool. But, only when they appear ya know...IN THE FIRST FEW PAGES!!
S02E32 The Others #1 and Brute Force #1 02/08/2010 Join Linkara for a double feature!
S02E33 Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice #1 09/08/2010 Spidey takes on Electro! This should be awesome. But, it's another edition of PSA Hell.
S02E34 Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 16/08/2010 Space...the final frontier. This comic would be better off assimilated by the Borg.
S02E35 Action Comics #592 23/08/2010 Why is Big Barda easily subdued by a guy with a creepy grin?
S02E36 Action Comics #593 30/08/2010 And now the conclusion of the Superman/Big Barda fanfic.
S02E37 Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review 07/09/2010 Some of these comics Linkara won't review because they are actually GOOD! Some however may induce adamantium rage.
S02E38 100th Episode 13/09/2010 Join Linkara in his epic 100th episode atop the fourth wall!
S02E39 Nolan Ryan #1 20/09/2010 Nolan Ryan coaches a kid and for some reason Tony the Tiger is there. Yep. It's another PSA hell!
S02E40 Transformers #4-5 27/09/2010 One shall stand. One shall fall.
S02E41 Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1-2 04/10/2010 Why do I get the feeling Blackest Night was scarier?
S02E42 Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3-4 11/10/2010 Four issues in and I still can't tell WHAT is going on!
S02E43 Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5 18/10/2010 And now the conclusion. Plus, we learn more about the magic gun as Lord Vyce plans his next move!
S02E44 Spider-Man: The Greatest Responsibility 25/10/2010 With great power...comes Clone Saga comic?
S02E45 Action Comics #1 01/11/2010 Secret Origins month begins with a look at the strange visitor from the planet Krypton.
S02E46 Amazing Fantasy #15 08/11/2010 With Great Power...
S02E47 Detective Comics #27 15/11/2010 I am vengeance. I am the NIGHT. I. AM. Wearing a silly cape!
S02E48 The X-Men #1 22/11/2010 Marvel's merry mutants and the wheel of death!
S02E49 Brute Force #2 29/11/2010 More dolphin punching fun!
S02E50 New Kids on the Block #4 06/12/2010 Christmas with the New Kids and lots of unnecessary rhyming!
S02E51 Marvel Team-Up #127 13/12/2010 Let's watch the Watcher waste our time!
S02E52 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 20/12/2010 Truly a holiday classic!
S02E53 Top 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W 27/12/2010 See all the times where Linkara was a total idiot!
S03E01 Justice League: Cry for Justice #1-2 03/01/2011 Trust me - by the end of this, there will be a LOT of crying.
S03E02 Justice League: Cry for Justice #3-4 11/01/2011 Together, we can be justice!
S03E03 Power Rangers Zeo #1 17/01/2011 We interrupt the Cry for Justice review with something with worse art but a more entertaining story involving robots!
S03E04 Justice League: Cry for Justice #5-7 24/01/2011 Don't cry for this comic. It already sucks.
S03E05 Care Bears #13 31/01/2011 The crossover nobody asked for and nobody remembered when it was done!
S03E06 Superman: Distant Fires 07/02/2011 As in you want to set fire to this thing from a distance.
S03E07 Youngblood #3 and Doctor Who Classics #7 14/02/2011 It's the double feature finale of the Vyce storyline! Will Linkara survive Lord Vyce, a boring Doctor Who comic, AND Rob Liefeld?
S03E08 Doctor Who Classics #7 14/02/2011 It's the double feature finale of the Vyce storyline! Will Linkara survive Lord Vyce, a boring Doctor Who comic, AND Rob Liefeld?
S03E09 Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in... Brain Drain! 21/02/2011 Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in... an advertisement for OfficeMax!
S03E10 KISS Comics 28/02/2011 I want to rock and roll all night... not read this crap.
S03E11 Superman and Wonder Woman: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids 07/03/2011 The Whiz Kids are back and they're as boring and dorky as ever! ...Yeah, it's bad.
S03E12 Spawn #1 14/03/2011 Is this the awesomely fantastic first issue of a legendary series and character?! Weeeell, it's early Image Comics...
S03E13 X-Force #1 21/03/2011 All I have to say is "Rob Liefeld" and I bet you could predict what's coming from this comic. But you'd be wrong, for this comic ALSO has a trading card!
S03E14 The Backstreet Project #1 28/03/2011 Backstreet's Back! ...Wait, is that a good thing?
S03E15 All-Star Batman and Robin #3 and 4 04/04/2011 So basically by Frank Miller's own admission here Batman is a rude, murderous child abductor who cares what twelve year-olds think about his toys and eats rats when not mourning the loss of the bloody, incestuous affair he had with his mother.
S03E16 Lady Gaga #1 11/04/2011 Let's play a love game instead of reading this. ...Please?
S03E17 Star Trek: The Motion Picture #1-3 18/04/2011 The human adventure is just beginning... wake me up when it actually gets somewhere.
S03E18 The Godyssey #1 25/04/2011 Less any sort of odyssey, more a trip to the local Denny's.
S03E19 Superman Meets the Quik Bunny 02/05/2011 The team-up you demanded! Well, someone demanded it. ...maybe... probably not...
S03E20 Ultimate Warrior's Workout 09/05/2011 Are you ready to get foked for the Ultimate Warrior's training techniques?
S03E21 Ultimatum #1-2 16/05/2011 How come event comics never have accurate taglines? This one needs to be, "the one where everyone dies!"
S03E22 Ultimatum #3-4 23/05/2011 The death count rises and the audience's patience falls.
S03E23 Ultimatum #5 30/05/2011 The event comic concludes with nothing achieved!
S03E24 SCI-Spy #2 06/06/2011 He likes his war cold, his champagne colder, and his stories idiotic.
S03E25 Batman and Spawn 13/06/2011 Watch as Frank Miller continues to denegrate other superheroes just to make Batman look- wait, this was made in 1994?
S03E26 Gameboy #1 20/06/2011 Now you're playing with... nothing, because this is a comic book.
S03E27 Eminem and the Punisher #1 27/06/2011 Will the real Slim Shady please stand up... and throw this comic away?
S03E28 Barbi Twins Adventures #1 04/07/2011 "Adventures" is too strong a word. "Stumbles into nonsense" would be more accurate.
S03E29 Rise of Arsenal #1-2 11/07/2011 More melodrama than you can swing a dead cat at!
S03E30 Rise of Arsenal #3-4 18/07/2011 Got any China Cat? How about some A-Train? How about a better comic?
S03E31 Comic Book Advertisements 25/07/2011 You will worship hostess fruit pies or they shall take their vengeance upon you!
S03E32 Star Trek #2 02/08/2011 Behold this classic tale of the starship Enterprise... and how her crew is incredibly incompetent.
S03E33 Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster 08/08/2011 Yes, a villain so good that people DEMANDED his return! After all, YOU remember the asthma monster, right?
S03E34 NBComics #1 15/08/2011 Learn about the shows you DIDN'T get up early on Saturday mornings to watch!
S03E35 Mightily Murdered Power Ringers #1 23/08/2011 Go Go Power Ringers! Go away and never come back.
S03E36 Kamandi at Earth's End #1 30/08/2011 Behold the story that gave birth to Superman at Earth's End!
S03E37 US-1 #2 05/09/2011 The continuation of a hard-hitting, realistic expose on the lives of truckers!
S03E38 Twilight Zone #9 12/09/2011 A dimension not of sight or sound but of mind. A really stupid mind.
S03E39 Superman & the TRS-80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis 19/09/2011 Once again watch as the Man of Steel wastes his time shilling outdated computers!
S03E40 Street Fighter #1 26/09/2011 Anyone who opposes Bison shall be destroyed! Quick, everybody oppose him so we don't have to read this junk.
S03E41 Silent Hill: Paint It Black 03/10/2011 Silence will fall... but not today, since this is another Silent Hill comic where nobody shuts up.
S03E42 Silent Hill: Among the Damned 10/10/2011 Have you seen a better comic? Just turned seven?
S03E43 Silent Hill: The Grinning Man 17/10/2011 A world of nightmarish delusions come to life... written by someone delusional.
S03E44 Spider-Man: Planet of the Symbiotes 24/10/2011 A terrifying story of bodily possession, invasion, and alien menaces! It's a pity THAT story couldn't be the plot for this one.
S03E45 Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu 01/11/2011 t's Linkara vs. the Entity! But what are the origins of this creature and what does it have to do with Pokémon?
S03E46 All-Star Comics #8 14/11/2011 Two reviews for the price of one! Linkara presents a secret origin double feature to look at the first stories starring Wonder Woman and the Fantastic Four!
S03E47 The Fantastic Four #1 14/11/2011 Two reviews for the price of one! Linkara presents a secret origin double feature to look at the first stories starring Wonder Woman and the Fantastic Four!
S03E48 All-American Comics #16 21/11/2011 A story of talking rocks, magic green train lanterns, and the man who could only be stopped by a stick!
S03E49 Captain America Comics #1 28/11/2011 The star spangled man with a plan! That plan? Punch every nazi in the face. Twice.
S03E50 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #1 05/12/2011 Beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution... is Khan. And a pointless adaptation of a great movie.
S03E51 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #2 17/12/2011 This comic has done far worse than kill us. It hurt us... and it wishes to go on hurting us.
S03E52 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #3 20/12/2011 For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at this comic.
S03E53 Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes of AT4W 27/12/2011 Take a look back at Linkara's favorite gags from the last few years!
S04E01 Marville #1 03/01/2012 Ted Turner, AOL, and a kid who thinks time travel gives him superpowers. I only wish this was a joke, because then something actually FUNNY would happen in this comic.
S04E02 Robocop vs. the Terminator #1 10/01/2012 More like "a naked woman without a name" versus ED-209, but hey, it IS only the first issue.
S04E03 Brute Force #3 17/01/2012 Cyborg animals, swamp monsters, and the Airzone Solution. It must be Brute Force!
S04E04 15 Things That Are Wrong With Identity Crisis 23/01/2012 15 Things that Linkara objects to over the DC miniseries Identity Crisis.
S04E05 The New Guardians #1 30/01/2012 The comic that dares to talk about things that no other comic does! Mostly because other comics aren't stupid.
S04E06 Gameboy #2 06/02/2012 Now you're playing with SPAAAAAAACE!
S04E07 Youngblood #4 13/02/2012 Part one of another AT4W Double Feature! Can Linkara save Comicron One? Or will he be forced to....
S04E08 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 13/02/2012 Part Two Of The Double Feature! Linkara finds out the truth behind the attack of Comicron-1, but will it be too late, and what happened to Pollo anyway?
S04E09 Mr. T #1 (AP Comics) 20/02/2012 A comic that unfortunately does not quit the jibber-jabber.
S04E10 Mr. T #2 (AP Comics) 28/02/2012 It's time for Mr. T to be your parent! Wait, that didn't come out right...
S04E11 Dr. Doom's Revenge! 05/03/2012 Personally, I think we should have given sanctions against Dr. Doom more time.
S04E12 The Invincible Four of Kung Fu and Ninja #1 12/03/2012 Well, they do know Kung Fu. Made up kung fu, but kung fu.
S04E13 Kamandi at Earth's End #2 19/03/2012 The story no one demanded continues!
S04E14 Black Web #1 26/03/2012 I personally think the taste of revenge is actually a little salty.
S04E15 Transformers: Generation 2 #1 02/04/2012 Not your father's autobots! And thank goodness for that, since these losers would have lost the battle with the Decepticons in five minutes.
S04E16 Captain Tax Time #1 09/04/2012 Protecting you from the demons who want to raise your taxes! ...Seriously.
S04E17 Superman #701 16/04/2012 You will believe a man can... walk, I guess.
S04E18 Bloodstrike #1 24/04/2012 Hey, kids - rub the blood on the cover and maybe the comic will stop sucking!
S04E19 Marville #2 30/04/2012 Didn't think the first issue was too bad? You haven't seen anything yet.
S04E20 The Amazing Spider-Man on Bullying Prevention #1 07/05/2012 Somehow, becoming a bully yourself doesn't seem like the most effective way of preventing bullying...
S04E21 The New Teen Titans Anti-Drug PSA 14/05/2012 Marijuana: the number one cause of people getting angry at funerals.
S04E22 Daredevil vs. Vapora #1 21/05/2012 Gasoline: fuel source, highly flammable, and summoner of demons.
S04E23 Batman: A Word to the Wise 28/05/2012 Zellers teaches you why reading is important! Also: cowboy hats.
S04E24 Marvel Team-Up #74 04/06/2012 Live from New York, it's a really bizarre team-up!
S04E25 Blake's 7 #2 11/06/2012 I'm still shocked this show lasted as long as it did without making a single "Avon calling!" joke.
S04E26 Battle for Blüdhaven #1-2 18/06/2012 Some battles are fought over things that matter. This one is fought because lots of people are stupid.
S04E27 Battle for Blüdhaven #3-4 25/06/2012 Let the battle begin! ...Can we go now?
S04E28 Battle for Blüdhaven #5-6 02/07/2012 The battle is over, Bludhaven is silent... save for the angered cries of anyone who bought this miniseries.
S04E29 Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders 09/07/2012 Ah, nothing like another tale of that hard-boiled detective Charles Barkley.
S04E30 Captain Electron #1 16/07/2012 The next generation of hero for the 1980s!
S04E31 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 23/07/2012 The movie is about a crew in a stolen alien vessel going back in time to rescue some whales so they can talk to an alien probe. Why wasn't this a comic book FIRST?
S04E32 200th Episode 30/07/2012 It's Atop the Fourth Wall's 200th episode! What comic was heinous enough for Linkara to review it?
S04E33 Rock and Roll #31: Vanilla Ice 06/08/2012 Go 'Nilla, Go 'Nilla, GO! Or, rather, the secret origin of Vanilla Ice.
S04E34 Future Shock #1 13/08/2012 A shocking tale about the future! ...Yeah, not really.
S04E35 Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1 20/08/2012 "I am vengeance! I am the night! I am... a really crappy Elseworlds story!"
S04E36 Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 27/08/2012 The dark, haunting tale of a woman and her improbable physique!
S04E37 Psychoman #1 03/09/2012 A startling deconstruction of superheroes in the real world! ...Or, just a really stupid black and white comic about an asshole who gets superpowers.
S04E38 Marville #3 10/09/2012 The comic that dares to defend the sanctity of microscopic non-life!
S04E39 Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Answer to a Riddle 17/09/2012 No riddles are made or answered, and yet there are still plenty of questions.
S04E40 Batman: Jazz #1 24/09/2012 Batman hates rock and roll, but what does he feel about jazz?
S04E41 Starstream #1 01/10/2012 Man is the warmest place to hide... until he cranks the air conditioner up.
S04E42 The Thing from Another World #1 08/10/2012 It's a rare occasion when "kill it with fire" is meant as a serious command.
S04E43 The Thing from Another World #2 16/10/2012 Maybe all that The Thing wanted was a hug? Did no one ever stop to ask?
S04E44 Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility 22/10/2012 The beginning of the saga that rocked the Spiderverse! And by that I mean it pelted it with rocks.
S04E45 Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #2 29/10/2012 You will not be calling "boo-urns" for this one, unfortunately.
S04E46 Flash Comics #1 05/11/2012 The fastest man alive! ...until the other Flashes came along, anyway.
S04E47 Tales of Suspense #39 12/11/2012 Tony Stark - Billionaire playboy genius philanthropist... who is obsessed with transistors.
S04E48 The Brave and the Bold #54 19/11/2012 Listen to the jive, if you are un-square!
S04E49 The Incredible Hulk #1 26/11/2012 Hulk is strongest one there is! Unfortunately, his origin is not as strong.
S04E50 Superman's Christmas Adventure 03/12/2012 Less an "adventure" and more "Superman invades people's privacy and doesn't punish the villains."
S04E51 Archie Giant Series Magazine #452 10/12/2012 A trip into the past features bad lighting and an Archie comic that doesn't have much to do with Christmas!
S04E52 Teen Titans #13 17/12/2012 There's more of gravy than of grave about this comic.
S04E53 Batman: Noel 24/12/2012 Tonight you shall be haunted by another adaptation of "A Christmas Carol," except this one's really damn good.
S04E54 The Next 15 Screw-Ups of AT4W 31/12/2012 See what Linkara messed up this time!
S05E01 Kamandi at Earth's End #3 07/01/2013 Don't you love it when the comics that are supposed to be more edgy and realistic are, in fact, MUCH sillier?
S05E02 Raver #1 14/01/2013 A comic in which having people at a rave would actually be an improvement. For one thing, I actually know what goes on at a rave, unlike this story.
S05E03 Transformers #31 21/01/2013 The Decepticons' most evil scheme yet - CLEANLINESS FOR VEHICLES!
S05E04 Happy Days #2 28/01/2013 These days are aaaaallll... filled with bad comics like this one.
S05E05 All-Star Batman and Robin #5 04/02/2013 I think at this point it's fair to say that Frank Miller has issues with women. And children. And superheroes. And intelligence.
S05E06 Youngblood #5 11/02/2013 Gunslinger finale part one! If they weren't going to try with the other four issues, why did they even bother with the fifth?
S05E07 Star Wars 3-D #1 11/02/2013 Gunslinger finale part two! May the force be with us for this one...
S05E08 Marville #4 25/02/2013 From the man that brought you Marville #1-3... more of the same but worse!
S05E09 Titans Retrospective: Team History 05/03/2013 March of the Titans begins! Learn the team history of the Teen Titans, from 1966 through 1998!
S05E10 Titans Retrospective: JLA/Titans - The Technis Imperative 12/03/2013 The Titans retrospective continues with the Justice League of Jerks vs. the team with too many members! Oh, and the moon gets stolen.
S05E11 Titans Retrospective: The Titans #1-25 18/03/2013 March of the Titans finally reaches the Titans! Immortals, nazis, and gorillas: AKA superhero comics.
S05E12 Titans Retrospective: The Titans #26-50 25/03/2013 March of the Titans concludes with one stupid idea after another!
S05E13 Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster 01/04/2013 Linkara finally reviews a lamp! ...Or does he?
S05E14 Power Pachyderms #1 08/04/2013 No, no, seriously - what's the comic REALLY called?
S05E15 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 15/04/2013 Life is but a dream... if only the movie this comic is based on was, too.
S05E16 Dragnet #4 22/04/2013 This is the comic... Dragnet #4. It's not a very good one, but fortunately I'm here. I carry a badge.
S05E17 Wild Thing #1 29/04/2013 Inside: the virtual destruction of a crappy comic book!
S05E18 Spider-Man 2099 #1 06/05/2013 Shock yeah, Spider-Man from the future!
S05E19 Punisher 2099 #1 13/05/2013 Just in case you thought the Punisher needed more shoulderpads.
S05E20 Doom 2099 #1 20/05/2013 In the future, blue is the new green.
S05E21 Ravage 2099 #1 27/05/2013 Fighting pollution has never looked this stupid.
S05E22 Comic Book Quickies 03/06/2013 Love, genocide, and fruit pies! All the combinations for a fun time! And that's terrible.
S05E23 Kamandi at Earth's End #4 11/06/2013 Pointlessness at Earth's End! Stupid Ideas at Earth's End!
S05E24 SCI-Spy #3 17/06/2013 Space espionage at its dullest and most uninteresting!
S05E25 Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men #1 24/06/2013 To Boldly Go Where- wait, X-Men and Star Trek? AGAIN?!
S05E26 Mr. T and the T-Force #2 01/07/2013 Remember, kids - don't do drugs or else you'll fight against demonic dinosaurs. Mr. T taught me that!
S05E27 All-Star Batman and Robin #6 08/07/2013 Man, remember when the idea of Frank Miller writing Batman seemed awesome? Those days are gone forever.
S05E28 Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: A Deadly Choice 15/07/2013 Remember when these comics were about computers?
S05E29 Battlestar Galactica #1 22/07/2013 Fleeing from Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest... for a better comic.
S05E30 Marville #5 29/07/2013 I would rather watch Quest for Fire than read this. Namely because nobody TALKED in Quest for fire.
S05E31 Tales to Offend 1 05/08/2013 If Tales fail to offend within 30 days, you may return Tales to manufacturer for a full refund.
S05E32 Teen Titans Annual 1 12/08/2013
S05E33 Superboy #9 19/08/2013 The battle to save- erm, the battle to preserve- uhh... the battle for- ...what are we all fighting for, exactly?
S05E34 Legion Lost #9 26/08/2013 The Legion is lost, the Titans are lost, the plot is lost...
S05E35 Teen Titans #9 02/09/2013 This story would have been much better if it had... you know... been good.
S05E36 Plan 9 From Outer Space: 30 Years Later #1 09/09/2013 Future events such as these will affect us... in 1991.
S05E37 Brute Force #4 16/09/2013 Protectors of the environment! ...when they're not destroying it...
S05E38 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 23/09/2013 The battle for peace has begun... and actually ended several years ago.
S05E39 SCI-Spy #4 30/09/2013
S05E40 The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #1-2 07/10/2013 The ultimate in alien terror… could not be here, so enjoy this terror by-product.
S05E41 The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #3-4 14/10/2013 Keep watching the skies… because they’re a lot more entertaining than this story.
S05E42 Spider-Man: Crossfire 21/10/2013 A game of crossfire would be infinitely more enjoyable than this storyline.
S05E43 2001: A Space Odyssey #1 28/10/2013 My God… it’s full of- wait, what the hell IS this?
S05E44 Showcase #4 05/11/2013 The fastest man alive! …was Jay Garrick. I guess Barry Allen is fastester.
S05E45 Tales to Astonish #27 11/11/2013 The brave story of a man who had stuff spilled on him!
S05E46 Showcase #22 18/11/2013 In brightest day, in blackest night… in average afternoon and the smoldering wreckage of a ship…
S05E47 Journey Into Mystery #83 25/11/2013 Whosoever watches this review, if they be worthy… will see a comic about a Norse God battling aliens.
S05E48 The Punisher: Silent Night #1 02/12/2013 Silent Night, holy night. All is calm, all is… violence and death.
S05E49 Solson Christmas Special Featuring Samurai Santa #1 09/12/2013 Santa Claus is coming to town… WITH A KATANA!
S05E50 Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 16/12/2013 Reviewing Star Trek totally in rhyme? What a thought! Oh dear lord, what has this comic wrought…
S05E51 Doctor Who Classic Comics #15 23/12/2013 Doctor Who uses magic to fight a demon in order to protect Santa Claus. Yes, seriously.
S05E52 The Next 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W 30/12/2013 15 more opportunities that Linkara failed to notice in previous episodes!
S05E53 00/00/0000
S05E54 00/00/0000
S06E01 Marville #6-7 06/01/2014 Our long national nightmare is over! It’s the final issues of Marville!
S06E02 Comic Book Quickies #2 13/01/2014 Goblins are scary, but fruit pies aren’t!
S06E03 All-Star Batman and Robin #7 20/01/2014 The comic that teaches us that true romance is making out after setting people on fire.
S06E04 Preparedness 101: A Zombie Pandemic 27/01/2014 A helpful guide from the Center for Disease Control on dealing with the impending zombie apocalypse. Seriously.
S06E05 Gameboy #3 03/02/2014 It’s a comic about a Gameboy, so join the Air Force! …Wait, what?
S06E06 US-1 #3 10/02/2014 The continuing adventures of people with really stupid, contrived nicknames!
S06E07 Youngblood #6 17/02/2014 The next generation of heroes, followed by another generation, and another, and another, and another…
S06E08 Star Trek Generations 24/02/2014 There’s a sweet Star Trek movie comic! …Unfortunately, it won’t arrive until Tuesday.
S06E09 The A-Team #1 03/03/2014 Mr. T ain’t got time for this crazy fool comic
S06E10 The Wild #1 10/03/2014 Wild and crazy cyborg animals.
S06E11 Kamandi at Earth's End #5 17/03/2014 Random Geometry and Physiology at Earth’s End.
S06E12 Nova Girls: Kissing Canvas 24/03/2014 A photo comic that makes you embarrassed for everyone involved… except for maybe the “writter.”
S06E13 Avengers #200 31/03/2014 Babies and other dimensions and a whole lot of just awful.
S06E14 SCI-Spy #5 07/04/2014 Remember when SCI-Spy was about spy stuff? Yeah, I don’t either.
S06E15 Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 14/04/2014 Red Hood and the two other characters who get screwed over.
S06E16 Athena #2 21/04/2014 Place your bets! Which will there be more of: Athena’s ass or her talking?
S06E17 Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book #1 28/04/2014 A most non-bogus comic about two excellent dudes!
S06E18 Zolastraya and the Bard #1 05/05/2014 Time to go on an adventure! With cameos!
S06E19 Superman: For the Animals #1 12/05/2014 For truth! For justice! For the kitties!
S06E20 Chuck Norris - Karate Kommandos #2 19/05/2014 Chuck Norris’ true power is in choosing crappy villains.
S06E21 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie #1 26/05/2014 The power is ON! …Perhaps someone should shut that off. It’s running up the electrical bill.
S06E22 Speed Steer #5 02/06/2014 More powerful than a locoMOOtive! Faster than a speeding BOVINE! Able to leap over tall moons in a single bound!
S06E23 Batman: Jazz #2 09/06/2014 This entire endeavor will be a failure if we don’t see Batman playing a saxophone at some point.
S06E24 2001: A Space Odyssey #2 16/06/2014 An epic drama of adventure and exploration. Or an epic drama of cavepeople and purple alien spaceships.
S06E25 Comic Book Quickies #3 23/06/2014 Attacks by the soggies, plant ladies, and bees!
S06E26 Holy Terror: The 300th Episode 30/06/2014 The 300th episode is here! What is so horrible to deserve the spot? Well, it’s Miller Time…
S06E27 Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 07/07/2014 The King of the Monsters is here! …But let’s focus on a bunch of different humans every page, instead.
S06E28 Batman: Shadow of the Bat #56 14/07/2014 A comic where Batman is too concerned with marijuana to worry about the evils of rock and roll!
S06E29 Sinnamon #1 21/07/2014 A story from the good old days, when costumes could just be a banana hammock. Did I say good? I meant stupid.
S06E30 US-1 #4 28/07/2014 Chickens, blimps, barons, and trucks. I’ve had fever dreams that made more sense than this.
S06E31 The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly #1 04/08/2014 The comic that makes the Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man seem grounded and logical.
S06E32 All-Star Batman and Robin #8 11/08/2014 Let’s put a frown on that face!
S06E33 Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Computer That Said No to Drugs 18/08/2014 Featuring Mr. Computer in a performance that won him an Oscar!
S06E34 Marvel Super Special #17: Xanadu 25/08/2014 You have to believe we are magic… but this comic sure isn’t.
S06E35 SCI-Spy #6 01/09/2014 The thrilling conclusion to the story that nobody cared about!
S06E36 Kamandi at Earth's End #6 08/09/2014 Both virtual AND real brutality… on your eyes.
S06E37 Sonic Super Special #7 15/09/2014 Gotta go fast! Gotta get this thing over with as fast as possible!
S06E38 Star Trek: First Contact 22/09/2014 It removes all character and emotion and individuality. No, not the Borg – the dreaded comic adaptation of a movie.
S06E39 Cosmic Slam #1 29/09/2014 Take me out to the ball game… take me out to the- giant alien tree attacking?
S06E40 The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows #1-2 06/10/2014 The Thing is a shapeshifting monstrosity trying to make you think it’s something it’s not… much like this comic.
S06E41 The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows #3-4 13/10/2014 If this was an imitation, a PERFECT imitation, how would you tell if it was a real Thing comic?
S06E42 The Thing From Another World: Questionable Research 20/10/2014 It’s less that the research is questionable and more that the intellects of those DOING the research is questionable.
S06E43 Spider-Man: The Trial of Peter Parker 27/10/2014 The trial of the century! …Or at least it would be if they ever SHOWED it.
S06E44 Whiz Comics #2 03/11/2014 The story that encourages your kids to talk to strangers!
S06E45 Tales to Astonish #44 10/11/2014 Shouldn’t this be Tales to ANTstonish?
S06E46 Detective Comics #38 17/11/2014 The origin of the boy wonder! Contains more people falling from great heights than you originally thought!
S06E47 The Avengers #1 24/11/2014 Heroes! A trickster God! The Circus! All the things that make a great superhero team!
S06E48 The Hobbit #1 01/12/2014 An unexpected journey… unless you read the list of upcoming episodes, in which case it’s expected.
S06E49 The Hobbit #2 08/12/2014 Three rings were given to the elves, wisest and fairest… and rudest.
S06E50 The Hobbit #3 15/12/2014 Gandalf the Grey: wizard, mentor, ruiner of lives!
S06E51 Top 15 Worst Comics I’ve Ever Reviewed 29/12/2014 With the end of 2014, Linkara looks back at the worst comics he’s ever reviewed for the show!
S00E01 An Introduction 17/12/2008 Linkara introduces himself to TGWTG.
S00E02 AT4W 2009 Trailer 13/02/2009 As part of the donation drive, Linkara outlined what he planned to review in the coming weeks.
S00E03 Linkara's Take On Watchmen 09/03/2009 Linkara explains his take on the Watchmen movie.
S00E04 Watchmen Review 31/03/2009 Dressed as Lester B. Bum, Linkara reviewed Watchmen. This was part of the April Fools Day joke on the site. First Appearance of Lester B. Bum.
S00E05 Theme Song Contest 10/05/2009 Linkara's in search for a theme song for his show.
S00E06 [Crossover] Ultimate Warrior #1 21/05/2009 Part two of the Atop the Fourth Wall/The Spoony Experiment crossover!
S00E07 Theme Song Contest Winner! 12/06/2009 The winner of the Atop the Fourth Wall theme song contest is revealed!
S00E08 Blackest Night: Linkara and Spoony 10/09/2009 Spoony and Linkara take on the PC Youngblood game that never was, Spider-Man Vs Kingpin and Captain America and the Avengers for the
S00E09 October Trailer 29/09/2009 Simply put, this is a trailer for Linkara's look at -Dying Inside in October.
S00E10 Silent Hill Review Alt Endings 01/11/2009 Linkara presents alternate endings to his Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5 episode.
S00E11 [Crossover] Warrior 2-3 28/05/2010 Part of the Year Two event. Linkara and Spoony take on more of the Ultimate Warrior's insanity.
S00E12 October 2010 Trailer 29/09/2010 What comes for Linkara in October 2010 when he takes on another set of Silent Hill comics?
S00E13 Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Review Alternate Endings 31/10/2010 See how it COULD have ended!
S00E14 The Live Show! 22/01/2011 It's Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE! Watch Linkara make fun of a bad video game comic!
S00E15 April Fools' Triple Feature 01/04/2011
S00E16 Storyline Recap 27/04/2011 Don't want to sift through 130 episodes of the show to figure out the story bits? Well, you're in luck! Here's the entire story condensed into 4 minutes.
S00E17 October 2011 Trailer 24/09/2011 What will Linkara be reviewing this October?
S00E18 Return of AT4W Live! 07/11/2011 What did Linkara review at Youmacon for his second live show?
S00E19 Revenge of AT4W Live! 12/01/2012 It's Linkara's third live show! What has he found in the depths of video game comics?
S00E20 [Crossover] Southland Tales 29/05/2012 This is the way the world ends - a really confusing, terrible movie reviewed by a dozen Channel Awesome producers.
S00E21 House of AT4W Live! 01/08/2012 Linkara reviews another comic in front of a live audience! But this time - IN CANADA!
S00E22 Ghost of AT4W LIVE! 06/09/2012 Linkara reviews another comic book while at MetaCon 2012!
S00E23 Bride of AT4W Live! 07/11/2012 Linkara attends Youmacon 2012 and had another live show! What manga did he review?
S00E24 Son of AT4W Live! 10/01/2013 What did Linkara review at MAGFest 2013?
S00E25 Night of AT4W LIVE! 18/02/2013 What has Linkara reviewed at GatoCon?
S00E26 Day of AT4W LIVE! 06/07/2013 What did Linkara review at Animinneapolis?
S00E27 Dawn of AT4W LIVE! 14/07/2013 Celebrate Independence Day with peppiest piece of colonial American fan fiction ever professionally composed.
S00E28 Land of AT4W Live! 17/08/2013 What did Linkara review at ConBravo?
S00E29 Diary of AT4W Live! 14/09/2013 live show from Linkara!
S00E30 Survival of AT4W Live! 14/09/2013
S00E31 Power of AT4W Live 29/11/2013
S00E32 Midnight of AT4W Live! 29/01/2014
S00E33 Planet of AT4W Live! 14/06/2014
S00E34 Genesis of AT4W Live! 09/07/2014
S00E35 Destiny of AT4W Live! 27/07/2014
S00E36 Resurrection of AT4W Live! 02/08/2014
S00E37 Revelation of AT4W Live! 05/02/2015
S00E38 Remembrance of AT4W Live! 07/05/2015
S00E39 Time of AT4W LIVE! 16/08/2016 Finally posting up 2015’s live shows! What did Linkara review at Animinneapolis 2015?
S00E50 [Crossover] Wolverine: Adamantium Rage 15/05/2009
S00E52 [Crossover] Cool World 30/05/2009
S00E53 [Crossover] Alone in the Dark 09/09/2009
S00E54 [Crossover] Superman IV 29/10/2009
S00E56 [Crossover] The Airzone Solution 18/05/2011 Linkara and Phelous look at a movie that has a bunch of The Doctors from Doctor Who fighting an evil pollution company.
S00E57 [Crossover] Bimbos BC 07/06/2011 Linkara and the Cinema Snob review the movie that eventually spawned Bimbos in Time! NOTE: This review takes place before the Ultimatum three-parter.
S00E58 [Crossover] The Incredible Hulk Returns 12/08/2011 Technically no Linkara, but the start of a series of crossover reviews. Think a Marvel crossover movie couldn’t go wrong? Think again. Film Brain torments Nash with the proof.
S00E59 [Crossover] Justice League of America (1997) 08/10/2011 Linkara subjects Nash to the horror that is the 1997 CBS Justice League of America Telemovie.
S00E60 [Crossover] Warrior #4 16/10/2011 Juice up with jetjack and let’s asphault this asshole – it’s the final Warrior comic!
S00E62 [Crossover] Wonder Woman TV Pilot 16/01/2012 Linkara and Film Brain corner Nash with the unholiest of unholies, the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot. It’s tortureiffic!
S00E63 [Crossover] Southland Tales 29/05/2012 This is the way the world ends - a really confusing, terrible movie reviewed by a dozen Channel Awesome producers.
S00E64 [Crossover] Supergirl 04/08/2012 The Nostalgia Chick takes a look at the film adaptation of Supergirl! …It’s not very good.
S00E65 [Crossover] The New Adventures of Wonder Woman 09/12/2012 A crossover between Atop the Fourth Wall and the Agony Booth’s Red Suitcase Adventures!
S00E66 [Crossover] Flash Gordon 28/09/2014 The Cantankerous Critics re-unite to take on an old enemy and a cheesy movie.
S00E67 [Crossover] Doctor Strange 25/03/2014 Another look at a failed Marvel pilot! In loving memory of Justin Carmical.
S00E68 [Crossover] Bloodrayne 15/07/2014 The Three Schmuckleheads RETURN!
S00E71 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (1) 24/11/2015 A grounded, realistic biopic of a man on the internet who reviews comic books.
S00E72 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (2) 25/11/2015 The movie continues as our heroes reach the Caelestis and discover what’s happened to it…
S00E73 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (3) 26/11/2015 The movie continues with our heroes trying to figure out what to do in the wake of the battle…
S00E74 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (4) 27/11/2015 The movie continues with our heroes reaching Europa and discovering something incredible…
S00E75 Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (5) 28/11/2015 The finale, as our heroes must come together and fight a great monster…
S00E76 [Riffs] Holiday from Rules? 18/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a wide-awake nightmare about kids trying to survive a world without rules! Or perhaps they’re just being salve.
S00E77 [Riffs] The Bottle and the Throttle 20/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a depressing little short about drinking and driving.
S00E78 [Riffs] Let's Be Good Citizens at School 21/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a short about how citizenry somehow has to do with cookies and hiccups in the space-time continuum.
S00E79 [Riffs] Just a Spark 23/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a short that says that only you can prevent forest fires… well, you and the fire marshalls.
S00E80 [Riffs] Beginning to Date 25/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a short that says there are specific rules you must follow for dating… OR ELSE!
S00E81 [Riffs] The Gossip 28/01/2013 Linkara is joined by Will Wolfgram (Snowflame, the Gunslinger) to riff on a short about how you should always trust clearly-evil people who spread gossip.
S00E82 [Riffs] What about School Spirit? 26/02/2013 Linkara riffs on a short less about school spirit and more about the glory of Bob Corby.
S00E83 [Riffs] Thought for Food & Arranging a Buffet Supper 30/03/2013 With Easter tomorrow, how about you take some time to weigh your peaches and learn how to prepare a buffet?
S00E84 [Riffs] Scrooge (1935) 24/12/2013 In this feature-length riff, Linkara and friends look at the first sound version of “A Christmas Carol!”
S00E85 [Riffs] A Word to the Wives 13/12/2012 Linkara riffs on an old short trying to get you to buy a new kitchen because your husband is an idiot.
S00E86 [Riffs] Holiday from Rules? 18/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a wide-awake nightmare about kids trying to survive a world without rules! Or perhaps they’re just being salve.
S00E87 [Riffs] The Bottle and the Throttle 20/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a depressing little short about drinking and driving.
S00E88 [Riffs] Let's Be Good Citizens at School 21/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a short about how citizenry somehow has to do with cookies and hiccups in the space-time continuum.
S00E89 [Riffs] Just a Spark 23/01/2013 Linkara riffs on a short that says that only you can prevent forest fires… well, you and the fire marshalls.
S00E100 Amazing Ghost Stories #14 27/06/2013
S00E101 Captain Flash #1 27/06/2013
S00E102 Daredevil Battles Hitler #1 27/06/2013
S00E103 The Avenger #1 15/05/2014
S00E104 All Romances #6 15/05/2014
S00E105 Frosty The Snowman #435 12/12/2014
S00E106 A Post-Mortem on the New52 00/00/0000
S00E107 Daredevil Comics #2 26/05/2017
S00E108 Blue Beetle #20 26/05/2017