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“Durch die Nacht mit...” is an award winning series produced for ZDF/ARTE since 2002. The series matches artists from different fields to spend an evening together in a city of their choice. The idea is to create a forum for artists to exchange ideas and also show them as real people. Various locations and surprises evoke spontaneous reactions and interactions between the artists, cameras that operate fly-on-the-wall-like add to the unusual high level of authenticity and realness. Into the night with has been awarded the “Adolf Grimme Preis Spezial”, Germany's most renowned TV-award.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Au cœur de la nuit avec...

S255E01 Serdar Somuncu and Anne Will 11/01/2015
S255E02 Tori Amos and Hauschka 08/02/2015
S255E03 Faith Dickey and Mimi Knoop 22/03/2015
S255E04 Max Herre and Patrice 05/04/2015
S255E05 Palina Rojinski et Alina Süggeler 04/05/2014
S255E06 Hugh Cornwell et Westbam 07/09/2014
S255E07 Tom Schilling et Olli Schulz 05/10/2014
S255E08 Bootsy Collins et Jamie Lidell 02/11/2014
S255E09 Clueso and David Kross 07/09/2013
S255E10 Skin and Christine Schäfer 05/10/2013
S255E11 Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf 02/11/2013
S255E12 Michael Mittermeier and Reggie Watts 07/12/2013
S255E13 Roger Cicero and Robert Davi 02/12/2012

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