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Plongez au cœur de l'univers unique et intemporel de ces objets et voyagez avec eux au fil des périodes de l'Histoire auxquelles ils sont liés. Observez Paul et son équipe dans leur captivante préparation de ces ventes aux enchères. Quel prix seriez-vous prêts à mettre pour ces trésors ?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Auction Kings

S01E01 Kit de chasseur de vampires 26/10/2010 One seller comes into Gallery 63 with a softball-sized meteorite, hoping to fetch enough money to take a second honeymoon to Paris, while another brings in a vampire-killing kit from the 1800s that could go for big bucks — if the right buyer attends the auction. Then Jon, the newest employee, is tasked with sifting through a jam-packed house to find "auction gold." He locates a signed copy of Gone with the Wind and a genuine Nazi handbook from World War II. But will experts confirm they're legit?
S01E02 Calculateur d'amour 26/10/2010 Delfino's handyman skills are put to the test when picker Jon uncovers a classic "Love Meter" arcade game. Meanwhile, a monk brings in a 1637 prayer book that was brought to America during the Revolutionary War and used in the church attended by some of the Founding Fathers. It could bring in $5,000 to $7,000 if the right bidders are in the crowd on auction day, and all proceeds would benefit the homeless. Then, when a man brings in his grandfather's coat and sword, Paul must unravel their mysterious secret-society history in order to sell them.
S01E03 Livre de John Hancock 02/11/2010 A collector brings in a pair of 19th-century ladies' pistols designed to be concealed in a hand muff, while another seller offers for auction an early-print Great Gatsby and a book signed by John Hancock. Then Jon, picking through a cluttered basement, manages to uncover a Venetian mirror that could turn out to be extremely valuable.
S01E04 Table de billard des Rolling Stones 02/11/2010 A seller brings in a snooker table he built for the Rolling Stones to use on tour, which an expert appraiser proclaims could sell at a sky-high price. A woman puts an amazing collection of rare African artifacts –- including an elephant mask, two iron throne chairs, and a terracotta honey pot -- up for auction, hoping for enough cash to renovate her kitchen. And Paul's dad Bob decides to sell a family of alien props that he took as trade for a pool table. As the auction approaches, he hopes to find out he got the better end of the bargain!
S01E05 Sabre d'Iwo Jima 09/11/2010 Owner Paul Brown and Gallery 63 team prepare for their next auction, which includes a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, two chairs reportedly from a New Orleans cathouse, and a WWII Japanese rifle and sword still partially wrapped in the 60-year-old paper used to mail them home from the battlefield.!
S01E06 Dent de dinosaure, meubles victoriens 09/11/2010 The Gallery 63 crew struggles with manager Cindy Shook's new stress release, a drum set Jon brought in on a pick. Paul Brown takes rookie picker Jon Hammond to meet a client auctioning off his collection of sentimental Victorian furniture, including a settee and a piano, while a fossil-hunting couple from Montana bring in three rare dinosaur fossils, including a T.rex tooth.
S01E07 Cadillac rose 16/11/2010 Looking for funds to buy a new tour bus, a rock-a-billy musician cruises to Gallery 63 in a gleaming pink 1960 Cadillac. A wife unloads her husband's model tugboat, but it'll need some of Delfino's magic before it can be sold in working order. And a collector brings in historic Negro League baseball memorabilia that he hopes will help pay for a mission trip to the Ivory Coast.
S01E08 Montre d'espion, Ford A 16/11/2010 Owner Paul Brown and Gallery 63 team prepare for their next auction, which includes a Model A Ford and Lion King concept sketches. Cindy reminds the team of her picking prowess when she brings in a weekend find: a 1950s spy watch/recorder that still has historic voices on it.
S01E09 Collier de rubis 21/11/2010 Auctions are a risky business, with seemingly worthless items often selling big while fabulous items fall flat -- and it's up to Cindy to teach Jon how to identify what will sell. This week, a man walks in with a 92-carat ruby necklace he's been keeping in a shoebox, another brings in a classic 1967 Triumph Chopper, hoping for enough cash to help his mother renovate her house, and a third presents an unopened case of presidential brother Billy Carter's Billy Beer that the expert says it's worthless, but Jon bets will sell.
S01E10 Canon à main 23/11/2010 A seller brings in an ancient hand cannon so old and so rare, even the experts struggle to determine its origin and history. Also a mystery is a tiny jewel-encrusted gold pencil that might just be Faberge. Meanwhile, Delfino struggles to revive a 90-year-old sour-sounding player piano and a woman brings in a dreary painting her aunt left her that she can't wait to get out of her house ... only to get a big surprise on auction day.
S01E11 Montgolfière, défense de mammouth laineux 30/11/2010 Office manager Cindy faces her fears and gets the ride of her life when she and Paul go up in a hot-air balloon that's up for auction, along with a woolly mammoth tusk and a giant, unset sapphire.
S01E12 Hache de chasseur de têtes, distributeur de coca vintage 07/12/2010 On the block: a headhunter's ax and a rare Vespa scooter with sidecar; meanwhile, Gallery 63 owner Paul Brown and his manager Cindy Shook have a bidding war of their own over a vintage Coke machine.
S01E13 Sabre de samouraï, malle de voyage 14/12/2010 A wooly mammoth tusk and a giant, unset sapphire go up for auction. Then manager Cindy faces her fears and gets the ride of her life when she and Paul go up in a hot-air balloon with a client who wants to sell it.
S01E14 Guitare Johnny Cash, vente de tapis éclair 21/12/2010 Gallery 63 team prepare for their next auction, which includes Johnny Cash's autographed guitar, a trading knife made from a jawbone, and a 17th-century chest for treasures. Paul and manager Cindy initiate picker Jon in the much dreaded Speed Rug.
S01E15 Album de Lindbergh, jouets antiques 28/12/2010 With a historic Charles Lindbergh scrapbook and a collection of antique metal toys already on the block, Paul Brown also takes a gamble on a rare Wurlitzer band organ. But will it pay off?
S01E16 Miroir de Napoléon, poster de scouts de la Première Guerre mondiale 04/01/2011 Before auctioning off a hand mirror signed by Napoleon and a World War I Boy Scout war bonds poster, Gallery 63 owner Paul Brown calls in his antique-expert sister to shed some light on a mysterious cabinet, and picker Jon Hammond goes all out to impress his boss by helping assemble the upcoming auction's catalog.
S01E17 Tête rétrécie, lettre de Martin Luther King 11/01/2011 A letter signed by Rev. Martin Luther King and doll furniture created by famous folk artist Howard Finster go on the block; a woman brings in what she believes to be a shrunken head; and Paul enlists his mentor and father, Bob Brown, to help entice Paul's son Elijah to go into the family auction-house business.
S01E18 Flipper d'«Happy Days», mur de la honte 18/01/2011 A vintage slot machine, a pinball machine used on Happy Days and a 1940s Whizzer motorized bicycle all go up for auction. Then Jon takes a World War II Soviet flag to a lab to authenticate its blood stain, and not even Paul can escape Cindy's Wall of Shame for people who don't pay their bills.
S01E19 Déclaration d'indépendance, wagon de concession 25/01/2011 The Gallery 63 team auctions a vintage fire truck, a 19th-century copy of the Declaration of Independence and a Tiffany grandfather clock, as well as races to fix an antique concession wagon that breaks during offload.
S01E20 Planche de Ouija 01/02/2011 Up on the block: a 1946 Willys Jeep restored by Richard Petty, a Rock-Ola jukebox, and a Ouija board that becomes the basis for a prank on Cindy.
S02E01 Harley Davidson de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, montre-revolver de joueur des années 1800 09/08/2011 Paul and the Gallery 63 crew help unload a pawn broker's rare World War II Harley-Davidson. A seller's one-dollar find turns out to be an extremely rare piece of baseball history. Paul antes up with his mentor/dad Bob Brown in a bet that a beautiful, but deadly, gambler's watch will far exceed appraisal estimate.
S02E02 DeLorean, machine à voyager dans le temps 09/08/2011 The Gallery 63 crew go back to the future with a DeLorean Time Machine, then travel even further back when they uncover a Prohibition-era piano hiding a secret. Delfino's hard at work on a new seating area while Paul tries out a gas-powered pogo stick.
S02E03 Incroyables années 80 16/08/2011 Flipping through the pages of three high school yearbooks, Cindy comes across the familiar faces of Angelina Jolie, Monica Lewinsky and Eric Menendez, while Paul test-drives a MOST EXCELLENT 1982 Corvette. Then, having acquired it from a childhood trade, a seller comes in with an authentic basketball legend's rookie card looking to come out on the better end of that trade 25 years later.
S02E04 Poème de Jim Morrison 16/08/2011 A seller looks to make big money from two authentic kids (not "dolls") signed by the original artist, complete with their original adoption papers. Then Paul takes a gamble on a Lomax three-wheel trike from the UK, using it as a big-ticket item at the auction. An authentic handwritten poem and signature from rock legend Jim Morrison could bring in big money for Gallery 63 and the previously homeless seller, who plans to donate the profits to charity.
S02E05 Mustang 1965, boîtes à repas vintage 23/08/2011 The crew fires up the engine on the ultimate '60s pony car icon, a red 1965 Mustang. An aspiring teenage antiques dealer sweetens her deal with Cindy by including a free lunch inside her dad's collection of 1970s lunch boxes. And picker Jon takes in possibly the oddest, noisiest instrument Gallery 63 has ever had: a Stumpf fiddle, which curiously bears little resemblance to an actual fiddle.
S02E06 Trésors de la Guerre de Sécession 23/08/2011 A family's collection of personal letters, diaries, and documents detailing their ancestor's life as a Civil War infantry captain and a functioning 19th century camera make their way into Gallery 63. Then a seller brings in what he thinks is a Civil War era telescope that he bought at a garage sale for $75, but if it's legitimate, the piece could be one of the rarest items in Gallery 63's history.
S02E07 La Cadillac d'Elvis 30/08/2011 The King comes to Gallery 63... a Cadillac once owned by the King of Rock and Roll, that is. The crew also takes in an authentic flag-themed guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen, then Paul is "enlightened" when he comes across some rare correspondence from Thomas Edison, showing a less-known side of the famous inventor.
S02E08 Placard hanté 30/08/2011 Paul Brown can't resist test-firing an antique Winchester Signal Cannon to get it ready for auction, and an owner brings in an antique cabinet she thinks is inhabited by her friend's ghost. Finally, to convince Paul to take on his 1974 Grumman airplane with a reserve price of $30,000, the pilot/owner takes Paul on a breath-taking flight.
S02E09 Bizarreries spatiales 06/09/2011 Paul Brown heads to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center to collect historic items for a special charity auction sale, including a space suit, an astronaut's work of art and an Apollo 13 pinball machine, signed by both the astronaut and the actor who played him.
S02E10 Anneau et rodéo 06/09/2011 A three-carat, platinum-band ring catches manager Cindy's eye, but it's a humble bull sack purse that inspires her to hold Gallery 63's first mechanical bull rodeo. The Gallery 63 crew also takes in a vintage dive helmet and a ship's binnacle.
S02E11 Poing américain de la Guerre de Sécession 13/09/2011 Up for auction: Civil War-era iron knuckles found on a local battlefield, a mini British Mini Cooper, and a family's moonshine still.
S02E12 Excréments de dinosaure, ancienne pipe sculptée en forme de tête 13/09/2011 A paleontologist's package of coprolite (dinosaur poo) amuses the Gallery 63 crew. Paul Brown hopes the signature on a first-edition Gone With the Wind proves legitimate this time, then visits the mystical Lithia Springs, which yields an ancient skull-shaped jadeite pipe.
S02E13 Lettre d'Houdini 20/09/2011 Houdini descendent Aron Houdini visits Gallery 63 to authenticate his famous relative's historic letter and perform his own escape-artist trick. Then the Gallery 63 crew also takes in a 1951 Ford F1 and an Atlanta Olympics table tennis set that inspires some friendly competition.
S02E14 Balance de la bonne aventure 27/09/2011 The Gallery 63 crew takes in a vintage fortune-telling scale, a menagerie of taxidermied animals, and a collection of baseball cards that reveals quite a few namers, famers and rookies.
S02E15 Enfant au cigare / briquet 04/10/2011 Delfino fires up an antique cigar-boy lighter; Jon gambles on an escritorio, an ornately carved and ivory-inlaid Spanish desk that is more than 400 years old; and Paul takes in a letter handwritten by Albert Einstein to the seller's father.
S02E16 Servi-Car Harley Davidson 11/10/2011 An unusual looking 1947 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car (a three-wheeled motorcycle) rolls up, and Paul jumps at the chance to tool around on it. Jon brings back a rare, vintage British rocking horse from a pick, but Paul's sister Susan worries that it might not rock buyers. Finally the Gallery 63 crew can't resist a friendly wager on a vintage Italian multi-game table.
S02E17 Machine à communiquer avec l'au-delà 18/10/2011 The Gallery 63 crew auctions off an early 1900s seance machine and a regular old trumpet ... or IS it? Then Paul takes a gamble on auctioning a seller's retro home -- an iconic, silver 1975 Airstream trailer.
S02E18 Torture, trains et épée miniature 18/10/2011 The Gallery 63 crew take in a mystery medical device that might have been used for torture and a centuries old mini sword made for a nobleman's child. Paul's own inner child comes out to play with a huge antique miniature train layout.
S02E19 Sarbacane, Harley en bois 25/10/2011 Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off an enormous 1800s music box and an all-wood Harley-Davidson motorcycle, reportedly made by two drunk cabinet makers. They blow off steam with a friendly competition test firing an antique South American blow gun.
S02E20 Cartes de sport, tableau de Botello 25/10/2011 Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off a fossil from an elephant-like prehistoric mammal and a rare painting from a Latin American post-modern artist, but the biggest gem of the day could be hidden in a daunting collection of 150,000 sports cards.
S02E21 Taxi de dingue, épée Oliver North 01/11/2011 Gallery 63 auctions off a Marine dress sword engraved with Oliver North's name and a World War 1 era Gibson mandolin. A seller takes the crew for a ride in his Wacky Taxi, a 23-ft long cab complete with 50s diner-style interior.
S02E22 Lettre de Jefferson Davis, vidéo perdue de Marilyn Monroe 08/11/2011 In this special supersized episode of Auction Kings, the Gallery 63 crew auction off a Model T Ford, a letter from Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and a rare casting reel featuring a young Marilyn Monroe. Bob the Dummy gets his revenge on Cindy.
S02E23 Balle de baseball Cy Young, télé des années 1950 08/11/2011 In this special supersized episode of Auction Kings, the Gallery 63 crew auctions off a Cy Young-signed baseball, a funky futuristic-looking 1950s TV, and memorabilia from former president Jimmy Carter's presidential and humanitarian collections.
S02E24 Hot rod fait maison, tambour zèbre 22/11/2011
S02E25 Ceinture de catch, gardiens de temple 29/11/2011
S03E01 Vierge de fer, roadster T-Bucket 1917 25/04/2012 The Gallery 63 crew are back with a star-spangled 1917 T-Bucket Roadster. Paul is concerned about touching -- must less selling -- an Iron Maiden and a Cadaver Casket brought in by the Garrett Brothers, two new hard-bargaining pickers.
S03E02 Armes de John Wayne, Omnibot 2000 25/04/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a John Wayne Commemmorative gun collection and have a friendly wager with an '80s-era Omnibot2000 robot. New appraiser Jamie Breese seeks to unravel the mystery of a ship's telegraph, reminiscent of those used on Titanic.
S03E03 Canon de bateau, ancien appareil médical électrique 02/05/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a naval cannon believed to be from the 17th-century Spanish Armada and a deed signed by 6th President John Quincy Adams. Cindy takes in and tests a quack medical device for ladies with shocking results.
S03E04 Machine à sous de montagnard, moto BMW western 02/05/2012 L'équipe vend un uniforme rouge de Star Trek : Générations, les frères Garrett amènent une ancienne machine à sous, et une moto vintage de style western peut-elle rapporter gros ?
S03E05 Bracelet d'Elvis, navires de Colomb en argent 09/05/2012 L'équipe vend le bracelet d'Elvis et des répliques en argent des trois bateaux de Christophe Colomb. Elle visite également une réserve naturelle pour découvrir ce que l'on veut y vendre.
S03E06 Vélo Harley, document de Lincoln 09/05/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a Civil War document signed by Abraham Lincoln. The Garrett brothers bring in a rare Harley-Davidson commemorative bicycle. Cindy convinces Paul to auction off his own vintage Martin guitar but second guesses her decision.
S03E07 Phonographe Edison, gants de boxe Ali-Frazier 16/05/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1907 Edison Morning Glory Phonograph and a mysterious Mercedes. The Garrett Brothers bring in a commemorative display with Frazier and Ali's boxing gloves from their Fight of the Century.
S03E08 Oliver North réclame son épée, gravures sur os 31/05/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a collection of vintage scrimshaw and a 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. Colonel Oliver North comes to the Gallery to reclaim his missing dress sword that was sold at auction last year to someone else.
S03E09 Chopper Rick Fairless, mixeur fonctionnant à l'essence 31/05/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a groovy-looking Rick Fairless custom chopper and an antique scale. When a customer brings in a gas-powered blender, Paul is inspired to hold an impromptu margarita-making contest between himself and Delfino.
S03E10 Terraplane de gangster, machine à électrochocs 07/06/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a gangster-worthy 1937 Hudson Terraplane car. The Garretts pick up a Spark-Jump Cigar lighter like the one in "It's A Wonderful Life" and a 1923 Electro Shock Machine, a game that delivered a surprising jolt to players.
S03E11 Collection de baguettes signées, Trans Am GTA 07/06/2012 The Gallery 63 crew take in an autographed drumstick collection that drummer Cindy is loathe to part with. Paul takes in a 1967 C10 Chevy pick up and a 1988 Trans Am GTA on a reserve.
S03E12 Guitare Les Paul, chauve-souris géante 14/06/2012 Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitar, a peculiar circular typewriter, and a skeleton from the largest bat in the world, complete with vampire-worthy fangs.
S03E13 Trouvaille spéciale culture pop, voiture de course de Footlose 14/06/2012 The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1945 NFL program, a Star Trek USS Enterprise model kit, and a vintage Barbie. Paul travels out to a dirt track race course to test drive a stock car used in the 2011 movie remake Footloose to see if it's suitable to sell.
S03E14 Canon, orgue à vapeur 21/06/2012 La Gallery 63 vend un canon de la Guerre de la Conquête et une guitare Gibson de 6 mètres appartenant à la légende de la country Travis Tritt.
S03E15 Tabouret de bar motorisé, épée de confédéré 28/06/2012 Gallery 63 is auctioning off a confederate sword, motorized bar stool, and a rare thousand dollar bill. The Garrett Brothers have high hopes for their motorized stool, but will the crowd be as excited as they are?
S03E16 Jeu d'arcade Madame Pac-Man, dague militaire 05/07/2012 A Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, a military sword and a bronze statue are featured.
S03E17 1955 Ford Thunderbird; WWII Gunner's Sight 12/07/2012 La Gallery 63 reçoit une Ford Thunderbird 1955, Jon déniche une voiture pour enfant du début du XXe siècle ; les frères Garrett apportent un viseur de bombardier de la Première Guerre mondiale.
S03E18 Réplique de guitare d'Eric Clapton, carte de baseball d'Andy Pafko de 1952 12/07/2012 Le set de table de la dernière survivante du Titanic, Millvina Dean, est déposé à la Gallery 63, tout comme une réplique de la guitare Gibson SG d'Eric Clapton.
S03E19 Ceintures de chasteté, contrat immobilier de Géorgie 19/07/2012 L'équipe vend des ceintures de chasteté médiévales ; les frères Garrett déposent un fauteuil et une enseigne de barbier ; Paul reçoit un contrat immobilier de 1820.
S03E20 Ancienne voiture à cheval de médecin, livret de Cléopâtre 02/08/2012 L'équipe de la Gallery 63 vend un article historique du film des années 1960 «Cléopâtre» ainsi qu'une voiture à cheval datant des années 1800.
S03E21 Skee-ball, ancien matériel de pêche 09/08/2012 La Gallery 63 vend une balance pour bébé des années 1800 et une collection d'équipements de pêche vintage et modernes ; Delfino répare le jeu de skee-ball.
S03E22 Beatles 23/08/2012 L'équipe vend un ancien extincteur, une grenade anti-incendie et le célèbre album des Beatles à la « pochette de boucher ». Un expert doit déterminer si l'album est authentique.
S03E23 Souvenirs du Far West, casque de NFL 30/08/2012 La Gallery 63 récupère un casque de football signé par plusieurs quarterbacks légendaires et un timbre de 1868 que le vendeur estime à plus d'un million de dollars.
S03E24 Chariot de péquenaud, anciens poignards japonais 06/09/2012 L'équipe vend des poignards des années 1800, une caisse enregistreuse de style art nouveau et un « chariot de péquenaud », fabriqué avec l'avant d'une moto et l'arrière d'un break.
S03E25 Souvenirs de Jackie Robinson, carte de New York de 1875 13/09/2012 L'équipe vend une énorme maquette de New York datant de 1875. Le vendeur n'en veut que 35 $, mais Paul pense qu'elle vaut plus. Jason tente de vendre sa selle de cow-boy.
S03E26 Ticket du Yankee Stadium 20/09/2012
S03E27 Hollywood Celebrity Autograph 1930s/Gas Pump & Vintage Fire Alarm 27/09/2012
S04E01 Spécial trouvailles 21/02/2013 Paul organise le premier concours de trouvailles de la Gallery 63 : chaque joueur a un budget et une heure pour trouver des trésors sur un marché d'antiquités.
S04E02 Tenue anti-feu de «Ricky Bobby : roi du circuit», hydravion 28/02/2013 Paul et l'équipe de la Gallery 63 mettent en vente un accessoire ayant servi au tournage du film «Ricky Bobby : roi du circuit» ainsi qu'un hydravion.
S04E03 Vintage Lie Detector; Old Hollywood Collection 28/02/2013
S04E04 M16, chaise musicale actionnée par les fesses 07/03/2013 L'équipe de la Gallery 63 met en vente un M16 d'entraînement, un distributeur de stylos Vendorama et une chaise musicale victorienne activée par les fesses.
S04E05 Seau en argent, casier du USS Yorktown 07/03/2013 Des seaux en argent massif sont déposés à la Gallery 63, un père et son fils vendent un casier de marin et Jon trouve un véhicule rendant hommage au Baron Rouge.
S04E06 Bureau de Jefferson, jeu de course 14/03/2013 Aujourd'hui à la Gallery 63, un homme affirme détenir un bureau ayant appartenu au président Thomas Jefferson tandis que Jon teste un jeu de course de chevaux ancien.
S04E07 Couteau de tranchée de la Première Guerre mondiale, permis opium 14/03/2013 La Gallery 63 vend le couteau de tranchée d'un officier britannique de la 1e Guerre mondiale, un timbre fiscal sur l'opium et une moto Condor de l'armée suisse.
S04E08 Soldat de l'Empire de Star Wars, moto Mustang 21/03/2013 Une moto Mustang Pony est mise aux enchères, un fan de «Star Wars» renonce à son costume de soldat de l'Empire et Delfino consigne une sirène d'attaque aérienne.
S04E09 Enceintes de drive-in, selle royale 21/03/2013 Paul vend une Dodge Viper, un vendeur amène une selle liée à la royauté marocaine et Delfino met la main sur des enceintes de drive-in.
S04E10 Télescope d'U-Boat, lettre d'Helen Keller 28/03/2013 Paul vend des chevaux en bronze qui gardent la Gallery 63 et un vendeur pense que son télescope de la Seconde Guerre mondiale provient d'un U-Boat allemand.
S04E11 Moto de Michael Jordan, téléphone chandelier 28/03/2013 Jon déniche un ancien téléphone et un rappeur local lui apporte une moto modifiée par l'équipe de course de Michael Jordan.
S04E12 Mercedes de Sugar Ray Leonard, tenue de plongée de la 2e Guerre mondiale 04/04/2013 Une Mercedes de Sugar Ray Leonard, une combinaison de plongée de la 2e Guerre mondiale et une carte des États-Unis en plaques d'immatriculation sont mis en vente.
S04E13 Vintage Lie Detector; Old Hollywood Collection 04/04/2013
S04E14 Evel Knievel Cape; Vintage Phone Booth 11/04/2013 Une cape et des photos signées par Evel Knievel, un ancien violon Heberlein et une cabine téléphonique vintage intègrent la salle d'enchères.
S04E15 Clay Walker visite la Gallery 63 11/04/2013 La star de la country Clay Walker vient mettre des effets personnels aux enchères afin de lever des fonds et faire connaître son organisation «Band Against MS».
S04E16 Ceinture de massage, mercerie démesurée 18/04/2013 Une mercerie vieille d'un siècle est mise aux enchères, une ceinture de massage secoue l'équipe et Paul est optimiste sur la vente d'un bidon de gasoil de marque Gulf.
S04E17 Récompense de MIchael Jackson pour «Thriller», moto hongroise Pannoina 18/04/2013 Une moto Pannonia, une imprimante d'école des années 30 et un prix remis à Michael Jackson pour les ventes de son album «Thriller» sont mis aux enchères.
S04E18 Tenue de démineur, jumelles de la 1re Guerre mondiale 16/05/2013

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