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Aura Battler Dunbine first aired on Japanese TV during the mid-1980s and ran for a successful 49 episodes. Written by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Dunbine is set in the medival-like world of Byston Well. Dunbine was one of the first Japanimation series to combine fantasy and science fiction. The main draw to the series were the insect-like Aura Battlers used by the population of Byston Well to fight their wars. The series followed a main character named Sho Zama, the pilot of the lavender colored Dunbine, as he suddenly finds himself in the world of Byston Well after a motocross accident. Byston Well is located in another dimension located between the sea and the land, and is populated with dragons, castles, knights, and powerful robots known as Aura Battlers. Once Sho is discovered to posess a powerful energy called `Aura`, he is drafted into the Byston Well conflict as an Arua Battler pilot. Dunbine was a huge success and spawned several model and toys lines. While the animation prevents it from returning to the mainstream, the Aura Battler designs have kept the series timeless.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Aura Battler Dunbine

S01E01 The Aura Battlers 05/02/1983
S01E02 Given's Mansion 12/02/1983
S01E03 Escape from Laas Wau 19/02/1983
S01E04 Elmelie's Hardships 26/02/1983
S01E05 Keen in Danger 05/03/1983
S01E06 Tragedy at the Forest of the Moon 12/03/1983
S01E07 Night Before the Dawn of the War 19/03/1983
S01E08 Laas Wau Once Again 26/03/1983
S01E09 Earth and Sky 02/04/1983
S01E10 Father and Child 09/04/1983
S01E11 Offense and Defense of Kiron Castle 16/04/1983
S01E12 Garalia`s Pursuit 23/04/1983
S01E13 Todd's Violent Advance 30/04/1983
S01E14 The Battle to Capture Elf Castle 07/05/1983
S01E15 Furaon Moves Not 21/05/1983
S01E16 Skies Over Tokyo 28/05/1983
S01E17 The People of Upper Earth 04/06/1983
S01E18 Flash of Garalia 11/06/1983
S01E19 Battler Shou 18/06/1983
S01E20 Bern`s Counterattack 25/06/1983
S01E21 Fugitive Elmelie 02/07/1983
S01E22 Soldier: Elmelie Luft 09/07/1983
S01E23 Musiy`s Pursuit 16/07/1983
S01E24 Attack vs. Attack 23/07/1983
S01E25 Joint War 30/07/1983
S01E26 Elle`s Spiritual Powers 06/08/1983
S01E27 Queen of the Red Storm 13/08/1983
S01E28 Goraon`s Take-off 20/08/1983
S01E29 Bilbine Appears 27/08/1983
S01E30 The Silkie`s Escape 03/09/1983
S01E31 The Omen of the Black Knight 10/09/1983
S01E32 Surfacing 17/09/1983
S01E33 Machine Expansion 24/09/1983
S01E34 Aura Barrier 01/10/1983
S01E35 Goraon`s Scorching Heat 08/10/1983
S01E36 The Enemy Is Gea Gring 15/10/1983
S01E37 Hyper Jeril 22/10/1983
S01E38 Time Bomb 29/10/1983
S01E39 Bishott`s Prisoner 05/11/1983
S01E40 Paris Blazes 12/11/1983
S01E41 Europe Front 19/11/1983
S01E42 Insurrection of the People of Upper Earth 26/11/1983
S01E43 Hyper Shou 03/12/1983
S01E44 Guran Attack 10/12/1983
S01E45 Beyond the Todd 17/12/1983
S01E46 Operation Remote Control 24/12/1983
S01E47 Drake Luft 07/01/1984
S01E48 Cross Fight 14/01/1984
S01E49 Chum Huau 21/01/1984
S00E01 Seisenshi Dunbine: Rebirth 25/02/1988
S00E02 700 Year Aspirations 00/00/0000
S00E03 People Above Ground 00/00/0000

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