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More than 40,000 years in the making, Australia: The Story of Us is an extraordinary narrative about the people, places and events which have shaped our nation from the first footprints on our continent to the present day. Using astounding visual sequences, the ground-breaking drama documentary series weaves together stories of our origins and offers an original thesis about how we came to create the homeland we inhabit today. Alongside amazing CGI and innovative filming techniques, the series features interviews with important thinkers, notable celebrities and iconic national figures who take us inside the stories that have influenced our history.


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S01E01 Worlds Collide: Early Australia 15/02/2015 We travel from prehistoric Austrailia thru the Aboriginals to the British colony.
S01E02 Break Out: 1837 to 1854 22/02/2015 As wool drives British expansion across the continent. Australia begins to break free from its convict shackles and the discovery of gold creates a global population explosion.
S01E03 Fair Go: 1862 to 1890 01/03/2015 Gold brings new wealth to Australian colonies and AFL is born.
S01E04 New Nation at War: 1914 to 1918 08/03/2015 Australia throws itself into a global conflict that will decide Australia's fate and leave a historic mark. In WWI, Australian nurses help transform emergency medicine.
S01E05 Hard Roads to Glory: 1928 to 1942 15/03/2015 Australia emerges from WWI. Charles Kingsford Smith attempts to cross the Pacific, the Sydney Harbour Bridge nears completion, Phar Lap races to victory and soldiers are tested on the Kokoda Track.
S01E06 Nation Building: 1944 to 1956 22/03/2015 After the Second World War, peace brings prosperity to Australia. Suburban dreams become a reality and we embrace bold ideas for technology. The Sydney Opera Housereshapes our identity and the Olympic Games come to Melbourne. The birth of television will shrink the globe, allowing people to watch and share the same experiences.
S01E07 Revolution: 1956 to 1974 16/04/2015 In the years 1956-1974, a generation is free from economic depression. Riots sweep the suburbs and beaches. Australia embraces Indigenous heroes like Evonne Goolagong as she makes the Wimbledon Final. Cyclone Tracey devastates Darwin.
S01E08 New Frontiers: 1975 to 2015 23/04/2015 As we journey through 1975-2015, Elaine Moir helps save babies from the Vietnam War. Paul Hogan becomes our best export and the Sydney Olympic Games creates moments of national pride.

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