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Informaticien au sein de la police, Walter Nebicher n'est pas le flic le plus populaire de son service. Seule sa collègue Roxanne semble remarquer qu'il existe. Désireux de faire ses preuves, Walter créé Automan, un hologramme capable de contrôler la matière et de la transformer à l'infini en voiture, hélicoptère... Cet être électronique, rebaptisé "Otto J. Mann" pour le commun des mortels, va faire équipe avec Walter pour ses enquêtes !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Automan

S01E01 Automan 15/12/1983 Walter Nebicher is a young police officer who wants desperately to get out on the streets and experience some action. Unfortunately, his superior Captain Boyd has assigned Nebicher to a desk job where he can utilize his skills as a computer expert. Still wanting to make a difference, Nebicher goes to work creating the ultimate crime-solving computer program. It turns out so well that the program actually takes on a life of it's own, by taking the holographic form of a man called Automan. Due to the large amount of power needed to exist outside of the computer, Automan can only exist at night, when the rest of the city's power useage is low. Together, he and Walter become one of television's most unusual crime fighting teams. They jump into their first case when Walter's friend Lt. Jack Curtis disappears while investigating the disappearances of several top scientists. Their investigation uncovers an international plot to kidnap the world's top scientific minds, who are then taken to a
S01E02 Le Complot 22/12/1983 Walter and Automan investigate a judge that appears to be corrupt and involved with the mob.
S01E03 Le Maître du Jeu 29/12/1983 When a truck load of paper the government uses to print money is hi-jacked, Automan, with the help of Cursor, poses as an rich criminal competing to undermine the existing network of a known criminal dealing in counterfit money.
S01E04 Premier Baiser 05/01/1984 Walter and Auto fly to San Cristobal to investigate the disappearances of Americans. They discover a man, aided by the local authorities, that lures investors in order to kill them and take their money.
S01E05 Un Amour de Puce 12/01/1984 Automan and Walter attempt to solve the murder of a businessman and the crash of a police helicopter. Automan begins acting peculiar after watching soap-operas on television.
S01E06 Un Flic Extralucide 19/01/1984 Walter's friend and fellow cop, Frank Cooney is killed during the theft of police weaponry. But when the Internal Affairs agent believes Frank was involved, Walter is suspended when he and Auto interfere trying to prove his friends' innocence.
S01E07 La Guerre des Ordinateurs 26/01/1984 Automan and Walter attend a computer game convention where they must track down Ronald Tilson, a computer genius who has programmed computers to cause disasters that will kill people unless he gets $10 million dollars.
S01E08 Les Renégats 05/03/1984 When Walter investigates a crooked sheriff who is using illegal immigrants for manual labor, he and a friend are put in jail. Automan teams up with a motorcycle gang to free him.
S01E09 Un Nouveau Depart 12/03/1984 Walter and Automan investigate an apparent attempt to kill the members of an all-girl band called Sweet Kicks. But their investigation if hampered when the father of one of the girls seeks assistance from a crime syndicate.
S01E10 Silence, on tue 19/03/1984 Former movie star Veronica Everly is a suspect in the murder of gossip columnist, Ray Gillette. However, when Automan discovers that a Hollywood producer had a greater motive for murder, he goes undercover as an actor to catch the real killer.
S01E11 La Bague 26/03/1984 Automan goes undercover as an erotic dancer in a ladies only strip club.
S01E12 Le Vengeur Masqué 02/04/1984 When a ruthless crime syndicate kills one of Jack's best friends, Automan poses as a vigilante cop by the name of Mad Dog who is out for justice.
S01E13 Club Dix 09/04/1984 The Club Ten resort is a center of diamond smuggling. One of the gang, Felipe, has double-crossed his cohorts and they are after him. Golf pro Ted and henchman Randy catch him, and when he refuses to divulge the whereabouts of the diamonds he stole, they capture his companion, Laura Ferguson, in the act of making a call for help.