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A trucker and his pet chimp travel the highways of America, getting into various adventures and misadventures along the way.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de B.J. and the Bear

S02E01 Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers (1) 29/09/1979 The boss of a trucking syndicate pursues B.J. to get rid of his competition. B.J.looks for assistance of some lady truckers.
S02E02 Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers (2) 06/10/1979 The Hi-Ballers under new leader Riker are relentless in their pursuit of B.J. and the Piston Packin' Mamas, especially after word gets out that B.J., Snow White, and the lady truckers are hauling truckloads of money for the Treasury Dept.
S02E03 Cain's Cruiser 13/10/1979 A team has made a super computer police car that can tell everything wrong with vehicles, generating huge $$ for police dept's, FBI, etc. They target and harass BJ McKay and others to put them out of business. BJ and his friends decide to fight back against this car that seems to know their every step.
S02E04 Pogo Lil 20/10/1979 A female trucker in debt to a loan shark pledges him winnings from a truck race she now must win.
S02E05 Cain's Son-in-Law 27/10/1979 When B.J. rescues a young lady from an assailant it hits Captain Cain where he lives.
S02E06 Run for the Money (1) 03/11/1979
S02E07 The Eyes of Texas 10/11/1979 B.J. helps two detectives stop a criminal preying on wealthy widows in New Orleans.
S02E08 Mary Ellen 17/11/1979 B.J.comes to the assistance of a young women and her grandpa who need to transport an elephant
S02E09 Gasohol 24/11/1979 After sabotage cuts off his fuel supply, B.J. converts his rig to run on moonshine.
S02E10 BJ's Sweethearts 01/12/1979 B.J. is rescued by a lovely women in a raging storm,but her jealous husband missinterprets the good deed.
S02E11 Fly a Wild Horse 08/12/1979 B.J. helps an indian stop wild horses from being slaughtered for profit.
S02E12 Silent Night, Unholy Night 15/12/1979 On christmas,Judge Spencer is in an accident, B.J. saves him and takes him to his house, but this good action will embroil him in a mess.
S02E13 Fire in the Hole 12/01/1980 B.J. brokers a reconciliation between Lil and her estranged father while also assisting Lil in fending off a crooked mining executive and his goons who are determined to lay claim to her gold mine.
S02E14 Siege 19/01/1980 Machine-gun-wielding mercenaries storm the Country Comfort truck stop and hold its occupants hostage, including the Panhandle Pussycats, cheerleaders for a popular football team. Will B.J. come through in time?
S02E15 Through the Past, Darkly 26/01/1980 A mental patient escapes from an institution and beseeches help from clear her name in a murder rap investigation. She stands accused of killing her husband
S02E16 Bear Bondage 02/02/1980 When Bear becomes ill B.J. takes him to a vet and is subsequently told that he has died. However it turns out that the vet is secretly selling animals to a laboratory and Bear is still alive.
S02E17 B.J. and the Witch 09/02/1980 B.J. befriends a woman who is suspected of being a witch by the people from the town in which she lives. They have to deal with a plot to get rid of her that is hatched by the supersticious locals.
S02E18 The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful 16/02/1980 A biker looking to get back his impounded bike and an old girlfriend brings his gang to Bishop County.
S02E19 The Girls of Hollywood High 23/02/1980 BJ's sister is kidnapped by the rebel truckers
S02E20 The 18-Wheel Rip-Off 22/03/1980 B.J. is arrested by a lady cop, while the sheriff and his deputies devote to themselves to ransack the truck.
S02E21 The Friendly Double Cross 29/03/1980 B.J. arrives in Florida and reunites with an old pal, a renown smuggler. Due to strange circumstances, B.J. ends up embroiled in the guy's shady deals.
S02E22 00/00/0000
S03E01 B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers (1) 13/01/1981 B.J. helps a friend get a contract for his business and finds out there is some competition
S03E02 B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers (2) 13/01/1981 B.J. and his convoy of lady truckers trek to San Francisco. Captain Grant declares war on B.J. and Bear Enterprises, establishing the conflict that will span this third and final season.
S03E03 The Fast and the Furious (1) 20/01/1981 Captain Grant and Trans Cal Trucking's new strongman Cooley conspire to put Bear Enterprises out of business, aided and abetted by a stranger with a secret.
S03E04 The Fast and the Furious (2) 27/01/1981 B.J. and Cooley race their trucks from Oakland to L.A., with the prize being a lucrative shipping contract. With so much depending on a McKay victory, will B.J. and the seven lady truckers find the time to right a wrong along the way?
S03E05 Intercepted Pass 03/02/1981 When one of B.J.'s girlfriends begins to gamble with his money,the trucker sets out to investigate and uncover's a blackmail scheme related to some pictures.
S03E06 Down and Dirty 10/02/1981 While in Reno, Captain Grant capitalizes on Callie's compulsive gambling to make life difficult for B.J. and Bear Enterprises, but B.J. has a plan to even the odds.
S03E07 Beauties and the Beasts 17/02/1981 Captain Grant is coercing independent truckers to pay for a so-called protection. B.J. steps in and the sly cop sends B.J. and his girlfriends to jail.B.J. proposes a football game to regain his and the girls freedom
S03E08 Blonde in a Gilded Cage 03/03/1981 An eccentric pop singer kidnaps beautiful blonde groupies and imprisons them in his mansion. When Stacks disappears, B.J. goes undercover as a singer to find and free her.
S03E09 For Adults Only 10/03/1981 B.J. befriends the Tiptons, an elderly but feisty couple being forced out of their home and into a retirement community that is being used as a cover for an illegal skin flick operation.
S03E10 A Bear in the Hand 17/03/1981 Captain Grant and Lt. Steiger set a match to a powder-keg when they abduct B.J.'s best friend Bear. B.J. and the lady truckers wage war against SCAT just when Grant is trying to woo appropriations funding from an influential state senator.
S03E11 Seven Lady Captives 24/03/1981 When the seven lady truckers are kidnapped to drug kingpin Leonard Marker's San Pepe compound, B.J., Fred and Hatsie Tipton and a very unlikely ally team up to rescue them.
S03E12 S.T.U.N.T. 31/03/1981 B.J., Callie and Stacks help B.J.'s old friend Steven Thomas Ulysses Nathaniel Travis complete the filming of his television pilot. Buster Crabbe is outstanding as an aging stuntman with a secret.
S03E13 Who is B.J.? 25/04/1981 B.J. wrecks his truck and suffers amnesia. As he struggles to remember who he is and why two men are attempting to kill him, he falls in love with Gypsy and works the bumper car pavilion of her uncle's carnival.
S03E14 Detective Finger, I Presume? 02/05/1981 The club that B.J.'s trucking company owns is robbed and the thieves make away with jewels and a very valuable painting
S03E15 The Two Million Dollar Hustle 09/05/1981 B.J. enlists an unlikely ally in his effort to bring down Rutherford T. Grant after the crooked captain frames a bank robbery on Samantha, Stacks and Angie. Final episode of the series.