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“B.O.R.N. to Style” is a lifestyle makeover series centered on a “fierce” team from New York, and their larger than life boss, Jonathan Bodrick. Springing from the Harlem-based eclectic boutique, B.O.R.N. (borrowed, old, refurbished and new), the style superheroes land at the door of those desperately in need of some “color in their lives.” By rifling through their client’s belongings and asking blunt questions, the team at B.O.R.N. gets to the root of their fashion malaise, before whisking them away for a transformation that goes beyond just their look. In each episode, viewers will see them offer up their own brand of therapy and inspiration to clients as they transform them into their best possible selves.


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S01E01 Homeless Boy To Rock Star Glam 15/07/2014 The B.O.R.N. team is ready for action this week, with two clients, New York Metropolitan Opera dancer and lead singer of a band, Alison, and up-and-coming R&B star, Maxine Ashley. Alison is stuck in a sweatpants funk that she really needs to get out of. She puts all of her energy into dancing and singing, and often forgets to take care of herself. Her style icon is Debbie Harry, and the guys have their hands full transforming her into the rock star glamour girl she wants to be. Krucial Keys, the Grammy® award winning music producer, enlists B.O.R.N.'s help with his newest prot g , Maxine Ashley. Maxine has just finished her first EP and is starting to really blow up on the music scene. The pressure is on as the photo shoot is only three days away and the B.O.R.N. team won't be able to meet her until the day of the event.
S01E02 Covered Up to Confident Comedian 22/07/2014 The team has its hands full this week with aspiring comedian, Rachel and the online shopping mini-mogul, Hukkster co-founder, Katie Finnegan. Rachel is need of a total transformation--after battling an eating disorder for many years, she is ready to stop hiding her body and to finally look like the confident and ambitious woman that she really is. Rachel's style icon is Mary Tyler Moore and the guys know just how to apply that simple 60s style with a modern twist to make Rachel look fabulous and ready to showcase her new look on stage. Katie is in desperate need of an outfit to wear to the TriBeCa Ball. Her co-founder won't be able to attend, so it's imperative that Katie's look turns it up a notch and stands out in the crowd. The guys are excited to pull looks, but Katie warns that there's one kink in the plan: she will be out of town until the day of the event.
S01E03 Post Baby Blues to Rock Star Chic 29/07/2014 It's a busy week for B.O.R.N. as they help transform new mom and elementary school teacher, Jessica and Culture Shock CEO, Debra Anderson. Jessica is a new mom who just got her old body back and is ready to be "re-B.O.R.N." Jessica has been wearing oversized t-shirts and hoodies since her pregnancy, but she's ready to up her game to emulate the ultimate cool rocker mom, Gwen Stefani. The guys need to teach Jessica how to be practical AND edgy at the same time while showing her how to embrace that post baby body. Debra is in a rush to find the perfect dress to wear at the TriBeCa Film Festival. She will be representing Culture Shock and she needs something fantastic that will transform easily from a day to night look. The team think they have it covered but a surprise visit from Debra's ultra picky husband, Hugh, at the fitting, threatens to derail their plans.
S01E04 Hoochie to Hepburn 12/08/2014 It's another busy week for B.O.R.N., as they style aspiring actress, Sarah and fashion blogger, Rachel Martino. Sarah is a bartender and aspiring theatre actress who dresses way too young and provocatively for her age. She's recently quit drinking and smoking, and has moved past the party girl stage in her life. Sarah's style icon is Katharine Hepburn, known for making men's wear acceptable for women and wearing elegant silhouettes. The guys throw away Sarah's skimpy dresses and show her how to dress like the serious, sophisticated leading lady that she wants to be. Blogging sensation, Rachel Martino, needs help finding just the right outfit for a Spring Beauty Kick Off Fashion event. A ton of other beauty bloggers will be attending, so Rachel needs a look at that is a cut above the rest. With Brandon out of town, it'll be up to Devin to step up and help JJ and Jonathan pull the perfect look for Rachel's big day.
S01E05 Corporate Class to Creative Sass 05/08/2014 Emotions run high for the B.O.R.N. team this week, with former lawyer and single mom, Coco, and international model and documentarian, Chelsea Freeborn. Now that Coco's sister's children, which she raised since childhood, have grown up and fled the nest, Coco has made the brave life changing decision to move from the corporate world to the creative one. Coco only knows how to wear clothing appropriate for the courtroom and needs the team to help her channel her new creative side. Chelsea Freeborn, supermodel turned documentarian, is looking to get funding for her new film project and needs the team to help her look like the hostess with the most-ess. The guys only have a few days to pull the perfect outfit that will stand out and get the funds Chelsea needs for her film.
S01E06 From Basic to Boho 00/00/0000 Carmen is a professional dancer who is looking to go back to school. Since she's been in a touring dance company, she hasn't had to worry about dressing herself for over 10 years.
S01E07 From Over the Top to Rachel from the Block 00/00/0000 Rachel is a beautiful, charming woman who is hiding her insecurities by overdoing her look. Her style icon is Jennifer Lopez. It's up to Jonathan and the team to show her how to showcase who she is without overdoing it. Lucie Haillie is a Welsh fashion designer who wants to break out in the NY fashion scene. It's up to the team to find something that is both unique to Lucie, but will also fit in with her own line that she will be presenting.
S01E08 From Double Trouble to Twice as Nice 00/00/0000

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