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This is a black police in a comic of 13 chapters, and each of them is different police solve a case, while, at the same time develop a linear story of the protagonists life from 1973 until 2012. The cast is completed by the actors Santiago Pedrero, John Mc Inerny (Last Elvis), Gigi Rua, Alexia Moyano, Zamarbide Mary Martin and incorporating Slipak with special interests in each chapter. Filmed in black and white, "Babylon"-Gaston miniseries Portal wrote with Alberto Muñoz and Javier Castro-Albano, boasts a script, as the producer said, "is especially true for the ethical ambiguity of the characters at a time that detectives are not heroes, and another super key is that the past is a bomb that will eventually explode. "


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Babylon

S01E01 30/09/2012
S01E02 07/10/2012
S01E03 14/10/2012
S01E04 21/10/2012
S01E05 28/10/2012
S01E06 04/11/2012
S01E07 11/11/2012
S01E08 18/11/2012
S01E09 25/11/2012
S01E10 02/12/2012
S01E11 09/12/2012
S01E12 16/12/2012
S01E13 23/12/2012

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