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Following the colorful personalities who make a living buying items at auctions is a favorite subject of TV producers. "Baggage Battles", essentially a replica of A&E Network's "Storage Wars" minus the storage units, depicts the process of "auction specialists" bidding for, buying and reselling property found in unclaimed luggage. It features three teams of bidders: Laurence and Sally Martin, who have appeared on "Storage Wars" appraising items in their California antiques store; young entrepreneur Mark Meyer, who owns a Long Island, N.Y., thrift store; and Billy Leroy, the proprietor of Billy's Antiques and Props, a famous eclectic prop and antique store in the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan.


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S01E01 Miami 11/04/2012 The buyers are in Miami to bid on world-class luggage. Mark aggressively bids on bags of jewelry hoping to strike gold, while Billy eyes up the heaviest bag at the auction. Laurence & Sally are surprised to find antique books.
S01E02 London 11/04/2012 The auction specialists fly across the Atlantic to bid on lost bags in London. Sally convinces Laurence to bid on an 18-carat gold gypsy ring, while Mark and Billy both compete to win some interesting luggage.
S01E03 Indianapolis 18/04/2012 The buyers head to the Midwest to bid on bags, antiques and sports memorabilia at Indianapolis's annual auction. The Martins argue over buying a vintage music player, and Mark has his eye on a rare boxing collectible.
S01E04 Atlanta 25/04/2012 The auction specialists are in Atlanta to bid on items at an unclaimed freight auction. Billy and Mark go after military items, while Laurence and Sally discover an extremely rare find among their won musical equipment.
S01E05 New Jersey 02/05/2012 The buyers head to New Jersey to bid on lucrative cargo at a government-run US Customs auction. Mark takes a gamble on a shipment of items from US military in Kuwait, while Billy and the Martins have their eye on vintage bicycles.
S01E06 Los Angeles 09/05/2012 The buyers are in Los Angeles at the country’s biggest police auction. Mark gambles on gold while Billy and the Martins compete for a few antique weapons, one of them signed by a movie star.
S01E07 Scotland 30/05/2012 The Baggage Battles crew travels all the way to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend a police auction. Billy and the Martins battle over a vintage military snuff box made out of a ram's horn, while Mark hopes to profit from some Scottish farm tools.
S01E08 Florida 06/06/2012 The Baggage Battles team is in Florida at the world’s largest airport auction. Mark has his sights set on a compound bow, while Laurence and Sally target luxury luggage. Billy goes head-to-head with his fellow buyers for a bronze bust. Who will win?
S01E09 Vancouver 27/06/2012 The group visits Canada's largest police auction in Vancouver, BC.
S01E10 NYC Transit 11/07/2012 The auction specialists return to New York for the Mass Transit Lost Property auction.
S01E11 Toronto 18/07/2012 Billy, Mark and the Martins cross the border once again to compete for unclaimed freight and baggage in Toronto.
S01E12 North Carolina 25/07/2012 The auction specialists head to North Carolina to bid on some unusual items, including a vintage car and coffin, at a freight auction.
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S02E01 Diamonds in the Rough 14/11/2012 Laurence and Sally travel to Billy and Mark's backyard of NY, and they all compete for a valuable international freight.
S02E02 Blast From the Past 14/11/2012 Billy, Mark and the Martins head to the Boston Estates Auction, conducted by White's Auctions, to gamble on genuine historical items. However, not everything sold at this auction is authentic.
S02E03 Breaking the Bank 21/11/2012 Every year in Atlanta over half a billion trucks carry more than 400 million tons of freight through this major southern city. Billy, Mark and the Martins head down to the freight capitol of the East Coast to compete for prized cargo.
S02E04 Man on Fire 28/11/2012 Nicknamed "The Gate City," Greensboro, NC, is a major hub for import and export. Billy, Mark & the Martins head to Greensboro, hoping to turn a profit on some of this unclaimed southern treasure.
S02E05 Cash Is King 05/12/2012 London hosts 14 million international visitors each year, making it Europe's most visited city. London is home to 6 major airports, including Stansted Airport. In St. Albans, a town 22 miles north of London, Billy, Mark and the Martins compete for the lost and unclaimed bags of the rich.
S02E06 Knightwalkers 12/12/2012 Dublin has been Ireland's transportation hub for almost 1,000 years. The Garda, Ireland's police force, is headquartered in Dublin, with over 14,000 officers. The Garda regulate all lost property turned in by citizens. If no one claims this property for a year and a day, it's put up for public auction. The auction specialists visit Dublin to bid on lost historical Irish items.
S02E07 Boy Toys 19/12/2012 The auction specialists are in Greensboro, NC, an essential shipping hub, to bid on lost freight. Mark and Billy battle over vintage toys, and the Martins take advantage when other buyers mistake a lucrative item for a cheap sewing machine.
S02E08 Crate Expectations 09/01/2013 The auction specialists head to Phoenix, AZ, for an auction with the Sierra Auction Management team.
S02E09 Grand Theft Auto 16/01/2013 Vehicles of various models and prices are bid on when the Martins, Mark and Billy visit the Tampa Machinery Auction in Thonotosassa, Fla. Included: A 1976 Corvette gets everyone excited.
S02E10 California Scheming 23/01/2013 The buyers travel to Santa Cruz, Cal., for a biweekly lost-property auction, which features many Americana items, including antique toys, jewelry and vintage signs.
S02E11 Eye for an Eye 06/02/2013 An auction in Toronto finds the Martins bidding on a box, which they hope contains classic movie posters.
S02E12 Liar Liar 13/02/2013 Items seized by a sheriff's department are bid on in Shreveport, La. Included: valuable sports memorabilia; rare musical instruments; and high-tech spy equipment.
S02E13 Daredevils 20/02/2013 An item manufactured by daredevil Evel Knievel turns up at an auction in Toronto; and Billy and Laurence battle over vintage Samsonite luggage.
S02E14 Shock & Awe 27/02/2013 Fifty years worth of Americana is auctioned off in Louisiana.
S03E01 Guns A-Blazin' 15/10/2013 The buyers saddle up to attend a cowboy auction in Northern California. Traci Lombardo makes a cameo, dueling with Sally Martin over items from the Wild West, and one buyer finds a leather belt tied to legendary cowboy Buffalo Bill.
S03E02 Mike Tyson's Punch Out 15/10/2013 Mark Meyer goes the distance at the Jacksonville estate auction for a giant Mike Tyson statue, and the Martins take extreme measures to open up one of their winnings. Billy hopes to make waves bidding on naval equipment.
S03E03 Bunny Money 22/10/2013 The auction specialists head to Denver, hoping for a Rocky Mountain High profit. Billy and Mark scuffle over an authentic German World War II item, and one buyer gets excited after finding an original Playboy Bunny costume.
S03E04 Golden Ticket 29/10/2013 The auction specialists travel to Nashville, TN, where pop-culture memorabilia can be found everywhere. Billy and Mark battle over a pink Cadillac hood with an Elvis license plate, and one buyer scores a "Golden Ticket" after finding a Willy Wonka candy bar.
S03E05 Blow Up 05/11/2013 The auction specialists attend an unclaimed crate auction in the Arizona desert, and things really heat up when one buyer tests a vintage bomb detonator using real explosives.
S03E06 Platinum Hits 12/11/2013 In NYC, the auction specialists spar over memorabilia from some of the music's top icons. Billy and the Martins battle over a gold suit worn by James Brown. Jordan Hembrough, host of Toy Hunter, makes an appearance.
S03E07 Sin City Win 19/11/2013 The auction specialists hit the jackpot in Vegas at an estate auction. Billy seeks revenge as the Martins and Mark team up to buy a vintage gas pump, and one buyer cashes in on a lifelike movie replica.
S03E08 Word War Score 26/11/2013 The buyers travel abroad to Normandy, France, the site of one of the most pivotal moments of World War II. Near the place where Allied troops made a historic move on D-Day that ultimately led to Hitler's defeat, Billy, Laurence, Sally and Mark attend a once-in-a-lifetime auction.
S03E09 Two-Faced 03/12/2013 A police auction with military trunks, a stuffed squirrel and a mask mold of a famous Hollywood icon.
S03E10 Bad Blood 10/12/2013 The auction specialists travel to Red Hook, NY, in search of valuable pieces at a local estate sale. Billy banks on a WWII treasure and Mark hopes to fly high with a remote control helicopter while the Martins fight to hijack the profits.
S03E11 What a Dummy 17/12/2013 The buyers visit a lucrative police auction in CA. Billy and Mark prove they aren't dummies as they bid on valuable mannequins, while the Martins gamble big on a vintage slot machine.
S03E12 Lady Luck 07/01/2014 The auction action gets taken to a whole new level when Billy, Mark, and the Martins find themselves combatting new challenger, Traci Lombardo, in their quest for auction riches in St. Paul, MN.
S03E13 Space Case 07/01/2014 The buyers wage war in the west at a government-run auction in Sacramento, CA. Mark cuts into the Martins by bidding high on a box of knives, and Billy's profits skyrocket when he makes an astronomical find.
S04E01 Steal Drum 23/04/2014 While hunting in Nashville, TN, the Martins bid big on an old Beatles drum after leading Mark to believe it was worthless, and one of the buyers scores a slam dunk with a pair of vintage Michael Jordan sneakers.
S04E02 Monster Money 23/04/2014 The buyers are in Hollywood, CA, for one of the largest movie monster memorabilia auctions of all time. Billy bids on a replica C-3PO statue from "Star Wars," and the rest of the crew goes "psycho" as they battle over an Alfred Hitchcock mask.
S04E03 Intergalactic Bounty 30/04/2014 In Nashville, TN, vintage and unusual items are the order of the day. A mysterious bag sends Mark off to the races, while the contents of an old tube lead Billy to a beloved actor from the original Star Wars trilogy.
S04E04 Big Boy Bucks 30/04/2014 The buyers are in Vegas, gambling on vintage casino and advertising items, like an iconic Bob's Big Boy Burger statue. A rare Elvis recording could mean a huge payday for one of the buyers, and Mark overpays for a slot machine.
S04E05 Safari Sale 07/05/2014 Mark, Sally, Laurence and Billy travel halfway around the world for the auction of a lifetime in South Africa. At an auction house on the outskirts of the city, vintage advertising and military artifacts are up for grabs.
S04E06 Inflated Egos 07/05/2014 The buyers are in Commerce, GA, seeking huge returns. Billy finds himself enthralled with a coffin fashioned as an African bus, while the Martins and Traci challenge each others’ expertise over a Ronald McDonald helium tank.
S04E07 Walk the Plank 14/05/2014 Each year, more than 50 million tourists travel to Orlando, FL, one of the nation's top amusement park destinations. Mark, Sally, Laurence and Billy stop by Super Auctions in the hopes of winning some of the most iconic items from the city's biggest attractions.
S04E08 Gunning for Dollars 21/05/2014 The buyers are back in Sin City for an auction of gambling items and memorabilia. More than a century’s worth of casino pieces and artifacts from some of Las Vegas's most historic locales, along with advertising items from America's past, are on the auction block.
S04E09 Swami Says 28/05/2014 At an estate auction in Austin, TX, Billy hopes a Swami fortune-telling machine like the one in the movie Big holds good fortune for him, while the Martins and Mark dive into a bidding war for an underwater scooter.
S04E10 It's Not Easy Making Green 04/06/2014 The buyers visit a retro collectibles auction in Allentown, PA. Mark bids high on a giant robot from a 1980s restaurant chain, and one buyer discovers a Kermit the Frog puppet in a sealed case.
S04E11 Dino-mite 11/06/2014 In Knoxville, TN, the buyers do battle over several vintage advertising items. Sally breaks the bank bidding on an iconic dinosaur, and Billy's attempt at auction sabotage backfires.
S04E12 Greedy Pig 18/06/2014 The buyers visit a "Man Cave" auction in Alpharetta, GA, where Billy cons Mark into buying a replica Nazi dagger, and one of the buyers brings home the bacon after winning a giant inflatable pig.
S04E13 The Wizard of Odd 18/06/2014 In the Season 4 finale, a lost property auction in Toronto has Mark excited about an old-school boom box from the 1980s, while one of his fellow buyers is over the rainbow about finding a rare "Wizard of Oz" piece in a sealed trunk.
S05E01 Prohibitive Costs 23/11/2015 At an estate auction in Huntingdon, Quebec, Valerie gets her hands on an old gangster hat that belonged to Meyer Lansky, while Mark leaves Billy crying over an expensive native baby carrier.
S05E02 Formula for Success 24/11/2015 At a consignment auction in Montreal, Canada, Valerie tries to make the most of her hometown advantage. Mark outbids her on some sports memorabilia, and Billy hopes his gramophone will bring big returns back home.
S05E03 Auction Prayers 25/11/2015 In Quebec City, Valerie, Mark and Billy go to an auction in a church, but it isn't a blessed affair for all of them. Billy overspends on circus masks, and Valerie buys a locked suitcase that contains President Taft's Kodak camera.
S05E04 Titanic Deals! 26/11/2015 In Halifax, Valerie, Mark and Billy hope to find deep-sea treasure – but only Mark gets close to the water, getting his hands on a vintage battleship plaque and his feet into a pair of brass diver's slippers.
S05E05 Burial Expenses 03/12/2015 Lodged in an industrial neighbourhood of Providence, Christina’s massive warehouse is home to more than 200 very strange items. We hope Billy, Valerie and Mark don’t get too spooked because this is the auction of a lifetime!
S05E06 Once a-Pawn a Time 14/03/2016 Florida’s Prince of Pawn is opening the floodgates and unleashing a torrent of one-of-a-kind and high-end antiques from a personal collection that spans decades! Will Mark, Billy or Valerie take home the biggest bling from the pawnshop ring?
S05E07 Oils Well That Ends Well 14/03/2016 Buckaroo auctions is inundated with seized property and overflowing with inventory. They’re having their biggest sale of the year, where there could be anything from oil drilling equipment to fine art - and everything in between!
S05E08 Live Free or Buy 15/03/2016 In the historic city of Concord, there’s only one auction boss: Jim Saturley. Collectors, pickers and dealers from all over the state have been attending his auctions twice a week for over 20 years. Billy, Valerie and Mark will fit right in!
S05E09 Blast from the Past 15/03/2016 In El Segundo, California, Mark and Billy are getting a taste of the Hollywood money-making business, while Valerie is hoping to hit the waves, West Coast style!
S05E10 Hometown Hero 16/03/2016 In Long Island, New York, Billy is putting his feelings about suburbia to one side and Valerie is riding her way to a big surprise. Plus, will Mark go from hometown hero to hometown zero?
S05E11 Unbelievable Bargains 16/03/2016 Misguided freight auctions are becoming increasingly rare. When renowned auctioneer Brian Barker announced he was hosting one, Mark, Billy and Valerie couldn’t miss out!
S05E12 Capital Gains 19/04/2016 The Baggage Battles team journeys to Canada’s capital for an estate and collectibles auction. As the bids are lashed out, Billy, Mark and Val compete to become the next big baron!
S05E13 Disco Deals 26/04/2016 In New York City, Mark and Billy are convinced that because they know the lay of the land, they are untouchable. What they don’t know yet, is that nothing gets between Valerie and her ambitions, not even the Big Apple

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