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Moritaka Mashiro est en 3e année de collège et est très doué pour le dessin, c'est d'ailleurs le neveu d'un mangaka. Il est amoureux d'une fille de sa classe, Miho Azuki, mais n'ose pas lui avouer ses sentiments. Akito Takagi, l'élève le plus intelligent de la classe, propose à Mashiro de s'associer avec lui afin qu'ils réalisent un manga et ainsi deviennent riches et célèbres.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bakuman

S01E01 Rêves & réalité 02/10/2010 Deux jeunes étudiants décident de devenir de célèbres mangakas...
S01E02 Idiotie & Intelligence 09/10/2010 Moritaka se remet en question et doute de ses capacités.
S01E03 Parents & enfants 16/10/2010 Moritaka et Takagi vont à l'appartement de l'oncle défunt...
S01E04 Temps & clef 23/10/2010 Mashiro shows Takagi all that he has drawn and points out all the mistakes he has made, as well as the finer points of using tools for drawing manga. When Takagi questions him, Mashiro tells him about G-Pens and Kabura pens, making manuscripts, and Taro Kawaguchi's three rules to a successful manga: conceit, doing your best, and luck. When they go to a convenience store, Takagi notices that the latest issue of Jack has a semi-finalist named Eiji Nizuma, a fifteen year old manga creator. The two discuss their high schools, manga, and editors, thus coming to the conclusion that they would finish the manuscript for a manga by summer's end and show it to an editor of Jack. While walking home with Takagi, Mashiro encounters Azuki by chance; while the two are unable to look at each other as they pass, they both turn back to look. 
S01E05 Été & Maquette 30/10/2010 Recalling when he and Azuki turned back to look at each other at the same time, Mashiro tells Takagi that he and Azuki have been on the same frequency for years, indicating that they are connected without having to say anything about it. Azuki's best friend Kaya Miyoshi goes to Takagi to complain about him telling Azuki about her dream, and as she does so, gives indications of romantic interest in Takagi that Mashiro and Miyoshi notice. During the summer, Mashiro and Takagi stay at Mashiro's uncle's office, and work on a manga called The Two Earths. When it is complete, they call the Shonen Jack editorial department. 
S01E06 Carotte & Bâton 06/11/2010 Mashiro and Takagi meet with Akira Hattori, one of the editors at Shonen Jack. He notes that their work has flaws, as it is too text-driven and not drawn in manga style, but they have potential. He tells them that they are better suited to figuring out what could be a hit and drawing that, rather than drawing what they want, and while they are less likely to get a smash hit with that skillset, they are more likely to follow up on one if they do. Hattori gives them his contact information, encouraging them to come to him with their work. At school, the teacher decides to seat boys and girls next to each other, resulting in Mashiro sitting next to Azuki. 
S01E07 Des larmes & des larmes 13/11/2010 After meeting with Hattori, Mashiro and Takagi continue working on new submissions, and Mashiro writes notes to Azuki in class. Azuki cries after Mashiro asks her if they have to wait to be together until they have fulfilled their dreams, and she gives him her email. Mashiro is anxious to submit a work for the Tezuka Award so that Azuki can smile again, but Takagi suggests that they should proceed more cautiously and make their manga as good as it can be. Hattori calls them, and tells them that the work they submitted did not even make it to the finalists, but Takagi and Mashiro resolve to keep trying and go for the next Tezuka award, much to Hattori's pleasure. Nizuma receives a visit from his editor and the editor in chief, and agrees to move to Tokyo to write his manga if he gets the right to cancel one series after becoming the top-ranked manga artist. 
S01E08 Incertitudes & Attentes 20/11/2010 Takagi comes up with some more ideas, including One Hundred Millionth, a story about people being ranked according to their abilities, and Hattori is impressed with the story, causing Mashiro to wonder if his art is good enough. The story is chosen as one of the finalists, but does not make it to the four chosen for the award or honorable mentions. Shortly afterward, Ishizawa, a classmate, claims that Mashiro's art is holding Takagi down. Takagi gets angry and punches Ishizawa. 
S01E09 Regrets & Compréhension 27/11/2010 Takagi is suspended for a week after punching Ishizawa, causing Mashiro to worry about him. He goes over to visit Takagi and learns that the story ideas he submitted to him were only a few of the ones he came up with. Mashiro then learns that Miyoshi and Aiko Iwase, the second best student in his grade, both have feelings for Takagi. Takagi tells them that he likes them both, but cannot be in a relationship with either due to his manga career. Iwase tells him to quit writing manga and leaves, while Miyoshi promises to support him. Miyoshi gets angry after Takagi admits that he only spoke to her to get information about Azuki for Mashiro, and Mashiro leaves with his determination restored. 
S01E10 Dix & Deux 04/12/2010 Mashiro and Takagi meet with Hattori, who says the manga artists liked their work, but the editors judging it thought it would never be published. Mashiro, wanting to progress faster than he is now, wonders if he could submit a work for serialization, and Hattori is doubtful. The editor in chief says that work needs to be good to be serialized, but Mashiro and Takagi are not good enough yet, and need a good main character to do so. Their early attempts are unimpressive, but Hattori suggests that a cult hit that only 20 percent of the reader base would read, but consider their favorite, might be a way for Mashiro and Takagi to get first place. Takagi mentions an idea he has called Money and Intelligence, in which people sell the contents of their minds to others, and Hattori suggests that they work on it. 
S01E11 Chocolat & NEXT! 11/12/2010 Mashiro and Takagi work on Money and Intelligence while applying to the relatively easy North High School. Miyoshi questions why Mashiro and Azuki are not seeing each other, and Takagi concludes that Azuki wants to remain focused on her dream. Mashiro and Takagi get accepted into North High School along with Miyoshi and learn that their work will run in the seasonal magazine NEXT. Hattori tells them that the editors are planning to use them to make Nizuma look good by comparison, but he tells them this is their chance to impress them and win against Nizuma. 
S01E12 Banquet & Diplômés 18/12/2010 After celebrating by eating out, Hattori, Takagi and Mashiro discuss Money and Intelligence, and what changes they need to make to it. Hattori says that they should wait until graduating from high school to go for serialization, and that even Nizuma is going for it too early. Miyoshi tells Takagi that Azuki is moving and hopes that she will see Mashiro at least once before she does. Mashiro insists on keeping to their promise despite not knowing how long it will take until he is able to fulfill it, but meets with Azuki on the way home from the graduation ceremony. He asks how long she will wait, and she promises to wait forever, pleasing him. 
S01E13 Sokuhô & Hon-chan 25/12/2010 Mashiro, at Miyoshi's suggestion, sends an email to Azuki to begin correspondence with her. During the first day of high school, Mashiro and Takagi submit their new pseudonym, "Muto Ashirogi". Hattori is impressed with their work, but Mashiro notices that he is not expecting Money and Intelligence to be serialized, wondering if it is because of his desire that they wait until after high school to get serialized. Money And Intelligence gets first place in the early results of the NEXT polls, but drops to third place in the actual results, with Nizuma's work getting half the votes. This development convinces Mashiro and Takagi that they must make a mainstream work to go for first place, and resolve to make one better than their previous efforts. 
S01E14 Combat & Imitation 08/01/2011 Mashiro has come to the conclusion that doing mainstream battle manga is the way forward, and draws characters from other battle manga to polish his skills at drawing this type of manga, Meanwhile Nizuma's manga "Yellow Hit" is on the verge of being serialized, but Nizuma's editor learns that he is planning on submitting "Crow" instead, and brings him down to the editorial offices. At the same time, Mashiro and Takagi are meeting with Hattori, who tells them that they are not suited to mainstream manga and that the mainstream authors who are popular are considerably more talented. Nizuma meets Mashiro and Takagi, telling them that he liked Money And Intelligence and wants to be friends with them, before drawing a name in front of them. Hattori hopes that demonstration will convince them that they're not able to compete with him in mainstream manga, but they remain determined to do so, and he gives them six months to submit a good mainstream work before he steps down as their editor.
S01E15 Débuts & Impatience 15/01/2011 Hattori goes over the weaknesses of Mashiro and Takagi's storyboard, and tells them that they need good characters, simple yet exciting battles, cute heroines, and tragedy and humor to make a good storyboard. Nizuma admits that he wrote the name on the spot, rather than having it in his head, and Mashiro and Takagi realize that he is a "genius" who can draw what he wants. Nizuma tells his editor that he likes the passion in Mashiro and Takagi's eyes, and sees them as his rivals. Meanwhile, Azuki auditions for Saint Visual Girls' Academy, a midnight anime, and gets a bit part. Mashiro, seeing her progressing toward her dream, becomes somewhat impatient and asks her to continue waiting for him, and she promises to do so while telling him to stop sending emails like that. 
S01E16 Mur & Baiser 22/01/2011 Mashiro and Takagi, incorporating Hattori's suggestions, comes up with a concept for a story about an angel fighting other angels who kill humans to advance themselves, but are frustrated at their lack of progress. The name is rejected, but the feedback notes that they have promise. Around this time, Takagi is struggling to think of another idea, and begins seeing Miyoshi more often, prompting Mashiro to wonder if he is working on it at all. Hattori learns that Nizuma needs an assistant and that Takagi would not stop Mashiro from going to work for him. Mashiro hears of the offer, and is hesitant to accept it until he happens upon Takagi kissing Miyoshi. 
S01E17 Conception & Gentillesse 29/01/2011 Mashiro starts work as an assistant for Nizuma, and meets the other two assistants; Shinta Fukuda, who had placed lower than he did in NEXT, and Takur? Nakai, who won an award 10 years ago, but has been unable to accomplish anything noteworthy since then. Despite Fukuda and Nizuma questioning why he is working as an assistant instead of trying to get published, Mashiro is determined to learn what he can to help Takagi. Fukuda realizes that "Crow" will eventually get canceled after the novelty wears off if Nizuma does not make it more substantial and interesting. Nizuma adjusts the story accordingly, while also deciding to meet with his editor. 
S01E18 Amour & Jalousie 05/02/2011 While reworking Chapter 5, Fukuda reveals that he is dissatisfied with many aspects of Jack, particularly how series are ordered by their popularity, but Yujiro tells him to get serialized before he talks about changing Jack. Nizuma tells Mashiro that he has been drawing since he was young, when his family had no money for video games, and Mashiro remembers how he also was drawing all the time before his uncle died. Mashiro, remembering his passion for manga, resigns as Nizuma's assistant and goes home, where he looks through his old manga, and decides to write a mystery next. Meanwhile, Takagi is writing cell phone novels for Miyoshi to publish, causing Mashiro to wonder if he is working on the name at all. Mashiro notices the contrast between Takagi's relationship with Miyoshi and his own relationship with Azuki, and wondering if the distance between them is increasing, asks why she is willing to accept not seeing him. After some thought, Azuki responds that she believes her love will be greater once they fulfill their promise, and Mashiro resolves to create a manga for her, by himself if necessary. 
S01E19 Un & Deux 12/02/2011 Summer ends without Mashiro hearing back from Takagi, and Takagi returns the key to Mashiro's uncle's apartment, apologizing for failing to come up with a name in time but resolving to become a manga writer. Mashiro meets with Hattori, who is impressed with his idea of a detective who cons criminals into exposing themselves, but doubts he can succeed without Takagi's help. Hattori learns that Takagi is also intending to make a mystery, but does not reveal Mashiro's story to him until another editor asks Mashiro to illustrate a runner-up for Story King. Hattori then plans for Mashiro and Takagi to work on their detective story for two years before it gets serialized, without having either tell the other. Mashiro struggles to write a name on his own, but Takagi approaches him and shows him five names, one of which is a detective story. Mashiro and Takagi decide to work together again, and to work on their detective story for the next six months. 
S01E20 Coopération & Conditions 19/02/2011 Mashiro and Takagi discuss how to improve the concept behind the story, now known as Detective Trap, and Takagi begins looking over many detective stories that Hattori sent him. The two meet with Hattori, insisting on proceeding with Detective Trap while still in high school, and Hattori tells them that in order to get serialized, Detective Trap must do well in the Golden Cup, and they must bring him a 19-page story every two weeks to show that they can do so every week with assistants. They succeed in keeping up in spite of the difficulty involved in doing so, and are officially entered into the contest. 
S01E21 Littérature & Musique 26/02/2011 Mashiro and Takagi continue submitting a story every two weeks, with Mashiro sacrificing sleep to do so, but they have several weeks to go. They see Nakai with Ko Aoki, the runner-up of the Story King competition. Nakai reveals that he's entering- with her, and that Fukuda's entry is expected to place first. Hattori reveals that Muto Ashirogi's work has gotten into the Golden Future Cup, and while the rank influences how it will fare, so will the number of people who voted that they liked it. One of their rivals is Koji "Koogy" Makaino, a popular musician who wishes to become a mangaka, and Fukuda believes that his fans will give him an unfair advantage in the questionnaires. Fukuda, Nakai, Mashiro and Takagi then go to the editorial offices to protest this. 
S01E22 Rupture & Solidarité 05/03/2011 Team Fukuda reaches the editorial offices, but despite their protests, the editors do not believe Koogy's advantage is unfair or his tactics are unethical, and Mashiro decides to defeat him by making a better manga. Fukuda then proposes that the authors check each other's names, and they are surprised by each other's level of skill. Midway through the session, Aoki refuses to continue to participate, saying that her manga is better than the others, and the session ends with Nizuma says two of the manga are significantly better than the third, but declining to specify. Mashiro then ponders rewriting the name in the face of his competiton, and after getting an email from Miho discussing her doing singing again and her becoming more confident, decides to do so. 
S01E23 Mardi & Vendredi 19/03/2011 Mashiro and Takagi both decide to rewrite their manga. Fukuda, Aoki and Nakai also rewrite their manga. Later Fukuda's manga is shown first with positive reviews. Next Mashiro and Takagi's manga is also shown with good reviews. Nakai panics and thinks that when Nizuma said that the winners were tied and there was a third place, he meant his manga. Then Aoki and Nakai's manga is shown with also positive reviews. All three series are okayed to begin work on names for serialization. Azuki said that she liked Mashiro and Takagi's manga, which gives Mashiro hope. 
S01E24 Call & Eve 26/03/2011 Koogy's manga does poorly in the Golden Future Cup, leaving Mashiro and Takagi, Fukuda, and Nakai and Aoki as the top contenders. An unprecedented two-way tie happens, with Fukuda and Ashirogi Muto both getting first place. Azuki calls Takagi to thank him for supporting Mashiro and encouraging him to pursue becoming a manga artist, but is too embarrassed to congratulate Mashiro directly herself. Having won the Golden Future Cup, Mashiro and Takagi prepare to submit their story for serialization.
S01E25 Oui & Non 02/04/2011 Thirteen series are submitted for the serialization meeting and are discussed by the team captains, editor in chief and deputy editor. Of all 13, Detective Trap and Otter 11, a manga by newcomer Kazuya Hiramaru, are chosen for serialization. Mashiro receives congratulations from his rivals, who promise to get serialized themselves to compete with him. Mashiro then reflects on how far he has come and how far he has yet to go, before he receives a call from Azuki, who congratulates him and tells him that their dream will come true. Hattori stops by with a man called Miura, who will be their new editor.
S02E01 Silence et banquet 01/10/2011 Moritaka et Akito sont encore sous le choc de la nouvelle : Akira Hattori n'est plus leur responsable éditorial. C'est le jeune et plein d'allant Gorô Miura qui va désormais les diriger et les présenter au banquet de début d'année de leur maison d'édition. C'est là qu'ils vont faire la connaissance d'un nouveau mangaka atypique : Kazuya Hiramaru, un homme de 26 ans qui a lâché son travail de cadre du jour au lendemain pour se consacrer au manga, dans l'espoir qu'il aurait plus de temps libre pour ne rien faire...
S02E02 Anthologie et album photo 08/10/2011 Moritaka et Akito apprennent à connaître leurs assistants, dont les profils sont très différents. L'un assume son rôle d'assistant-chef de talent, doué pour la technique mais pas pour la narration ; un autre est un jeune homme réservé mais ambitionnant de devenir mangaka ; la dernière se satisfait de son travail dans les coulisses du manga. De son côté, Miho se demande si elle doit accepter de publier un album photo avec quelques poses suggestives.
S02E03 Fenêtre et neige 15/10/2011 Rien ne va plus pour Takurô Nakai. Kô Aoki envisage de faire équipe avec Koogy pour son prochain manga. Nakai, fou amoureux d'elle, va tout tenter, y compris menacer sa santé, pour la convaincre de continuer de travailler avec lui. Moritaka et Akito, quant à eux, sont frustrés d'obtenir des scores satisfaisants mais insuffisants pour rivaliser avec ceux d'Eiji Niizuma.
S02E04 Mesures chocs et patience 22/10/2011 Moritaka et Akito voient le classement de Trap lentement glisser et se demandent s'il ne faudrait pas réorienter la série vers un autre genre. Ils s'opposent en cela à leur responsable éditorial, qui semble se satisfaire de leur classement. C'est au contraire la jubilation pour Shinta Fukuda et Takurô Nakai qui obtiennent enfin leur série.
S02E05 Rire et dialogues 29/10/2011 Trap continue sa descente dans le classement des enquêtes du magazine Jack. Akito Takagi et Gorô Miura pensent qu'il faut ajouter de l'humour à la série et travaillent à améliorer les dialogues, mais rapidement, le classement de Trap remonte. Cela signifie que la série trouve son public et que le talent de scénariste de Takagi est reconnu. Moritaka, de son côté, commence à souffrir de surmenage...
S02E06 Maladie et détermination 05/11/2011 Le couperet tombe : Moritaka doit être opéré et hospitalisé durant plusieurs semaines. La rédaction de Jack ne tergiverse pas et décide de suspendre la publication de Trap, contre la volonté de Moritaka, qui poursuit le dessin dans sa chambre d'hôpital. L'incident lui permet toutefois de se rapprocher de Miho...
S02E07 Survie et interruption 12/11/2011 Malgré les protestations d'Akito et Moritaka, la rédaction n'en démord pas : la publication de Trap n'est pas seulement suspendue jusqu'à la sortie d'hôpital de Moritaka, mais jusqu'à la fin de leurs études au lycée. Leurs camarades mangakas ne tardent pas à prendre parti pour eux et organisent un boycott sans précédent de leur publication dans Jack...
S02E08 Rappel et appel 19/11/2011 Les camarades d'Akito et Moritaka mettent leur menace à exécution et boycottent effectivement le magazine Jack, qui doit pour la première fois publier un numéro avec cinq séries absentes. Le directeur éditorial Sasaki se montre inflexible et ordonne aux responsables éditoriaux désemparés de faire leur travail : récupérer leurs épisodes hebdomadaires auprès des mangakas...
S02E09 Redémarrage et chute 26/11/2011 L'acharnement et la détermination de Moritaka ont payé. Il est parvenu à convaincre le directeur éditorial de Jack de reprendre la publication de Trap. Mais tout ne se passe pas comme prévu. En effet, de nouvelles séries policières de qualité, surfant sur la popularité de Trap, ont commencé à être publiées dans Jack durant sa suspension. La série d'Ashirogi entame une chute inexorable dans le classement...
S02E10 Gags et sérieux 03/12/2011 Trap ayant finalement été annulé, Moritaka et Akito doivent réfléchir à leur prochain manga, sans savoir à quel genre ils doivent s'attaquer. Gorô Miura leur propose de faire dans le comique, mais Moritaka reste persuadé que le talent de scénariste d'Akito demeure dans le sérieux. Encore une fois, les deux jeunes mangakas sont en opposition avec leur responsable éditorial quant à la direction à prendre pour réussir...
S02E11 Manga et jeunesse 10/12/2011 Le coup de bluff d'Akito et Moritaka a payé. En court-circuitant leur responsable éditorial et en soumettant une histoire courte au prix mensuel du magazine, ils espèrent convaincre la rédaction qu'ils ne sont pas faits pour le manga humoristique mais sérieux. Le directeur éditorial va prendre une décision inédite : publier leurs deux œuvres candidates en histoires courtes et les soumettre au jugement des lecteurs...
S02E12 Expérience et données 17/12/2011 Akito et Moritaka sont extrêmement déçus par les résultats de leurs deux histoires courtes. Néanmoins, c'est le manga humoristique Hitman 10 qui s'est le moins bien classé ; ils commencent donc à attaquer la sérialisation de Future Watch, avant d'apprendre que Miura veut encore et toujours les faire travailler sur du manga humoristique. L'opposition est vive entre les jeunes auteurs et leur responsable éditorial.
S02E13 Alliance et Condisciple 24/12/2011 Miura a convaincu Akito et Moritaka de tenter un manga comique. Tandis qu'Akito va chercher l'inspiration au zoo, il tombe sur Kô Aoki avec qui il va engager une relation amicale et constructive en échangeant des opinions sur les relations homme-femme. Il ne va pas tarder non plus à retrouver une ancienne et brillante camarade : Aiko Iwase. La rencontre va avoir de graves répercussions...
S02E14 Doute et Confiance 07/01/2012 Miyoshi est persuadée que Takagi la trompe avec Aiko Iwase, après avoir découvert qu'ils s'étaient vus en secret. Elle n'ose pas aborder le sujet, préférant le laisser terminer son histoire courte pour le magazine Next. Il ne lui reste donc plus qu'Azuki à qui se confier. De son côté, Kô Aoki poursuit sa propre histoire courte qui sera en compétition face à celle du duo Ashirogi, mais son contenu sera une surprise pour tout le monde...
S02E15 Singe et Mariage 14/01/2012 Takagi et Miyoshi, désolés que leur dispute déteigne sur le couple Azuki-Mashiro, décident de s'expliquer au zoo, mais quand Miyoshi voit Takagi dans les bras de Kô Aoki, qu'il n'a croisée que par hasard, les choses se compliquent... Côté manga, toutefois, le duo Ashirogi remporte son pari en finissant premier devant Aoki dans le magazine Next.
S02E16 Prince et sauveur 21/01/2012 Kô Aoki est toujours à la recherche de quelqu'un pour l'aider à dessiner son manga, notamment lesdits "plans culotte" nécessaires pour plaire au lectorat shônen. Takagi et Mashiro lui présentent à contrecœur leur ancien camarade de classe Ishizawa, mais l'entrevue se révèle catastrophique. C'est finalement Fukuda, à la surprise générale, qui va aider Aoki dans sa tâche...
S02E17 Relation spéciale et campagne 28/01/2012 Le nouveau projet de manga de Mashiro et Takagi, Tanto, n'obtient pas sa sérialisation, et ils vont devoir l'amender pour la prochaine réunion éditoriale. Suite à l'annulation du manga de Takahama, Business Boy Ken'ichi, Nakai se retrouve sans emploi et décide de retourner chez lui à la campagne, malgré les tentatives répétées de ses camarades pour l'en empêcher. De son côté, Niizuma accepte d'être le dessinateur d'Aiko Iwase, à la condition de pouvoir publier deux séries en même temps. Akira Hattori, qui sera en charge de l'œuvre, lui demande alors de prendre un nom de plume et de changer son style pour que ses supérieurs ne sachent rien du projet.
S02E18 Protestation et rugissement 04/02/2012 La réunion éditoriale de fin d'année approche et Miura commence à s'inquiéter de la concurrence du nouveau projet d'Akira Hattori : +Natural, dont le scénario est assuré par Aiko Iwase et le dessin par un certain « Moneys », qui n'est autre que Niizuma. L'enjeu est d'autant plus important que le mariage de Takagi et Miyoshi dépend de l'obtention d'une série pour Tanto...
S02E19 Destin et étoile 11/02/2012 Après avoir obtenu la sérialisation de Tanto, Takagi et Miyoshi vont pouvoir se marier. Reste à convaincre les parents de cette dernière... L'entrevue prend un tournant étrange lorsque le père de Miyoshi révèle qu'il était le meilleur ami de l'oncle de Mashiro et qu'il était lui-même amoureux de la mère de Miho, alors qu'ils étaient étudiants. Côté manga, la rivalité s'exacerbe entre les duos Ashirogi et Niizuma-Iwase. Ils vont bientôt pouvoir comparer les performances de leur premier épisode.
S02E20 Adoration et Refus 18/02/2012 C'est le jour du mariage entre Miyoshi et Takagi, mais Mashiro est torturé par le doute : Tanto est-il bien le manga qu'il leur faut pour réussir ? Il prend à parti Hattori qui refuse dans un premier temps de critiquer leur manga puis concède qu'il ne le trouve pas bon. Néanmoins, il reste convaincu que Takagi et lui peuvent surpasser Niizuma. Mashiro décide d'arrêter Tanto contre l'avis de la rédaction et se retrouve dans une situation précaire.
S02E21 Égoïsme et conseil 25/02/2012 Le contrat est simple : le duo Ashirogi doit soumettre un projet capable de rivaliser avec les mangas de Niizuma au cours d'une des trois prochaines réunions éditoriales de Jack, sinon, c'est la radiation définitive. Leur première tentative se fera avec une version améliorée de l'Argent et le Savoir. Si le résultat se révèle excellent, il est néanmoins rejeté. Miura pousse alors les garçons à tenter une histoire totalement classique pour leur deuxième tentative...
S02E22 Indice et Mieux 03/03/2012 Après un deuxième échec, Takagi est toujours en proie au doute et à l'incertitude quant au scénario qu'il doit écrire pour la réunion éditoriale de la dernière chance. Il décide alors de traîner Mashiro avec lui et de suivre toute une journée Akira Hattori, dans le seul but de s'amuser et éventuellement trouver l'inspiration. La journée sera pleine de fous rires, de surprises et d'enseignements...
S02E23 Crimes parfaits et premier contrôle 10/03/2012 Miura lit avec enthousiasme le nouveau projet du duo Ashirogi : Le Club des crimes parfaits. Mais pour obtenir sa sérialisation, le manga devra être jugé capable par les membres de la réunion éditoriale de rivaliser avec les œuvres de Niizuma. Tandis que Mashiro, Takagi et Miyoshi attendent avec anxiété les résultats de la réunion autour du banquet de Noël, les arguments fusent à la rédaction de Jack...
S02E24 Expressivité et imagination 17/03/2012 4 contre 3. La sérialisation du Club des crimes parfaits est rejetée à une voix de majorité. Elle implique la radiation définitive du duo Ashirogi du magazine Jack... ce que ne peuvent accepter certains rédacteurs, qui décident de changer leur vote. Mashiro, Takagi et Miyoshi sont à la fête, mais rapidement, l'ampleur de la tâche va les contraindre à bien réfléchir. Mashiro, finalement, semble mettre le doigt sur ce qui pourra les aider à améliorer leur œuvre : Takagi ne dessinera plus de story-board, il se contentera d'écrire du texte...
S02E25 Votes et diagrammes 24/03/2012 Mashiro et Takagi amendent leur projet de manga : Mashiro refait le design des personnages, Takagi les renomme, et le manga prend le nouveau titre de Parti des Crimes Parfaits. Tout est prêt pour la publication du premier numéro de leur nouvelle série... et le succès est monstrueux. Mashiro vient enfin de réaliser le rêve que son oncle n'avait jamais pu que toucher du doigt : finir à la première place dans Jack.
S03E01 Entêtement et Décision 06/10/2012 Miho is offered a chance to audition for the upcoming +Natural anime adaptation.
S03E02 Tous les soirs et Fusion 13/10/2012 Competition heats up between Perfect Crime Party and Niizuma and Akina's +Natural causing Mashiro and Niizuma to change their art styles. Akina becomes infatuated with Niizuma after he acknowledges her talent. Takahama and Fukada begin new serializations.
S03E03 Apothéose et Code 20/10/2012 Mashiro and Takagi decide that Perfect Crime Party won't be able to beat Crow and +Natural at their current pace. Takagi decides that writing a five-week long story arc will increase PCP's rating for week 25, but feels the story he comes up with is lacking something. After seeing Iwase again, he realizes that PCP needs a rival character.
S03E04 Aisance et Piège 27/10/2012 PCP gets selected for a drama CD to which Mashiro and Takagi nominate Azuki for the role of the main female character. As popularity of PCP continues to increase a light novel is also spawned. However Takagi and Mashiro still push for an anime adapation causing Hattori to say that PCP will probably not be made into one. He goes on to explain that the editors at Yueisha had received numerous letters of complaint from adults saying that their children have been engaging in petty crimes and mischievous behaviour because of PCP's realistically influencial content. Niizuma also seems upset upon learning of this news. Shiratori draws his own storyboard with help from Takagi and shows it to Hattori who says that it may be good enough to be printed as a one-shot and even a serialization. Mashiro had conceived a plan for Ashirogi Muto to begin work on another manga. Therefore the news of Takagi and Shiratori collaborating took him by surprise because it would mean that Takagi would have to team up with Shiratori as well.
S03E05 Step et Watch 03/11/2012 Takagi and Shiratori's manga Rabuta & Peace is entered into the serialization committee and it is published in the November issue of Shonen Jack placing 5th in the voting charts. Mashiro decides to use his free time to improve his drawing skill, aiming to reach a level where he can draw two manga simultaneously and be on par with Niizuma. Shiratori's mother disapproves of him drawing manga because of their family's high class reputation causing him to run away from home. His family then comes to the studio looking for him where Shiratori's mother insults everyone there by looking down on their manga artists' abilities. This leads to a heated exchange of words by both parties. Hiramaru and Aoki's serializations are both canceled due to low ratings and enter into an upcoming competition, Super Leaders Fest. Upon learning of this and Niizuma's participation (meaning that he will now be working on three manga) Mashiro decides to enter on his own with a new manga, since he doesn't want to affect Takagi's quality on PCP and Rabuta & Peace. However Takagi states that they will enter together.
S03E06 Punch et Envol 10/11/2012 Mashiro convinces Takagi to let him work on their entry for the Super Leaders Fest so he can concentrate on Rabuta & Peace. After overcoming a bit of writer's block, Mashiro decides on entering with a love story. At Yueisha's Annual New Years Day party (2015) it is discovered that everyone intends on entering the Super Leaders Fest with love stories. Mashiro asks Azuki for her input in his manga which would be based on their feelings for each other. Mashiro and Takagi end up having a fight over whether or not it is right for them to drift apart and work on separate manga. Shiratori decides to quit being an assistant and focus on getting Rabuta & Peace serialized while Takagi stops coming to the studio altogether, even going as far as to discuss PCP with Hattori separately. Later on Takagi comes back and explains that he had been away teaching Shiratori to become independent because Rabuta & Peace is his manga. Ashirogi Muto end up entering together and in the end they place 4th in the competition but reflect that it was worth it because they both had grown from their experiences.
S03E07 Photo-souvenir et Salle de classe 17/11/2012 Yoshida wants Hiramaru to aim his manga, Never Reaching You, which placed 2nd in the Super Leaders Fest for a serialization. Hiramaru reluctantly agrees so long as he can go on a tea date with Aoki. Suspecting that Yoshida may be pulling the strings behind the scene, Hiramaru and Aoki to turn off their phones so they can't be disturbed. When Yoshida realizes this, he goes after them but is sent on a wild goose chase through the city. Takagi, Mashiro and Fukada deduce that Hiramaru went to the tea shop he wrote about in his manga. They chase him and Aoki to a pedestrian bridge where Yoshida tries to convince him to keep drawing because he is a true genius that comes around every 2-3 years. Hiramaru goes to confess to Aoki, but Yoshida tries to talk him out of it because he will be crushed if he is turned down. However he goes ahead with support from Mashiro, Takagi, Miyoshi and Fukada, to which Aoki accepts. Ashirogi Muto are chozen to judge a competition called Treasure, and they are told that a newcomer, has entered with a manga called The Classroom of Truth that potentially surpasses all of their work.
S03E08 Objectif et Appréciation 24/11/2012 Mashiro and Takagi begin reading The Classroom of Truth and decide that it is an excellent manga despite the fact that it is unorthodox in nature. The serialization committee however, in the end, decide that the manga itself is not suited for Shonen Jack and have it remain a finalist in the competition. Its author, Nanamine Tooru turns out to be a long time fan of Ashirogi Muto and is brought to Yueisha to discuss changing the material of The Classroom of Truth. However, Nanamine releases the manga on the internet which upsets Yueisha's policy but in return he brings them a new manga which the Chief reads and approves as a one-shot immediately, while everyone begins to think highly of him. Later, when Nanamine meets Takagi and Mashiro, he reveals a devious plan where he deliberately collaborates with fellow mangaka on the internet and incorporates their ideas into his work, which he then passes off as his own. He states that he will do what is necessary to rise to the top of Shonen Jack. This new revelation leaves both Mashiro and Takagi angered.
S03E09 Confiance et Résolution 01/12/2012 As Nanamine's meeting with Mashiro and Takagi continues, he equates them to amateaurs with no self confidence. Realizing that their words are falling on deaf ears, Mashiro adamantly states that sooner or later Nanamine's scheme will be exposed. Nanamine continues to refine the storyboard for his one-shot with help from his internet community, should it get serialized and completely neglects input from his editor, Kosugi. A flashback shows Nanamine being a loner as a child, until he read Ashirogi Muto's Money & Intelligence, spawning his myopic philosophy that anything can be achieved through money alone. As Nanamine's rating gets even higher, Mashiro and Takagi analyze his progress and begin to discuss their successor to PCP. The editorial department continue to marvel at Nanamine's work albeit minor skepticism from Hattori and Kosugi. Eventually Kosugi goes to Nanamine's house for a meeting where Nanamine reveals his method; paying artists to draw his manga after merging their ideas, to a shocked Kosugi and virtually blackmails him into keeping it quiet. Eventually the serialization committee makes their selections.
S03E10 Considérations et Provocations 08/12/2012 The serialization committee decides to serialize Aoki's What God Gave Me and Nanamine's What You Need for a Meaningful School Life. As Kosugi begins to be bothered by Nanamine's method, Hattori senses his discomfort and visits Mashiro and Takagi to gain some insight on Kosugi's attitude, which they reveal is due to Nanamine's unorthodox method, enraging Hattori. At the same time, Nanamine calls Akito to gloat about his serialization, but Ashirogi Muto states they will crush his methods using all the hard work they have put into PCP. Unperturbed, Nanamine says that they will let the rankings decide who is superior. Eventually, Hattori confronts Kosugi and is able to lift his spirits by reminding him of his value as an editor. As Nanamine collaborates with his internet acquaintances, some drop out after becoming fearful of his intention to challenge Ashirogi Muto. While Mashiro and Takagi decide how best to contest Nanamine, they realize, that they can best counterattack, by pitting the climax of PCP's current arc against Nanamine's second chapter. Eventually, as Kosugi reviews Nanamine's work and points out the weakness in his background drawings, Nanamine reveals his secret weapon: a returning Takuro Nakai.
S03E11 Anxiété et Volte-Face 15/12/2012 As Nanamine's battle with Ashirogi Muto continues, he hires Nakai and is able to increase the level of his art albeit Nakai inadvertently discovers his method. As the weeks progress, Aoki's What God Gave Me rises to the top of the rankings followed by a sharp decline, while Ashirogi Muto's PCP remain steady at 4th place. Nanamine's What You Need for a Meaningful School Life initially comes in 2nd place but soon plummets to 15th and is on the verge of cancellation since he keeps adding too many ideas from his internet community. Nanamine then tries to bait Ashirogi Muto into competing with the same type of story, which they reject outright due to Yueisha's policy. While he continues to argue with his internet community and rejecting Kosugi's input, a large part of Nanamine's community abandons him for rejecting their ideas and exposes his method to deputy chief editor Aida. Kosugi decides to take full responsibility and visits Nanamine, who asks him to steal Ashirogi Muto's next storyboard out of desperation. Afterwards, Kosugi visits Mashiro and Takagi and explains the situation to them. He asks that they compete with the same story as Nanamine (with permission from the Chief and Hattori) and teach him what it really means to be a mangaka, which they accept.
S03E12 Ferveur et Défaite totale 22/12/2012 Kosugi explains the competition to Nanamine and tells him that if he loose, he has to form a proper author-editor relationship with him. Meanwhile, Takagi explains the obvious flaw in Nanamine's method: controlling such a large group of people and choosing/blending the best ideas from them is simply impossible. Nakai also realizes this and tells the internet community that Nanamine had been hiding the true ratings from them to prevent their departure, which they do upon learnin of this. With his ranking dropped to 19th and PCP in 3rd place, Nanamine decides to give up but Kosugi doesn't let him walk away and demonstrates he wouldn't leave him, prompting Nanamine to start anew by doing the work himself. Eventually, at Yueisha's Annual New Years Day party (2016), Nanamine deems Ashirogi Muto his rival and vows to beat them eventually. Soon an elementary school reunion takes place which Mashiro attends and is hailed as a celebrity by his former classmates. Afterwards, he explains to Takagi how their profession made them miss out on enjoying life with their friends but are both content that they are pursuing their dream. Finally, news of a bank robbery airs. A volume of PCP was left, showing the thieves mimicked the manga.
S03E13 Plagiat et Inconscient 29/12/2012 As Mashiro and Azuki ponder the effects that the robbery would have on PCP and Takagi, the Chief and Hattori decide to support Ashirogi Muto as much as possible. However, Takagi's mental state has already been greatly affected. This causes him to write lower quality stories and eventually he reuses old ideas he once rejected. This results in PCP's ranking dropping from the top five to the 12th place. As PCP enters a slump, Yujirou confides in Hattori of Nizuma's deal to cancel one manga should he get the top spot in the rankings, which may happen soon. This leads Hattori to become fearful of PCP's serialization. As another bank robbery occurs, the thieves leave a card, claiming they are PCP, which enrages Takagi but he finally finds a way to resolve this.PCP's next chapter is about a copycat crime intended to make it seem like the PCP protagonists had done it, but is foiled by their rival who realized the real PCP wouldn't commit criminal acts, much less claim it was their doing. As the results of the rankings come in, PCP jumps back to 3rd place with Mashiro and Takagi expressing that their manga does not condone crime.
S03E14 Succession et Obstruction 05/01/2013 Nizuma begins devoting himself to CROW, which soon manages to place 1st in the rankings for five consecutive weeks. Yujirou is initially thrilled but later worries Nizuma's determination is connected with the deal he made with the Chief. He speculates Nizuma might want to end +Natural. As Ashirogi Muto follow CROW's progress, they take it as Nizuma's method of motivating them to improve PCP. Soon enough, Nizuma pays the Chief a surprise visit at the Yueisha and Yujirou can only speculate what they discuss. Yujirou informs Fukuda of Nizuma's intentions, who then gathers together Takagi, Mashiro, Aoki, Hiramaru, Takahama and Akina to confront Nizuma directly. Nizuma explains the deal he made with the Chief: he'll get to end a anga should he gain 1st place in the rankings for 10 consecutive weeks. He then reveals that he intends to end CROW at the height of its popularity since he doesn't believe in Yueisha's policy of continuing a manga solely for profit. However, since everyone always looked up to Nizuma, they refuse to let him have his way and resolve to surpass CROW before he can end it. Nizuma accepts their challenge and proposes a modified ultimatum: if they can beat CROW in the rankings at least once before he finishes his final manuscript, he will not end the manga.
S03E15 Couverture et Page centrale 12/01/2013 With Nizuma's ultimatum clearly set, only seven weeks remain until the end of CROW. Yujirou decides to inform the entire editing department of Nizuma's intentions, much to their frustration but eventually decide to do all they can for their authors to surpass CROW. As the weeks close in, everyone does their best to improve their manga, with Fukuda introducing a new character in Road Racer Giri and Takahama beginning a new story arc for Seigi no Mikata while utilizing their cover spreads. As Ashirogi Muto decide how to compete against Nizuma, they decide to utilize the strength that PCP possesses: its unconventionaliy and introduce a mysterious new anti heroic character called "Sigma". As the results come in, CROW remains 1st while Road Racer Giri and Seigi no Mikata place 2nd in consecutive weeks followed by PCP, with the editing department's favorite for beating CROW being Seigi no Mikata. However, with everyone's manga greatly improving, the voting gap closes between everyone else and Nizuma. Hattori is able to secure a colored centered page for Ashirogi Muto in the 36th issue of Shonen Jack. After brainstorming, they come up with an idea to plant a hidden message within the colored page, which would only become apparent once the readers finish their chapter and with this, Ashirogi Muto challenge CROW.
S03E16 Dernier chapitre et Commentaires 19/01/2013 Yujirou acknowledges Nizuma's determination and states that he will support him in ending CROW. As Ashirogi Muto's next chapter of PCP is published, everyone marvels at their brilliance in using the colored page the way the did. The page itself is an invitation for the protagonists of PCP to meet the mysterious "Sigma". The page shows the portrait of PCP's leader, Matoko, which is altered by "Sigma" to detail the date, time and place of their meeting. The idea is that the readers are able to engage themselves in the puzzle by using the colored page. As the results come in, Ashirogi Muto ties in second place with Road Racer Giri while CROW takes first place yet again. As Takagi and Mashiro think about their defeat, they realize it was their rivalry with Nizuma that brought them as far as they have come, and express this in the comments section for CROW's final chapter. As Yujirou congratulates Nizuma on ending CROW, he is shocked to discover Nizuma already has many other manga's drawn. Eventually Nizuma visits Takagi and Mashiro and they both express their admiration for being each other's rivals as well as Nizuma's joy of making friends based on their shared passion for manga. Finally, Nizuma tells Takagi and Mashiro that his next work will be the greatest manga ever written.
S03E17 Zombies et Démons 26/01/2013 As +Natural's ratings plummet to 15th place in the rankings, and being informed by Miura that her story is not on par with the battle archetype, Iwase loses confidence in her abilities and decides to stop writing altogether. Upon learning of this from Aoki through Takagi, Mashiro pays her a visit and reminds her that she is Takagi's driving force and should stay as a fellow rival, although she is free do do what she pleases. Eventually everyone from Team Fukuda shows up and witnessing how much they care, Iwase is able to restore her resolve. Later, Sasaki is transferred to another magazine, but before he leaves, pays Nizuma and Ashirogi Muto and visit. He expresses his desire to see them both do well and acknowledges the fact that he had favoritism towards Mashiro and Takagi due to a promise he kept to Mashiro's late uncle, Nobuhiro. Nizuma shows Yujirou his storyboard for his next manga with a zombie theme, with Yujirou remarking that it is already better than CROW. Mashiro and Takagi also finalize plans for PCP's successor and decide on the standard battle archetype. Their new manga would involve two demonic protagonists with differing ideals battling it out for the sake of Justice. As the archetype fits perfectly as a Shonen Manga, and using all the experience they have gained so far, Ashirogi Muto decide to challenge Nizuma's next Zombie Manga with their Demonic Manga
S03E18 Hebdomadaire et Mensuel 02/02/2013 The editing department go ecstatic over Ashirogi Muto's Reversi and Nizuma's Zombie Gun so both are published as one-shots. Meanwhile, Azuki lands the lead role in a popular soccer anime and Mashiro congratulates her, promising the breakout role from their future anime. As the votes come in, Zombie Gun sets a new record by getting the highest number of votes for a one-shot: 692. However in the second week, as Reversi is published, it places 1st and beats Nizuma's Zombie Gun by a margin of two votes. At the serialization committee, it is decided that both Zombie Gun and Reversi should be published, however they have a difficult time deciding how to deal with Ashirogi Muto producing two manga's weekly. Heishi seeks advice from Sasaki and they decide it would be best if Ashirogi Muto does PCP weekly and Reversi as a monthly manga. This news upsets Hattori since he confides in Yujirou that he wanted to edit Reversi. At another serialization meeting, Yujirou takes Hattori's desire into account and calls him, Takagi and Mashiro in to have them voice their opinion. They unanimously agree that PCP should go monthly because of its broader audience and publish Reversi weekly so it can compete with Nizuma's manga for dominance. Eventually, Mashiro decides to buy the studio from his grandfather, who gives him Nobuhiro's Diary. As Mashiro reads it, he becomes more determined than ever to continue his uncle's legacy.
S03E19 Longue durée et D'affilé 09/02/2013 As Ashirogi Muto struggle to meet deadlines for the Shonen Jack and Hisshou Jump magazines, a backlog of work starts piling up. As Mashiro and his three assistants, along with help from Takagi and Miyoshi push themselves to their limits to complete the storyboards, returning professional assistant, Ogawa, steps in with two new assistants and is able to complete the storyboards. As the competition between Nizuma's Zombie Gun and Ashirogi Muto's Reversi takes off, Reversi manages to take 1st place in the rankings for three consecutive weeks. This results in Nizuma changing one of his antagonists for Zombie Gun and rises to the top once again, showing up the weakness in Reversi for having two protagonists. As Takagi realizes this, he slows the pace of his story to match the standard battle archetype which further results in their ratings dropping to 5th place. Eventually, after a discussion with Hattori, Takagi calls Mashiro and they both agree that Reversi may not be a long running manga, even managing 50 chapters. However they discuss being content with resolving the conflict between the protagonists in the most interesting way possible, rather than prolonging it. Nevertheless, for the sake of himself, Mashiro and Azuki, Takagi promises to go all out and turn Reversi into a masterpiece they can all be proud of.
S03E20 Moment de répit et Fête 16/02/2013 Mashiro and Takagi discuss their intention of covering the final confrontation of the main characters of Reversi in one go with a shocked Hattori, but they decide to cross that bridge when they get there. Meanwhile, Hiramaru's Never Reaching You is selected for an anime while Aoki's What God Gave Me is cancelled. In order to cheer her up Hiramaru invites Aoki to an amusement park with the intention of proposing to her. On learning of this, Yoshida is initially intent on stopping Hiramaru, since he will be distraught if he is turned down, but upon remembering his very first meeting with Hiramaru, decides to help him. At the amusement park, Hiarmaru takes Aoki to the ferris wheel, but isn't able to propose since he loses the engagement ring. Aoki realizes what Hiramaru is doing and gives him another chance, where he proposes in an unorthodox manner and she accepts, much to Hiramaru and Yoshida's joy. Later, Reversi continues to dominate over Zombie Gun in the rankings however demand for the printed volumes of Zombie Gun skyrockets. As Ashirogi Muto and Hattori analyze what this means they realize that the content of Reversi isn't easily comprehensible to children or the female demographic alike. Towards the end of the year, Mashiro, Takagi, Miyoshi and their assistants attend the annual, Tezuka-Akatsuka (2017) Prize Party. Here, Kato's friend, a voice actress called Ririki Kitami tries to hit on Mashiro, but gives up when she learns Azuki is his girlfriend. Eventually Ashirogi Muto meet Nizuma who commends them on dominating over Zombie Gun in the rankings but promises that sales of the manga volumes won't lose to them, words that they take as motivation. Finally Mashiro and Takagi are approached by Futoshi Tanabe, a producer for the Japanese Animation Company.
S03E21 Source chaude et Intention 23/02/2013 Mashiro, Takagi and Miyoshi go to a hot spring for the short new year holiday. Mashiro and Takagi contemplate how far they have come since middle school. As the year begins, the editors at Shonen Jack have a tough time deciding which series, Zombie Gun or Reversi should get an anime adaptation since both have compelling circumstances. Yujirou explains this to Nizuma who turns down the offer, but when he learns that Reversi will take its place he changes his mind. Aida asks for Hattori's approval in selecting Reversi but he is torn. He knows Ashirogi Muto might end the manga before the anime even starts and feels obliged to tell this, but then the offer might be pulled. Hattori discusses this with Mashiro and Takagi who both immediately agree on the anime, but they realize they may have to prolong Reversi for a year and thus sacrifice its quality. Takagi promises that he will not let Reversi's quality waver and Mashiro finally tells Hattori why Takagi would go so far for him: because of the promise he made to Azuki. Hattori realizes that he was wrong to worry too much about it and wants to support them. Afterwards Yujirou and Hattori try to make convince Heishi their manga should get an anime and become the flagship series. Later, Hattori hurriedly bursts into Mashiro's studio with news of the outcome.
S03E22 Correction et Déclaration 02/03/2013 Hattori announces that the Reversi anime will begin airing in October and Mashiro breaks into tears as their dream is at last within reach. Heishi calls Nizuma and explains why he rejected Zombie Gun, since it will help Ashirogi Muto to rise to his level and secure the future of Shonen Jack. Azuki calls Mashiro to congratulate him and recites lines from Reversi. Later Ririki Kitami blogs about her meeting with Mashiro and his involvement with Azuki, which goes viral across the internet. As rumors begin spreading, everyone worries the public will accuse Ashirogi Muto of favoritism to Azuki, something that could damage her career. This is confirmed when Mashiro, Takagi and Hattori meet the animation committee for Reversi. Mashiro tells Azuki that she should deny any relationship with him on her weekly radio broadcast to preserve her image. However, instead she goes public with her relationshiptells everyone about their promise. This has a mixed effect on the public. In the end, Mashiro calls the show and tells the public to believe in Azuki as they always have and adamantly states that she will get the part of the lead female role in Reversi by her skills alone.
S03E23 Micro et Script 09/03/2013 After the radio broadcast, Azuki's fans seem to have calmed down and Reversi gets a lot positive attention. The anime producers want to hold a public audition for the female lead role and let the public vote who should get the role, which would be unfavorable for Azuki sinds she won't be judged objectively. Despite this, Mashiro agrees, not wanting to let people think she got the role through connections. During the auditions Azuki's performance is excellent but people notice that she mentioned "Schwarz" instead of "Weiss" during her performance, like all the voice actresses did before her. Worried how the different line in the script will affect her, everyone is worried. Later, during the show, the director of the program makes a short announcement in which he states the script was based on the published Shonen Jack magazine edition, where the mistake was printed in, but that this was corrected in the manga volume. Since Azuki used the manga volume to learn the lines, she didn't make the "mistake" the other voice actresses did without knowing. He tells the public that no one is "wrong" and that this fact should be considered in the votes. In the end Azuki wins by a huge margin and Mashiro, Takagi and Miyoshi celebrate Mashiro and Azuki's dreams finally getting fulfilled.
S03E24 Façon d'être et Façon de finir 16/03/2013 Following Azuki securing the role of the lead female character, Hattori, Mashiro and Takagi begin discussing their intention to end the Reversi manga in July. Later, Mashiro calls Azuki to congratulate her and they make plans to meet once the first episode of Reversi finishes airing. Hattori tells Heishi about Ashirogi Muto's plan, which he rejects and orders Hattori to convince them to continue the manga. Hattori explains this to Mashiro and Takagi and they decide to think about their final decision. However, Takagi has a separate meeting with Hattori. He states that he will end Reversi in 8 chapters and surpass Nizuma in both rankings as well as volume sales, making Mashiro the best mangaka in Shonen Jack, wanting this to be his wedding present. Hattori decides to take responsibility reflect the words of Director Torishima: 'when the company and authors are at odds, a good editor should stand by the author'. Heishi, having heard the same words before, sides with Ashirogi Muto and informs the animation studio of their decision, which they accept. When the final chapter is published everyone is awestruck at the spectacular climatic battle between the two protaganists. It is such a smashing success that the manga volumes sell out within a day, surpassing the sales of Zombie Gun by selling 1.22 million copies per volume. Finally, at Reversi's end, Heishi, summons Ashiro Muto to Yueisha where they meet Nizuma and their motivational rivalry continues.
S03E25 Rêve et Réalité 30/03/2013 Hattori meets with the production staff and cast of Reversi's anime as production gets underway. At the studio, Mashiro reveals to Miyoshi of his intention to propose to Azuki after Reversi's premiere and thanks her for creating their pen name: "Ashirogi Muto". As Miyoshi leaves, Mashiro and Takagi reflect on their journey thus far. Elsewhere, Azuki reveals her and Mashiro's plans to meet after the anime to her mother, while Mashiro reads his uncle's diary. Later, after the anime premieres, Mashiro picks up Azuki in an fashion, honoring one of his late uncle's dreams and they talk about the times they had been together. Soon, Mashiro takes Azuki to visit her former home where they recreate the scene of the first time Mashiro approached her at her house, before proposing. Azuki answers by kissing him and promises that they will be together forever. Eventually everyone attends Hiramaru and Aoki's wedding where Azuki catches the bride's bouquet of flowers. Finally, Azuki and Mashiro move into Azuki's old house together with the intention to officially have a wedding ceremony if Ashirogi Muto's newest work gets a serialization. With their dreams finally achieved, Mashiro ends the series with a monologue, stating that dreams are not achieved by someone telling you so, you have to make them a reality yourself.