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In this series, popular Japanese products are taken apart to reveal the origins of their function and form. The program also shows how inspiration led the people who made the products to create something new.


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S01E01 Washlet Apricot F3A (TOTO) 00/00/0000 The first episode features the Toto Washlet Apricot F3A. Since its debut in 1980, the product has defined and refined the market for personal hygiene toilet seats. The Wonder Wave Cleanse feature, for example, provides cleaning and comfort with a minimum of water.
S01E02 Motorcycle Super Cub 50 Standard Model (Honda) 00/00/0000 The second episode examines the Honda Super Cub 50 Standard Model motorcycle. Sixty million units have been manufactured in 15 countries and sold in over 160 countries since 1958. Its Foot Pedal Clutch System enables driving with one hand and the 4-Cycle Engine has stood the test of time. The tires have also contributed to its success. They're able to restore themselves when punctured. The product reflects the enthusiasm of company founder Soichiro Honda for durability, economic efficiency, and safety.
S01E03 Household Sewing Machine Exceed Quilt Special (JUKI) 00/00/0000 JUKI Corporation is the world's largest producer of industrial sewing machines. It manufactures around 2,000 types and sells them to well over 150 countries. This episode features a product made for household use, the "Exceed Quilt Special." It's a compact, computerized sewing machine that incorporates industrial technology and functions. The program examines how it works and what it has to offer individual consumers.
S01E04 Running Shoe GEL-KAYANO 19 (ASICS) 00/00/0000 ASICS is one of Japan's leaders in running shoes, with products for professionals as well as health-conscious, recreational athletes. The long-selling GEL-KAYANO model hit the market two decades ago and has continuously evolved. Among its innovations is the integration of an impact-absorbing silicone material. The program will examine the 19th version of the shoe and the technology that facilitates safe and comfortable running.
S01E05 Photo Sticker Booth girly girly (I.M.S) 00/00/0000 The fifth episode will feature photo sticker booth "girly girly" Photo sticker booths became an instant hit in Japan, especially to young girls, upon its appearance in arcades in 1995. Since then, it has continuously made remarkable evolution with more sophisticated functions and higher resolution photos. Developers of photo sticker booths have unceasingly made efforts to meet young girls desire to "capture oneself beautifully in a photograph" The program will take a close look at one popular photo sticker booth, "girly girly" exploring its functions and techniques on how it provides beautiful photographs.
S01E06 Massage Chair CYBER-RELAX AS-830 (FUJIIRYOKI) 00/00/0000 The sixth episode features massage chair CYBER RELAX AS-830. As an alternative to massage therapists, people use massage chairs to relieve fatigue. Today's massage chairs have made tremendous progress from early models in the 1960's that had limited monotonous moves. Some machines can now provide foot massage, stretches and countless massage variations in just a push of a button. The program takes a close look at massage chair CYBER RELAX AS-830, developed to replicate the sensation of a real massage, and explore its functions and mechanism that make it all possible.
S01E07 G-SHOCK GS-1000J (Casio) 00/00/0000 Casio's G-SHOCK wrist watch series has been popular since its debut in 1983 in the US, followed by a major hit in Japan as well. The seventh episode takes a close look at G-SHOCK GS-1000J which features a shock-resistant body, solar-charging system and automatic time adjusting function among others.
S01E08 Electric Sports Car EV MINI SPORT (TAJIMA MOTOR CORPORATION) 00/00/0000 Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity in recent years. The eighth episode takes a close look at Japan's very first electric sports car, the EV MINI SPORT. Designed and developed by Tajima Motor Corporation, the EV MINI SPORT incorporates unique mechanisms for achieving an eco-friendly and sporty race-car-like driving performance.
S01E09 Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera EOS 5D Mark II (Canon) 00/00/0000 The ninth episode will take a close look at digital single-lens reflex camera EOS 5D Mark II by Canon. It will reveal the mechanisms within the camera's sturdy magnesium-alloy body, single-lens that captures knockout images by optimizing light and reflection, and its full-frame 21.1 megapixel CMOS sensor.
S01E10 Radio Cassette Player CF-1980 (Sony) 00/00/0000 The tenth episode will take a close look at radio cassette player CF-1980 by Sony. Since the disaster in 2011, radio cassette players have been gaining renewed popularity for their convenience and portability. The idea to combine a radio and a cassette player into one device was first conceived and realized in Japan, and has changed the home electronics industry ever since. The program will reveal CF-1980's mechanisms and explore the wisdom within its technology.

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