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Barbary Coast was a short-lived 13-episode series featured the adventures of 19th century government agent Jeff Cable, and his pal, conman and gambler Cash Conover. Operating out of Conover's casino in San Francisco, the two take down criminals and enemy agents with style and flair. The show was reminscient of The Wild Wild West and tried to emulate the James West/Artemis Gordon partnership, with limited success. It also tried to emulate the elaborate cons and machinations of Mission: Impossible (going so far as to use a number of writers from that show), but again with less then satisfactory results. Overall the show was entertaining but just never quite sparked.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Barbary Coast

S01E00 The Barbary Coast (pilot) 04/05/1975 Government agent Jeff Cable recruits his old friend and current casino owner Cash Conover, who works out of San Francisco, to help him take down a Confederate army officer running a massive extortion scheme.
S01E01 Funny Money 08/09/1975 Cable and Cash go after a banker involved in a counterfeit scheme using the funny money to bolster his own accounts.
S01E02 Crazy Cats 15/09/1975 When Bristol, a wealthy rancher, steals a valuable jade cat from the Chinese government, Cable goes undercover as a reporter to recover it before the Chinese go to war against the U.S.
S01E03 Jesse Who? 22/09/1975 Cable investigates when famed outlaw Jesse James is reported to have robbed a small-town California bank.
S01E04 The Ballad of Redwing Jail 29/09/1975 Cable poses as an outlaw to recover $20,000 hidden in a small town jail by a corrupt sheriff.
S01E05 Guns for a Queen 06/10/1975 As they try to recover stolen rifles from revolutionaries, Cash and Cable both have to deal with women out of their past who have plans of their own.
S01E06 Irish Luck 13/10/1975 Assassins plan the death of Irish leader Charles Stewart Parnell, and Cash and Cable must stop them.
S01E07 Sauce for the Goose 20/10/1975 Cable and Cash set up a seance as a scam to get their hands on corrupt civic leader Austin Benedict's list of payoffs.
S01E08 An Iron-Clad Plan 31/10/1975 Cable must pose as a foreign agent to reacquire the stolen plans for a new experimental iron-clad submarine.
S01E09 Arson and Old Lace 14/11/1975 Cable and Cash must uncover the identity of "The Shark," a waterfront racketeer who burns fishermen's boats if they don't pay him protection money.
S01E10 Sharks Eat Sharks 21/11/1975 When Cash and Cable need to take out a group of con men and a group of shakedown extortion artists, they set up a phony diamond mine to play both groups off each other.
S01E11 The Day Cable Was Hanged 26/12/1975 Cable ends up arresting a man who he believes is John Wilkes Booth.
S01E12 Mary Had More Than a Little 02/01/1976 Cash is attracted to a new lady dealer at a rival casino, but she is involved in criminal doings when the gamblers who win at her table get robbed by thieves as they leave the place.
S01E13 The Dawson Marker 09/01/1976 The heirs of Confederate agents who stole and hid a shipment of gold during the Civil War are meeting in San Francisco to recover the loot, but Cable hopes to get the cache first.