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Barney Bear was a series of animated cartoon short subjects produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio, the Tom and Jerry's himself creation. The titular character was an anthropomorphic cartoon character, a sluggish, sleepy bear who often is in pursuit of nothing but peace and quiet.He lived in a cottage and ate cottage cheese from Canada.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Barney Bear

S01E01 The Bear That Couldn't Sleep 10/06/1939 As autumn draws to a close, Barney Bear prepares for his long winter's sleep, but his surroundings keep him up until spring.
S01E02 The Fishing Bear 20/01/1940 Barney's going fishing, but just as he's getting ready to hook a whole school of trout, a rather playful duck keeps getting in his way.
S01E03 The Prospecting Bear 08/03/1941 Barney Bear goes off prospecting for gold with a little donkey who eventually eats the dynamite and blows everything up.
S01E04 The Rookie Bear 17/05/1941 In a humorous report, "Strife" magazine follows a bear who gets drafted and goes through the rigors of Army basic training. Barney is dreaming about being in the military, but a knock at the door makes him realize that it's not a dream.
S01E05 The Flying Bear 01/11/1941 Barney is an Army Air Corps mechanic. He takes a little one-seater plane out for a spin. Bigger planes and a pelican harass him and his plane. They finally crash, and end up as roommates in the infirmary.
S01E06 The Bear and the Beavers 28/03/1942 Barney can't cut down any wood to build himself a nice, cozy place to live, while the beavers have no problems at all in chopping down and constructing a complete town for themselves. Barney, who believes that he can outfox them, steals all their wood, but the beavers get their revenge in a nighttime raid to get their wood back.
S01E07 Wild Honey 07/11/1942 Barney sets off in search of honey, but his various gadgets don't always work out the way that they should.
S01E08 Barney Bear's Victory Garden 00/00/0000 Barney unsuccessfully attempts to keep a mole out of his victory garden.
S01E09 Bah Wilderness 13/02/1943 Barney Bear returns to the wild on a camping trip. Relishing a quiet night's sleep under the stars, our trooper has forgotten about the animals that live by night. He sets up camp in the middle of the forest, where all creatures great and small come to give him a hard time and deny him sleep. The climax is a horrendous thunder and lightning storm as rain floods the campsite. A nightmare it's not, merely an evening full of laughs.
S01E10 The Uninvited Pest 00/00/0000 A lone squirrel makes his way into Barney Bear's log cabin in the forest. Barney tries to get rid of the squirrel, who wants his walnuts.
S04E01 The Little Wise Quacker 00/00/0000 Hunter Barney tries to procure a duck for dinner, but all that this duck wants to do is sleep. Barney sees a big sign saying "Always read your rule book before shooting." There are millions of ducks on the lake. Then the sun rises, and they dissappear. Barney finds one sleeping duck who sleepwalks to Barney's pocket and shows him the rule about not shooting a sleeping duck. So Barney tries every way to wake up this duck. No good. The rules say that any duck may be shot while in the air, so he throws it up and tries to aim, but the duck falls before he can. Barney finally corners the duck, who whips out the rule book, showing him that you can't shoot after sunset. The sun slams below the horizon, and a million ducks return.
S04E02 Busybody Bear 20/12/1952 Barney attempts to help a beaver dam a nearby river, but the beaver doesn't want his help.
S04E03 Barney's Hungry Cousin 31/01/1953 Barney Bear goes on a picnic, though the area he picked is inhabited by an untamed, mooching member of his same species.
S04E04 Cobs and Robbers 14/03/1953 Barney is plagued by crows. Joe Scarecrow comes along and, using a wind-up puppet, gets the crows to follow it out in a conga line. He then tells Barney everything is under control only to remove his scarecrow costume when Barney leaves, revealing two more crows. The crows get the best of Barney, eventually turning his field into popped corn.
S04E05 Heir Bear 30/05/1953 Barney Bear inherits a treasure map disclosing a fabulous pirate hoard in his own backyard. But a gopher who uses the treasure as its bed gets in the way of his digging. The sleepy, frazzled gopher isn't ready to give it up without a fight.
S04E06 Wee-Willie Widlcat 20/06/1953 Barney tries to show a neighbor how to discipline his bratty son, using child psychology, with disastrous results.
S04E07 Half-Pint Palomino 26/09/1953 An eccentric millionaire has put up a large prize for the capture of the world's smallest horse (about the size of a mouse), and has sent Barney to do the job. Barney tries his trained horsefly with no luck, then tries to do the job himself, then dresses his mule up as a female pony. Barney learns that the world's smallest horse has quite a kick!
S04E08 The Impossible Possum 28/03/1954 Barney wants possum for dinner and has gone out into the woods to get one. It is not as easy to catch a possum as Barney thought, even though he uses a number of "clever" tricks. In the end he gets his possum for dinner.
S04E09 Sleepy-Time Squirrel 19/06/1954 Barney Bear gets ready to hole up for the winter. He cuts down a tree that turns out to be the home of an active squirrel. Having unwittingly destroyed his treehouse, Barney invites the squirrel to move into his den. What a mistake. No more winter sleep while the squirrel is there!
S04E10 Bird-Brain Bird Dog 30/07/1954 Bird season starts and of course Barney wants to go hunting. He realizes that he will need a bird dog and rushes to the pet store and buys one. This bird dog, however, is a member of a bird lover's club.

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