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Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create stunning, modern homes. The Barnwood Builders are devoted to salvaging and will stop at nothing to give 200-year-old structures new life, providing entertainment, inspiration and awe along the way.


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S01E01 Taking Down The Lincoln Cabin and Building A Dog Trot 01/11/2013 Mark and the guys work to dismantle a barn built by Abe Lincoln's uncle around 1830. Can they save the 180 year-old logs? Back on the Boneyard, they use old tobacco timbers to build a new barn in the Appalachian dogtrot style.
S01E02 Rescuing a Massive Barn and Finishing the Lincoln Cabin 07/10/2014 The guys rescue a huge double pen barn in St. Meinrad, Indiana. It's the biggest dogtrot style barn they've ever faced. They have to fight through modern layers of tin and barnwood to get to the incredible, pioneer era hand hewn beams. When it's done, Mark pays a visit to the nearly completed Lincoln Cabin.
S01E03 Repurposing Every Beam from a Pennsylvania Bank Barn 14/10/2014 The guys take down a Pennsylvania Bank Barn in hopes of recovering the Long Beams and Huge Sleeper Logs that lay below. They are up against the weather, the machines malfunctioning and the weight of the logs. Mark pays a visit to the finished King Cabin and gives the owners a bench made with some of the repurposed wood from the Bank Barn.
S01E04 Salvaging a Homestead Corn Crib with a Hometown Barn Raising 21/10/2014 The guys reclaim a 170-year-old corn crib filled with antique treasures, then they take the structure back to Lewisburg, W. Va, to be erected in an old-fashioned barn raising.
S01E05 Wading with Alligators to Build a Two-Story Hunting Lodge in Florida 28/10/2014 Mark and the guys take the bones of an old Virginia log home down to Florida, where they turn it into a two-story hunting lodge. Mark makes mouth blown wavy glass for the windows, and dives in an alligator pond to get some long leaf pine for the floors.
S01E06 Transforming a Shipping Container into a Portable Barnwood Cabin 04/11/2014 Mark and the guys turn a used shipping container into a portable barnwood cabin. They use welding torches and old logs to transform the steel container into a home. Mark searches for the perfect red barnwood to cover it. Then they try to lift the container cabin onto a trailer to prove its really portable.
S01E07 Turning a West Virginia Smokehouse into a Modern Bunkhouse in the Florida Swamp 11/11/2014 Mark and the guys take down a West Virginia smokehouse and a half-barn nearby. They weave the logs together in Florida to create a bunkhouse for their client's kids. They cut down two trees to use as wood for the porch, and go on a catch and release wild hog hunt.
S01E08 Fighting the Elements to Build a Well House, and Repairing a Damaged Log Home 18/11/2014 Mark and the guys return to their roots in Asheville, North Carolina. They have one day to build a log well house in the driving rain. Once it's up, they have to repair a severely damaged log home nearby. Along the way, Mark visits two of his favorite log cabins.
S01E09 Moving a Pre-Civil War Log Cabin from West Virginia to Tennessee 09/12/2014 Mark and the guys take down a pre-Civil War log cabin in Braxton County, West Virginia. They take it back to Lewisburg to refurbish the logs, then rebuild it for a client who collects historic homes in Elizabethton, Tennessee.