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There are two sides in every war and millions of different stories to share from each battle fought. The Battle of Britain, Malta and Pearl Harbor are just a few of the events captured in this collection. Relive and remember the extraordinary events of World War II from the point of view of both the victor and the vanquished. Each episode of Battle Line tells the story of one battle by combining the personal remembrances of two soldiers, one from each side of the conflict. These authentically produced television shows, narrated by award winning reporter Jim Bishop, tell the saga of bloody World War II conflicts through the eyes of the combatants. German, Italian, Japanese and American men of war tell their personal stories of crucial battles such as Dunkirk, Tobruk, Dieppe, El Alamein, Midway and many other immortal places of history and glory. All the episodes feature original, rare film footage from axis and allied cameramen.

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