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Remote-controlled, armored and weaponized machines called BattleBots figth to the death in an arena called the BattleBox. The purpose of the fight is for one robot, or "bot", to dominate or disable the other.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de BattleBots

S01E01 Ziggo vs. Missing Link, Mauler vs Nightmare, Overkill vs Frenzy 30/08/2000
S01E02 Voltarc vs. Bender, Killerhurtz vs. Knome II, Minion vs Gray Matter 06/09/2000 Voltarc, Killerhurtz and Minion advance to the next round. Voltarc dominates Bender by removing his caster wheel and rendering his large blade useless. Killerhurtz leaves Knome II headless and beaten while Minion loses his sawblade but still takes the win.
S01E03 Pressure Drop vs. S.T.C.W.R., Mouser Mecha Catbot vs. Shaft, Vlad the Impaler vs. Tazbot 13/09/2000 Pressure Drop, Mouser Mecha Catbot and Vlad the Impaler move on to the next round.
S01E04 Backlash vs Crusher, Blade Runner vs Bad Attitude, Grendel vs Diesector 20/09/2000
S01E05 Dooall vs S.L.A.M. , Biohazard vs Mjollnir, Lightweight Rumble 27/09/2000 Dooall and Biohazard advance; carnage ensues in a free-for-all rumble in the Lightweight division.
S01E06 Voltarc vs Biohazard, Rammstein vs Mechadon, Alpha Raptor vs Tentomushi 04/10/2000 Voltarc, Rammstein and Alpha Raptor advance.
S01E07 Deadblow vs Alien Gladiator, Pressure Drop vs Ankle Biter, Minion vs Grendel 11/10/2000 Deadblow, Pressure Drop and Minion go through.
S01E08 Alpha Raptor vs Mouser Mecha Catbot, Backlash vs Das Bot, Backlash vs Alpha Raptor (Lightweight Finals) 18/10/2000 Alpha Raptor and Backlash advance; Backlash defeats Alpha Raptor to become the Battlebots Season 1.0 Lightweight Champion.
S01E09 Spin Orbiting Force vs Blade Runner, Hazard vs Turtle Road Kill, Ronin vs Ginsu 25/10/2000 Spin Orbiting Force, Hazard, and Ronin advance.
S01E10 Vlad the Impaler vs Overkill, Punjar vs Gammatron, Killerhurtz vs Mauler 01/11/2000 Vlad the Impaler, Punjar, and Killerhurtz move on.
S01E11 Vlad the Impaler vs Punjar, Deadblow vs Pressure Drop, Minion vs Rammstein 08/11/2000 Vlad the Impaler, Deadblow and Minion continue on.
S01E12 Spin Orbiting Force vs Hazard, Killerhurtz vs Voltarc, Ronin vs Dooall 15/11/2000 Hazard, Voltarc and Dooall move on.
S01E13 Hazard vs Deadblow, Vlad the Impaler vs Voltarc, Minion vs Dooall 22/11/2000 Hazard takes the Middleweight Championship, Vlad the Impaler wins the Heavyweight nut and Minion takes down Dooall to win its division championship.
S01E14 Remaining Rumbles 29/11/2000 Remaining weight classes have a free-for-all rumble.
S02E01 Tentomoushi vs. Evil Fish Tank 12/12/2000 Tentomoushi vs. Evil Fish Tank
S02E02 Mauler 5150 vs. Bigger Brother, Snake vs. War Machine, Toe Crusher vs. No Tolerance III 19/12/2000 Episode 201 H1: Mauler 5150 vs. Bigger Brother Snake vs. War Machine Toe Crusher vs. No Tolerance III
S02E03 Scrap Daddy LW55 vs Ziggo 00/00/0000 Scrap Daddy LW55 vs Ziggo Overkill vs. Frostbite Sallad vs. Mouser
S02E04 Complete Control vs. Super Chiabot 00/00/0000 Complete Control vs. Super Chiabot Atomic Wedgie vs. Minion Tripulta Raptor vs. Toro
S02E05 Deadblow vs. Kegger 00/00/0000 Deadblow vs. Kegger Blade Runner vs. Scrap Daddy MW110 S.T.C.W.R. vs. The Master Quarter Finals intro
S02E06 Ziggo vs. Afterthought 00/00/0000 Ziggo vs. Afterthought Tazbot vs. Vlad Nightmare vs. Biohazard
S02E07 Revision Z vs. Ronin 00/00/0000 Revision Z vs. Ronin Spaz vs. Buddy Lee Blade Runner vs. The Master
S02E08 Diesector vs. Rammstein 00/00/0000 Diesector vs. Rammstein Toe Crusher vs. Evil Fish Tank Deadblow vs. Bad Attitude
S02E09 Atomic Wedgie vs Toro 00/00/0000 Episode 209H1: Atomic Wedgie vs Toro El Diablo vs Complete Control GoldDigger vs FrenZy Backlash vs Sallad Episode 209H2: Frostbite vs Voltronic War Machine vs Doall Crusher vs Beta Raptor
S02E10 Ziggo vs Beta Raptor 00/00/0000 Ziggo vs Beta Raptor Backlash vs Toe Crusher Backlash vs Ziggo
S02E11 Atomic Wedgie vs Toro, El Diablo vs Complete Control, GoldDigger vs FrenZy 13/02/2001
S02E12 Backlash vs. Sallad, FrostBite vs. Voltronic, War Machine vs. DooAll, Crusher vs. Beta Raptor 13/02/2001
S02E13 Ziggo vs. Beta Raptor, Backlash vs. Toe-Crusher, Backlash vs. Ziggo 20/02/2001
S02E14 Vlad the Impaler vs. Voltronic, frenZy vs. BioHazard, Vlad the Impaler vs. BioHazard 20/02/2001
S02E15 Heavyweight Rumble 2, Lightweight Rumble & Recap Show 13/03/2001 Remaining rumbles and season reviews.
S02E16 Bad Attitude vs. Sabotage, Bad Attitude vs. Spaz, Middleweight Rumble Ankle Biter vs. El Diablo, SuperHeavyweight Rumble, El Diablo vs Spaz 06/03/2001
S05E01 Hazard vs. Misty the WounderBot, Patriot vs. Sallad, Matador vs. frenZy, The Judge vs. No Apologies 00/00/0000
S05E02 Wrath Jr. vs. Complete Control, Toro vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate, Pro-AM vs. Vladiator 00/00/0000
S05E03 Gammacide vs. Dreadnought, Sublime vs. Death By Monkeys, Final Destiny vs. Gray Matter 00/00/0000
S05E04 Hazard vs. Misty the WounderBot, Patriot vs. Sallad, Matador vs. frenZy, The Judge vs. No Apologies 10/09/2002
S05E05 Wrath Jr. vs. Complete Control, Toro vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate, Pro-AM vs. Vladiator 21/09/2002
S05E06 Gammacide vs. Dreadnought, Sublime vs. Death By Monkeys, Final Destiny vs. Gray Matter 28/09/2002
S05E07 Vlad the Impaler II vs. Spitfire, T-Minus vs. TriDent, Ringmaster vs. Tazbot 05/10/2002 Spitfire, T-minus, and Ringmaster move on.
S05E08 Iceberg vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate, Final Destiny vs. Diesector, El Diablo vs. Ankle Biter 12/10/2002
S05E09 Minion vs. Codebreaker, Ankle Biter vs. The Master, Hazard vs. Blade Runner 19/10/2002
S05E10 Hexy Jr. vs. Sallad, Atomic Wedgie vs. Maximus, Greenspan vs. Biohazard 26/10/2002
S05E11 S.O.B. vs. T-Wrex, T-Minus vs. Double Agent, BattleRat vs. Overkill 02/11/2002
S05E12 Warhead vs. Matador, Diesector vs. Dreadnought, Mauler 51-50 vs. Mechavore 09/11/2002
S05E13 Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Tentomushi, No Apologies vs. Son of Whyachi, Huggy Bear vs. Bad Attitude 16/11/2002 Dr. Inferno Jr., No Apology, Huggy Bear move on.
S05E14 Sabotage vs. Zion, Slap ‘Em Silly vs. Wedge of Doom 23/11/2002
S05E15 Vladiator vs. Codebreaker, Diesector vs. Hammertime, Maximus vs. Iceberg 14/12/2002 Vladiator, Diesector, and Maximus move on.
S05E16 Wedge of Doom vs. Code Black, Dr. Inferno vs. Gamma Raptor, Wedge of Doom vs. Dr. Inferno Jr. (Lightweight Finals) 21/12/2002 Wedge of Doom wins first battle,
S05E17 Vladiator vs. Maximus, Diesector vs. New Cruelty, Vladiator vs. Diesector (Super Heavyweight Finals) 21/12/2002 Vladiator wins first battle, Diesector wins second battle. Diesector wins the final and the Gold Nut!

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