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BattleTech is an animated television series based on the BattleTech fictional universe, produced for syndication by Saban Entertainment in 1994. The series ran for 13 episodes and focused on the character of Adam Steiner, a military officer in the distant future who struggles to liberate his home planet from an attacking human faction. The series was noteworthy for its blending of animation techniques, with computer animation used to depict most battle sequences and traditional animation used for most other scenes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de BattleTech

S01E01 The Gathering Storm 00/00/0000 Nicolai Malthus of The Clan conquers Summerset, whose forces are led by Commander Andrew Stiener. Nicolai clearly states his goal in the opening scnes: ""Soon all the planets of the Inner Sphere will belong to The Clan."" Meanwhile at the training camp at Kiely fails her test needed to pilot a Battle Mech; Major Adam Stiener the instructor. Adam's philosophies on war tactics are different than his assistant Cero, who believes in tradion and honor in battle. Adam learns that his brother was defeated at Summerset. He uses the fact that he is a distant cousin to the throne of the Inner Sphere lead a small expiditionary force to liberate Summerset and gather information about the unknown invaders. There is a catch though...with a fullscale invation by these mysterious invaders, he will need to find his own ship. Franklin Sakamoto is a smuggler from the Draconis Combine who is tricked into a raid by Captain Miles Hawkins. The ship is comandeered and it looks as though Sakamoto and his cre
S01E02 Well Bargained and Done 00/00/0000 Adam Stiener goes to Dustball to recruit mech pilots. The only one they find is VOlten Rayder. Tybus makes a deal with Kristen Redmond to hand over the planet in exchange for the ability to continue in his smuggling. Tybus also controls Volten Rayder while he pays off his fathers debt. Volten is sent to the clan trap engineered by Tybus. He and Dustball's 5 mechs are defeated, but The 1st Sumerset Strikers come to the rescue just in time. Kristen Redmond is angered and thinks Tybus double crossed her. She retreats to return with reinforcements. Tybus places Ryder and the other strikers in prison. There they meet a FedCom spy who knows that Andrew Stiener is alive. The prisoners escape and try to retrieve their mechs. As the clans reinforcements begin attacking Dustball, Stiener convinces Tybus to let them go to save Dustball. Volten convinces Adam to give him the rank of Captain and joins the Strikers. The clan mechs engage the Sumerset Strikers and as they are on the verge of
S01E03 Warriors of Light and Steel 00/00/0000 We see Nocholai conquering another planet in the introductory scenes. Adam Stiener leads his forces to train at a holographic training facility on Romulus. Cero thinks this is a waste of time and disagrees with Adam. The Clan mechs invade, and the Sumerset Strikers are attacked by Toad elementals. The strikers defeat these only to be met by three clan mechs led by Nicholai. Adam challenges Nicholai 1 on 1, and quickly axes a mountain to cause an avalanche. The clan mechs must fire at the falling rocks and the Strikers escape. This infurates Nicholai. The dropship is captured by the clan, but Sakamoto discuises the weapons so it looks like an innocent trade dropship. The Somerset Strikers attack the clan forces. They seem to have won a small vicotry and pull out. During the retreat Cero attempts to save some loose humans. His mech is obliterated by the clan mechs. He fires his escape pod and is captured by Nicholai Malthus, though Adam leaves Romulus believing that Cero is dead.
S01E04 Retribution 00/00/0000 The show begins with the ruined world of Romulus. Nicholai finds Cero, chooses to take him as his bondsman due to his nobble birth. He also believes the planet to be conquered and wants to move to other worlds. Stiener and his strikers are in the tunnels, low on ammo and in need of repair. They meet up with the remains of the Romulus malitia. They plan to hit an ammo depot. The mechs move through the tunnels, and upon exiting they meet five toads. They enter the tunnels again and come up with a plan. Nicholai tries to brainwash Cero and gain information about his affiliation. Sakamoto and the crew of the dropship take control of their captors and escape. The mechs lead the toads into the tunnels, split up, and lead the toads to an abandoned mech on self destruct.
S01E05 Trade Secrets 00/00/0000 Stiener holds a funeral for Cyro. Meanwhile, Cyro wakes up in a clan prison. He escapes, only to be captured by Nicholai. Adam decides that gathering intelligence about the clan is the best plan of action. He plans to steal a few mechs from the clan. High winds cause the dropship and Kylee's banshee to land roughly. Adam and company manages to find an entrance to the clan base and sneak out with three Toad personal armor suits.
S01E06 Protect And Survive 00/00/0000 The Strikers encounter a stray Mech warrior who turns out to be Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, heir to the Federated Commonwealth throne. But an attempt on the Prince's life points to Sakamoto as the assassin.
S01E07 In The Belly Of The Beast 00/00/0000 As the Strikers test out their adaptations of the stolen Toad technology, Sakamoto's acceptance into the team is hampered by constant hazing from Val and Kylie. Meanwhile, Nicolai and Kristen battle over the slave Ciro.
S01E08 Bound By Honor 00/00/0000 A captured Clan warrior tells Steiner that Ciro is still alive, but that a prisoner exchange can't happen unless there is a duel of honor.
S01E09 Road To Camelot 00/00/0000 Franklin, Val, Kylie and Patch go to investigate a possible lost Star League base that could contain useful technology.
S01E10 The Enemy Of My Enemy 00/00/0000 Adam and the Strikers go to the planet Apollo to check out a lead on a group of resistance fighters led by Adam's brother Andrew, but all they find is a Clan ambush.
S01E11 Shadow Heir 00/00/0000 When Captain Frestadt sabotages the DropShip Kwaidan and kidnaps Sakamoto, Franklin is amazed to discover that he's the long-lost heir to the Draconis empire.
S01E12 Homecoming 00/00/0000 The Strikers finally arrive at the captive planet Somerset, where they infiltrate the main military academy, now turned into a concentration camp for the re-education of the populace.
S01E13 Trial of Possession 00/00/0000 Malthus returns to Somerset with an invasion force that nearly succeeds in destroying the Strikers until Steiner challenges Malthus to a duel for possession of the planet.
S01E14 No Guts No Galaxy 00/00/0000 This is a clip show of the first 5 episodes. It comprises of Adam explaining his encounters with the Clan, and requesting more suplies. Nicholi must answer for the stolen elemental suits to Galaxy Comander Christu.