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In order to save her family from their huge debt, Maya Dela Rosa decides to work abroad but finds out that she was scammed by the recruitment agency in Manila. Her life starts to change when she saves a deaf kid named Abigail, who happens to be the daughter of a handsome and rich widower Richard Lim.


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S01E01 Be Careful With Your Dreams 09/07/2012 Maya is determined to chase her dreams.
S01E02 Be Careful With Your Job 10/07/2012 Maya is desperate to get her dream job.
S01E03 Be Careful With Someone 11/07/2012 Richard finds a way to help Maya.
S01E04 Be Careful With A Child 12/07/2012 Maya starts working as Abby's yaya.
S01E05 Be Careful With A Family's Secret 13/07/2012 Maya discovers the Lim's family secret.
S01E06 Be Careful With A Teacher 16/07/2012 Maya reiterates her job to Abby's teacher.
S01E07 Be Careful With A Family 17/07/2012 Maya develops a strong bond with Abby.
S01E08 Be Careful With Your Time 18/07/2012 Richard must find time away from work to be with Abby.
S01E09 Be Careful With Your Decisions 19/07/2012 Maya's family is very worried with her new job.
S01E10 Be Careful With Your Lies 20/07/2012 Maya lies about her whereabouts to her family.
S01E11 Be Careful With Your Life 23/07/2012 Richard wants to know Maya's background.
S01E12 Be Careful With Your Mistakes 24/07/2012 Maya manages to stay on as Abby's yaya despite her mistakes.
S01E13 Be Careful With Your Boss 25/07/2012 Maya wants to know her boss' likes and dislikes.
S01E14 Be Careful With The Rules 26/07/2012 Richard talks to Maya about his house rules.
S01E15 Be Careful With A Smile 27/07/2012 Maya tries to make her boss smile.
S01E16 Be Careful With The Questions 30/07/2012 Richard still has a lot of questions about Maya.
S01E17 Be Careful With Solving Something 31/07/2012 Maya and Richard resolve the latter's trust issues.
S01E18 Be Careful With Your Education 01/08/2012 Maya really wants to continue her studies.
S01E19 Be Careful With Someone's Heart 02/08/2012 Maya doesn't want to disappoint Abby.
S01E20 Be Careful With Your Feelings 03/08/2012 Richard slowly becomes at ease with Maya.
S01E21 Be Careful With Your Bond 06/08/2012 Today is the best time for Abby but will it be the same for Maya?
S01E22 Be Careful With A Father 10/08/2012 Richard wants to become the best dad for Abby. With the help of Maya, can his effort take a higher flight?
S01E23 Be Careful With The School 13/08/2012 Maya didn't make it in time to school to enroll for the upcoming semester.
S01E24 Be Careful With The First Day Of School 14/08/2012 It's the first day of school, not only for Abby, but for Maya as well.
S01E25 Be Careful With Everyone 15/08/2012 Maya begins a new chapter in her life as a student. But will she fit in a university full of students who are very different from her?
S01E26 Be Careful With Your Idea 16/08/2012 Abby is having a hard time adjusting to her new school, so Maya comes up with an idea and have the whole Lim family help out.
S01E27 Be Careful With Your Help 17/08/2012 Richard is beginning to see how much help Maya is when it comes to Abby.
S01E28 Be Careful With Your Choice 20/08/2012 Because of the bad weather, the Lim family has no choice but to stay home and bond with one another.
S01E29 Be Careful With Your Package To Send 21/08/2012 A package from Dubai arrives for Maya's family and her mother and grandmother believe that it was sent but Maya. Will Maya's secret that she is in Manila come out in the open?
S01E30 Be Careful With The House's Protection 22/08/2012 The Lim family gets robbed!
S01E31 Be Careful With Your Relationship With Your Son 23/08/2012 Will Luke understand his father's impulsive plans to leave the house, or will this strain the relationship even more?
S01E32 Be Careful With Your Depart 24/08/2012 Leaving the house becomes difficult for the family.
S01E33 Be Careful With A Small Living Space 27/08/2012 Will a smaller living space help the family get closer to each other or will they feel more boxed up and irritated?
S01E34 Be Careful With The Truth 28/08/2012 How long can Kute keep the truth about her son's father?
S01E35 Episode 35 29/08/2012 When Luke doesn't answer his phone, Richard gets worried and drags Maya to help him search for Luke.
S01E36 Episode 36 30/08/2012 Maya can't stop thinking of Richard.
S01E37 Episode 37 31/08/2012 Maya decides it will be best if she avoids Richard all together, but will she be successful?
S01E38 Episode 38 03/09/2012 There’s something about being awkward—for Maya it’s Richard, for Doris it’s the pizza guy, and even Kute has a lot of reasons to feel awkward now that Jeff is around. Sasabihin na kaya niya kay Jeff ang katotohanan tungkol kay Cho?
S01E39 Episode 39 04/09/2012 Lahat kaya basta kapit-bisig! But what if everything is handled by Yaya Maya alone? She may have the heart but does she have enough energy?
S01E40 Episode 40 05/09/2012 Lahat kaya basta kapit-bisig! But what if everything has to be handled by Yaya Maya alone? She may have the heart but does she have enough energy?
S01E41 Episode 41 06/09/2012 Maya wants to go back to work and refuses to take a rest.
S01E42 Episode 42 07/09/2012 Jeff and Kute try to tell the truth to Cho.
S01E43 Episode 43 10/09/2012 This time, Sir Chief takes care of Yaya. Non-stop kilig moments nanaman ito para kay Maya. Is Richard feeling the same way?
S01E44 Episode 44 11/09/2012 Manang Fe will share something to Maya that will definitely lighten up the mood of the Lim family. But will Richard be happy about this?
S01E45 Episode 45 12/09/2012 Abby starts to talk. Will this give Yaya Maya another pat on the back from Richard? Paano naman haharapin ni Maya ang pagka-inis sa kanya ni Nikki?
S01E46 Episode 46 13/09/2012 Sabi nga ni yaya, "kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga." Maya and Richard will patiently wait every night just to hear Abby speak.
S01E47 Episode 47 14/09/2012 Si yaya lagi nang kasama ni Sir Chief. Is this the start of something really special between Maya and Richard?
S01E48 Episode 48 17/09/2012 Kute is on her way to Manila. What changes will she bring to the Lim household?
S01E49 Episode 49 18/09/2012 Kute is bumped off the employment list. Babalik na lang ba siya ng probinsya o sasamahan pa si Maya?
S01E50 Episode 50 19/09/2012 Abby ruined Nikki's project. Can Yaya Maya fix this and free Abby from stress?
S01E51 Episode 51 20/09/2012 Will Nikki change her mind over Kute?
S01E52 Episode 52 21/09/2012 Maya and Abby become closer and closer with one another. Mapapalapit na rin kaya si Richard kay Maya?
S01E53 Episode 53 24/09/2012 Get to know Abby's new friend, Mai-mai. At Mai-mai bagong trip din sina Abby, Maya at Richard that will make everybody Zoo-per happy.
S01E54 Episode 54 25/09/2012 Zoo cute, zoo kakakilig! Will this day with Abby and Sir Chief be all sugar, spice and everything nice for Yaya Maya?
S01E55 Episode 55 26/09/2012 A visitor will make changes in the Lim household. Sino kaya siya? Good kaya siya para kay Yaya o ilalabas niya nag selosang Maya?
S01E56 Episode 56 27/09/2012 Who's Raffy and who is she in the life of the Lim Family? Makakatulong ba kay Abby ang bisita o makakadulot lang ng stress?
S01E57 Episode 57 28/09/2012 It's starting to smell like there's a jealous yaya.
S01E58 Episode 58 01/10/2012 Nagpapahiwatig na ba ng pag-ibig si Maya? Now that Rafi is around, what are Yaya Maya's new gimmicks to win Sir Chief's attention?
S01E59 Episode 59 02/10/2012 Flowers for Maya! Has the dream finally turned into reality?
S01E60 Episode 60 03/10/2012 Nikki is about to make her stage debut! Maging successful kaya siya?
S01E61 Episode 61 04/10/2012 Simon discovers Maya's secret. Aamin na ba si Yaya o lulusot pa?
S01E62 Episode 62 05/10/2012 It seems like somebody else is jealous this time. Kaya ba ang sungit ni Sir Chief lately?
S01E63 Episode 63 08/10/2012 Rafi starts to notice something really unusual between Richard and Maya.
S01E64 Episode 64 09/10/2012 "He loves me, he loves me not," do Rafi and Maya's flowers represent only one man?
S01E65 Episode 65 10/10/2012 Rafi can't wait for Charlie anymore. Pero sabi nga ni Yaya Maya, "kalma lang." Who could be the Lim family's new visitor?
S01E66 Episode 66 11/10/2012 How would you know if the person in front of you is already the right one? Rafi seems to have the answer. Paano naman kaya si Sir Chief?
S01E67 Episode 67 12/10/2012 The Lim family will do a "family-oke" night for Rafi and Charlie. Abangan ang "oke na okay" na duet ni Yaya Maya and Sir Chief!
S01E68 Episode 68 15/10/2012 This time it's not just Yaya Maya, because it looks like everyone has been bitten by the love bug.
S01E69 Episode 69 16/10/2012 Maya goes on a date with Simon and Sir Chief seems very concerned.
S01E70 Episode 70 17/10/2012 Nag-aalala lang ba o super jelly na si Sir Chief? Looks like the match is now open-- Richard vs Simon!
S01E71 Episode 71 18/10/2012 Madadagdagan na naman ang kilig access, because Maya and Sir Chief are now FB friends!
S01E72 Episode 72 19/10/2012 Has Nikki been intruding or is she helping Luke in his love life? Yaya Maya, Sir Chief, please enlighten us.
S01E73 Episode 73 22/10/2012 Luke and Nikki's misunderstanding is getting worst and Richard needs to think of something before it ruins Abby's birthday. Yaya Maya, please connect the dots.
S01E74 Episode 74 23/10/2012 Just when everything is set for Abby's birthday, May-May the parrot has gone missing.
S01E75 Episode 75 24/10/2012 Abby decides to let go of her remaining pet bird, Sir Chief. Can Luke and Nikki help cheer up Abby?
S01E76 Episode 76 25/10/2012 Abby's party is still on but do they have enough time for all the preparations?
S01E77 Episode 77 26/10/2012 Jeff is back, which is very uncomfortable for Kute. May pag-asa pa kaya?
S01E78 Episode 78 29/10/2012 Everyone seems excited when Sir Chief's parents come to visit.
S01E79 Episode 79 30/10/2012 Ready na ba kayo sa performance ni Yaya Maya and Abby? Camera, lights, action!
S01E80 Episode 80 31/10/2012 Abby starts to talk and Richard thanks Maya for it.
S01E81 Episode 81 01/11/2012 Richard decides to visit his departed wife together with the kids and Maya.
S01E82 Episode 82 02/11/2012 Lo and behold Yaya ganda!
S01E83 Episode 83 05/11/2012 Awesome Yaya Maya gets a special gift from Sir Chief.
S01E84 Episode 84 06/11/2012 Yaya Maya has a new cell phone care of Sir Chief. Ito na ba ang linya ni Maya sa puso ni Richard?
S01E85 Episode 85 07/11/2012 The game, Dr. Quack-Quack becomes Dr. Love for Maya and Richard. Kahit sa laro kakakilig pa rin si Yaya and Sir Chief!
S01E86 Episode 86 08/11/2012 Will we see a happy Abby after her scrap book presentation? Sir Chief, Yaya Maya, bilis!
S01E87 Episode 87 09/11/2012 Para kanino ba talaga ang niluluto ni Teresita at Mamang?
S01E88 Episode 88 12/11/2012 Richard doesn't seem to like Simon. Selos lang yan, Sir Chief!
S01E89 Episode 89 13/11/2012 The real Florante will get into trouble. Lagot nanaman ba si Luke kay Sir Chief?
S01E90 Episode 90 14/11/2012 Is Maya ready to face her family?
S01E91 Episode 91 15/11/2012 The Lim family misses Yaya Maya.
S01E92 Episode 92 16/11/2012 Sir Chief wants to take a break and plans to take the family to Baguio. Yaya Maya, malamig doon kaya masarap may kayakap.
S01E93 Episode 93 19/11/2012 Ba-Baguio ng kilig dahil sa "truth or consequence" ng Lim family!
S01E94 Episode 94 20/11/2012 Mabubunyag na ang tipo ng babae ni Sir Chief. Ikaw na nga ba, Yaya Maya?
S01E95 Episode 95 21/11/2012 Manang Fe can tell what Maya really feels for Sir Chief. It must be her sweet smile and the sparkles on her eyes.
S01E96 Episode 96 22/11/2012 Sir Chief will be gone for two days. Awww... Miss na agad siya ni Yaya Maya.
S01E97 Episode 97 23/11/2012 Miss na ng lahat si Sir Chief. How long will Richard and Maya hide their feelings?
S01E98 Episode 98 26/11/2012 Richard decides to come home early. Dahil ba sobrang miss na niya si Maya?
S01E99 Episode 99 27/11/2012 Lagi mo na ngang kasama, sumisilay-silay pa. Ang pag-ibig nga naman.
S01E100 Episode 100 28/11/2012 What did Richard write on the recommendation letter? At sino naman si Josephine?
S01E101 Episode 101 29/11/2012 Maya receives the best news! May kinalaman kaya ito kay Sir Chief?
S01E102 Episode 102 30/11/2012 "Kung hindi ukol, hindi bubukol," baka naman jelly ka lang, Yaya Maya.
S01E103 Episode 103 03/12/2012 Will Sir Chief really fall for Maya now that she'll dress up for her internship?
S01E104 Episode 104 04/12/2012 Hatid ka na daw ni Sir Chief, Maya... patungo sa puso este Time Airways.
S01E105 Episode 105 05/12/2012 Manager Katrina Ruiz shares her secret to Maya.
S01E106 Episode 106 06/12/2012 Hintayan? Super worried for each other? Love na ba yan, Richard and Maya? Sweet!
S01E107 Episode 107 07/12/2012 Katrina helps Maya think of a gift for Sir Chief.
S01E108 Episode 108 10/12/2012 When is the perfect moment for Maya's surprise gift?
S01E109 Episode 109 11/12/2012 According to Manang Fe, "magsama na nga kayo." Ba't nga naman hindi, Yaya and Sir Chief?
S01E110 Episode 110 12/12/2012 Manang Fe was sent to the hospital. Will she be okay and will Maya make it to a very important day at Time Airways?
S01E111 Episode 111 13/12/2012 The Lim family wants to sing for Manang Fe. Anong gimik nanaman kaya ang maiisip ni Yaya Maya?
S01E112 Episode 112 14/12/2012 Manang Fe does not want to listen to Richard. Sino kaya ang pakikinggan niya?
S01E113 Episode 113 17/12/2012 Richard can't thank Maya enough for everything that she has done. Bukod sa "thank you," Sir Chief, walang pa bang "I love you?"
S01E114 Episode 114 18/12/2012 Makakasama ba si Maya sa madedestino sa airport?
S01E115 Episode 115 19/12/2012 Where will Maya celebrate Chirstmas? Uuwi ba siya sa kaniyang pamilya o sasamahan pa rin niya si Sir Chief?
S01E116 Episode 116 20/12/2012 For Maya, family is always more important than her dream. Kakayanin pa ba niyang balansehin ang kanyang oras?
S01E117 Episode 117 21/12/2012 At sino naman kaya si Mr. James Ventura?
S01E118 Episode 118 24/12/2012 What could be Sir Chief's gift for Maya? Hindi ba sabi nila, "Give Love on Christmas Day?"
S01E119 Episode 119 25/12/2012 Sir chief has a surprise for Maya.
S01E120 Episode 120 26/12/2012 May "something" si Ms. Ina Ruiz para kay Sir Chief. How can Maya handle this?
S01E121 Episode 121 27/12/2012 Is hide and seek Abby's new favorite game?
S01E122 Episode 122 28/12/2012 Aamin ka na ba, Maya? Will our favorite yaya tell Sir Chief what she really feels?
S01E123 Episode 123 31/12/2012 Bakit nga ba may picture mo si Maya sa cell phone, Sir Chief?
S01E124 Episode 124 01/01/2013 Nagka-aminan na!
S01E125 Episode 125 02/01/2013 Maya accidentally told Sir Chief that she has a crush on him. Kailan ka naman aamin, Sir Chief?
S01E126 Episode 126 03/01/2013 Meet the new guy in Maya's life. Pogi- check! Mayaman- check! Magalang- super check! Eh sa puso ba ni Maya- question mark.
S01E127 Episode 127 04/01/2013 James finds out more of Maya's secrets.
S01E128 Episode 128 07/01/2013 Grabe na ang bugso ng mga damdamin. After everything that Richard said, will things still be okay between him and Maya?
S01E129 Episode 129 08/01/2013 Mukhang "peace" na sina Nikki and Nicolo. What about Maya and Sir Chief?
S01E130 Episode 130 09/01/2013 According to Ina, "What's important ay kung sino ang gusto ni Maya." Si Sir Chief, sino ba talaga ang gusto?
S01E131 Episode 131 10/01/2013 Di pa rin nagpapansinan si Maya and Sir Chief. When will they unwrap their true feelings for each other?
S01E132 Episode 132 11/01/2013 Aamin na si Maya sa kaniyang pamilya. Eh si Sir Chief, aamin na rin ba kay Maya?
S01E133 Episode 133 14/01/2013 Oh no! Is Maya really going to leave the Lim family?
S01E134 Episode 134 15/01/2013 Mukhang may aaminin ka ulit kay Nanay Teresita, Maya.
S01E135 Episode 135 16/01/2013 What will Sir Chief do to stop Maya from resigning?
S01E136 Episode 136 17/01/2013 The Lim family heads to San Nicolas. Mapapabalik kaya nila si Yaya Maya?
S01E137 Episode 137 18/01/2013 The Lim family is lost while Maya is super tensed. Magbabago ba ang isip ni Maya when she sees her second family?
S01E138 Episode 138 21/01/2013 Sir Chief and Yaya Maya's paths finally cross. Will it be a happy reunion or naunahan na ba talaga siya ni Sir James?
S01E139 Episode 139 22/01/2013 Can Maya and Sir Chief put pride aside so they can really talk, heart to heart? Sasabihin na ba nila ang tunay na nilalaman ng kanilang puso?
S01E140 Episode 140 23/01/2013 Sir Chief asks, "What will it take for you to stay?" Ano nga bang sagot, Maya?
S01E141 Episode 141 24/01/2013 Bakit kaya napaiyak si Nanay Teresita?
S01E142 Episode 142 25/01/2013 Ligawan na ba ang simula ng taon para kay Maya and Sir Chief?
S01E143 Episode 143 28/01/2013 Everybody loves Yaya. What about you, Richard? How much do you love Maya? Ano kayang mapag-uusapan sa office ni Sir Chief?
S01E144 Episode 144 29/01/2013 Ano na kayang susunod na mangyayari sa mahal na hari at sa mahal na prinsesa?
S01E145 Episode 145 30/01/2013 Sasagutin ba ni Maya ang royal question? What about you, Sir Chief? Who's your princess?
S01E146 Episode 146 31/01/2013 Abby and Sir Chief take Maya out for lunch. Baka may gusto ka nang aminin, Sir Chief?
S01E147 Episode 147 01/02/2013 It's time to look for a new yaya. Pero kay Maya pa lang mukhang wala nang lumulusot. Why oh why?
S01E148 Episode 148 04/02/2013 Mahaba ang pila ng gustong maging yaya. Pero may tutulad ba kay Maya?
S01E149 Episode 149 05/02/2013 Magaganap na ang pinakakahihintay na "hug."
S01E150 Episode 150 06/02/2013 Richard already feels the loneliness. Aalis ka na ba talaga, Maya?
S01E151 Episode 151 07/02/2013 Who is Zenaida Belmonte? Pahihirapan ba niya sa training ang ating bida?
S01E152 Episode 152 08/02/2013 The Search for a New Yaya 2013 continues. May papalit na kaya kay Maya?
S01E153 Episode 153 11/02/2013 Ang sikip ng plane but there's more room for kilig.
S01E154 Episode 154 12/02/2013 Maya works harder for high grades. Sa puso, ano nang grade niyo ni Sir Chief?
S01E155 Episode 155 13/02/2013 Sir Chief becomes a dance trainer and Maya loves every move.
S01E156 Episode 156 14/02/2013 Meet candidate number 1-- Yaya Gemma!
S01E157 Episode 157 15/02/2013 Will this be Maya and Richard's first date? Magkaka-aminan na ba ang dalawa?
S01E158 Episode 158 18/02/2013 Will Maya and Richard do the ultimate kiss?
S01E159 Episode 159 19/02/2013 Will Abby be okay without Maya?
S01E160 Episode 160 20/02/2013 Seems like someone needs a swimming lesson. May take two kaya ang pool scene ni Maya and Sir Chief?
S01E161 Episode 161 21/02/2013 Time to know yaya candidate number two.
S01E162 Episode 162 22/02/2013 Boto kaya si Sir Chief kay Inigo? Will he also say yes to the "Governess," yaya candidate number 3?
S01E163 Episode 163 25/02/2013 Goodluck Maya!
S01E164 Episode 164 26/02/2013 It's Maya's last day with the Lim family. Goodbye na rin ba sa pagmamahal?
S01E165 Episode 165 27/02/2013 It seems like the Lim family doesn't care about Maya anymore. Pati ba naman ikaw, Sir Chief?
S01E166 Episode 166 28/02/2013 Will Sir Chief agree with Maya's decision to extend her stay?
S01E167 Episode 167 01/03/2013 Goodbye na ba talaga, Yaya Maya?
S01E168 Episode 168 04/03/2013 Simula na ba ng ligawan?
S01E169 Episode 169 05/03/2013 Nikki goes through a dress emergency. May mapapayo ka ba, Maya?
S01E170 Episode 170 06/03/2013 Maya helps NIkki and Sir Chief looks very happy.
S01E171 Episode 171 07/03/2013 Richard sends a special gift for Maya.
S01E172 Episode 172 08/03/2013 Suddenly, there's loss of words and the king can only say "wow." Ano kayang itsura ng mahal na prinsesa?
S01E173 Episode 173 11/03/2013 Someone's gonna get his or her first kiss. Ikaw na ba yun, Maya?
S01E174 Episode 174 12/03/2013 What's the perfect way to say goodnight? Isang matamis na halik ba ang sagot diyan?
S01E175 Episode 175 13/03/2013 Maya and Richard still can't get over that sweet kiss.
S01E176 Episode 176 14/03/2013 Earth to Maya, okay ka lang ba?
S01E177 Episode 177 15/03/2013 Meet Tito Ryan. Matutulungan kaya niya si Sir Chief sa panliligaw kay Maya?
S01E178 Episode 178 18/03/2013 Iniiwasan ba ni Maya si Sir Chief?
S01E179 Episode 179 00/00/0000
S01E180 Episode 180 00/00/0000
S02E181 Be Careful With Your Love 00/00/0000
S02E182 Be Careful With Your Challenges 00/00/0000
S02E255 Episode 489 29/05/2014

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