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Beast Saga takes place on a distant planet in our galaxy called Beast where three beast tribes, the Sea Tribe, the Land Tribe, and the Sky Tribe, fight for their honor. Each of the tribes protect an infinite elemental power source called Godlot


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Beast Saga

S01E01 The Fist of Ferocity King, Liogre 13/01/2013
S01E02 Tyrant Lord Alldile 20/01/2013
S01E03 Beast Fight! Showdown between Warriors! 27/01/2013
S01E04 Reversal! The Magiclot! 03/02/2013
S01E05 The Trap of Mandal Mountain! 10/02/2013
S01E06 The Counterattack of Gloria's Royal Guard! 17/02/2013
S01E07 Golder's Rebellion! 24/02/2013
S01E08 The Power of the Godlot 03/03/2013
S01E09 The Colossal Clash! Lion vs. Tiger! 10/03/2013
S01E13 The Death-Heart Gang's Plot 07/04/2013
S01E14 Calamity at the Zigzag River 14/04/2013
S01E22 Leoparmint's Determination 09/06/2013
S01E23 The Forbidden Spell: The Mega Tempest! 16/06/2013
S01E24 Vanquish the Gigantic Dragon! 23/06/2013
S01E25 Land, Sea, and Sky! An All-Out Battle! 30/06/2013
S01E26 At the End of a Life-and-Death Struggle 07/07/2013
S01E27 Break into Deadlock! 14/07/2013
S01E28 A Fierce Battle in the Deep Blue Sea 21/07/2013
S01E29 The Frightening Three Shark Brothers 28/07/2013
S01E30 Mantaray's Shout 04/08/2013
S01E31 Burst, Super Liogre! 11/08/2013
S01E32 Big Serow and the Fist of Friendship 18/08/2013
S01E33 The Grand Opening of the Festival of Gloria 25/08/2013
S01E34 Showdown! Ogre vs. Liogre 01/09/2013
S01E35 Dark Clouds Gather over the Kingdom of Soarer 08/09/2013
S01E36 The Triple Alliance Summit: A Vow of Peace 15/09/2013
S01E37 Rematch! The Destined Rivals 22/09/2013
S01E38 Heading into the Future! Beast Fight! 29/09/2013

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