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Beauty and the Geek is a reality television show, first aired in the United Kingdom on E4 on February 7, 2006, following the success of the format in the USA, and was advertised similarly as "the Ultimate Social Experiment". The first series ended on 14 March, and was repeated on Channel 4 beginning on 31 March. There is no host per se, although voiceovers are provided by David Mitchell of Peep Show fame and the physical actions normally requiring a host are performed by a silent "butler" known as "Gates" (actor Alex Purves).


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Beauty and the Geek (UK)

S01E01 Spelling Bee/Dance Competition 07/02/2006
S01E02 Human Body/Massage 14/02/2006
S01E03 Rocket Science/Women's Fashion 21/02/2006
S01E04 Beauties Get Drinks Bought/Geeks Get Phone Numbers 28/02/2006
S01E05 Outdoor Challenge 07/03/2006
S01E06 How Much Do You Know About Your Partner 14/03/2006

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