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Wong Hoi King (Michelle Yim) is successful in both career and life. However, she accidentally discovers that her husband Chin Kwong Lung (Dominic Lam) has committed adultery. In order to maintain the relationship, King is willing to take the risk of getting pregnant despite her age. Pregnancy has imposed great pressure on her daily life as well as her career. Her aggressive subordinate Sa Yuen Kei (Maggie Cheung) therefore seizes the chance to take up her duties. Kei is a bold and decisive person at work but she is caught in a quadrangular relationship by falling in love with the married man Ko Chi Lik (Joe Ma). Discouraged by the relationship failures of her bosses, secretary Yu Man Yau (Joyce Tang) further impairs her confidence. Yau’s "outstanding" body shape, further increases her inferiority. Encouraged by her colleague Chi Nam (Power Chan), Yau decides to boost her self-esteem by getting plastic surgery. Subsequently, she becomes the sexiest goddess on the internet and the hottest brand spokesperson in town. Upon her getting rich and famous, Yau suddenly realizes that this is not what she really wants...

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