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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Beggars and Choosers

S01E01 The Mountainmen (1) 19/06/1999
S01E02 The Mountainmen (2) 19/06/1999
S01E03 Once More Unto the Breach 26/06/1999 Police probe Kendall's disappearance; scripts are needed.
S01E04 The Hat Trick 03/07/1999 The network faces a $25 million sexual-harassment suit.
S01E05 The Ethel Merman Story 10/07/1999
S01E06 The Deal 17/07/1999
S01E07 Sex, Drugs & Videotape 24/07/1999
S01E08 Unsafe Sex 31/07/1999 Rob gets caught between the wishes of E.L. (Bill Morey) and L.L. (Carol Kane).
S01E09 The Velvet Curtain 07/08/1999
S01E10 Touched by an Angel 14/08/1999
S01E11 Is It Good or Bad for the Jews? 21/08/1999
S01E12 White Woman's Burden 28/08/1999 Lori stops at nothing to get the rights to a Russian mobster's story.
S01E13 Shakedown in Puerto Vallarta 04/09/1999
S01E14 Don't Try This at Home 11/09/1999
S01E15 Star Whores 27/11/1999 Casey takes over when Lori is arrested for delinquent parking tickets.
S01E16 Always Leave 'Em Laughing 04/12/1999
S01E17 Faith, Hope & Chastity 11/12/1999
S01E18 Russian Roulette 19/02/2000
S01E19 Death in Malibu 26/02/2000
S01E20 Fasten Your Seatbelts 04/03/2000
S01E21 Disinformed Sources 11/03/2000
S01E22 The Cherry Orchard (aka The Cherry Orchard, pt. 2) 18/03/2000
S02E01 PMS.COM 27/06/2000
S02E02 Fifty Three Percent Solution 04/07/2000
S02E03 Sex and Violence 11/07/2000
S02E04 Dog Day Afternoon 18/07/2000
S02E05 The Naked Truth 25/07/2000
S02E06 An Asian in the Sun 01/08/2000
S02E07 The Leak 08/08/2000
S02E08 Hello Dalai 15/08/2000
S02E09 Zero Tolerance 22/08/2000
S02E10 The Wartime Consigliere 29/08/2000
S02E11 Be Careful What You Wish For 05/09/2000
S02E12 Killer Sushi 12/09/2000
S02E13 The Woodhouse Conundrum 05/12/2000
S02E14 Moles, Meatloaf & Myrna Loy 12/12/2000
S02E15 Fathers & Sons 02/01/2001
S02E16 Hitting the Bottle 09/01/2001
S02E17 Golf War Syndrome 16/01/2001
S02E18 We'll Always Have Burbank 23/01/2001
S02E19 From Russia with Love 30/01/2001
S02E20 The Long Goodbye 06/02/2001

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