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This series details the rise and fall of many of the most popular musical acts of the last 25 years. The show was nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series for four consecutive years.


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S01E01 Milli Vanilli 17/08/1997 The photogenic dance pop group that was disgraced after it was revealed that it did not sing on its album.
S01E02 M.C. Hammer 24/08/1997 The energetic rapper/dancer who sold millions after crossing over to the pop market, but later shocked all by filing for bankruptcy.
S01E03 Boy George 31/08/1997 The flamboyant British singer and frontman for the '80s band Culture Club.
S01E04 Fleetwood Mac 07/09/1997 The legendary rock group, known best for the classic multi-platinum album Rumours, experiences turmoil due to drug use and tumultuous inter-group romances.
S01E05 Nowhere to Run 21/09/1997 A look at rock stars who were terrorized by stalkers.
S01E06 Imagemakers 28/09/1997 A study of rock photographers.
S01E07 Lynyrd Skynyrd 19/10/1997 The Southern rock group that persevered despite countless tragedies, including a 1977 plane crash that killed three members.
S01E08 Teddy Pendergrass 26/10/1997 The sultry R&B singer who continued his career despite being paralyzed in a car accident.
S01E09 Billy Joel 09/11/1997 The popular New York-based singer/songwriter/pianist.
S01E10 Lilith Fair 16/11/1997 A look at the all-female touring rock show organized by Sarah McLachlan.
S01E11 Andy Gibb 30/11/1997 The handsome disco singer and younger brother of the Bee Gees whose life was cut short by drug use.
S01E12 Jim Croce 02/12/1997 The singer/songwriter who died in a plane crash just before his best-known hit, "Time in a Bottle", was released.
S01E13 Carpenters 01/01/1998 The brother-sister soft rock duo that dominated the charts throughout the 1970s while one of its members hid a deadly eating disorder.
S01E14 Sonny Bono 11/01/1998 The singer/actor/comedian turned politician, best known for his association (both on and off stage) with Cher.
S01E15 The Mamas and the Papas 18/01/1998 The tumultuous 1960s folk-pop group, best known for hits like ""California Dreamin'"" and ""Monday, Monday"" and its members' battles with drug addiction.
S01E16 Meat Loaf 01/02/1998 The corpulent singer/actor, who rose to fame in the 1970s and fell off the radar for two decades before rebounding in the mid-90s with the sequel to his successful album Bat Out of Hell.
S01E17 Gladys Knight 15/02/1998 The legendary R&B singer/actress known for hits such as ""I Heard It Through the Grapevine,"" ""Midnight Train to Georgia"" and ""Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye).""
S01E18 Willie Nelson 01/03/1998 The country singer/songwriter known for his battles with drugs and long-standing fight against the IRS as well as his musical output.
S01E19 Jerry Lee Lewis 08/03/1998 The Hall-of-Fame singer/songwriter/pianist who faced a severe career backlash after marrying his 13-year-old cousin.
S01E20 Rick James 15/03/1998 The R&B/funk singer, known for hits such as ""Super Freak,"" who saw his career decline and eventually wound up behind bars due to a severe drug addiction.
S01E21 David Crosby 22/03/1998 The folk-rock singer/guitarist and member of the Hall-of-Fame trio Crosby, Stills and Nash who faced severe legal and health crises due to his decades of drug abuse.
S01E22 Selena 29/03/1998 The Tejano superstar who was murdered by her fan club manager just before her English-language crossover debut was to be released.
S01E23 Jefferson Airplane 05/04/1998 The '60s rock group that underwent several lineup and format changes over the course of two decades, later evolving into the peppy pop group Starship in the mid-'80s.
S01E24 Takin' It to the Streets 12/04/1998 A look at street musicians.
S01E25 Ozzy Osbourne 19/04/1998 The popular but troubled heavy metal icon and former lead singer of Black Sabbath, who battled drug and alcohol problems that nearly cost him his career and family.
S01E26 Ted Nugent 26/04/1998 The outspoken hard rock guitarist and hunting activist.
S01E27 Joe Cocker 03/05/1998 The raspy-voiced pop-rock singer who endured a long, public battle with drugs.
S01E28 Frank Sinatra 17/05/1998 A news special focusing on the life of the legendary crooner and actor.
S01E29 Studio 54 24/05/1998 One of the most famous hot spots of the disco era.
S01E30 Keith Moon 31/05/1998 The drummer for the legendary British rock group The Who, who suffered an early demise due to a drug overdose.
S01E31 Bonnie Raitt 07/06/1998 The blues-rock singer/guitarist who battled alcoholism for years, then recovered to find mainstream success and critical acclaim in the 1990s.
S01E32 Culture Club Reunion 13/06/1998 An update on the earlier episode about singer Boy George, as he reunites with his former bandmates to perform again.
S01E33 Robbie Robertson 14/06/1998 The guitarist for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Band.
S01E34 Def Leppard 21/06/1998 The British pop metal band, which released such multi-platinum albums as Pyromania and Hysteria.
S01E35 Tony Orlando 28/06/1998 The soft pop singer and '70s variety show host who went into a downward spiral after losing a friend.
S01E36 Gloria Estefan 05/07/1998 The Cuban-born pop/adult contemporary singer who battled back after suffering devastating injuries in a tour bus accident.
S01E37 Jan and Dean 12/07/1998 The popular surf-rock duo which saw one member suffer life-threatening injuries in a car wreck.
S01E38 Harry Chapin 19/07/1998 The folk-rock singer/songwriter, who also landed a #1 pop hit with ""Cat's in the Cradle"" but died young in a car accident.
S01E39 Gloria Gaynor 26/07/1998 The disco singer who topped the charts with ""I Will Survive.""
S01E40 David Cassidy 00/00/0000
S02E01 Madonna 16/08/1998 The dance-pop singer, actress and pop icon who became one of the most famous women in the world.
S02E02 1968 30/08/1998 A look at the music of 1968 and how it fit in with some of the year's biggest social, political and cultural events, including the Vietnam War and the hippie movement.
S02E03 Steppenwolf 06/09/1998 The '60s rock band best known for its hits ""Born to Be Wild"" and ""Magic Carpet Ride.""
S02E04 John Denver 20/09/1998 The sensitive singer/songwriter who dominated the charts in the 1970s with his soft-rock ballads and songs about nature.
S02E05 Blondie 27/09/1998 The new wave band, fronted by Deborah Harry, that rose to success on the pop charts in the late '70s and early '80s behind such songs as ""Call Me"" and ""Rapture.""
S02E06 Shania Twain 04/10/1998 The pop-country superstar who overcame a tragic childhood to find multi-platinum success in the '90s.
S02E07 Stevie Nicks 01/11/1998 The eccentric rock singer and member of Fleetwood Mac.
S02E08 John Mellencamp 08/11/1998 The pop-rock singer known for his songs about small-town America.
S02E09 Metallica 22/11/1998 The hard rock band, which built a large following in the 1980s before finding more mainstream success in the '90s, endures inter-band squabbles, alcoholism, and the tragic death of one member in a tour bus accident.
S02E10 Lionel Richie 00/00/0000 The mellow R&B singer/songwriter and former member of the funk band The Commodores.
S02E11 Rick Springfield 00/00/0000 The popular rock singer/actor, who was propelled to fame by a stint on a soap opera.
S02E12 KC and the Sunshine Band 29/11/1998 The highly successful disco band, known for hits such as ""(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty"" and ""(That's the Way) I Like It.""
S02E13 R.E.M. 06/12/1998 The Athens, Georgia-based alternative rock band, which developed a large cult following throughout the 1980s before briefly crossing over to the pop charts in the late '80s and early '90s.
S02E14 Mötley Crüe 13/12/1998 The hard rock band whose lifestyle, based entirely around drugs and groupies, become symbolic of the decadence of the 1980s heavy metal scene.
S02E15 David Cassidy 20/12/1998 The 1970s teen idol and star of the sitcom The Partridge Family.
S02E16 Bette Midler 03/01/1999 The bawdy singer / actress / comedienne, who got her start in bath houses in the 1970s before later evolving into a mellow adult contemporary artist.
S02E17 Leif Garrett 10/01/1999 The '70s teen heartthrob who fell victim to drugs and alcohol.
S02E18 Heart 24/01/1999 The highly successful rock band formed by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson in the early 1970s.
S02E19 The Day the Music Died 03/02/1999 A recount of the events of the day that a plane crash took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper.
S02E20 Depeche Mode 28/02/1999 The alternative rock group, whose singer battled depression for years and survived several suicide attempts.
S02E21 Grand Funk Railroad 07/03/1999 The '70s rock band known for the #1 hit ""We're an American Band.""
S02E22 Iggy Pop 14/03/1999 The punk singer and leader of the Stooges, who engaged in well-chronicled wild exploits both on and off stage before later cleaning up his act.
S02E23 Vanilla Ice 28/03/1999 The white rapper who recorded the smash hit ""Ice Ice Baby,"" but later was confronted with questions about his credibility.
S02E24 Duran Duran 04/04/1999 The successful British pop-rock band of the '80s and '90s, known for hits such as ""Rio"" and ""Ordinary World.""
S02E25 Cher 11/04/1999 The iconic recording artist turned Oscar-winning actress who dominated the attention of the press for decades through her fashion choices and romances, as well as her work.
S02E26 TLC 18/04/1999 The multi-platinum-selling R&B/hip hop group, which endured personal and medical crises and stunned all by filing for bankruptcy.
S02E27 Julian Lennon 25/04/1999 Music legend John Lennon's eldest son, who experienced some chart success in the mid 1980s.
S02E28 Alice Cooper 02/05/1999 The shock-rocker who rose to fame in the 1970s and built an audience through his wild on-stage behavior.
S02E29 Black Crowes 09/05/1999 The Southern rock band, featuring two feuding brothers, that found success throughout the 1990s.
S02E30 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 16/05/1999 The rock singer/songwriter/guitarist and his backing band, who became a radio staple throughout the late '70s and 1980s with hits like ""Don't Come Around Here No More.""
S02E31 Marianne Faithfull 23/05/1999 The smoky-voiced rock singer known best for her romance with Mick Jagger.
S02E32 Red Hot Chili Peppers 30/05/1999 The alternative rock/funk group that lost one member to a heroin overdose and saw several others battle addictions to the drug.
S02E33 Eric Burdon & the Animals 13/06/1999 The 1960s English rock band whose best-known hit was ""House of the Rising Sun.""
S02E34 Donna Summer 20/06/1999 The ""Queen of Disco,"" who latched together an impressive string of hits in the late 1970s, including ""Last Dance"" and ""Hot Stuff.""
S02E35 Lenny Kravitz 27/06/1999 Retro-rock singer/songwriter/guitarist who first became known for his relationship with actress Lisa Bonet before hitting the charts.
S02E36 "Weird Al" Yankovic 04/07/1999 The popular music parodist.
S02E37 Poison 11/07/1999 The pop-metal band and MTV staple of the late '80s and early '90s, known for its outrageous hair and make-up, as well as for songs like ""Talk Dirty to Me"" and ""Every Rose Has Its Thorn.""
S02E38 Quiet Riot 18/07/1999 The '80s heavy metal band that had a hit with ""Cum on Feel the Noize.""
S02E39 Natalie Cole 25/07/1999 The R&B/soul/adult contemporary singer and daughter of Nat ""King"" Cole battles drugs and alcohol for over a decade before finally getting clean and making a comeback in the late '80s.
S03E01 Melissa Etheridge 01/08/1999 The popular rock singer/guitarist who came out as a lesbian in the mid 1990s.
S03E02 Woodstock 08/08/1999 A review of the famed 1969 rock festival and the sequel held in 1994 in honor of its 25th anniversary.
S03E03 Bay City Rollers 15/08/1999 The 1970s boy band best known for the #1 hit ""Saturday Night.""
S03E04 Donny & Marie 22/08/1999 The wholesome brother and sister singing/acting/variety show hosting duo.
S03E05 Peter Tosh 29/08/1999 The highly influential reggae musician.
S03E06 Goo Goo Dolls 05/09/1999 The rock group which charted in the late 1990s with songs such as ""Name"" and ""Iris.""
S03E07 Bad Company 12/09/1999 The English rock band behind such 1970s hits as ""Feel Like Makin' Love"" and ""Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy.""
S03E08 Glen Campbell 19/09/1999 The country singer/songwriter who enjoyed his greatest success in the 1960s and '70s with songs such as ""Rhinestone Cowboy.""
S03E09 Sting 26/09/1999 The British singer/songwriter/bassist and former frontman for The Police.
S03E10 Alan Freed 03/10/1999 The legendary disc jockey known as ""Mr. Rock and Roll.""
S03E11 Thin Lizzy 17/10/1999 The Irish rock group known for the '70s hit ""The Boys Are Back in Town.""
S03E12 Rocky Horror Picture Show 31/10/1999 The musical 1975 film that became a cult classic.
S03E13 Dr. Dre 21/11/1999 The rapper/producer and member of the pioneering rap group NWA who found success both as a solo rap artist, with his album The Chronic; and by helping to launch the careers of artists such as Snoop Dogg.
S03E14 Barry White 28/11/1999 The R&B/soul crooner known for his seductively deep voice on hits such as ""You're the First, the Last, My Everything.""
S03E15 Alanis Morissette 05/12/1999 The Canadian pop-rock singer/songwriter who struck a nerve among women with her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill.
S03E16 Genesis 19/12/1999 The 1970s progressive rock band that later evolved into a successful pop outfit with drummer Phil Collins at the helm.
S03E17 1999 26/12/1999 A look at boy bands, the Latin craze, and other musical trends of 1999.
S03E18 The Partridge Family 02/01/2000 The fictional sitcom family band that recorded several hits in the early '70s, despite the fact that most of its members couldn't sing or play an instrument.
S03E19 Michael Hutchence 09/01/2000 The handsome frontman of the successful Australian pop-rock band INXS, who took his own life in 1997.
S03E20 Celine Dion 16/01/2000 The extremely successful French-Canadian pop/adult contemporary singer, who sold millions behind songs such as ""My Heart Will Go On.""
S03E21 Russell Simmons 23/01/2000 The acclaimed rap/hip-hop producer.
S03E22 Quincy Jones 06/02/2000 The composer/producer/arranger whose work on television and film scores, as well as producing countless top-selling artists such as Michael Jackson, led to him receiving a Living Legend Award at the 1990 Grammy Awards.
S03E23 Run DMC 20/02/2000 The rap music trio who, among other accomplishments, helped rap cross over into the mainstream through its collaboration with Aerosmith on the 1986 hit ""Walk This Way.""
S03E24 Tina Turner 05/03/2000 The legendary R&B singer who fled an abusive marriage and bounced back from poverty and obscurity to enjoy the greatest success of her career in the 1980s and beyond.
S03E25 1970 12/03/2000 A look at singer-songwriters and other musical trends and events of 1970.
S03E26 Elton John 19/03/2000 The British singer-songwriter who dominated the charts for three decades with songs ranging from rock to adult contemporary.
S03E27 Oasis 02/04/2000 The British pop-rock group, led by the constantly feuding Gallagher brothers, which sold millions of albums in the mid-1990s while garnering lots of media attention for its brash statements.
S03E28 No Doubt 09/04/2000 The pop/rock/ska band that rose to fame through its 1995 album Tragic Kingdom.
S03E29 1984 16/04/2000 A look at the way music tied into the political and social events of 1984, including homelessness.
S03E30 The Police 23/04/2000 The 1980s pop-rock band fronted by Sting, known for hits such as ""Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"" and ""Every Breath You Take.""
S03E31 1992 19/05/2000 A look at grunge, rap and other trends of 1992.
S03E32 The Go-Go's 21/05/2000 The '80s girl group known for hits such as ""We Got the Beat"" and ""Vacation,"" which was torn apart by its members' decadent lifestyles.
S03E33 Ricky Martin 28/05/2000 The Latin superstar and former member of Menudo who crossed over to the mainstream with his hit ""Livin' la Vida Loca.""
S03E34 AC/DC 04/06/2000 The Australian hard rock band that persevered and continued to enjoy success following the tragic death of lead singer Bon Scott in 1980.
S03E35 Bon Jovi 11/06/2000 The long-running New Jersey-based rock band known for hits such as ""Living on a Prayer"" and ""Bad Medicine.""
S03E36 The Monkees 25/06/2000 The pop band formed to star in a 1960s NBC sitcom, which enjoyed chart success during and after the show's run.
S03E37 Queen Latifah 09/07/2000 The female rap pioneer turned successful actress.
S03E38 Public Enemy 16/07/2000 The rap group known for its controversial lyrics about race relations and other social and political subjects.
S03E39 Faith Hill 23/07/2000 The country singer (and wife of fellow country star Tim McGraw) who crossed over to the pop charts with hits such as ""Breathe.""
S03E40 The Bangles 30/07/2000 The '80s all-female pop-rock band known for such hits as ""Walk Like an Egyptian"" and ""Eternal Flame.""
S04E01 Peter Frampton 06/08/2000 The pop-rock singer/guitarist who enjoyed massive success through his 1976 live album Frampton Comes Alive.
S04E02 Styx 13/08/2000 The pop-rock group that recorded hits such as ""Come Sail Away"" and ""Babe,"" which later suffered severe inter-group turmoil due to disagreements over a concept album about robots.
S04E03 1977 20/08/2000 Arena rock, ""Saturday Night Fever,"" the Son of Sam killings, and other events and trends of 1977 are discussed.
S04E04 Ice-T 27/08/2000 The hard-core rapper turned actor, who endured the ire of police groups and politicians because of his controversial lyrics.
S04E05 Anniversary Special 24/09/2000 A look back at highlights from the series' first three seasons.
S04E06 Cat Stevens 01/10/2000 The folk singer/songwriter who faced a backlash after converting to Islam and making controversial remarks about author Salman Rushdie.
S04E07 Barenaked Ladies 08/10/2000 The fun-loving Canadian rock band known for hits like ""One Week.""
S04E08 Chicago 15/10/2000 The rock turned adult contemporary band that stayed together for decades through countless line-up and format changes, recording over 30 top 40 hits.
S04E09 Tiffany 29/10/2000 The late '80s teen pop star known for hits like ""Could've Been.""
S04E10 Badfinger 05/11/2000 The Welsh rock group with ties to The Beatles that eventually saw two members commit suicide.
S04E11 Brian Setzer 12/11/2000 The rockabilly singer who recorded three top ten hits with the Stray Cats, and later enjoyed a resurgence almost two decades later with his own orchestra.
S04E12 Snoop Dogg 19/11/2000 The successful rapper and protegé of Dr. Dre who faced a murder charge following a confrontation between his bodyguard and another man.
S04E13 Creed 26/11/2000 The rock band known for hits such as ""Higher"" and ""With Arms Wide Open.""
S04E14 John Lennon: The Last Years 03/12/2000 The final years of the life of the rock legend, which he mainly spent caring for youngest son Sean.
S04E15 Everclear 10/12/2000 The Portland, Oregon-based rock trio, whose songs mostly dealt with issues of familial strife.
S04E16 2000 17/12/2000 A look at the battle over the Napster file-sharing service, popular artists licensing their songs for commercials, and other issues that dominated the music industry in 2000.
S04E17 Grease 21/01/2001 The popular 1978 movie musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.
S04E18 Huey Lewis & The News 04/02/2001 The Bay Area-based rock band that was a steady chart presence throughout the 1980s, landing three #1 hits including ""The Power of Love.""
S04E19 Journey 18/02/2001 The San Francisco-based pop-rock group that enjoyed tremendous success throughout the 1980s behind such songs as ""Open Arms"" and ""Don't Stop Believin'.""
S04E20 Doobie Brothers 25/02/2001 The Bay Area-based rock group that received both major FM radio airplay and pop chart success throughout the 1970s behind hits like ""China Grove"" and ""What a Fool Believes.""
S04E21 Rod Stewart 04/03/2001 The English-born singer who remained a chart presence for nearly three decades, with hits in genres ranging from rock to disco to adult contemporary.
S04E22 Flashdance 11/03/2001 A look at the hit 1983 film in which Jennifer Beals starred as a welder with professional dance aspirations.
S04E23 Saturday Night Fever 01/04/2001 The 1977 disco film that spawned one of the biggest-selling soundtracks of all time.
S04E24 Billy Idol 15/04/2001 The rocker, known for ""Rebel Yell,"" who battled alcohol and drugs and suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident.
S04E25 Megadeth 22/04/2001 The popular metal band, formed in the 1980s, which continued to sell despite a lack of radio airplay.
S04E26 1972 29/04/2001 A look at the failed attempt to rally American youth against President Nixon and other events of 1972.
S04E27 1975 06/05/2001 The origins of disco and punk and other musical events of 1975 are discussed.
S04E28 Blues Traveler 27/05/2001 The blues-rock group that lost one member to a drug overdose and had another undergo gastric bypass surgery to save his life.
S04E29 1981 03/06/2001 The success of power ballads, the launch of MTV and other trends and events of 1981.
S04E30 1987 10/06/2001 The successful crossover of several ""alternative"" bands like R.E.M. is among the events discussed from 1987.
S04E31 1994 17/06/2001 The suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain tops the list of musical, political and social events discussed from 1994.
S04E32 Rick Nelson 24/06/2001 The white R&B/pop singer and actor who got his start as a teen singing on his family's series The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.
S04E33 The Notorious B.I.G 08/07/2001 The famed New York rapper who was slain in 1997 in a case that has yet to be solved.
S04E34 Green Day 15/07/2001 The alternative rock/punk band known for such hits as ""When I Come Around.""
S04E35 Neil Diamond 22/07/2001 The pop singer/songwriter who recorded 35 top 40 hits between the mid 1960s and early 1980s.
S05E01 Pat Benatar 05/08/2001 The rock singer known for 1980s hits like ""Love Is a Battlefield"" and ""Hit Me With Your Best Shot.""
S05E02 REO Speedwagon 12/08/2001 The 1980s rock band that hit #1 with ""Keep on Loving You"" and the ballad ""Can't Fight This Feeling.""
S05E03 Twisted Sister 19/08/2001 The '80s heavy metal band that recorded the rock anthem ""We're Not Gonna Take It.""
S05E04 Hair 26/08/2001 The controversial musical about the hippie movement.
S05E05 Blind Melon 09/09/2001 The alternative rock group, known for the hit ""No Rain,"" that soon lost lead singer Shannon Hoon to a drug overdose.
S05E06 Judas Priest 23/09/2001 The metal band that faced several lawsuits from parents who claimed the group's music caused teenagers to commit suicide.
S05E07 Sean P. Diddy Combs 07/10/2001 The successful rapper/producer, known for his solo hits as well as his work with artists such as Mase and The Notorious B.I.G., who battled gun charges following a shootout at a nightclub.
S05E08 Aaliyah - The Life and Death 14/10/2001 The young R&B superstar who died in a plane crash in 2001.
S05E09 Sinead O'Connor 21/10/2001 The controversial Irish singer who landed a number one hit with ""Nothing Compares 2 U.""
S05E10 Lindsey Buckingham 11/11/2001 The singer/guitarist and member of Fleetwood Mac, who had a tumultuous relationship with bandmate Stevie Nicks.
S05E11 Mary J. Blige 18/11/2001 The talented R&B singer/songwriter who struggled with drugs, alcohol, stormy relationships and her own ego before finally finding peace.
S05E12 Salt 'n' Pepa 25/11/2001 The all-female rap trio that scored major hits with songs like ""Push It"" and ""Whatta Man.""
S05E13 Sublime 09/12/2001 The alternative rock band that found success with its catalog only after the drug overdose death of lead singer Bradley Nowell.
S05E14 The Cult 20/01/2002 The hard rock band fronted by Ian Astbury.
S05E15 Hall & Oates 27/01/2002 The white pop/soul duo that recorded over two dozen hits over the course of 15 years, including 6 songs that topped the charts.
S05E16 Busta Rhymes 17/02/2002 The eccentric rapper known for hits like ""Woo-hah! Got You All in Check.""
S05E17 Anthrax 10/03/2002 The speed metal band that enjoyed success throughout the '80s and '90s despite a lack of radio airplay.
S05E18 Sheryl Crow 17/03/2002 The singer/songwriter who began a successful career by going platinum and winning a Best New Artist Grammy for her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club.
S05E19 Garbage 07/04/2002 The alternative rock group that also crossed over to pop radio with such songs as ""Stupid Girl"" and ""Only Happy When It Rains.""
S05E20 Foreigner 28/04/2002 The British-American rock group which was one of the top selling rock bands of the late '70s and 1980s, thanks to songs such as ""Double Vision"" and ""Waiting for a Girl Like You.""
S05E21 Boyz II Men 16/06/2002 The R&B quartet that dominated the charts in the early to mid 1990s with record-setting hits such as ""End of the Road"" and ""One Sweet Day.""
S05E22 Bob Marley 30/06/2002 The legendary reggae star.
S05E23 BTM 5th Anniversary: Updates & Fresh Takes 26/08/2002 The show catches up with some of its past subjects.
S05E24 BTM 5th Anniversary: Riches to Rags 27/08/2002 A look at stars who lost their fortunes.
S05E25 BTM 5th Anniversary: Most Shocking Moments 28/08/2002 A look back at some of the more surprising events described in previous episodes.
S05E26 BTM 5th Anniversary: Near Death Experiences 29/08/2002 A review of episodes involving stars who faced death and lived to tell about it.
S05E27 BTM 5th Anniversary: Raunchy Revelations 30/08/2002 Some of the more surprising (and disgusting) confessions from previous episodes are recalled.
S05E28 BTM 5th Anniversary: Heartbreaks & Break-ups 31/08/2002 A look at relationships gone bad.
S10E01 New Kids on the Block: A Behind the Music Special Event 28/09/2008 In 1988, when the New Kids On The Block's second album "Hangin' Tough" was released, there were very few acts that equaled the success of The Beatles or Michael Jackson. But overnight, "Hangin' Tough" sales catapulted the five young teens into superstardom. With each airplay the "New Kids" sold more merchandise and concert tickets than virtually any other musical act. They became a money-making machine. Their success set a new standard for many, many imitators to follow. Through the millions of screaming girls, tours around the world, homesick nights, private jets, psychotic groupies, rumors and deceptions, they had developed a bond like soldiers in a foxhole. However, the whirlwind of exploitation soon surrounded the New Kids. Combined with the changing music climate and the ever-escalating pressures of being international superstars, the group was pushed to an unexpected breakup. But what if they could do it all over again? What if they're given the opportunity to do it their own way -- unlike before? Is that brotherhood bond still strong enough? Do they still have what it takes? VH1, in association with Allentown productions, will trace the history of New Kids On The Block while also documenting their inspired 2008 reunion. Thru rare archival images and modern day verite footage, intercut with interviews from all five band members, their enterprising producer, and the people closest to them throughout their career, this hour long documentary will take viewers on a wild ride "behind the music." This isn't just another reunion show. It's about five "brothers" whose experience was unmatched by anyone else in history.
S11E01 Bret Michaels 01/10/2009 Bret Michaels and his band of brothers left home in Pennsylvania with a rock-n-roll dream and a desire to taste the good life on L.A's notorious Sunset Strip. It was the 80's, hair metal was thriving and Poison soon exploded onto the scene. Living fast and partying hard, Bret took decadence to a new level. Drugs, booze, women and more women -- anything and everything happened. A diabetic, Bret's self indulgence took its toll, but not even collapsing on stage could slow him down. The lifestyle also cost Bret a valued romantic relationship (he turned his heartbreak into the hit power ballad "Every Rose Has It's Thorn") and a trusted friendship, as he and bandmate CC Deville came to legendary blows. One of the biggest groups of their time, Poison soon crashed and burned. Bret then turned to the bottle and, driving under the influence, nearly lost his life after a brutal crash. This served as a wake up call and Bret cleaned himself up, starting a successful solo career and even dabbling in film production, writing and starring in 1997's "A Letter From Death Row." Making amends with a now sober CC Deville, Bret triumphantly reunited with Poison but the best was yet to come. In 2007, he starred in his own reality show, VH1's "Rock of Love." Over the course of three plus seasons, Bret showed fans a different side of him and once again skyrocketed into a mainstream star, completing a long and turbulent road living in and out of the spotlight.
S11E02 Pink 15/09/2009 Scarred by her parents divorce, Pink (who grew up Alecia Moore) was a troubled, angst-ridden teenager who rebelled against authority, experimented with drugs and often ran away from home. Music was her one salvation, and after toiling underage in the rough and dangerous Philadelphia club scene, she caught her first break. Joining the all female R-n-B group Choice, Pink soon broke out on her own and became a bonafied pop star. But she was hardly satisfied. Determined not to be boxed in and stereotyped, she went against the wishes of her record label, collaborated with childhood idol Linda Perry, and delivered Misundastood, a defining record that started her evolution as a thoughtful and expressive songwriter. She also found love with motocross star Carey Hart and their turbulent on again / off again relationship became the fuel for the most emotional and cathartic songwriting of her career. Now 30 years old, Pink has come to grips with the demons that haunted her youth, repaired the relationships that damaged her past and is primed to continue breaking new ground as a songwriter.
S11E03 Bobby Brown 22/09/2009 Growing up in the tough, poverty stricken projects of Roxbury, MA, Bobby Brown was a bad boy from the start. He experimented with drugs and idolized the gang leaders who ruled the neighborhood. He was also enormously talented. A naturally gifted singer and dancer, he became a child superstar with New Edition and lived the good life, travelling the world and enjoying the spoils of success. But Bobby quickly grew tired of New Edition's squeaky clean image and began to rebel. He wanted a tougher image, more control, and to be the undisputed lead singer. Tensions soon boiled over and Bobby was kicked out of the group. This hardly slowed him down. He thrived as a solo artist and behind the smash single, "My Prerogative," took his success to new heights. Bobby lived life fast, spending his money on women and a growing cocaine habit. And then he met Whitney Houston. When the Bad Boy of R-n-B married America's Pop Princess, it became instant headlines. Bobby soon retreated from the spotlight, deferring to his wife's career, and found himself mired in an increasingly nasty drug habit, feeling "alone." His well documented and turbulent relationship with Whitney quickly deteriorated and when they divorced, Bobby was left with nothing. His life continued to spiral out of control; the low point coming when video vixen Karrine Stephans filmed him passed out on her couch and released the clip on the internet. Humiliated, Bobby slowly began to pickup the pieces, got clean and sober, and resurrected himself with a stirring performance on the CMT reality series, "Gone Country." Inspired to be on stage again, Bobby is now back together with former New Edition members Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gil in a group they call Heads of State. Bobby also has a new romantic interest, welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2009 and, perhaps most importantly, is at peace with himself.
S11E04 T.I. 08/10/2009 T.I, aka Clifford Harris Jr, grew up on the tough streets of Atlanta's Bankhead neighborhood, an area filled with crime, violence and drugs. By the time he was 18, he was a high school dropout who was behind bars for dealing crack. Stuck in a cell, he channeled his frustration and sadness into rhymes, talking about "life in the trap." Paroled, he quickly turned those rhymes into a rap career and inked a deal with LaFace Records. But after his first album flopped, he was dumped from the label and was back to square one. This time, T.I took to the streets with his own independent mix tapes and generated enough buzz to get a second chance. Signing a new deal with Atlantic Records, he broke thru with the successful 2003 release "Trap Muzik." But once again, just as T.I began to make progress, he ended up on the wrong side of the law. Busted for gun possession, he spent another six months in jail. Upon his release, his career took off and by 2006, T.I was on top of the world. Then tragedy would rock his world forever. When a bar room brawl escalated into a shoot out, T.I watched his close friend, Philant Johnson, die. Riddled with guilt, T.I went into a tailspin and suddenly his life as a celebrity was filled with paranoia and threats against his life. To protect himself, he began collecting a vast array of weapons. In 2007, while attempting to buy another firearm, T.I was set up in a sting operation and busted by federal agents. Facing 30 years in prison, T.I settled on a unique deal: one year behind bars and 1500 hours of community service. Using his charismatic personality, T.I has thrived in his role of mentor, reaching out to troubled youth and preaching against the very mistakes he once made. T.I is admittedly a reformed man, and while he says he will never get over the death of his friend, he is at peace with past, is currently serving his prison sentence and looks forward to working for a "higher cause."
S11E05 50 Cent 13/10/2009 Curtis Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, grew up on the violent and drug infested streets of Jamaica, Queens. His mother was murdered when he was 8, and by the time he was a teenager, he was following in her footsteps, dealing crack to make ends meet. Several arrests led to hard time in a "shock incarceration" boot camp. Headed down the wrong road, 50 Cent gave up the hustle and chased a new dream: to become a hip hop star. But his road to superstardom wouldn't be easy. With gritty street rhymes, 50 attacked the industry and his bad boy reputation grew as fast as his list of enemies. A public feud with fellow Queens' rapper Ja Rule led to a brawl and 50 got stabbed. Then, in May 2000, nine bullets nearly ended 50 Cent's life. Facing his moment of truth, 50 persevered thru intense physical pain, emotional self doubt and came back to the game even stronger. Teaming up with Dr Dre and Eminem, his first two albums, Get Rich or Die Trying and The Massacre, were hugely successful. 50 Cent parlayed his street hustle instincts into an empire, forming the G Unit business enterprise and inking a lucrative deal with Vitamin Water that reportedly earned him over 100 million dollars. Always a target, 50's street cred was attacked as he engaged in feuds with everyone from Fat Joe to his protégé, The Game. The beefs only fuel 50's drive. Older and wiser, he hasn't lost the edge he honed on the streets of New York as he continues his relentless quest for success.
S11E06 Lil Wayne 10/09/2009 By the time he was 11 years old, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., aka Lil Wayne, had lost his virginity, dealt drugs, snorted cocaine and nearly shot himself to death after accidentally pulling the trigger on a gun he found in his mother's bedroom. That was life in the dangerous, poverty stricken neighborhood on New Orleans 17th ward, where Lil Wayne grew up. A musical prodigy, hip hop was Wayne's ticket to a better life. As a nine year old, he began recording rhymes with his surrogate family and mentors, Baby and Slim Williams, who owned the fledging label, Cash Money Records. Together, they shared in Wayne's success, first as a teenage sensation with the Hot Boys, then as a solo artist. But Wayne's path to stardom was littered with personal challenges. The violence of New Orleans struck again as his stepfather was gunned down when Wayne was just 14. To support his mother he dropped out of high school and put everything he had into jumpstarting his music career. A year later, at 15, Wayne became a father and now had a family to support. Then, just as his solo career was taking flight, his hometown was decimated by Hurricane Katrina, a tragedy that profoundly affected Wayne. Rumors of an addiction to prescription cough syrup and an arrest in New York City for gun possession only fueled the controversy surrounding the outlaw rapper. Regarded as a renegade, Wayne then released a prolific and game changing record, Tha Carter III. Almost instantly, Lil Wayne rocketed to superstardom and became the pop icon of 2008. The self proclaimed "greatest rapper alive" received the ultimate validation when Wayne walked away with four Grammy Awards, completing a remarkable journey for the 27 year old.
S12E01 DMX 07/06/2011 Born Earl Simmons and raised in the notorious School Street Projects of Yonkers, NY, multi platinum rapper DMX was drawn to life on the streets. This episode of Behind the Music will trace DMX's journey from his childhood home of violent beatings and his experience with the juvenile justice system to becoming the voice of the streets. As a rapper, he battled his way to the top, becoming the first hip hop artist to have 5 consecutive records debut at Number 1 and crossing over into a lucrative movie career.
S12E02 Christina Aguilera 13/06/2010 In this episode of Behind The Music, we span the life and career of Christina Aguilera, the sexy, brassy diva who stormed the pop music scene at the turn of the millennium.
S12E03 Eve 14/06/2010 Behind the Music: Eve tracks the rocky rise to fame of one of rap's most successful female artists. A journey plagued by bouts of depression, excessive drinking, a stint at a strip club, and painful reminders of her past.
S12E04 Courtney Love 21/06/2010 Behind the Music tells Courtney Love's wild story with in-depth interviews with friends, family, and colleagues, along with the audition tapes for Sid and Nancy, and rare photos and home movies documenting her life with Kurt.
S12E05 Jennifer Hudson 06/02/2010 In this episode of Behind the Music we trace Jennifer Hudson's beginnings with her close knit family on the south side of Chicago, continue with her early elimination from American Idol and her starring role in Dreamgirls.
S12E06 Jennifer Lopez 04/07/2010 This Behind the Music tells the story of a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx who made it big. Jennifer was a "girl from the block" who literally danced her way onto the national stage as a Flygirl on "In Living Color." She battled with the other "Flygirls" and eventually left the show to pursue acting. As an actor, she had to overcome "sassy Latina" stereotyping... cruising through a slate of forgettable TV appearances, before landing the coveted role of slain Tejano singer Selena. Jennifer's brilliant portrayal shifted her career into overdrive and put her on the road to superstardom.
S12E07 Usher 20/07/2010 In this episode of Behind the Music we trace Usher's beginnings from a small town choirboy discovered at a local talent show to one of the biggest selling R&B artists of all time and a triple threat entertainer, starring in film, TV, and Broadway. Usher talks about growing up in the public spotlight, the outlet he found in his music, and the true meaning behind some of his biggest songs.
S12E08 Fantasia 24/08/2010 Just 26 years old, Fantasia Barrino has been to hell and back, but thru it all, she's found an inner strength to help overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.
S12E09 Nelly 07/03/2011 In this Behind the Music, Nelly tells stories he's never told before publicly and for the first time addresses his relationship with Ashanti, who is also interviewed. Hear the tragic and triumphant tale of his life through in-depth interviews with close friends, family, and the person who knows it best of all--Nelly himself.
S12E10 Ice Cube 06/07/2011 The extraordinary career of Ice Cube begins with his upbringing in South Central Los Angeles where he faced gang violence and drug dealers on a daily basis. Finding refuge in music, Ice Cube and his neighborhood friends formed NWA to speak out about the harsh reality of growing up in the ghetto. Years and many hits later, the group dismantled sparking a bitter feud between Ice Cube and his former band members and manager Jerry Heller, which lead to Ice Cube's decision to embark on a solo career. In an unexpected move, Ice Cube took a movie role in John Singleton's critically-acclaimed movie "Boyz N The Hood." The role of Darrin "Doughboy" Baker would give Ice Cube not only the credibility in the movie industry but the confidence to continue to pursue acting roles as well writing and directing jobs. Since then, Ice Cube has produced and starred in a slew of blockbuster movies and TV shows such as "Friday," "Barbershop," "Three Kings" and "Are We There Yet?" At home, Ice Cube is the father of four children with long-time wife Kim and explains how he now shares the stage with two of his sons, Doughboy and OMG, who hope to follow in his rapping footsteps. Viewers will watch as friends Snoop Dogg, DJ Yella from NWA and actress Nia Long discuss how Ice Cube has become a modern day Renaissance man, transforming from a South Central street kid to a major force in music, movies and television today.
S12E11 Missy Elliott 29/06/2011 Behind the Music: Missy Elliott tracks the rocky road to stardom of one of hip hop's most pioneering, successful female hip hop artists. Born in Virginia, Missy Elliott's childhood was plagued by poverty, horrific domestic abuse between her father and mother, and sexual abuse at the age of eight. Hear candid stories about how Missy used these hardships for motivation and eventually came to terms with her past, even reaching out to her father for the first time since childhood. Also learn how Missy gained a new outlook after the tragic death of close friend Aaliyah and almost losing her own life to a health crisis.
S12E12 Miranda Lambert 13/07/2011 Twenty seven year-old Grammy Award-winning artist, Miranda Lambert fell in love with music at a young age and was determined to one day be a part of the country music world. Growing up in rural Texas, Miranda watched her parents lose everything when their private investigation business went under, causing the Lambert's to live completely off their land. Starting out just shy of 18, Miranda hit the East Texas bar scene playing gigs at a variety of rough and tumble watering holes. Having to deal with local drunks and barely making ends meet, Miranda was determined to make her mark in a "man's world." But in 2003, her big break came when she tried out for the new reality TV series "Nashville Star," landing third place and a potential record deal. With the possibility of stardom so close, Miranda kept her tough Texan attitude as she rose to the top, demanding artistic control of her debut album "Kerosene." Miranda delivered the label what she promised, hitting the country music charts at #1 and followed that success with a second album that did exactly the same thing, all by the age of 25. Even with her fast-paced rise to the top, Miranda found time to fall in love with fellow country star, Blake Shelton. In February 2011, the country music couple celebrated Miranda's success as she received her first Grammy Award for "Best Female Country Vocal Performance" for "The House That Built Me" off her third and must successful album to date "Revolution." Viewers watching this episode of "Behind The Music" will get the exclusive first look at interviews with loving husband, Blake Shelton, Miranda's parents Rick and Bev, "Nashville Star" judge Tracy Gershon, former Sony Nashville head Joe Galante, music legend Loretta Lynn and fellow country music stars Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum.
S12E13 Mary J. Blige 24/07/2011 This episode of "Behind The Music" will take a look inside the life and outstanding career of Mary J. Blige, the reigning Queen of R&B. Watch as VH1 captures the story of how faith, courage and a never-ending search for love and contentment helped one of the world's most talented musicians survive a tumultuous past. After her soulful remake of Anita Baker's "Caught Up In A Rapture" was heard by Uptown Records President Andre Harrell, Mary was signed instantly, changing her life forever. She then joined forces with soon-to-be music legend, Sean "Diddy" Combs and together they changed the music world with her honest and heartfelt debut album "What's The 411?" Although Mary's professional life was flourishing, at home she was dealing with a volatile relationship and hit her lowest moment. Mary needed to make a change and she did. She was ready to better herself. Mary lifted herself out of her hole by praying and keeping the faith that things would change, and they soon did. Mary's prayers were answered and she fell in love with Kendu Isaacs, who would later become her very supportive husband, friend, and manager. He helped and encouraged her on her road to greatness. With Kendu's love, help and guidance, Mary found a new happiness which was reflected in her top selling albums such as "No More Drama" and "The Breakthrough" which won three Grammy Awards. By the time Mary sang for President Obama at the Inauguration Day ceremony in 2009, her world had taken a 180 degree turn and she describes the experience as one of the most meaningful moments of her career. Now, Mary is set to release "My Life Too, The Journey Continues" on September 20 where she continues to deliver timeless hits while discussing her never ending journey. Catch candid interviews with husband Kendu Isaacs, sister LaTonya Blige Dacosta, Diddy, Nas, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Mary J. Blige herself.
S12E14 Enrique Iglesias 31/07/2011
S12E15 Adam Lambert 07/08/2011 Glam-rock powerhouse, Adam Lambert has taken pop music by storm with his handsome looks, electrifying stage theatrics and jaw-dropping vocal acrobatics.
S12E16 Ricky Martin 14/08/2011 Nobody's got female fans' hearts fluttering more than Ricky Martin with his sexy dance moves and sultry voice. As one of the most successful crossover singers in history, Ricky sold upwards of 60 million albums with global chart toppers like "Living La Vida Loca," "She Bangs" and "La Copa de la Vida." In this "Behind the Music," Ricky Martin recounts his career from his early days with the Latin pop group Menudo through his days as a soap opera star and finally to his career as a music phenomenon. Viewers will watch as Ricky opens up to "Behind the Music" for the second time, including discussing his decision to come out a gay man, a topic he first revealed in his 2010 autobiography "Me." Finally, Ricky reflects on his 20-year career and how he balances his life as a father of twin boys and as an international performer.
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S13E11 Carrie Underwood 30/09/2012 "Behind The Music: Carrie Underwood" explores the country music superstar's meteoric rise to fame after winning American Idol, her subsequent success and her search for love.
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