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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Being April

S01E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000 One mother (April) and three children with three different dads. It's Jake's 16th birthday, but none of the dads show up for it, April's friend Taneshia says that she's too honest and should try and get the dads more involved. So April makes up a story that she has a boyfriend called Callum, the IT manager at work, and he really gets on well with the kids. In no time at all, the three dads are round getting to know their children again. Callum states that he has to go to Dublin, much to the relief of the dads, but April states that the whole family are going with him. Richard, Eddie and Sunil try even harder to be the best dads they can be. However, as April spends more time with her pretend boyfriend, she finds herself falling for Callum, and he feels the same towards her. Richard realises that he shouldn't have abandoned his son Jake, Eddie tells his boyfiend Grainger that he has a daughter Lily, and Sunil's wife Nikshita finds out about his son Ty. Callum then does ask April if she
S01E02 Rules 00/00/0000 April is learning to drive and the three dads are all trying to teach her. But as April tries her best behind the wheel she starts to examine her relationship with Richard, Eddie and Sunil. Meanwhile, Sunil is forced to go to his cousin's wedding by his mother Leela. She is horrified when he turns up with his son Ty, but Nikshita (Sunil's fiance) is quite opposite. Richard is being used as a guinea pig by April's friend Taneshia as she attempts to find a man by the manual. Finally, April's attempt at passing her driving test is a success, although it has as much to do with Eddie spotting the married driving instructor at a gay bar as it has with her driving skills.
S01E03 Normal 00/00/0000 April's eldest, Jake, wants the family to be 'normal' so she tries her best by inviting the posh parents of Jake's girlfiend Martha over for afternoon tea. She also asks Callum to move in with her and the children. Callum's very ‘house-trained', but the intimacy stops when he moves in. After trying to be every possible kind of woman he may want - from sophisticated to outright slutty - April discovers that the real problem is that Callum's inhibited by the children being in the house. He has to move out. Afternoon tea is a disaster and later seeing the Easton-Ellis' at Jake's school concert doesn't help. April over hears them speaking abbout how awful her and her family are. With all the family there, including Callum, and Jake's proud of his mother when she retaliates. Callum and April try again, but she realises that he wants a family, not a girlfriend, while all she wants is a man who's going to love her for herself.
S01E04 Growing Pains 00/00/0000 Lily plays her last football match with the under 11's, but like her dad Eddie, she hates growing up. April, on the other hand, needs change, a new challenge and the promption at work In Corporate Hospitality might be what she needs. She has the right qualifications, but they are probably after someone younger and gorgeous.
S01E05 Jealousy 00/00/0000 Ty is becoming critical of April, comparing her cooking and shopping to his grandmother's. He also wants his own room and decides he wants to live in Sunil and Nikshita's big house. April's surprised by how jealous she feels, not only of Ty moving out but also the other fathers growing closeness to her kids. What if they get to love their dads more than they love their mum? April realises that Ty moving in with Sunil and Nikshita is, aa positive thing, and she even develops a friendship with Nikshita. Eddie, meanwhile, has started a college course and is jealous of Lily and Grainger's growing closeness. What if she prefers Grainger to him? At work, after years of being equal, Taneishia is now April's PA. Taneshia's jealous of April's friendship with Nikshita and now that April's got a new job, perhaps she won't want to hang around with her old friend any more. Taneshia confronts April on whether she'd be jealous is she went out with Richard. April insists she wouldn't so Taneshia and R
S01E06 Moving On 00/00/0000 April's divorce with Richard comes through but to her surprise she doesn't feel delighted. It's the day of the big corporate that she and Taneshia have spent weeks organising. But all the arrangements fall through. April's left with 200 guests, no food, no entertainment and no venue. She decides to hold it in her house and she drafts everybody in to help: Richard goes to the cash and carry; Nikshita, Leela and Ty, now back home, do the food; Jake and his girlfriend Martha round up their orchestra pals; Sunil decorates the house; Eddie and Grainger organise the bar and Lily and her football coach arrange games. Eddie finds a positive pregnancy test, but whose is it? Is April pregnant by Callum? Jake and Martha find it and assume April's having another baby. Richard then sees it and thinks Martha's pregnant. It then turns up in Nikshita's bag and Sunil thinks his wife is pregnant. Richard discovers it's neither Jake's nor April's. Sunil finds out that Nikshita has been trying to get preg