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Cinq ans se sont écoulés depuis la fin des évènements de la série Ben 10. Maintenant âgé de 15 ans, Ben Tennyson a finalement retiré l'Omnitrix et repris une vie normale, la plupart ayant oublié l'existence de ses pouvoirs passés. Mais un jour, son grand-père Max disparaît mystérieusement alors qu'il enquêtait sur de nouveaux extraterrestres venus sur Terre, les DNAliens. Inquiet pour lui, Ben décide d'enfiler à nouveau l'Omnitrix. Rapidement, il découvre que la nouvelle race d'extra-terrestres sur laquelle Max enquétait, les Commandants Suprêmes, organisent une invasion de masse pour anéantir l'espèce humaine (et par extension toutes les autres races de la galaxie). Ben est alors conduit à former avec sa cousine Gwen et son ancien ennemi Kevin une équipe pour faire face à cette invasion sans précédente. Les deux premières saisons relatent essentiellement les efforts de Ben et de son équipe pour lutter contre l'avancée de l'invasion des Commandants Suprêmes, et trouver des alliés potentiels. À la seconde fin, ils entreprennent de localiser des enfants de Plombiers, la police intergalactique dont fait partie Max. Du fait des relations fréquentes entre les espèces au sein des Plombiers, plusieurs des enfants de plombiers sont en réalité des extra-terrestres ou des demi-extra-terrestres dotés de pouvoirs. Au cours de la saison 2, Ben, Gwen et Kévin se voient également nommer membres honoraires des Plombiers, leur permettant d'exercer légalement leurs activités de luttre contre les menaces aliens. Après le règlement du conflit avec les Commandants Suprême, la saison 3 poursuit les aventures de Ben et son équipe, souvent à travers de nouvelles missions pour le compte des Plombiers. Cette saison ramène également plusieurs anciens ennemis de Ben apparus dans la première série, dont particulièrement son archennemi Vilgax.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ben 10: Alien Force

S01E01 Ben 10 le retour, Partie 1 18/04/2008 Maintenant âgé de 15 ans, Ben Tennyson a retiré l'Omnitrix et repris une vie normale, tout le monde ayant oublié l'existence de ses pouvoirs passés. Mais un jour, son grand-père Max disparaît mystérieusement alors qu'il enquêtait sur de nouveaux extraterrestres venus sur Terre, les DNAliens. Inquiet pour lui, Ben décide d'enfiler à nouveau l'Omnitrix.
S01E02 Ben 10 le retour, Partie 2 18/04/2008 Tandis que Ben tente de s'adapter au nouvel Omnitrix, son équipe recherche des indices pour découvrir où se cachent les aliens, et ainsi retrouver grand-père Max...
S01E03 Une météo pourrie 26/04/2008 Gwen discovers that Grandpa Max's badge is able to signal other Plumbers. However, by using it, they meet up with a familiar face, a pyronite.
S01E04 Kevin règle ses comptes 03/05/2008 Kevin shatters Ben and Gwen's trust when he steals the Rust Bucket to sell for alien technology on the black market.
S01E05 Tout Ce qui brille 10/05/2008 Grandpa Max leaves Ben a series of instructions to contact a team of heroes. Things go the wrong direction when they soon find them.
S01E06 Adieu Max 17/05/2008 Gwen's older brother, Ken, is suddenly missing. As they look, they encounter a surprise leading to a shocking secret from the DNAliens.
S01E07 Panique à la fête foraine 31/05/2008 While Ben has a date with Julie, it is soon ruined when an alien named Ship makes trouble at the local fair.
S01E08 L' héritière 07/06/2008 When Ben and Gwen learn that their grandmother Verdona is an alien being, Verdona insists that Gwen should come along with her to her home planet and improve her abilities. With this, Gwen is faced with a difficult decision between a human and alien life.
S01E09 Le Gant 14/06/2008 When Ben stands up to Cash and JT, they soon discover a robotic gauntlet from Kevin's vehicle. With it, Cash decides to get back on Ben, although this time, it's more than just a joke.
S01E10 Voyage au bout du temps 05/07/2008 A time experiment in the 1950s sends a bizarre monster to Ben's time. Now Ben, Gwen, and Kevin must team up with Paradox, a time traveling hero, to face off against the unstoppable creature.
S01E11 Opération Dragon 12/07/2008 The Forever Knights secure a weapon in hopes of aiding them slay a dragon they have held captive.
S01E12 SOS Plombiers 19/07/2008 Freelance young Plumbers mistake Ben and his team as a threat.
S01E13 X = Ben + 2 31/08/2008 An alien emperor plans to destroy the planet Earth for kidnapping his daughter. In order to save the planet, Ben must uncover the secrets of Alien X.
S02E01 La relève 10/10/2008 A new villain comes into town, his name is Darkstar, he commits some crimes and gets the team's attention fast
S02E02 Seuls au monde 17/10/2008 During a battle Ben and an alien commander are teleported to a distant world. They must put their differences aside if they're going to have any chance of finding a way to return to Earth.
S02E03 Le double maléfique 24/10/2008 An alien impersonates Ben with hopes of using his Omnitrix to annihilate him.
S02E04 Le bal 07/11/2008 Kevin asks Gwen to the school dance; Ben fears he's losing control of the Omnitrix.
S02E05 Sous couverture 14/11/2008 Cooper is kidnapped by the DNAliens, who want him to build a mystery arch.
S02E06 Projet Animal de Compagnie 21/11/2008 To find and destroy the alien dragon species, the Forever Knights capture Ship to control a starship they built out of alien technology to locate their homeworld and destroy them.
S02E07 La punition 23/11/2008 When Ben's parents discover his ability to turn into aliens, they forbid him from using the Omnitrix and later ground him from using it again. Eventually Gwen is grounded too leaving Kevin to stop the DNAliens.
S02E08 L'être et le néant 05/12/2008 After Gwen receives an S.O.S. from Helen, Ben must go into the Null Void to save her and Manny. Once there, he must find The Wrench in order to stop D'Void, who happens to be Ben's old enemy Dr. Animo
S02E09 L'infiltré 12/12/2008 Ben and the gang rescue a runaway prisoner of the DNAliens.
S02E10 Mon semblable 24/03/2009 The gang helps the prince of the arachna-chimps regain power
S02E11 Les engloutis 25/03/2009 Ben cares for a baby monster and helps locate its parents before the DNAliens find it.
S02E12 La guerre des mondes, Partie 1 27/03/2009 Ben, Gwen and Kevin gather their allies to counter the threat of the incoming Highbreed fleet. Azmuth reveals a secret about the Omnitrix.
S02E13 La guerre des mondes, Partie 2 27/03/2009 Ben goes to the HighBreeds' world in an attempt to stop their attack on Earth.
S03E01 La vengeance de Vilgax, Partie 1 11/09/2009 Vilgax, after conquering 10 planets, comes to Earth to destroy Ben.
S03E02 La vengeance de Vilgax, Partie 2 11/09/2009 Ben, Gwen and Kevin race to collect the Omnitrix's missing forms and make it to the battle with Vilgax on time. Meanwhile, Kevin discovers that his new transformation has some benefits.
S03E03 La fournaise 18/09/2009 Ben, Gwen and Kevin discover that Vulkanus is planning to drill the center of the Earth and drop a bomb into the hole. Destroying the planet.
S03E04 La règle d'or 25/09/2009 A species of goat-like aliens comes to Earth for a popcorn festival. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin have a big problem when one of the aliens eats meat and turns into a monster.
S03E05 L'armistice 09/10/2009 An alien named Probity seeks help from Ben to stop the on-going war on her home planet.
S03E06 Les rois de la récup 16/10/2009 Repo men are hired to return Ship to his parent.
S03E07 Séparator et l'Omnitrix 23/10/2009 A bounty hunter tries to remove the Omnitrix from Ben.
S03E08 À cours d'idée 06/11/2009 A series of earthquakes awakens a HighBreed officer who has been hibernating deep under the earth’s surface. He believes the HighBreed have lost the war and activates a fail safe device that is programmed to destroy. Ben must now work together with Gwen and Kevin not only to save Grandpa Max, but also the world from this "giant" problem.
S03E09 Comme par enchantement 13/11/2009 Kevin is beginning to lose all hope that he will someday return to his human self. He then meets a girl who doesn't seem to mind the form he is in. Kevin finds himself under her spell, quite literally, as Charmcaster has come back to exact revenge on Ben and Gwen. Kevin, under Charmcaster's spell, has no choice but to obey his master and destroy Ben and Gwen.
S03E10 Ville fantôme 20/11/2009 Vilgax promises Ghostfreak to spring him out of prison as long as he tells him the secrets of the Omnitrix, but when Ghostfreak betrays him and turns his people into his minions, Vilgax comes to Earth and asks for Ben, Gwen and Kevin's help to get rid of Ghostfreak.
S03E11 Le marché 04/12/2009 Kevin makes a temporary truce with Darkstar to retrieve an artifact that will return them into their former selves.
S03E12 La boîte infernale 11/12/2009 Ben, Kevin and Gwen come across an alien box that can forms into a robotic version of whatever it sees. It power becomes a liability when the Vreedle brothers decide to take the box for themselves.
S03E13 La paix mais à quel prix ? 08/01/2010 Zaw-Veenull asks Ben to deliver Prince Tiffin to Jarret in order to keep peace between the two species. Shortly, after their trip in space, the Omnitrix malfunctions and turns Ben into an Appoplexian named Rath who wants to fight anything that breathes.
S03E14 Primus 15/01/2010 The Omnitrix transports Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to a planet called Primus, which turns out to have been created by Azmuth. They must stop Vilgax from stopping the Omnitrix at its source.
S03E15 Le temps guérit les blessures 22/01/2010 Despite being warned by Paradox, Gwen travels back in time to prevent the accident that turned Kevin into a monster from ever happening. Gwen returns to the present only to find that her time traveling caused a series of events that led to Hex ruling the world.
S03E16 Le Secret de Mégachrome 29/01/2010 While sick, Ben is visited by old friend Tetrax, who demands that Ben hand over Chromastone.
S03E17 Travail d'équipe 12/03/2010 The Plumber's Helpers are called upon by Grandpa Max to rescue him from an abandoned space station where he's being attacked by Ben! The team must now find a way to work together as they try to save Max, stop Ben, and keep the space station from crashing to Earth.
S03E18 Vendetta 19/03/2010 Kevin returns home to find his house ransacked, so he enlists Ben and Gwen's help to find out who did it and why. They soon cross paths with Ragnarok, a deadly criminal who recently broke free from the Null Void and is in search of a special key. Kevin is intent on stopping Ragnarok from obtaining the special key, especially after he learns the truth about Ragnarok and his father.
S03E19 La bataille finale, Partie 1 26/03/2010 Albedo has stolen the Ultimatrix from Azmuth and has used it to kidnap Gwen and Kevin. Ben goes to face Albedo and rescue his friends when he quickly discovers that Albedo has been working in conjunction with Vilgax. Ben is defeated by the pair and gives up the Omnitrix to save himself and his friends.
S03E20 La bataille finale, Partie 2 26/03/2010 Powerless, Ben goes aboard Vilgax's ship and faces off with Vilgax to stop his invasion of Earth in their final battle. Albedo gives Ben the Ultimatrix and Ben gets his old aliens and their evolved forms.