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Ben Casey was a gritty realistic hospital drama, that was not afraid to touch on controversial subjects at the time. Vince Edwards starred in the title role as Dr. Ben Casey, a neurosurgeon at the fictional County General Hospital.


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S01E01 To the Pure 02/10/1961 Dr. Ben Casey is at odds with the medical board, particularly Dr. Zorba and Dr. Jensen, because of his manner toward interns. Under a reprimand, Casey tries to persuade the board to approve neurosurgery on nine-year-old Pete Salazar. After the first of three operations on the boy, Casey is accidentally jabbed with a needle while administering a rabies test to a female patient. During his thirty-day wait for a life-or-death prognosis, he is given permission to resume the surgery.
S01E02 But Linda Only Smiled 09/10/1961 Little Cathy Reed is brought to the hospital for emergency treatment after an auto accident. Casey prepares a blood transfusion, but her mother won't consent.
S01E10 The Sweet Kiss of Madness 00/00/0000 Dr. Alan Reynolds' mental state is not improved by constant pressure from his wife to be a successful neurosurgeon. The strain increases when he treats an abused 10-year-old boy. Dr. Casey forestalls an unnecessary operation, and tries to persuade Dr. Reynolds to receive treatment.
S01E11 A Certain Time, a Certain Darkness 00/00/0000 Expectant mother Ellen Parker loses her child after an auto accident. Casey examines her and finds that she is subject to chronic seizures, and these, not the accident, are responsible for the loss of her baby.
S01E12 A Dark Night for Billy Harris 00/00/0000 Dr. Casey operates on Billy Harris, a holdup man shot and paralyzed, but he's also concerned about the policeman, who may have been too keen and might be mentally hampered.
S01E13 And If I Die 00/00/0000 ""The faith that looks through death."" (Wordsworth)
S01E14 A Memory of Candy Stripes 00/00/0000 Recollections.
S01E15 Imagine a Long, Bright Corridor 00/00/0000 A clean, well-lighted place.
S01E16 A Story to Be Softly Told 00/00/0000 Between you, me and the nurse's station.
S01E17 The Big Trouble with Charlie 00/00/0000 He's not quite himself, or is he?
S01E18 Give My Hands an Epitaph 00/00/0000 Post-scriptum to a surgeon's operating life.
S01E19 Victory Wears a Cruel Smile 00/00/0000 From another point of view.
S01E20 Odyssey of a Proud Suitcase 00/00/0000 A piece of baggage.
S01E21 Behold a Pale Horse 00/00/0000 ""And his name that sat on him was Death.""
S01E22 For the Ladybug, One Dozen Roses 00/00/0000 A decorated aviator with an alias goes into surgery.
S01E23 To a Grand and Natural Finale 00/00/0000 A consummation devoutly to be wished.
S01E24 Monument to an Aged Hunter 00/00/0000 Souvenirs and trophies.
S01E25 All the Clocks are Ticking 00/00/0000 As time goes by.
S01E26 Among Others a Girl Named Abilene 00/00/0000 A Texas rose.
S01E27 A Pleasant Thing for the Eyes 00/00/0000 A vision of loveliness.
S01E28 And Eve Wore a Veil of Tears 00/00/0000 Sorrow and pity.
S01E29 Preferably, the Less-Used Arm 00/00/0000 Might and main.
S01E30 An Uncommonly Innocent Killing 00/00/0000 Qualifications for the deed.
S01E31 So Oft It Chances in Particular Men 00/00/0000 So oft it chances in particular men That (for some vicious mole of nature in them, As in their birth, wherein they are not guilty, Since nature cannot choose his origin) By the o'ergrowth of some complexion, Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason, Or by some habit, that too much o'erleavens The form of plausive manners—that (these men, Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect, Being nature's livery, or fortune's star) Their virtues else, be they as pure as grace, As infinite as man may undergo, Shall in the general censure take corruption From that particular fault. The dram of evil Doth all the noble substance of a doubt, To his own scandal. Hamlet
S01E32 When You See an Evil Man 00/00/0000 The patient and the ill.
S02E01 Mrs. McBroom and the Cloud Watcher 00/00/0000 ""But one thing is needful.""
S02E02 The Night That Nothing Happened 00/00/0000 It's a long shift that has no surgery.
S02E03 In the Name of Love, a Small Corruption 00/00/0000 A painstaking diagnosis.
S02E04 Legacy from a Stranger 00/00/0000 How do you repay such a debt?
S02E05 Go Not Gently into the Night 00/00/0000 ""Brave in his burning pride.""
S02E06 Behold! They Walk an Ancient Road 00/00/0000 To hell and gone.
S02E07 Of All Save Pain Bereft 00/00/0000 Last straws.
S02E08 And Even Death Shall Die 00/00/0000 The tautological imperative.
S02E09 The Fireman Who Raised Rabbits 00/00/0000 A gentle occupation.
S02E10 Between Summer and Winter, the Glorious Season 00/00/0000 ""Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...""
S02E11 I Hear America Singing 00/00/0000 I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear; Those of mechanics—each one singing his, as it should be, blithe and strong; The carpenter singing his, as he measures his plank or beam, The mason singing his, as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work; The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat—the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck; The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench—the hatter singing as he stands; The wood-cutter's song—the ploughboy's, on his way in the morning, or at the noon intermission, or at sundown; The delicious singing of the mother—or of the young wife at work—or of the girl sewing or washing—Each singing what belongs to her, and to none else; The day what belongs to the day—at night, the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, Singing, with open mouths, their strong melodious songs. Come! some of you! still be flooding The States with hundreds and thousands of mouth-songs fit for The States only. Walt Whitman, Leaves of Gr
S02E12 Pack Up All My Cares and Woes 00/00/0000 ""Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me.""
S02E13 Saturday, Surgery and Stanley Shultz 00/00/0000 A sabbath diversion.
S02E14 I'll Be Alright in the Morning 00/00/0000 It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. Lamentations
S02E15 A Cardinal Act of Mercy (1) 00/00/0000 Dr. Casey tries to help a lawyer kick her morphine habit, but encounters resistance, lies and manipulation when she gets a guileless young man to smuggle dope into her hospital room. He is visiting his mother, who is in the hospital for treatment of injuries received in a beating. (Part 1 of 2)
S02E16 A Cardinal Act of Mercy (2) 00/00/0000
S02E17 Use Neon for My Epitaph 00/00/0000 The business has its allure.
S02E18 He Thought He Saw an Albatross 00/00/0000 He thought he saw an Albatross    That fluttered round the lamp: He looked again, and found it was    A Penny-Postage Stamp. ""You'd best be getting home,"" he said:    ""The nights are very damp!"" ... He thought he saw an Argument    That proved he was the Pope: He looked again, and found it was    A Bar of Mottled Soap. ""A fact so dread,"" he faintly said,    ""Extinguishes all hope!"" Lewis Carroll, The Mad Gardener's Song
S02E19 A Short Biographical Sketch of James Tuttle Peabody, M.D. 00/00/0000 Although he's still an intern, Jimmy Peabody is raising funds to finance a medical clinic of his own, and one of the sources he's depending on is wealthy Adam Garrett, an elderly patient at County General.
S02E20 A Hundred More Pipers 00/00/0000 The great rouse.
S02E21 Suffer the Little Children 00/00/0000 ""Of such is the kingdom of Heaven.""
S02E22 Rigadoon for Three Pianos 00/00/0000 An old dance.
S02E23 The White Ones Are Dolphins 00/00/0000 The ones that got away...
S02E24 Will Everyone Who Believes in Terry Dunne Please Applaud? 00/00/0000 A circle of admirers.
S02E25 For I Will Plait Thy Hair with Gold 00/00/0000 A wandering minstrel, he, with some disfigurement.
S02E26 Father Was an Intern 00/00/0000 The occupant and the resident.
S02E27 Rage Against the Dying Light 00/00/0000 ""Do not go gentle into that good night."" (Dylan Thomas)
S02E28 La Vie, La Vie Intérieure 00/00/0000 The well-furnished habitation.
S02E29 My Enemy is a Bright Green Sparrow 00/00/0000 The Sparrow in the Zoo No bars are set too close, no mesh too fine To keep me from the eagle and the lion, Whom keepers feed that I may freely dine. This goes to show that if you have the wit To be small, common, cute, and live on shit, Though the cage fret kings, you may make free with it. Howard Nemerov
S02E30 Lullaby for Billy Dignan 00/00/0000 Homage to Millet's Angelus.
S02E31 Hang No Hats on Dreams 00/00/0000 Castles in Spain.
S03E01 For This Relief, Much Thanks 00/00/0000 A father assaults his son over a youthful fascination with Nazism.
S03E02 Justice to a Microbe 00/00/0000 The long arm of the law of nature.
S03E03 With the Rich and Mighty, Always a Little Patience 00/00/0000 ""That's an old Spanish proverb.""
S03E04 Allie 00/00/0000 A character out of the movies.
S03E05 If There Were Dreams to Sell 00/00/0000 If there were dreams to sell,       What would you buy? Some cost a passing bell;       Some a light sigh, That shakes from Life's fresh crown Only a rose-leaf down. If there were dreams to sell, Merry and sad to tell,       And the crier rang the bell,       What would you buy? A cottage lone and still,       With bowers nigh, Shadowy, my woes to still,       Until I die. Such pearl from Life's fresh crown Fain would I shake me down. Were dreams to have at will, This best would heal my ill,       This would I buy.
S03E06 The Echo of a Silent Cheer (1) 00/00/0000 ""Unfelt, unheard, unseen..."" (Keats)
S03E07 The Echo of a Silent Cheer (2) 00/00/0000 ""Love doth know no fullness nor no bounds."" (Keats)
S03E08 Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand 00/00/0000 Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land. So the little moments, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of Eternity. So the little errors Lead the soul away From the paths of virtue Far in sin to stray. Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Help to make earth happy, Like the Heaven above. Julia A. F. Carney, ""Little Things""
S03E09 Light Up the Dark Corners 00/00/0000 Fear of the unknown.
S03E10 Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast 00/00/0000 Alice laughed. ""There's no use trying,"" she said: ""one CAN'T believe impossible things."" ""I daresay you haven't had much practice,"" said the Queen. ""When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."" Lewis Carroll. Through the Looking Glass
S03E11 Fire in a Sacred Fruit Tree 00/00/0000 ""A fence around the void.""—Hawaiian saying
S03E12 Dispel the Black Cyclone That Shakes the Throne 00/00/0000 The title is reportedly the command of King Admetos in Gluck's Alceste.
S03E13 My Love, My Love 00/00/0000 Irreducible affinities.
S03E14 From Too Much Love of Living 00/00/0000 From too much love of living, From hope and fear set free, We thank with brief thanksgiving Whatever gods may be That no life lives for ever; That dead men rise up never; That even the weariest river Winds somewhere safe to sea. Swinburne, ""The Garden of Proserpine""
S03E15 It Is Getting Dark... and We Are Lost 00/00/0000 The indeterminate.
S03E16 The Last Splintered Spoke on the Old Burlesque Wheel 00/00/0000 Those caissons go rolling along.
S03E17 The Light that Loses, the Night that Wins 00/00/0000 For winter's rains and ruins are over,   And all the season of snows and sins; The days dividing lover and lover,   The light that loses, the night that wins. Swinburne, Atalanta
S03E18 I'll Get on My Ice Floe and Wave Goodbye 00/00/0000 A chip off the old block.
S03E19 The Only Place Where They Know My Name 00/00/0000 The imponderables of personality.
S03E20 There Was Once a Man in the Land of Uz 00/00/0000 ... whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.
S03E21 One Nation Indivisible 00/00/0000 Rare blood demands a coast-to-coast search.
S03E22 Goodbye to Blue Elephants and Such 00/00/0000 Figments.
S03E23 The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound 00/00/0000 MRS. MALAPROP: You are not like Cerberus, three gentlemen at once, are you? Sheridan, The Rivals
S03E24 The Sound of One Hand Clapping 00/00/0000 Life and the ""stinking fist"".
S03E25 A Falcon's Eye, a Lion's Heart, and a Girl's Hand 00/00/0000 Rx for a medico.
S03E26 The Lonely Ones 00/00/0000 Isolation.
S03E27 Keep Out of Reach of Adults 00/00/0000 Wise in their own conceits.
S03E28 Dress My Doll Pretty 00/00/0000 A peculiar treatment plan.
S03E29 Onions and Mustard Seed Will Make Her Weep 00/00/0000 The seed of Mustard is the smallest grain, And yet the force thereto is very great, It hath a present power to purge the brain, It adds unto the stomach force and heat: All poison it expels, and it is plain, With sugar 'tis a passing sauce for meat. She that hath hap a husband bad to bury, And is therefore in heart not sad, but merry, Yet if in show good manners she will keep, Onions and Mustard-seed will make her weep. The Englishmans Doctor.       Or, The School of Salerne,       Or, Physical observations for the perfect Preserving of the body of Man in continual health Sir John Harington, 1608
S03E30 Make Me the First American 00/00/0000 An original.
S03E31 Heap Logs and Let the Blaze Laugh Out 00/00/0000 The good-humored M.D.s.
S03E32 For a Just Man Falleth Seven Times 00/00/0000 ...and riseth up again.
S03E33 Evidence of Things Not Seen 00/00/0000 The substance of things hoped for.
S04E01 August is the Month Before Christmas 00/00/0000 It being reckoned that Jesus was actually born in September.
S04E02 A Bird in the Solitude Singing 00/00/0000 From the wreck of my past, which hath perish'd,    Thus much I at least may recall, It hath taught me that which I most cherish'd    Deserved to be dearest of all: In the desert a fountain is springing,    In the wide waste there still is a tree, And a bird in the solitude singing,    Which speaks to my spirit of thee. Lord Byron
S04E03 But Who Shall Beat the Drums? 00/00/0000 ""There is a march of science; but who shall beat the drums for its retreat?"" (Charles Lamb)
S04E04 Autumn Without Red Leaves 00/00/0000 ""The summer is over...""
S04E05 You Fish or You Cut Bait 00/00/0000 The proverb put to the test.
S04E06 For Jimmy, the Best of Everything 00/00/0000 The power of personality.
S04E07 Woods Full of Question Marks 00/00/0000 The punctuated forest. Autism and deafness in children.
S04E08 A Thousand Words are Mute 00/00/0000 A picture is most eloquent.
S04E09 Money, a Horse, and a Knowledge of Latin 00/00/0000 The classical Rx, yet Dr. Swanson fails to inspire respect.
S04E10 A Disease of the Heart Called Love 00/00/0000 L'amour et la mort.
S04E11 Kill the Dream, but Spare the Dreamer 00/00/0000 The Freudian prescription.
S04E12 Courage at 3 A.M. 00/00/0000 ""As to moral courage, he [Napoleon] had very rarely found it, he said, that of two hours past midnight; which is to say, courage unawares.""
S04E13 This Wild, Wild, Wild Waltzing World 00/00/0000 The whirligig of 3/4 time.
S04E14 A Boy is Standing Outside the Door 00/00/0000 The threshold of knowledge.
S04E15 Where Does the Boomerang Go? 00/00/0000 The parabolic return. A scientist from Australia on his last legs.
S04E16 Pas de Deux 00/00/0000 A romantic ballet.
S04E17 Every Other Minute, It's the End of the World 00/00/0000 Working in the hospital milieu.
S04E18 A Rambling Discourse on Egyptian Water Clocks 00/00/0000 Cleopatra and the clepsydra.
S04E19 When I am Grown to Man's Estate 00/00/0000 Looking Forward When I am grown to man's estate I shall be very proud and great, And tell the other girls and boys Not to meddle with my toys. Robert Louis Stevenson
S04E20 A Man, a Maid, and a Marionette 00/00/0000 Various strings and attachments.
S04E21 A Dipperful of Water from a Poisoned Well 00/00/0000 Shadow and substance.
S04E22 A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow 00/00/0000 Dr. Green practices the best medicine, but Dr. Zorba and Dr. Casey are rather saturnine on his manner.
S04E23 Minus That Rusty Old Hacksaw 00/00/0000 Modern medicine.
S04E24 Eulogy in Four Flats 00/00/0000 The key of mourning.
S04E25 Three Li'l Lambs 00/00/0000 ""To a close shorn sheep, God gives wind by measure."" (George Herbert)
S04E26 A Slave is On the Throne 00/00/0000 Gen. 41:41
S04E27 Journeys End in Lovers Meeting 00/00/0000 Euthanasia. ""Journeys end in lovers' meeting, Every wise man's son doth know.""—Twelfth Night
S04E28 The Day They Stole County General 00/00/0000 A change of management.
S04E29 Did Your Mother Come From Ireland, Ben Casey? 00/00/0000 A son of the auld sod.
S04E30 From Sutter's Crick...and Beyond Farewell 00/00/0000 A memorable rapprochement.
S04E31 A Horse Named Stravinsky 00/00/0000 A mount with a legendary moniker.
S05E01 War of Nerves 00/00/0000 The surgeon's secret.
S05E02 O the Big Wheel Turns by Faith 00/00/0000
S05E03 A Nightingale Named Nathan 00/00/0000 ""Were I a nightingale, I would act like one."" (Epictetus)
S05E04 Run For Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here 00/00/0000 Le Médecin Malgré Lui
S05E05 Because of the Needle, the Haystack was Lost 00/00/0000 A proverb of great pith.
S05E06 What to Her is Plato? 00/00/0000 An academic debate.
S05E07 Francini? Who is Francini? 00/00/0000 Introduction and variations.
S05E08 Then I, and You, and All of Us Fall Down 00/00/0000 Rules of the game.
S05E09 No More, Cried the Rooster—There Will Be Truth 00/00/0000 A lifetime of hard work seems undesirable for an intern.
S05E10 The Importance of Being 65937 00/00/0000 It couldn't be called ungentle, But how thoroughly departmental. Frost
S05E11 When Givers Prove Unkind 00/00/0000 Rich gifts wax poor, to the noble mind.
S05E12 The Man from Quasilia 00/00/0000 Another county heard from.
S05E13 Why Did the Day Go Backwards? 00/00/0000 To see the night before.
S05E14 If You Really Want to Know What Goes On In a Hospital... 00/00/0000 ""Like a patient etherized upon a table.""
S05E15 If You Play Your Cards Right, You Too Can Be a Loser 00/00/0000 ""Tell the truth or trump—but get the trick."" (Twain)
S05E16 In Case of Emergency, Cry Havoc 00/00/0000 ""And let slip the dogs of war.""
S05E17 Meantime, We Shall Express our Darker Purpose 00/00/0000 Meantime we shall express our darker purpose. Give me the map there. Know that we have divided In three our kingdom: and 'tis our fast intent To shake all cares and business from our age; Conferring them on younger strengths, while we Unburthen'd crawl toward death. King Lear
S05E18 For San Diego, You Need a Different Bus 00/00/0000 You can get there from here.
S05E19 Smile, Baby, Smile, It's Only Twenty Dols of Pain 00/00/0000 The agony and the estimate: trigeminal neuralgia, the tic douloureux.
S05E20 Fun and Games and Other Tragic Things 00/00/0000 Whistling in the dark.
S05E21 Weave Nets To Catch The Wind 00/00/0000 Courts adieu, and all delights, All bewitching appetites; Sweetest breath, and clearest eye, Like perfumes go out and die; And consequently this is done, As shadows wait upon the sun. Vain the ambition of kings, Who seek by trophies and dead things, To leave a living name behind, And weave but nets to catch the wind. O you have wrought a miracle, and melted A heart of adamant: you have compris'd In this dumb pageant, a right excellent form Of penitence. John Webster, The Devil's Law-Case
S05E22 Lullaby for a Wind-Up Toy 00/00/0000 The unmoved mover.
S05E23 Where Did All the Roses Go? 00/00/0000 ""No gardener has died within rosaceous memory."" (Beckett)
S05E24 Twenty-Six Ways to Spell Heartbreak, A, B, C, D ... 00/00/0000 You pays your money and you takes your choice.
S05E25 Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes, Here Comes The Cold Wind Of Truth 00/00/0000 Self-diagnosis.
S05E26 Then, Suddenly, Panic 00/00/0000 ""Fear in a handful of dust."" (Eliot)

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Par lolobuell Le 04/03/2011

Un film qui m'a marqué comme jamais.