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Benidorm ER is a documentary series which sees the cameras being given access to the Clinica Benidorm, one of Spain’s top hospitals. The cameras follow different holiday makers who have found themselves sick or injured, forced to swap the sun-bed for a hospital bed.


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S03E01 Episode 1 24/10/2013 Dr Iris Henkel tends to a base jumper who was blown off-course while parachuting from the 52nd floor of a local hotel, while five-year-old Ashraf from Bradford is admitted after a nasty fall. Plus, Geordie holiday-maker Ian has gone deaf in one ear, HGV driver Steven has spilt boiling water over his arm and party girl Corina has swollen ankles.
S03E02 Episode 2 31/10/2013 Doncaster great-grandfather Jim Williams is rushed into the emergency room after collapsing outside his hotel and the case becomes increasingly serious when his vital organs begin to shut down. At his surgery, Dr Ismael Torres treats a man with chronic back pain, a woman covered in infected mosquito bites, and a swimmer with badly cut legs. Sharon Stone from Preston receives life-saving dialysis treatment, having discovered the hospital will treat British patients on holiday while they wait for a kidney transplant back home.
S03E03 Episode 3 07/11/2013 A Lancashire pensioner is admitted after falling off a toilet and landing on a metal pipe sticking out of a wall, with X-rays revealing he has injured several ribs. A Bury woman needs emergency surgery for a serious fracture of her arm, while a distraught father brings in his four-year-old daughter with a suspected dislocated elbow. Meanwhile, Maureen Santana is giving serious thought to the idea of retiring after 25 years on reception.
S03E04 Episode 4 14/11/2013 Pensioner Marlene Roberts requires surgery after falling down steps at a Benidorm bar - suffering multiple fractures and dislocating her shoulder. On a night out with her friends, 28-year-old Tara Gibson experiences severe breathing difficulties and is rushed by ambulance to the hospital with suspected bronchitis, while 25-year-old electrician Brad Newport is admitted after a wound caused by a stingray flares up again.
S03E05 Episode 5 18/02/2014 Tests reveal a heart attack after a 48-year-old from Glasgow is rushed in with chest pains, while Dr Torres treats a West Midlands woman struggling for breath and thinks the situation is serious enough for her to be admitted to hospital. A severely visually impaired man from Aberdeen explains what it is like to receive medical attention for a suspected broken arm from people he cannot see and in a language he does not understand, while a Norwegian visitor arrives at the ER with a gash on her wrist caused by the shattering of a glass shower door.
S03E06 Episode 6 25/02/2014 Retired postmistress Rita Stevens faces a life-or-death operation after being rushed into the emergency room with severe blood poisoning, while Susan Braithwaite from Grimsby seeks relief from agonising kidney pain. Dr Benevides decides whether Glaswegian John Baxter is fit to fly home after he tripped and injured his elbow, and expat Fay Gallagher spends her 26th birthday in the ER after coming a cropper on a wakeboard.
S03E07 Episode 7 04/03/2014 Betty from Chesterfield arrives at the hospital struggling to walk after taking a bad fall on her hotel stairs, but Neville, her partner of 50 years, thinks it's a great opportunity to hire a two-person mobility scooter. At his dental practice, Khaddi Abba treats a 74-year-old man with a painful swelling under his right eye that he thinks has been caused by a badly infected tooth, while at Centro Medico Dr Torres tends to a five-year-old boy from Hastings in East Sussex, who has been complaining about a pain in his right ear.
S03E08 Episode 8 11/03/2014 Pensioner Dennis is brought in by his two older sisters when he becomes severely bloated. Medical staff pump eight litres of fluid from his stomach and he is rushed to the intensive care unit. Barmaid Janice suffers a panic attack after coming in to the hospital with a sore throat and a lump in her neck, while tourist Margaret arrives in the ER with a severe fever and acute pains in her stomach and back. Steven flew out after an operation in his home town of Glasgow, but was astonished to see a stitch starting to poke out of his scar as he sat by the hotel pool and asks the team to trim off the loose ends and patch him up.
S03E09 Episode 9 18/03/2014 Holidaymaker Yvonne Regan is rushed to hospital, where an MRI scan reveals evidence of a stroke, while Janette Greyson has taken a painful crack on the knee after slipping on a wet floor. Josh Amphlett's 21st birthday celebrations are brought to an abrupt halt after tripping over, pensioner Sheila Holland needs facial reconstruction surgery after a nasty tumble and six-year-old Daniel has cut open his chin just an hour after arriving in Benidorm
S03E10 Episode 10 25/03/2014 A woman from Gateshead arrives at the hospital after coughing up blood the previous day, while an expat attends his final session of radiotherapy for prostate cancer. A Newcastle couple are admitted after an accident involving a ladder on a campsite, and there is an emotional farewell for Maureen Santana, who is retiring as the clinic's receptionist after 24 years on the front desk.

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