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In this spin-off of Soap, Benson DuBois was sent to be the butler to Governor Gatling, who was the widowed cousin of Jessica Tate. Living in the home besides Gatling was his daughter Katie, his German housekeeper Gretchen, and his secretary Marcy. After two seasons, Benson ended up being appointed the state's budget director and also gained a secretary, Denise. In the sixth season, Benson continued his remarkable ascent and became the Lieutenant Governor and in the final season of the show, he ended up running for Governor against his mentor and former employer, Governor Gatling. However, the show ended before the results of the election were revealed and so no one ever knew who won the hard fought campaign.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Benson

S01E01 Pilot 13/09/1979 Benson comes to work for Governor Gatling and helps find a way for a bridge to be built without killing beavers.
S01E02 Trust Me 20/09/1979 Katie sneaks off to a rock concert while under Benson's watch.
S01E03 The President's Double 27/09/1979 When a visiting African president is incapacitated, Benson steps into the role and is targeted by assassins.
S01E04 Benson in Love 04/10/1979 Benson falls for an attractive senator he meets in the mansion.
S01E05 Conflict of Interest 18/10/1979 Governor Gatling is torn between attending Katie's school play and accepting an important political invitation.
S01E06 The Layoff 25/10/1979 To cut spending, Benson must lay off a sweet old woman, which upsets Katie.
S01E07 Snowbound 01/11/1979 Heavy snowfall leaves the staff stuck in a cottage in the woods.
S01E08 Jessica 08/11/1979 When the visiting Jessica Tate's elderly companion suddenly dies, Benson must help move the corpse to avoid a political scandal.
S01E09 Don't Quote Me 22/11/1979 The staff tries to discover who made a disparaging comment about a state senator that has the governor on the defensive.
S01E10 War Stories 29/11/1979 Benson introduces Marcy to an old army buddy, unaware his friend is married.
S01E11 Ghost Story 06/12/1979 Thinking the mansion is haunted, the staff holds a seance.
S01E12 Taylor's Bid 13/12/1979 Taylor quits to run for public office, but the governor finds he can't do without him.
S01E13 One Strike, You're Out 27/12/1979 With the mansion's domestic workers on strike, the staff must take on all of the household duties.
S01E14 Just Friends 03/01/1980 The governor woos a powerful businessman whose wife is Benson's old flame.
S01E15 Chain of Command 10/01/1980 With the governor ill, the irritating lieutenant governor makes a play for power that the staff tries to thwart.
S01E16 Bugging the Governor 24/01/1980 When hidden microphones are found in the mansion, the staff plots to find the perpetrators.
S01E17 Kraus Affair 31/01/1980 Kraus has a crush on the butcher and needs help from Benson and Marcy to reel him in.
S01E18 Checkmate 07/02/1980 A young Soviet chess prodigy hides in Katie's room and nearly causes an international incident.
S01E19 Cold Storage 28/02/1980 Benson and Kraus become trapped in a freezing storage room.
S01E20 Old Man Gatlin' 06/03/1980 When the governor's loudmouth father visits, it's up to Benson to keep him in check during an important speech.
S01E21 Power Play 20/03/1980 A mysterious environmental activist causes trouble for the governor and his staff.
S01E22 Takin' It to the Streets 27/03/1980 To connect with constituents, Governor Gatling and Benson visit a mangy bar.
S01E23 The Army Wants You 01/05/1980 Benson learns that his military unit was the subject of germ warfare testing.
S01E24 Marcy's Vacation 08/05/1980 When Marcy plans her vacation, she worries her replacement may take her job.
S02E01 Thick as Thieves 31/10/1980 Benson and Kraus are held hostage during a market robbery.
S02E02 Benson in the Hospital 07/11/1980 Benson is hospitalized with a mysterious allergy.
S02E03 Fool's Gold 14/11/1980 The staff goes on a frantic search for gold that may be hidden in the mansion.
S02E04 Masquerade 21/11/1980 Benson saves the day when a priceless gold statue becomes the target of revolutionaries from a foreign land.
S02E05 First Lady 28/11/1980 Katie believes her father is going to remarry without having told her first.
S02E06 Citizen Kraus 12/12/1980 Miss Kraus seeks to become an American citizen.
S02E07 Benson's Groupie 19/12/1980 Benson is relentlessly pursued by a wealthy but eccentric former lover.
S02E08 In High Places 09/01/1981 The governor must take the reins of a plane when the pilot dies during the flight.
S02E09 Old School Ties 16/01/1981 Governor Gatling sends Katie off to boarding school but soon realizes he made a mistake.
S02E10 The Apartment 23/01/1981 Benson rents an apartment in a futile attempt to escape the madness of the mansion.
S02E11 Big Buddy 06/02/1981 Benson becomes a mentor to a boy from a broken home.
S02E12 Fireside Chat 13/02/1981 While the governor makes a televised speech, Marcy and her boyfriend squabble and then announce their engagement.
S02E13 Marcy's Wedding 20/02/1981 Benson's role planning Marcy's wedding is complicated by Marcy's meddling mother.
S02E14 Rivals 27/02/1981 Kraus must pretend she is the governor's wife when a lifelong rival pays a visit.
S02E15 No Sad Songs 06/03/1981 Benson grieves the loss of his mother.
S02E16 Clayton, Go Home 13/03/1981 After receiving death threats, Clayton moves into the mansion.
S02E17 Easy Kid Stuff 20/03/1981 Benson struggles with the challenge of being a substitute father for a needy boy.
S02E18 Homework 03/04/1981 Katie's homework assignment sets the stage for vignettes about each cast member.
S02E19 Handwriting on the Wall 10/04/1981 A controversial bill brings the governor strange threats.
S02E20 The Governor's House Call 08/05/1981 The governor, Benson and Clayton are trapped in a bordello and must avoid being noticed.
S02E21 All Shook Up 15/05/1981 Taking refuge during an earthquake, Benson and Clayton get to know each other better.
S02E22 Lifesaver 22/05/1981 Kraus becomes overly appreciative when Benson saves her life.
S03E01 Benson's Appointment 06/11/1981 The governor promotes Benson to state budget director.
S03E02 The Grass Ain't Greener 13/11/1981 Benson goes undercover to investigate conditions in a prison.
S03E03 Sit-In 27/11/1981 In Benson's office, a conductor holds a concert in protest.
S03E04 Double Exposure 04/12/1981 Benson must help an FBI agent uncover a bribe scandal.
S03E05 The Lobbyist 11/12/1981 Benson's lobbyist girlfriend poses a conflict of interest.
S03E06 Stress 18/12/1981 The governor tries to alleviate tension among the staff.
S03E07 Rainbow's End 25/12/1981 Benson learns that his old flame is confined to a wheelchair.
S03E08 Once in a Blue Moon 08/01/1982 After Clayton is assaulted, Benson approves of tighter security.
S03E09 Kraus Falls in Love 15/01/1982 Kraus falls for a man she can't have.
S03E10 Stocks & Options 22/01/1982 The staff dabbles in the stock market with disastrous results.
S03E11 Kraus's Deadly Mistake 05/02/1982 Believing she will die soon, Kraus tries to seize the day.
S03E12 Wild Irish Rose 12/02/1982 A former governor visits along with his attractive niece.
S03E13 Street Gangs 19/02/1982 Benson tries to help a street gang stay out of trouble.
S03E14 Katie's Romance 26/02/1982 Katie develops a crush on Pete after he accompanies her to a gymnastics meet.
S03E15 Clayton's Condo 05/03/1982 Clayton buys an apartment building, not knowing Benson is now one of his tenants.
S03E16 Getting Even 12/03/1982 Benson concocts revenge for a wealthy investor who sexually harasses Denise.
S03E17 Pete the Hero 19/03/1982 Pete borrows Benson's car and gets into a wreck that leads to the capture of armed thieves.
S03E18 In the Red 26/03/1982 Benson is the victim of an IRS audit.
S03E19 Teed Off 02/04/1982 A golf foursome leads to acrimony among the governor and his male assistants.
S03E20 The Party's Over 30/04/1982 The governor learns his party won't support his renomination.
S03E21 The Lumber Mill 07/05/1982 Governor Gatling decides to run for reelection as an independent.
S03E22 Black Tuesday 14/05/1982 The governor's reelection campaign appears to have ended in failure.
S04E01 Death in a Funny Position (Part 1) 22/10/1982 A yacht cruise becomes a murder mystery when the owner of the boat is stabbed to death.
S04E02 Death in a Funny Position (Part 2) 22/10/1982 A yacht cruise becomes a murder mystery when the owner of the boat is stabbed to death.
S04E03 What a Revoltin' Development 29/10/1982 While attending a conference in Latin America, Benson and Pete are kidnapped by revolutionaries.
S04E04 Thy Brother's Keeper 05/11/1982 Benson's younger brother visits at the same time an important report is due.
S04E05 Quest for Retire 12/11/1982 The mansion's gardener seeks Benson's help as he approaches retirement.
S04E06 Teacher's Pest 19/11/1982 Benson tutors Kraus in economics to prepare her for a test.
S04E07 Benson's Army Reunion 26/11/1982 Benson and his army buddies are surprised to hear what became of a Korean kid they befriended during the war.
S04E08 Benson's New Home 03/12/1982 Benson buys a house in need of many repairs from a shady real estate agent.
S04E09 Crimes of the Hearth 10/12/1982 When Benson's condo is robbed, he discovers that it won't be easy to catch the crooks.
S04E10 Mary and Her Lambs 00/00/0000 It's Christmas time and Benson helps an assistant cook keep her foster children.
S04E11 Pen Pal 31/12/1982 Kraus' ex-convict pen pal pays a visit.
S04E12 The Honeymooners 07/01/1983 When Kraus' fiancé can't make it to the wedding, Benson stands in as a substitute.
S04E13 Close Encounters on the Third Hole 14/01/1983 Benson and the governor believe they saw a UFO while playing golf.
S04E14 Katie's Boyfriend 21/01/1983 The governor allows Katie to go on her first date.
S04E15 The Royal Painting 00/00/0000 A former street gang is hired to paint the mansion for the visiting Queen of England.
S04E16 Boy's Night Out 04/02/1983 The male staff members gather at Benson's for a night of fun.
S04E17 Family Tree 18/02/1983 Benson and Clayton learn that they might be related to each other.
S04E18 Calamity Kraus 00/00/0000 Kraus pretends to be a wealthy heiress to keep a manufacturing plant in the state.
S04E19 Kraus Sings the Blues 00/00/0000 Benson hosts a telethon and lets Kraus sing when other acts cancel out.
S04E20 Half-Court Trap 11/03/1983 Benson learns that his basketball-star nephew can hardly read or write.
S04E21 A View from the Roof 18/03/1983 When a ladder falls, Benson and the governor are trapped on the roof of the mansion.
S04E22 Love in a Funny Phase 31/03/1983 Benson is upset when his girlfriend Jennifer wants to date other men.
S05E01 Band of Gold 16/09/1983 Benson, Kraus, Denise and Pete become stranded in the forest.
S05E02 Human Element 23/09/1983 A robot becomes an unwelcome visitor to the mansion.
S05E03 God, I Need This Job 30/09/1983 Benson communicates with Jessica Tate's ghost.
S05E04 Who's Arnold? 00/00/0000 Benson poses as Kraus' husband when her mother visits from Germany.
S05E05 Full Court Press 21/10/1983 Fed up with insults, Clayton drags Benson into court.
S05E06 Down the Drain 28/10/1983 When Benson's sink needs attention, he summons a cranky elderly plumber.
S05E07 It Ain't Sheik 04/11/1983 Benson must convince a sheikh to bring his business to the state.
S05E08 You Can't Give It Away 11/11/1983 Benson wins the state lottery but has to donate the winnings to charity.
S05E09 Katie's Cookies 18/11/1983 Benson helps Katie win a cookie-baking contest.
S05E10 Labor Pains 25/11/1983 Benson must watch the baby of a neighbor who has been trapped in a snowstorm.
S05E11 Unlisted Love 02/12/1983 The governor reconnects with his high-school crush.
S05E12 The Governor's Brain Is Missing 16/12/1983 Military agents replace Governor Gatling with a double.
S05E13 A Real Gone Daddy 23/12/1983 Pete revisits the beatnik culture of his youth.
S05E14 Too Pooped to Pip 06/01/1984 Benson recruits Gladys Knight and the Pips to perform on a telethon.
S05E15 In All the Wrong Places 13/01/1984 A boy from Katie's school plays matchmaker with Benson and his single mother.
S05E16 Embarrassing Moments 20/01/1984 Benson is pronounced "Bachelor of the Month" by a magazine.
S05E17 Take My Life, Please 27/01/1984 A security check of the governor's staff results in Benson being named as a spy.
S05E18 Beauty and the Beef 03/02/1984 Benson judges a beauty pageant and must resist the persuasive pleas of both Clayton and Governor Gatling.
S05E19 We Deliver 24/02/1984 Denise goes into labor while trapped in an elevator with Benson and the governor.
S05E20 The Endicott Dynasty 02/03/1984 Clayton's father selects Benson to run his business empire.
S05E21 The Little Hotel That Could 09/03/1984 Kraus recruits Benson for help in sparing an old hotel from the wrecking ball.
S05E22 Let's Play Doctor 04/05/1984 A would-be doctor who is to receive an award from the governor is exposed as a fraud.
S06E01 The Scandal 21/09/1984 Benson discovers that the lieutenant governor is accepting bribes.
S06E02 The Inheritance 28/09/1984 Benson inherits ownership of a men's magazine.
S06E03 Let's Get Physical 12/10/1984 Benson sweats out the results of his physical.
S06E04 The Campaign 19/10/1984 Benson begins his campaign for lieutenant governor by dealing with a donor who expects political favors.
S06E05 The Election 26/10/1984 Benson's fledgling campaign runs out of money.
S06E06 Made in Hong Kong (Part 1) 02/11/1984 When the governor and his staff travel to Hong Kong, Clayton is mistaken for a famous designer and is kidnapped.
S06E07 Made in Hong Kong (Part 2) 09/11/1984 In Hong Kong, Benson and the local authorities seek to rescue Clayton, Kraus and the governor from a kidnapper.
S06E08 Hello, We Must Be Going 16/11/1984 Benson's plans to appoint Kraus as his assistant are thwarted.
S06E09 Double Date 23/11/1984 Benson unsuccessfully plays matchmaker for Clayton.
S06E10 Taking It to the Max 30/11/1984 Benson's sister ignores his advice to be cautious with her ex-boyfriend.
S06E11 The Reunion 07/12/1984 Benson reunites with his long-lost brother and uncle.
S06E12 Make War, Not Love 14/12/1984 Benson attends a trade conference where two enemy nations declare war on each other.
S06E13 Home for Christmas 21/12/1984 Benson dreams of a boyhood Christmas after falling unconscious from a slip and fall.
S06E14 On the Road 11/01/1985 Benson goes in disguise to lure Kraus away from her acting aspirations.
S06E15 Take This Job and Love It 18/01/1985 Benson fights city hall over a proposed ordinance to ban breakdancing.
S06E16 Making Change 25/01/1985 Benson, Kraus, Clayton and the governor discuss the people who influenced their lives the most.
S06E17 Solid Gold 01/02/1985 Benson travels to Las Vegas and meets the Smothers Brothers.
S06E18 The Oval Office 08/02/1985 Summoned to the White House, Benson and the governor become trapped in the Oval Office.
S06E19 Mid-Life Cowboy 15/02/1985 An exhausted Governor Gatling plays cowboy at a dude ranch to unwind.
S06E20 Scenario 22/02/1985 Fearing a nuclear attack, the governor and his staff retreat to a bomb shelter.
S06E21 Portrait of a Politician 15/03/1985 With the governor away on business, Benson takes control of the state government.
S06E22 Katie's Cousin 22/03/1985 Katie's wild cousin brings her to a bar where she is caught by Benson.
S06E23 The Bookburner 29/03/1985 Benson butts heads with a powerful senator over an education bill.
S06E24 Jung at Heart 05/04/1985 Passed over for a prestigious award, a delusional Clayton comes to think he is Benson.
S07E01 Benson the Hero 04/10/1985 After thwarting an armed robbery, Benson is sued by the perpetrator.
S07E02 Love and Politics 11/10/1985 Benson dangerously mixes business with pleasure when he rekindles a relationship with a female state senator.
S07E03 Uncle Jack 18/10/1985 Benson reunites Governor Gatling with his long-lost brother.
S07E04 The Stranger 25/10/1985 A mysterious stranger lurks around the mansion on Halloween.
S07E05 We Spy 08/11/1985 In East Germany on business, Benson and Kraus are detained and accused of spying.
S07E06 $1,000,000 an Hour 15/11/1985 Benson and Clayton must spend an enormous budget surplus before the waning fiscal year expires.
S07E07 Flight of the Dodo (Part 1) 29/11/1985 Clayton's attempt to pilot a helicopter puts him, Benson and the governor in peril.
S07E08 Flight of the Dodo (Part 2) 06/12/1985 Benson, Clayton and the governor must endure a helicopter crash landing in the desert.
S07E09 Two Boys and Their Dog 13/12/1985 Clayton draws Benson into his plans to start a dog-breeding business.
S07E10 Last Man on Earth 03/01/1986 Kraus dreams that a comet strike has left Benson and herself as the planet's sole survivors.
S07E11 Secret Love 18/01/1986 Clayton's candidacy for state budget director is threatened by his relationship with a Soviet defector.
S07E12 Summer of Discontent 25/01/1986 Benson and the governor seek advice from a conservationist in relation to environmental legislation.
S07E13 Parade Rest 01/02/1986 A contractor working on one of the mansion's bathrooms goes missing.
S07E14 Reel Murder (Part 1) 08/02/1986 Actor George Kennedy's plans to film a movie in the mansion lead to a murder mystery.
S07E15 Reel Murder (Part 2) 15/02/1986 The staff try to solve the murder mystery before time runs out.
S07E16 The Hat and the Ring 22/02/1986 Benson contemplates a marriage proposal to his state senator girlfriend.
S07E17 The Bucks Stop Here 01/03/1986 Clayton meets the obstacle to inheriting the family fortune, his father's young and beautiful fiancée.
S07E18 Pardon Me 15/03/1986 Benson campaigns for a pardon for an incarcerated man who was wrongfully convicted.
S07E19 Hi, Society 22/03/1986 Kraus unknowingly leaks information to an influential columnist.
S07E20 Three on a Mismatch 29/03/1986 The governor responds to an ad in the personals section of a magazine.
S07E21 Friends and Enemies 12/04/1986 Benson's gubernatorial bid pits him against Governor Gatling.
S07E22 And the Winner Is... 19/04/1986 With the votes cast, Benson and Governor Gatling await the results of the gubernatorial election.
S00E01 Making of Season 1 Documentary 00/00/0000
S00E02 Inside the Governor's Mansion: Remebering Season One of Benson 00/00/0000
S00E03 Favorites Episodes 00/00/0000