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L'histoire se déroule au Japon, dans un futur très proche, où un sport mondial, le Beyblade, est apparu, bien qu'il daterait de temps très anciens. Dans ce sport, les participants s'affrontent dans un Stadium avec des toupies très perfectionnées, le but étant d'éjecter la toupie adverse hors du Stadium ou de la faire s'arrêter. Chaque toupie est conçue par son propriétaire, et donc unique.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Beyblade

S01E01 Le voleur de toupie 08/01/2001 Tyson Granger realises he is running late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew, the best Beyblader in town. Before Tyson gets there, a Blade Shark named Carlos fights and defeats him, taking his blade. Tyson arrives and snaps, challenging him to a battle at 3:00 at the river next day. A boy named Kenny becomes friends with Tyson, and they crack that they need a faster Bey to defeat Carlos' heavier one. Tyson attempts, but gives up, and suddenly the Great Dragoon, a power that has been in the family from generations, comes to Tyson. Tyson again tries and finally defeats Carlos. However, Kai, the leader of the Blade Sharks, arrives and Tyson challenges him to a battle.
S01E02 Le jour du dragon 15/01/2001 Tyson quickly loses his battle with Kai. Andrew and Kenny inform him that the Blade Sharks are looking for the ultimate Bit Beast nobody can beat. Andrew, Kenny and Tyson rebuild Tyson's Bey. Meanwhile, Kai then orders Carlos' Bey be destroyed. Kai's goons kidnap Kenny to use his laptop to find the ultimate Bey. Tyson asks the Dragoon for guidance when Dragoon goes right into his Bey. Tyson then re-challenges Kai, and they draw.
S01E03 Le maximum 22/01/2001 Tyson and Kenny meet Max, the new kid in town, just before a puppy is washed away to a waterfall. Tyson attempts to save him, but fails. Max then tries, and succeeds. Max and Tyson battle in Max's dad's shop, but Max wins, due to his defensive-type Beyblade. Stanley A Dickenson (the Chairman of the Beyblade Battle Association) then arrives and informs them of the Beyblade Battle Tournament, and they are all looking forward to it. Kenny and Tyson argue over Tyson's cockiness that his Bey need not be improved. Tyson then attempts to control the Dragoon, and succeeds, while Kenny is watching through the window. They then become friends again.
S01E04 Les qualifications commencent 29/01/2001 The Beyblade Regional Qualifying Tournament begins as Tyson, Max, and even Kenny enter to see if they can dethrone Kai, the reigning champion. Max wins his Block, and advances to the finals. Kenny is second but without a Bit Beast in his blade, he falls quickly to Kai, angering Tyson. Tyson battles third, against the 3 goons that captured Kenny, and Carlos. Carlos then destroys one of his partners' Beys, leaving it between Tyson and Carlos. Tyson ends up winning, and is a good sport to Carlos. Ray is introduced at the end of the episode.
S01E05 Draciel 05/02/2001 In the semifinals, Max goes up against Kai, the champion. Tyson looks forward to fighting Ray, an undefeated Blader. The dish is based like a tower, to stay in the top for 10 seconds is how you win. The first round goes quickly, with Max being defeated by Kai's Spin Fire attack. But in the second round, with Max's reverse launch, Kai's Spin Fire attack is absorbed by Max's Bey, and he wins. Max's Bey then explodes due to the energy overload. Max then finds a Bit Beast inside his Grandma's pendant, and his Bit Beast, Draciel, gets inside his Bey. Max and Kai fight fiercely, but Max loses. Tyson cheers Max up with the fact that he now has a Bit Beast, and he can't wait for his battle with Ray.
S01E06 L'orage de Dragoon 12/02/2001 The final battle of the semifinals is Tyson versus Ray, an undefeated Blader. Kenny is working on something, and is not there for the first round. Tyson and Ray clash, but Ray easily beats Tyson with his stronger Bit Beast, Driger and his Tiger Claw attack, destroying Tyson's Bey. Kenny shows up before he forfeits, and Tyson's Bey is fixed with a new Defense Ring Kenny was working on. The second round is ferocious, but Tyson's Defense Ring pulls through, despite not being built for attacking. Ray forfeits the third match, saying he has nothing left to prove, and joins the team. The finals are decided, Tyson versus Kai.
S01E07 Treizes bougies 19/02/2001 Tyson, Max and Kenny are working on Dragoon to ensure victory in the finals when Grandpa interrupts and reveals Tyson that it is his 13th birthday! After the party, the first round ends quickly, with Tyson unexpectedly defeating Kai. Kai then goes harder on Tyson and easily defeats him in the second round. The third round is explosive, with Tyson just managing to defeat Kai, and become the National Beyblade Champion. Mr Dickenson then reveals to Tyson, Kai, Max, Kenny and Ray that they will become a team and participate in the World Championships.
S01E08 Duels de rues 26/02/2001 As Tyson, Kai, Max, Kenny and Ray fly to Hong Kong to prepare for the Asian Tournament, Kai "quits" the team and walks into the streets. The rest of the team try to follow him and fail when they hear a Bey spinning, and find a back-alley Beyblader challenging them to a battle. Tyson battles and manages to just defeat him, when another Beyblade knocks Dragoon out of the stadium and nearly hits Ray (Kai then reappears and knocks Dragoon out of his way), belonging to a boy named Kevin.
S01E09 Rencontre à Honk Kong 05/03/2001 Kevin disses the BladeBreakers (especially Ray) and challenges Ray to a battle. Tyson has had enough and battles Kevin instead, but he falls quickly to the Bey's ability to wobble and multiply. The Blader who challenged Tyson beforehand bumps into Lee, Gary and Mariah, the other members of the White Tigers, and he tells them about his encounter with Ray. Tyson then beats Kevin in battle, before the rest of the White Tigers show up. They all seem to know Ray, calling him "traitor", and tell him that they will be entering the tournament too.
S01E10 Duel en plein ciel 12/03/2001 The BBA Asian Tournament is underway, at the peak of a unbelievably high tower in China. The BladeBreakers and the White Tigers realize that they will eventually battle each other, and they use this against each other. First up, the BladeBreakers versus the Tall Boys. The BladeBreakers manage to scrape through to the next round, despite some of the Tall Boys' Beys having spikes and being able to generate heat. They then check out Mariah's Gallux Bit Beast, from the White Tigers, and Tyson can't wait for their fight.
S01E11 Le tricheur 19/03/2001 With Kenny working all night before the day of the Tournament, Kevin from the White Tigers tries to sneak into where they're sleeping and steal and/or destroy Ray's Driger. With a speech from Mariah, Kevin cannot do it, but instead steals one of Kenny's disks while he's making tea. Ray confronts him before he can escape and they battle for the disk. Ray, however, gets distracted by Kevin's "mercy" scene and Driger escapes from his Bey. Luckily, Tyson then battles Kevin and beats him, getting the disk back but leaving Kai disappointed with Ray and Ray with himself.
S01E12 A la recherche du spectre 26/03/2001 Ray leaves the BladeBreakers and journeys into the mountains to try and get back Driger. Mariah finds him, beats him in battle, confronts him about his stupidity and asks him to come back to the White Tigers. The other BladeBreakers discover that Ray has gone, and Tyson and Max venture off into the mountains. Ray nearly goes back to the White Tigers when Tyson and Max find him. Tyson challenges him to a battle, and if Ray wins he can do whatever he wants. Tyson, however, loses to Ray. When Ray discovers the BladeBreakers wanted him back without a Bit Beast, Ray goes back to the BladeBreakers.
S01E13 Le tigre caché 02/04/2001 The White Tigers face the Spin Shepherds. Due to hunger, Gary loses to one member. Mariah manages to literally destroy her opponent's Bey. But when Lee uses Ray's special move, Ray is forced to open up about their past. Driger had been passed down from generation to generation, and Ray was chosen instead of Lee. Ray then left to pick up new skills. A challenge is set, whichever team wins in the finals gets Driger. The BladeBreakers face up against the Charming Princes, and Tyson, Max and Ray destroy them, with Ray finally getting Driger back.
S01E14 Passons aux choses sérieuses ! 09/04/2001 It's the morning of the semi-finals at the Asian Beyblade Tournament and Tyson manages to sleep in. The rest of the team leaves early, but Ray stays behind to make sure Tyson wakes up. As the tournament gets underway, Max is the first to battle. Meanwhile, Ray and Tyson are caught up in a traffic jam created by a landslide (Created by Kevin), so they decide to walk. But the shortest route is over a mountain where Ray sprains his ankle and Tyson is left to carrying him all the way to there. Meanwhile, back at the tournament, Team Bladebreakers has heard about the landslide and are worried about their teammates. And to add insult to injury, if Tyson doesn't show up soon, their team will have to forfeit. Time is running out for Tyson and Ray, when Kai uncharacteristically steps up to the plate to stall for time until Tyson shows up.
S01E15 Pour l'or 16/04/2001 The finals are about to begin in the Asian Qualifying Tournament with the winning team advancing to the World BeyBlade Championships. In the first round, Max goes against Gary from the White Tigers in a best of three battle. The first round goes without a hitch as Max easily takes care of his opponent and with the win, Max becomes a little overconfident. Meanwhile, Gary loses it and as his rage intensifies, so does the strength of his Galzzy Bit Beast. In the second round Gary surprises Max his blade's new found power and after Max puts up a respectable defense, Max finally falls prey to Gary's Galzzy. Now the Bladebreakers realise they're not as quite tough as they think they are and when they enter the ring for the final round, they try a new strategy. But Gary has other plans and makes quick work of defeating his inferior opponent handing a first round loss to our heroes.
S01E16 Ami ou ennemi 23/04/2001 During the finals of the Asian Tournament, Ray faces off against his old teammate, and former friend, Mariah. When Galux and Driger team up to show the pair a glimpse of the happiness they shared in the past, Ray and Mariah come to realize how much they have lost, by being rivals. Ray makes a promise to Mariah before he wins the match that no matter what happens, they'll stay friends.
S01E17 Jeu décisif 30/04/2001 The final match of the Asian Beyblade Tournament reaches an uncertain conclusion when Tyson and Lee’s decisive battle ends in a draw. The resulting sudden death session between Ray and Lee rekindles the pair's old hometown grievances. Ray manages to defeat Lee and the two of them make up.
S01E18 La naissance d'une star 07/05/2001 Fresh from the Bladebreakers win in Asia, Tyson comes home and realizes he's front page news. With his ego out of control, Tyson takes on the attitude of a rock star, which upsets Kenny who tries to keep him focused on blading and not his popularity. Meanwhile, at a local playground, the local kids are all out Beyblading when Tyson spots a kid called Nicky, being smoked in the Beystadium by a bully named Riley. After Nicky's blade is completely destroyed, Tyson vows to help the kid fix it and fight his way back. After enlisting the help of Max, Kenny and Dizzi, Tyson manages to rebuild Nicky's blade and they return to the playground where they find Riley and immediately demand a rematch. Needless to say, with the knowledge of the Bladebreakers backing Nicky, he quickly takes care of Riley who learns a harsh, but vital life lesson on being a bully. Meanwhile, in a conspiratorial meeting at Kai's grandfather's mansion, he spells out Kai's next assignment.
S01E19 Sous le microscope 14/05/2001 The Bladebreakers arrive in the USA for the American Tournament. During a tour of a BBA research facility, Max is shocked to learn that his Mom works there, and not at the college, like he thought. To make matters worse, the team discovers that they are being tested for weaknesses, by a competing team. Although Tyson and Ray easily beat their opponents, Max is easily defeated by his mother's assistant, Emily.
S01E20 Tout est relatif 21/05/2001 After their non-competition loss to Emily of the All Starz at the BBA Research Center, the Blade Breakers sneak around the high-tech facility, hoping to learn more about their competition. There, they confront two other All Starz called Eddie and Steve, and Max learns more about his Mom's job at the BBA - specifically, a rumour of why Max wasn't asked to join the All Starz Team.
S01E21 Atteindre la perfection 28/05/2001 For some strange reason, Mr. Dickenson sends the Blade Breakers to a remote mountain retreat to hone their blading skills for the upcoming American Tournament as well as to get Kenny and Dizzi to figure out a way to increase Ray's Bit Beast's power. Once there, they meet up with an enthusiastic young boy named Antonio who they think is there to train them. Turns out, Antonio is a pathetic blader. Frustrated, the Breakers question the reason why Mr. Dickenson would send them all the way up to the middle of nowhere to train without any decent equipment. Turns out, the BBA Chairman had an ulterior motive - to teach the boys a valuable lesson about the importance of practice. Even Kenny learns from this and is able to tweak Ray's blade up a few notches.
S01E22 Duel dans les étoiles 04/06/2001 A charity event in the Heartland of America gives the Bladebreakers a taste of the All Starz's prowess. Featuring celebrities in a three-on-three contest against young Beybladers of note, Emily of the All Starz, bullies her way to an easy win. It's not until Emily knocks out her own opponent, loses the second match and is on her way to throwing the whole competition, that Max teaches her what teamwork is all about.
S01E23 Révélation à Las Vegas 11/06/2001 The Bladebreakers arrive in Las Vegas for the start of the American Tournament. Tyson looks forward to facing off against the arrogant All-Starz, and their scientifically advanced Beyblades – but first his team needs to get past the ‘Renegades’ in the qualifying round. Kai surprises everyone by stepping into the dish for the first battle.
S01E24 Vive Las Vegas 18/06/2001 The Bladebreakers have advanced to the second round of the American Tournament where they square off against the Savage Slammers. The winner of this round advances to the semi-finals. Their competition first appears to be a bunch of slackers, but when Ray loses out in the first round, they quickly realise what they're up against. Max is next, and for some odd reason, his rival folds under pressure, so the best of three is tied at one a piece with Tyson coming in for the deciding battle. At first it looks like a quick win for the Slammers simply because of the size of his opponents enormous Beyblade and things get even more tense when Tyson begins to lose his temper and his focus. The other Breakers convince him to concentrate and when he does, Tyson pull off the victory. Next, our heroes decide to check out the American Team who are competing in another stadium. That's where they get their first taste of the ultra-inflated ego of the All Starz's captain, Michael.
S01E25 Autoroute vers la gloire 25/06/2001 It's the Bladebreakers versus Spintensity in the semi-finals of the American Tournament. But before the match can begin, Tyson is forced to withdraw with a stomachache which he got from too much celebratory eating. Max, Ray and Kai must drag race their crafty foes through the whirlwind, highway-themed dish called the New Jersey Turnpike.
S01E26 Affronter un All Starz 02/07/2001 Tensions rise as the American Tournament heats up. Max fights for a chance to beyblade against his mother’s team the All-Starz in an upcoming match, while Tyson and the rest of the Bladebreakers realize that the All-Starz are a bigger threat then they previously thought. At the end of two tense rounds, Tyson and Steve are tied one-all.
S01E27 Le grand tournoi américain 09/07/2001 It's the finals of the American Tournament and the Bladebreakers are going head to head with the All Starz with the winner going to the World Championships. In the first round, Tyson is pitted against Steve and at first things don't appear to be going Tyson's way. But with sheer determination, Tyson pulls out a victory that puts the Bladebreakers ahead one to nothing in the best of three finals. The second round isn't quite so easy as Ray squares off against the NBA wanna-be Eddy whose blazing fast basketball style attack quickly knocks him out and evens the score at two a piece. It looks like the All Starz are shoo-ins to win because of their superior ability to collect data on their opponents. Now the stage is set for the final battle, but the question is, who from the Bladebreakers will take on the All Starz's number one player Michael? Kai or Max? In the end, it's Max who gets the nod.
S01E28 La finale 16/07/2001 The deciding match of the American Tournament Finals comes down to Max vs. Michael of the ‘All Starz’, in a battle that pits science and technology against human spirit. Unfortunately for Max and the Bladebreakers, the trick dish turns out to be a replica of a baseball diamond – where Michael feels right at home. Max wins in the end, however.
S01E29 Mémoires vives 23/07/2001 After narrowly defeating the All Starz at the American Tournament, Kenny decides he should record a database of the highs and low points of the BladeBreakers since the very beginning. In fact, through a series of flashbacks, the Chief along with Dizzi, takes a trip down memory lane as far back to the first time he ever met Tyson. With clips from various shows, Kenny narrates the progress of his friends who eventually form the Bladebreakers and go on to the Asian Tournament. After watching the progress of his team, evaluating individual battles to eventually winning the American Tournament, Kenny concludes that they really have come a long way in a very short time. And just when he thinks they've reached the pinnacle of their success, Max, Tyson and Ray show up to take Kenny to meet the ship that's about to take them to the World Championships in Russia!
S01E30 Rencontre en mer 30/07/2001 Travelling by boat across the Atlantic, the Bladebreakers must not only deal with Kenny's seasickness, but a gut-wrenching revelation. Tyson's on-board defeat at the hands of a mysterious foe - one wielding a Bit-Beast larger and stronger than any they've ever seen - exposes the team's vulnerability going into the Russian Tournament.
S01E31 L'appel de Londres 06/08/2001 The kids are tricked into missing their boat, forcing them to spend the night in London where a mysterious videotape of Tyson's father is delivered to them. Later, Tyson's Beyblade is stolen and the kids are lured into a fight with the evil Cenotaph and his powerful Bit Beast, Sarcopholon. All seems lost until Kai defeats the mummy by using his own strengths against him. The team agree to travel by land, learning from every European Beyblader they can find.
S01E32 Le tunnel hanté 13/08/2001 After their train is mysteriously hijacked, the kids find themselves in the dark recesses of a tunnel. This is where the Bladebreakers meet a foursome of zombie-like ghouls, the Dark Bladers! The team are soon forced into a Beyblade match to rescue Kenny from the monsters' evil clutches! But Kenny's not the only prize in this dark match-up. For if the Bladebreakers lose, their Bit Beasts are up for grabs...
S01E33 Les mystères de Paris 20/08/2001 As the Bladebreakers make their way to the World Championships in Russia, they are stuck in Paris where they end up wasting a day looking for Kai who had mysteriously disappeared. Tyson comes up with the idea of using the Eiffel Tower as a vantage point to speed up their search. Ray, Kenny, Tyson and Max make their way to the observation deck of the tower where they are again confronted by the Dark Bladers, who have vowed to steal the Bladebreakers Bit Beasts as part of their ultimate plan to capture all Bit Beasts in the world. A massive battle ensues but the odds are against our heroes. Finally, Kai shows up with his newly modified Dranzer and almost single-handedly wins the battle. The Dark Bladers fade away after their humiliating loss and just when you'd think it's over, a mysterious kid named Oliver shows up...
S01E34 Une visite à Paris 27/08/2001 The Bladebreakers spend an extra day in Paris and split up to see the sights. Ray catches up with his uncle, Max goes on a wild shopping spree and Kai goes in search of information. Tyson and Kenny try to see the Louvre but end up Beyblading Oliver, the French Champion. At first Oliver's Bit Beast, Unicolyon, is too much for Dragoon. But Tyson soon proves that even the French Champion has a thing or two to learn about Beyblading.
S01E35 Duel à Rome 03/09/2001 The Bladebreakers arrive in Rome, searching for the mysterious Enrique. Scoffing at their Beyblade challenge, Enrique decides he would rather spend the day with some of his lady-friends. But Tyson soon convinces him to ‘Let it rip!’ And after seeing Enrique’s personalised BeyStadium, and his outrageous bit-beast Amphilyon, there is a good chance that Tyson may regret his actions.
S01E36 Déjà vu 10/09/2001 Unwilling to let his initial defeat to Enrique faze him, Tyson gets busy reworking his Beyblade. With Enrique having doubts about his own technique, and Oliver visiting him in Rome from France, the stage is set for a rematch. This time, Tyson pits the two heads of Enrique's Bit Beast Amphilyon against each other, and saves Enrique's life when Amphilyon turns on him.
S01E37 Échec et mat 17/09/2001 Enrique and Oliver decide to take our heroes on a dirigible ride to visit Robert's castle. The reason - Tyson hopes to avenge an earlier loss to Robert that happened onboard the ship coming to Europe. Tyson's patience, however, is tested when they have to sit and wait for their host who is 'not to be disturbed'. So, Tyson decides to find Robert on his own and ends up getting lost in the medieval castles many eerie secret passages. Finally, everyone converges in the room where Robert is playing chess against Johnny and it's here where Tyson throws down the gauntlet and challenges Robert to a rematch. Robert refuses and goes into a whole history lesson about how 'once you've defeated your enemy, the battle is over'. Meanwhile, arrogant little Johnny decides to pick a battle with the most-worthy opponent in the room and chooses Kai. As the fight begins, it appears to be even, but then Johnny calls out his Bit Beast Salamulyon and totally destroys him. In the end, the Bladebreakers resolve that they have their work cut out for them to become the world champion Beybladers.
S01E38 Défi à Olympie 24/09/2001 The Bladebreakers have made themselves at home at Robert's mansion, refusing to leave unless the Europeans agree to a final Beybattle. To teach his guests a lesson, Robert agrees to a match at his new stadium. But there's one condition: If the Bladebreakers lose, they have to forfeit their berth at the world Championship. Ray and Oliver battle fiercely and the first round ends in a tie. Johnny and Kai, bitter rivals, step to the bowl. But can Kai get revenge for his previous loss? Or will he once again fall at the hands of Johnny?
S01E39 Un travail d'équipe 01/10/2001 Match two gets underway at the Olympia Coliseum, and with a little unsolicited help by his teammates, Kai walks away with a win. The match is tied and the Majestics grudgingly admit to themselves that the only way they will win the contest is to fight as a team, as the Bladebreakers do. Facing off against Tyson in the final match, will Robert be able to apply the fundamentals of teamwork? And will the Bladebreakers ever discover who sent them on their cross-Europe trip in the first place?
S01E40 Ça chauffe au pays du froid 08/10/2001 The Bladebreakers arrive in Moscow on a brisk winter's day in anticipation of the World Beyblading final tournament. As they search for their hotel in the chilly city, they happen upon Boris, a strange man who claims to be the head of a rather eerie Beyblading training center. With the charm of an old world count, Boris invites them to lunch and them brings them to the training facility where they meet the next generation of Beybladers. It's here where Boris decides that one of his pupils should test his blading skills against Tyson. Our heroes are led into a rather stark, castle-like chamber which houses nothing more than a Beystadium and here Tyson takes on a young kid named Alexander. At first the battle is in favour of Alexander, but Tyson quickly turns the tide with Kai's help and wins with his patented Phantom Hurricane Attack. After the match, Alexander's Beyblade is crushed under Boris' foot and the young lad is dragged off in disgrace much to the confusion of the Bladebreakers who quickly leave. At the end of the episode, Kai vows to return and seek retribution.
S01E41 Les ombres du passé 15/10/2001 The Bladebreakers run into some old friends in Russia when the All-Starz and the White Tiger Clan show up for an exhibition match. The Beybattle between the two teams ends in a tie and they become fast friends, except for Emily and Mariah, who refuse to speak to each other. Meanwhile, Kai returns to the Abbey to find out why it fills him with foreboding. He discovers a cruel Beyblade facility in the sub-basements, housing twisted science experiments and an army of children being molded into deadly Beybladers. Kai's lost memories come flooding back as he realises that he was raised in the abbey. But has he discovered the truth too late?
S01E42 Plongeon dans les ténèbres 22/10/2001 Kai is torn between escaping the Abbey, or exploring it further in an attempt to unlock forgotten memories from his childhood. The Bladebreakers attempt to enter the abbey to track down their missing teammate, but are denied access by two of its bladers, Ian and Tala, under orders to stall them. When Kai discovers the existence of Black Dranzer, the world's most powerful Beyblade, Boris offers it to him - but only if Kai quits the Bladebreakers forever and rejoins the Biovolt Corporation. Flooded with memories of using Black Dranzer as a child, and the lure of its dark, corrupting power leads Kai to accept Black Dranzer and rejoin Biovolt.
S01E43 Trahison 29/10/2001 It's the first day of the Beyblade World Championships in Moscow, and as our heroes leave their hotel, they still haven't been able to locate Kai who's been missing for some time now. Regardless, they arrive at the tournament and meet up with both the White Tigers and the All Starz who invite them to watch their first match against the Demolition Boys. At first things seem fairly normal, that is, until they start to battle. Things go from bad to worse for the All Starz who are no match for the Demolition Boys who quickly go up 2-0 in the best of five events. In the next match, Michael has to square off against a mystery member of the Demolition Boys and it turns out to be none other than Kai, who has defected from the Bladebreakers. In the final battle, Kai takes on all the All Starz at once... and wins!! After his victory, he commands the All Starz Bit Beasts to enter his blade and he announces to the world that he now possesses the most powerful Beyblade in the world!!
S01E44 Adieu Kai ! 05/11/2001 Determined to avenge the All-Starz's devastating defeat, the White Tigers face Kai in the Tournament. One by one, they fall before the power of Black Dranzer and watch, horrified, as their Bit Beasts are absorbed into Kai's Beyblade. The Bladebreakers storm the abbey in a desperate attempt to free their teammate. Tyson stumbles into Biovolt's secret lab and learns the truth about Kai's past from a gloating Boris. Tyson refuses to give up on his friend until Kai hands over his old Dranzer Beyblade and tells him to leave. Will the Bladebreakers survive the loss of their most powerful member?
S01E45 Briser la glace 12/11/2001 Downtrodden and dejected, the Bladebreakers ask themselves over and over again: “Why would Kai betray us?” Soon enough, however, the boys get a chance to ask him themselves. Summoned by Kai to Beyblade on a frozen lake, the Bladebreakers must not only win to save their Bit Beasts, but must convince Kai that they will always be his teammates. Can they do it...?
S01E46 Le premier raid 19/11/2001 Now that Kai is finally loyal to the 'Bladebreakers', he returns Black Dranzer to Boris, doing severe damage to the enemy headquarters in the process. Voltaire orders the operation to proceed, and Boris brings in the Demolition Boys to get the job done. It is revealed that Biovolt is creating a breed of powerful, savage, Bit-Beasts that are designed for War... and the plan is to use them to take over the entire World. The Demolition Boys attack the BBA bus, and Max bravely battles to save his friends. Unfortunately, he loses his Bit-Beast Draciel in the process.
S01E47 Une leçon pour Tyson 26/11/2001 The Bladebreakers are stranded on the barren Russian Tundra after their run-in with the Demolition Boys when the Majestics mysteriously show up in their bus. After picking our heroes up, they stop at an abandoned palace where Robert challenges Tyson to battle. At first it seems strange that Robert would do this, but Tyson accepts and a battle ensues with Tyson losing two straight. He becomes infuriated! Robert then tells Tyson that he must harness his power back into his blade, which totally confuses Tyson. Finally, Kenny tells Tyson to remember the battle he had against Robert back in his castle. That's where Tyson realised he must work together with his Bit Beast. With this knowledge, a third battle takes place and Tyson defeats Robert. But the question still remained, why did the Majestics want to challenge our heroes to a battle for no apparent reason? In the end, it turns out that Mr. Dickenson set this whole 'lesson' up to get the Bladebreakers ready for the final match with the Demolition Boys. Without accessing their 'power from within', the Bladebreakers wouldn't stand a chance against the Demolition Boys in the finals at the World Championships.
S01E48 La victoire dans la défaite 03/12/2001 The World Championship Finals are finally here and Kai insists on Beybattling first, hoping his knowledge of the Demolition Boys will give him an advantage over Spencer. But in the first set, Seaborg, Spencer's whale Bit Beast, uses the water in the Black Sea Bowl to create a tsunami, which overwhelms Dranzer. Kai is desperate for victory and Voltaire makes him a tempting offer: the power of Black Dranzer in exchange for betraying his friends and stealing their Bit Beasts, but Kai stays true to his heart and resists his grandfather.
S01E49 Qui sème le vent... 10/12/2001 After Kai's first round loss to the Demolition Boys in the World Beyblade Finals, it's Ray's turn to take on Bryan in a best-of-three match. Ray learns the hard way that Bryan is a nasty competitor who'll do anything to win - including putting Ray himself through the wringer. When it's discovered that Bryan's attack includes the ability to manipulate air itself into a weapon, Ray faces a troubling realisation. To negate Bryan's fury, he must put his own well being at risk. But Ray's Bit-Beast Driger has other ideas, and it offers up selfless act of its own.
S01E50 Le cyber-beyblader 17/12/2001 After a devastating match puts Ray in the hospital, Tyson trains his heart out to prepare for his battle against Tala, leader of the Demolition Boys. What Tyson doesn't know is that Tala has become one of Boris' weird experiments, uploaded with dangerous Biovolt technology. Meanwhile, Max’s parents work together to come up with an improved Beyblade that can combat the existing threat of the Demolition Boys' prowess. Can it even come close to competing against...Cyber-Tala?
S01E51 Feu d'artifice final 24/12/2001 It's the finals of the World Beyblading Championships in Moscow with Tala from the Demolition Boys and Tyson tied at one game a piece in the best of three finals. With the victory, the tide has turned in favor of Tala who warps the two warriors into a giant iceberg where there is no contact with the outside world. The second battle begins, and it takes little time for Tala to combine his multiple Bit Beasts into one and take the lead in the best of three finals. Meanwhile, the evil Voltaire looks on and begins celebrating the victory, which translates into his domination of the corporate world. With the lose, Tyson has fallen into a funk and sees no way of winning, when he suddenly realises the power to win is inside him. With a new outlook and positive thinking, Tyson's confidence translates into a more powerful Dragoon, which handily defeats Tala. With the win, all the stolen Bit Beasts are returned to their rightful owners and in the end, Tyson's friends gather around each wanting to take on the new World Champion Beyblader.
S02E01 Shot Down in Flames! 27/12/2001 Bladebreakers, the team that dominated the Beyblade World Tournament has split up. Max to America, Ray to China. Kai's whereabouts are unknown, and Tyson spends his days peacefully... Well not really running away from grandfather's training so that his passion toward beyblade doesn't cool off having become best in the world. As always worrying about him overdoing it, Tyson goes just perfectly for Professor anyway, that day, he had plans to battle the city tournament champion in the deciding battle of the competition, a mysterious boy who goes by the name of Mister X shows overwhelming difference in strength in the battle and it ends in his victory. This heartless method causes Tyson to fire off his dragon bullet. This boy who hides frightening true strength, who is his true self.
S02E02 The Search for Mr. X 14/01/2002 Tyson still can’t get over losing his town’s Beyblade Tournament to the mysterious Mister X. Kenny and Dizzi try to come up with some answers but discover a greater mystery. On the same day as Tyson’s loss, Max and Ray were also visited by similar shadowy figures that defeated them as well. While Tyson does his best to avoid his school chores, Kenny makes a startling discovery about Mister X’s Beyblade. Unfortunately Tyson, unaware of this new information, unexpectedly runs into Mister X at the park and challenges him to a rematch!
S02E03 Unseen and Unleashed 21/01/2002 Kenny learns that the cloaked blader named Ozuma, who defeated Tyson in an informal, Supermarket-sponsored beybattle, was using an invisible Bit-Beast. Tyson demands a rematch against the strange opponent – and loses for a second time when Dragoon mysteriously fails to appear on command. Effects from the battle damaged Dizzi, whom Kenny endeavors to repair. Meanwhile, a group of shady Men in Black have been busy monitoring Tyson and Ozuma the entire time. At school, tensions between Tyson and Hilary continue to rise. Tyson’s turmoil over Dragoon’s behavior sets him on an increased training regimen. Kenny fixes Dizzi, and encounters Hilary on route to his meeting with Tyson to work on the Dragoon problem. Before he can get there however, two Men in Black confront Kenny and Hilary.
S02E04 Searching for Dragoon 28/01/2002 Tyson heads to the park to meet Kenny, who has a plan to get Dragoon back “on line”. But when Kenny and Hilary are kidnapped, Tyson is forced to jump through a series of hoops set out by their captors, which test his speed and determination. After successfully completing their orders, Tyson finds himself on a ship equipped with a fancy computer system – and his friends, locked in a glass-walled cage. But what do the kidnappers want – and how far will they go to get it? When the mysterious voice challenges Tyson to a battle he accepts – even though the stakes are the highest ones he’s faced yet – the lives of his friends! When Tyson realizes that his opponent is “just” a robot, he’s stoked – this is going to be a piece of cake. But this isn’t just any robot… and these aren’t just any run-of-the-mill Beybladers. The computer can read his every move before he makes it, and Tyson’s only chance is to bring Dragoon back to the battle field. Will he be able to do it in time to save his friends?
S02E05 Guess Who's Back in Town? 04/02/2002 Tyson and Kenny are safe on dry land once again but are totally baffled trying to figure out why Kenny and Hilary were kidnapped by two mystery men. The best that they can deduce is that two factions are out to steal the Bit Beasts of all the members of the BladeBreakers. This leads them to wonder about Kai who supposedly has retired. Back at Kai's prep school a curious student named Wyatt is all over Kai trying to get him to come out of retirement and show him a few pointers on how to blade. Kai ignores him until a bully (Dunga) entices Wyatt into a battle. Wyatt is sure he can win, especially since he's using Kai's Dranzer which he stole from Kai's hideaway. In no time, Dunga wins, but Kai decides to fight the rematch. The fight is fierce and surprisingly ends in a draw. But after the battle, Kai decides to come out of his self-imposed retirement because he believes he has at last found a worthy opponent.
S02E06 The Magtram Threat 11/02/2002 His name is Gideon, the evil leader, and Doctor B, the head of the scientists. Inside Gideon’s training center two of his henchmen discover a talented Blader named Snakey and offer to equip his Blade with the Magtram. The Magtram is a device that creates a magnetic field around the user’s Beyblade and gives an unfair advantage to anyone using it. Kenny and Hilary are on the look out for their mysterious captors when Tyson shows up with a new scheme to find Ozuma. Out of nowhere, Snakey shows up and challenges Tyson to a match. Little does Tyson know that Snakey is being used as bait so that Gideon can collect data on Dragoon. Tyson accepts the challenge but it looks like he might lose until Kai appears and offers some much-needed support. Tyson releases Dragoon and after an intense battle he knocks Snakey’s Blade out of the stadium and wins the match. Unfortunately Gideon’s henchmen, hiding in the bushes, record the whole event and send it back to Gideon’s lair. Meanwhile Ozuma and Dunga watch all the action from afar and prepare for their own battles with Tyson and Dragoon!”
S02E07 The Reunion Begins 18/02/2002 Tyson and Kenny try to determine what the mystery material was inside Snakey's Beyblade that made it so magnetic. Kai is tight-lipped after rejoining his friends following his draw against Dunga. Kai crashes at Tyson's place, but departs quickly after old grievances resurface, and Hilary suspects him of being a spy. Tyson and Kenny e-mail Max's Mom, asking for help with their analysis of the mystery metal, while Hilary suggests visiting another person who could help them - Mr. Dickenson. Upon visiting him at his office, they meet a new team called the Psykicks, led by the sinister Doctor B. This shady squad wants to challenge the Bladebreakers for the Championship title, but to become eligible they must defeat the BBA Trainee Team, which they do. Unbeknownst to the kids and Mr. Dickenson however, it's Gideon who's behind this scheme to reunite the Bladebreakers. He wants all four members together in the same place so he can proceed with his yet-unknown plan involving their Bit Beasts. Kai rejoins Tyson, and Mr. Dickenson puts out a call to Max and Ray. The Blade Breakers reunion is imminent.
S02E08 Return of the Bladebreakers! 25/02/2002 At long last, Max and Ray rejoin their friends and the Bladebreakers are back together again! Just in time to meet their opponents, Team Psykick. With one week to train, the guys have victory on their brains – especially after Max and Kenny reveal the new technology developed by Max’s mom. The MG Core produces a magnetic field similar to the one in the Magtram technology, giving the user optimal control over their Beyblade and increasing the Beyblades power ten fold. However, it’s not an easy thing to control, and the guys have a rough start. Hilary and Kenny come up with a “back to the basics” practice schedule… and after Tyson gets over the insult of re-learning basic turns and moves, they go into training. The Bladebreakers are ready to take on Team Psykick and board the bus to the battle… but could this strange bus driver spell more trouble for our heroes?
S02E09 La Isla Bey-Nita 04/03/2002 The Bladebreakers were on route to take on Team Psykick in a tournament when the Driver filled the bus with sleeping gas. While unconscious, they were quickly whisked away to a deserted island where Doctor B, Gideon’s minion, was assigned to steal the Bit Beasts from all four team members with a Bit-Beast Capturing System. The system would wait until a bit beast was released, and then would try to entangle it in an energy field. The first battle was between Max and a 'colorful' character named Chameleon. It looked bad for Max, but in the end, he called out Draciel, which not only won the battle, but also destroyed the Bit Beast Capturing System in its wake. Now all our heroes have to do is escape the island… but this seems impossible!!
S02E10 The Island of No Return 11/03/2002 The Bladebreakers are trapped on a mysterious island and not sure how to get off, so they decide to split up. Hilary, Kai and Kenny head for the lighthouse where they hope to find a way to communicate with the outside world and call for help, while Tyson, Ray and Max accidentally find themselves at the site of their next battle. Kai’s gang faces difficult obstacles when their mysterious captor tries to dissuade them from reaching the lighthouse, and they barely escape in one piece. On the other side of the island, Tyson, Ray and Max are lead into a cave and right into a trap. They are challenged by Bat, a blader with the ability to see in the dark. Because Tyson’s ankle is sprained, Ray steps up to the plate. He almost loses Driger to his opponent… but Tyson’s quick thinking helps him win. By focusing on what he can hear instead of what he can’t see, Ray manages to target Bat’s Batranzer Beyblade and defeat him. Meanwhile, just as it looks like Hilary and gang have found a way to the lighthouse, a new blader challenges Kai to a battle…
S02E11 The Evil Island of Dr. B 18/03/2002 Our heroes are still trapped on a deserted island and are puppets of the evil Doctor B who's intent is to steal the Bladebreakers Bit Beasts. But he does make a deal with the kids that if each member of the Bladebreakers can defeat a member of Team Psykick, he'll release them. Only two haven't fought yet- Tyson and Kai. The first battle is between Kai and Figel that Kai wins handily. After the battle, Kenny, Kai and Hilary resume their quest to the lighthouse to get a clear satellite signal to get help from the outside. Finally they make contact, but not before they return to find Tyson in battle against another member of Team Psykick, Daryl. This battle won't be so easy to win, as Tyson has a swollen ankle from a previous accident. But Tyson is determined to take the victory and free everyone from the island. In the end, Tyson pulls off a win and Doctor B's laboratory is blown to bits by his computers overloading on him! After the dust settles, Mr. Dickenson and Grandpa arrive in a helicopter to rescue the kids!
S02E12 Bring Me Dranzer 25/03/2002 Tyson recuperates in the hospital after being rescued from the island where he fought Team Psykick. Away from school, Tyson discovers he really likes hospital life until Hilary shows up with all his homework assignments. Meanwhile Gideon, frustrated with his attempts to capture the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts, hatches a sinister new plan. He demands that Doctor B and his team create powerful Cyber Bit Beasts using the data they have gathered on the Blade Breakers. The only problem is their data is incomplete. They need to analyze Kai’s BeyBlade Dranzer to complete their plan. Across town the Saint Shields gather and plot their own strategy to get the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts. It all comes to a head when Dunga challenges Kai to a surprise battle while Gideon’s henchmen record the whole event.. Kai and Dunga’s battle ends in a draw but not before Doctor B and his team acquires the necessary data to create the Cyber Bit Beasts!
S02E13 Testing One, Two, Three 01/04/2002 Joseph of the Saint Shields infiltrates the Psykicks’ laboratory and discovers their latest, sinister plan. Gideon and Doctor B are using the data they collected on the Blade Breakers to create Cyber Bit-Beasts based on the ones our heroes use. But the Doctor’s first test ends in disaster; the Cyber Bit Beasts aren't quite ready yet. As for the BladeBreakers, they learn that the group who've been using invisible Bit Beasts against them - the Saint Shields - are all in the vicinity. With the Psykick’s still after them as well, the BladeBreakers hold a full-on practice to prepare themselves for all potential threats. During their session, Max is lured away by Mariam, who initiates a battle with him in the woods. When Ray comes looking for Max, he ends up encountering Joseph. Together, the four combatants have a rare, two-on-two beybattle that’s secretly being observed by the other Saint Shields, who are testing them for some unknown reason. The two-on-two match ends with Max and Ray losing decisively as a result of Mariam and Joseph’s heightened team play.
S02E14 Gideon Raises Gerry! 08/04/2002 Our heroes have been confronted by Joseph and Mariam and just as Tyson runs up, Ozuma, the Saint Shields leader, challenges Tyson to a battle. As it rages on, Tyson is forced to call out his Victory Tornado Attack in order to win. After the fight, Ozuma flippantly tells Tyson he needs to 'improve his Bit Beast Technique' which stumps Tyson to no end, especially after winning!! Meanwhile, Gideon oversees Doctor B who unveils the first ever Cyber Bit Beast which is the most powerful Beast in the world. This cloned power from the Sacred Bit Beasts has been compressed into one blade. But first it has to be tested and Gerry, one of the best Bladers Team Psykick has to offer, is chosen. His mission is to enter a local tournament and draw out the Cyber Beast in battle to see how it handles. Oddly enough, the BladeBreakers show up at the same tournament just as Gerry calls out his Bit Beast. This is when things go horribly wrong as the Beast goes totally out of control and self destructs leaving the BladeBreakers to wonder what Team Psykick are up to!!
S02E15 Show Me the Bit-Beasts! 15/04/2002 Gerry of Team Psychic’s lack of control led to an explosive conclusion when his Cyber Bit Beast blew up. The Blade Breakers were at a loss as to how that could happen so Kenny consulted his trusty laptop Dizzi and made a startling revelation. Someone had managed to make copies of the Blade Breakers Bit Beasts! This discovery leads the gang to believe that new powerful Bit Beasts are being developed and they decide to get themselves in shape for battle. Ozuma and his gang, the Saint Shields, are still eager to test the power of the Blade Breakers’ Bit Beasts as well, so they head to the beach where Tyson and the others are training. Meanwhile Doctor B is busy experimenting with various versions of a Cyber Bit Beast with mixed results. After many failures he finally succeeds and vows to test the strength of his new creation against the Blade Breakers’ Bit Beasts. Back at the beach, Ray faces off against Joseph of the Saint Shields in an intense battle. Just when it looks like Ray’s Bit Beast Driger is going down, he manages to pull off some impressive moves and win the match. Everyone is ecstatic, especially Hilary because she’s finally able to see the Bit Beasts. The team agrees that their intense training paid off but they know they will have to face even bigger battles in the future!
S02E16 Team Psykick's New Recruit 22/04/2002 Kai’s classmate Wyatt returns and begs Kai to help him train to become a first-class Beyblader. Remembering the time back at school that Wyatt betrayed Kai by stealing Dranzer and using it in battle, Kai turns him down. Hurt, Wyatt vows to return and battle Kai one day. That day may be sooner than anyone thinks... for the mysterious Dr. B and his team of scientists have finally re-developed the Cyber Bit Beast and are looking for a blader with the skill to handle it. Dr. B approaches Wyatt with an offer to join Team Psykick, and Wyatt jumps at the chance. When his training is complete, Wyatt is sent to battle none other than Kai, with the hopes of capturing his bit beast. Despite warnings from Ozuma, Tyson and the gang are ready for a fight... but Dunga jumps in and takes one for the “team”, allowing the new technology to be tested on him instead. Amazingly, the new bit beast wins over Dunga’s Vortex Ape, but leaves Wyatt weak from the fight. The scientists are pleased with the bit beast’s performance, but drop Wyatt from the team.
S02E17 Hilary's Bey-B-Que 29/04/2002 After Dunga and Wyatt battle, Wyatt realizes he doesn't possess the skill necessary to control his Cyber Bit Beast. This frustrates Gideon, so he commands Doctor B to seek out a suitable candidate for the job. Meanwhile, Tyson is back home practicing his blading and quickly tires of it. The rest of the BladeBreakers, including Hilary, keep harping on him to continue until he gets it right. But Tyson has had enough and quits! It seems the BladeBreakers are finished! Then, Hilary comes up with an idea! She tells the guys to take a day off and invites them to an afternoon barbecue with Grandpa playing the part of the Chef. At first Tyson wants nothing to do with it, but finally he relents and joins in. After lunch, the kids relax by the river while Grandpa fishes. Suddenly he hooks a big one and gets dragged in the water! The kids run to the rescue, however, a group of four new teenagers appear out of nowhere and rescue Gramps. After a brief conversation, our heroes realize these new kids are also bladers, so Tyson challenges their leader, Kane, to a battle. After a fierce fight, it ends in a tie and the new kids leave. Tyson thinks he made a new friend, but as it turns out, Kane is the leader of the new Team Psykick recruited by Gideon!!
S02E18 When Friends Become Foes 06/05/2002 Kane, Goki, Jim, and Salima arrive at Doctor B's lab to begin battle tests for Gideon. Jim goes first after being given his new Beyblade, Cyber Draciel. He battles against a lopsided number of automated Beybades, including one behemoth the size of a football. But with Cyber Draciel in tow, victory is decisive. It's obvious however, that the Cyber Bit-Beast's power is having a corrupting influence on Jim. At Mr. Dickenson's office, the BladeBreakers are blackmailed into a future battle against the Psykick’s when Doctor B threatens an all-out assault on the city by the Cyber Bit-Beasts. When Tyson hears that his new friend Kane has joined the Psykick’s, he refuses to believe it without concrete proof. Together with Kenny, Hilary, Ray and Max, Tyson sneaks into Doctor B's lab. There, his worst fears are confirmed. Kane has indeed been recruited by the sinister Psykick’s, who are after the BladeBreakers' Bit-Beasts. Having noticed the negative effect of the Cyber Bit-Beasts on their users, Kane, Goki and Salima are wary about using them. Kane refuses Doctor B's offer to have his own Cyber Bit-Beast, insisting that his upcoming battle with Tyson be on even terms. As for the BladeBreakers, they nearly get apprehended when they're spotted in the lab, but Kai's timely arrival saves their skins.
S02E19 Their Own Private Battles 13/05/2002 After seeing the power of the Cyber Bit Beasts in Team Psykick’s BeyBlades, Tyson vows to do whatever it takes to beat them. Even if that means breaking the rules and modifying his own BeyBlade. Ray protests and demands that the BladeBreakers play fair even if the odds are against them. In a quiet moment down by the river he runs into Salima of Team Psykick and discovers she feels the same way as he does. Salima tries to convince Ray to get the BladeBreakers to forfeit their upcoming match and even offers to reveal the secrets of the Cyber Bit Beasts. Salima agrees to meet with Ray the next day with the Cyber BeyBlade but when she doesn’t show up Ray changes his mind and decides to join his team and win the match at any cost!
S02E20 The Power Half Hour!! 20/05/2002 Tyson is so determined to beat the Psykick’s in an upcoming battle that he's ordered Kenny to modify his Dragoon beyond legal specifications. But because his blade now has too much offensive power, Tyson is unable to control it and he becomes totally frustrated with himself and his blade. The more he tries controlling it, the worse he becomes. His friends try to tell him 'cheating' isn't the way to win, yet Tyson ignores them and being pigheaded as he is, he goes off to sulk about his dilemma. Meanwhile, the Psykick’s are with Doctor B who informs them that he just wants to do some last minute finishing touches on their Cyber Bit Beasts. Both Kane and Salima protest saying, they feel they are more important as players than any stupid Cyber Bit Beast is. But once they go into battle and feel the raw Cyber power, they are immediately hooked and want more. While this is going on, Tyson wants to get back to training just as Ozuma walks up. He has come to teach our hero a lesson that it's not about the blade, it's about the player and the lesson finally sinks in when Ozuma destroys Dragoon.
S02E21 The Battle Tower Showdown 27/05/2002 The Bladebreakers travel by helicopter to their re-match against the Psykick’s. During the flight, Hilary remembers how Psykick trapped her and Kenny on a cargo ship; Max ponders their recent training; Kai regrets the Psykick’ mistreatment of Wyatt;; Ray recalls the time Salima reached out to him; and Tyson remains bitter about Kane joining Psykick. When they arrive at the battle location - a five-story, monolithic building called 'The Battle Tower' - they're greeted by Gideon via video screen, who outlines the format. On each floor, one Psykick awaits a different Bladebreaker, and each match will be a one-match-only sudden death battle. When Mr. Dickenson objects to this format, a squad of 'Blade Bruiser' Meka-Shooters launches a hailstorm of beyblades. Our heroes revel in thwarting the threat - until they realize its only a ploy to weaken their blades before the real battles. More Blade Bruisers join the fray, but a surprise appearance by the Saint Shields helps our heroes escape the ground floor and ascend the Tower. On the second floor, they're confronted by Jim, who faces off against Max. Cyber Draciel overpowers its Bit-Beast progenitor, but Max's determination spurs a comeback and the Cyber-copy is defeated. Or so they think. Team Psykick has an ace up their sleeve; a Cyber Bit-Beast repairing machine that restores the fallen Cyber Draciel.
S02E22 Max Takes One for the Team 10/06/2002 The first battle between Team Psykick and the Bladebreakers has begun! Max fights bravely against Jim and Cyber Draciel... and his teammates aren’t the only ones interested in the outcome of the battle. Dr. B and Gideon watch from the sidelines, and the Saint Shields are there to watch their backs. Max defeats Jim, but amazingly, Cyber Draciel is repaired! It seems Team Psykick has the ability to repair their cyber bit beasts immediately. Even though everyone warns him against it, Max goes back for another round. This time, he isn’t so lucky... the powerful Cyber Draciel takes everything out of him and he loses. Draciel is captured by Dr. B and placed in a holding tank – finally, they’ve got one of the four bit beasts! Max is despondent and Dunga isn’t helping. Furious with Max for taking the battle too “lightly”, he admonishes him for losing the bit beast. Tyson and the others come to Max’s side and vow to win Draciel back for him no matter what. Gideon leads them to the next battle stadium, where Ray is shocked to find Salima waiting for him...
S02E23 The Bigger The Cyber Driger... The Harder It Falls... 17/06/2002 A confused and heartbroken Ray must face Salima in a dangerous challenge of Drigers! Despite the threat of losing his bit-beast forever, Ray hesitates... baffled by the extreme change in Salima’s personality. It wasn’t long ago that she confided in Ray and told him of the troubling bit-beast experiments being conducted by the Psykick’s... and now... it looks like she’s in the same boat as Goki and Jim! Mind-Controlled by their own cyber-bit-beasts! But Ray can’t stand back for long... not after realizing his team is depending on him... and even in the face of team Psykick’s blatant cheating... Ray refuses to back down... he’s not just fighting for a win... he’s fighting to bring back the Salima he once knew!
S02E24 Ghost in the Machine 24/06/2002 Thanks to Ray’s spectacular victory over Salima, the Bladebreakers reach the fourth level of Gideon’s Battle Tower and meet their next opponent, Goki of the Psykick’s. As Kai steps forward to meet the challenge Gideon and Doctor B prepare several surprises for the team. Using the information gathered from the previous two beybattles, Doctor B has programmed Driger and Draciel’s attack patterns into Goki’s beyblade. Meanwhile, the Saint Shields continue to explore the Psykick’s headquarters in an attempt to find Max’s captured Draciel. But Dunga’s impatience sets off the alarms, alerting Gideon to their presence at last. After the first round ends in a tie, Kai reveals that he thinks he’s facing Wyatt in the match, and can’t bring himself to fight. Tyson warns Kai that Doctor B is taking advantage of his guilt to launch a psychic assault during the match. Kai is almost eliminated when Goki overplays his role as the “ghostly” Wyatt and gives Kai the key to breaking his psychic hold. Kai and Dranzer destroy Goki’s Cyber Dranzer in a spectacular counter-move. Thanks to his friends, Kai has finally laid his guilt to rest.
S02E25 Raising Kane!! 01/07/2002 The final battle is at hand between the Pyskick’s and the Bladebreakers. The battle is to take place at Gideon's laboratory with Tyson battling against Kane and his Cyber Bit Beast Dragoon. The fight is fierce from the get-go but as it progresses, Tyson manages to get under Kane's skin by telling him the only way to win is by using one's skill, not relying on a manufactured Bit Beast to do your dirty work. Meanwhile, Ozuma and his gang have barged into the laboratory complex to help Tyson, however, because the building is so massive, they can't find the right room! They frantically split up and race to find their friends. Back in the battle, Tyson's words have hit a chord with Kane and he decides not to call out the Cyber Dragoon to fight for him. Instead, he wants to win it on his own. Gideon and Doctor B are incensed, but because Kane wants to win so badly, he accidentally triggers the Cyber Bit Beast to launch and now the battle has taken a turn for the worse as it grows in power... at least for Tyson!!
S02E26 Cyber Dragoon Takes Control! 08/07/2002 Tyson faces off against Kane of Team Psykick and soon realizes his opponent has an unnatural advantage. Thanks to Doctor B, Kane has a powerful Cyber Bit Beast inside of his Blade. This means that when Tyson summons Dragoon, Kane’s Cyber Bit Beast has the ability to copy Dragoon’s moves and even improve on them. It’s obvious from the get go that Kane’s Cyber Bit Beast’s powers are developing at an alarming rate and when it starts controlling his mind, he was droven completely insane. Although a good Blader in his own right, under the control of the Cyber Bit Beast Kane’s personality begins to change and when he’s confronted by Salima he snaps and totally succumbs to its power. In the heat of battle and with the odds against him, Tyson reluctantly tells Dragoon to give in to defeat but the loyal Bit Beast summons the strength to continue the fight. This inspires Tyson and he vows to defeat the demented Kane at any cost.
S02E27 Building the Perfect Bit Beast! 15/07/2002 Kane's losing control of his Cyber Dragoon and his mind as his energy is being drained by his Bit Beast. Kane almost passes out from expending so much of his strength. As Cyber Dragoon grows, it looks more and more like Tyson is about to lose, when Kai tells him the only way to get rid of the phony Bit Beast is for Tyson to destroy it. Tyson musters up all his power and in one fell swoop, Dragoon destroys its doppelganger. However, as Cyber Dragoon is blown to oblivion, so is the building they are in and it starts collapsing all around them. Gideon and Doctor B are both killed in the collapse. Our heroes make a mad dash for the exits when, Max realizes his Draciel is still being held captive in the lab. Max races back inside followed closely by Tyson. Once inside the lab, they meet up with Ozuma and his gang who free Draciel for Max using their blades. Now it's a race to try and get out of the building safely!! Team Psykick was disbanded.
S02E28 Hot Rock 22/07/2002 After the kids arrive in NYC, Max’s mother, Judy, takes them to the BBA research lab where she shows them an ancient rock, covered in mysterious writing. Judy reveals that not only is the rock believed to hold the secret of the Bit Beasts, but an organized crime syndicate is plotting to steal it. A test battle is fought, using a bit containing a piece of the rock but the power it produces is far too unstable. The blader who performed the test turns out to be Max’s school friend, Alan, and the two pals make plans to enter a Beyblade tournament scheduled for the next day. But that night, the rock is stolen. Tyson grabs a bike and sets off in hot pursuit, using a practice blade to blow out the getaway car’s tire. The thieves take off on foot and Max runs into them only to discover that his pal, Alan, is in on the plot.
S02E29 Bad Seed in The Big Apple 29/07/2002 A rock with special powers to capture your opponents Bit Beast has been stolen from the lab where Max's mom Judy works at. Turns out that one of Max's friends from his old neighborhood, Alan, is connected to the heist. Not only are the police involved, but the BladeBreakers want to get to bottom of it too! But before the case can be solved, Max is entered in a tournament in New York City and as luck would have it, his first opponent turns out to be Alan! Alan tells Max that if Max wins, he'll explain why he agreed to steal the rock with a bunch of shady thieves. The battle is heated and Max is determined to win. After one draw and several close calls, Max finally wins. In the end Alan explains that he was approached by some underworld characters who convinced him if he stole the rock they would give him a new, more powerful BeyBlade. But the new blade turns out to be a dud and Alan is left to explain why he did what he did to Max!
S02E30 Get a Piece of the Rock! 05/08/2002 When the kids return to Japan accompanied by Judy, they are taken to an abandoned research facility where Mr. Dickenson had once worked on a similar rock with his old partner, Dr. Zagart. Like the one that was stolen from the BBA, this rock was covered in mysterious writing and possessed strange powers. Unfortunately, it too disappeared, along with Dr. Zagart who was never seen again. After a battle with Kenny and his new “Einstein” Beyblade, Tyson realizes he still has to learn how to control his new, ultra-powerful Beyblade, Dragoon V2. While practicing down by the river, he is challenged to a battle by Ozuma and the Saint Shields. Tyson accepts and manages to hold his own until the entire Saint Shields clan gangs up on him. It looks like all is lost until a mysterious stranger steps in to save the battle and the day. But the Saint Shields vow to return and fulfill their mission to capture and seal the four Bit-Beasts.
S02E31 Attack of the Rock Bit Beast 12/08/2002 Mr. Dickenson and Max’s Mom show up at Tyson’s dojo empty-handed. Dr. Zagart and the mysterious rock have vanished without a trace. Knowing Dr. Zagart is the key to finding the missing rock, the Bladebreakers decide to launch their own search. One problem, they have no idea where to start looking. Meanwhile Dr. Zagart and Dr. K have designed a new powerful Blade using the rock, and they’ve chosen a Blader named Foxy to challenge our heroes. While Tyson is busy with Zeo, the boy he met the day before when he fought Ozuma, Foxy attacks. Never one to turn down a challenge Ray follows Foxy into the woods. Foxy’s rock powered Blade nearly destroys Ray’s Blade but Tyson shows up in the nick of time and coaches Ray to victory. The BladeBreakers congratulate Ray on his victory but the Saint Shields also witnessed the battle. Intrigued, Ozuma vows more than ever to get the Bladebreakers' four Bit-Beasts!
S02E32 Lots of Questions... Few Answers 19/08/2002 In the quiet after Foxy’s storm, the BladeBreakers try to figure out who or what was behind his attack, and how it all tied into the mysterious Rock. Meanwhile, Tyson reaches a breaking point, discouraged and upset by the constant attempts of fanatic groups trying to steal the sacred bit-beasts. His anxiety goes overboard when he coaxes Kenny to create a wacky training platform for the team to practice with. He takes his jaded attitude out on Zeo, who simply wants to spar with one of the greats. At the same time, The Saint Shields’ frustration level also grows, as Ozuma decides that the Bladebreakers are unworthy of possessing the sacred bit-beasts any longer. Tyson remembers the simple joys of Beyblading when he finally agrees to train with Zeo and coaches him so he can pass his Beyblading exam. The proud feeling that Tyson gets may just be enough to get him and his team through these tough times...
S02E33 Rock Bottom! 26/08/2002 Mr. Dickenson deciphers the words that are carved onto the mysterious rocks and reads the kids this warning; “Dare not disturb this stone, for here, the Bit Beasts are sealed.” The kids realize that the Saint Shields are part of a clan which still uses this ancient language and they resolve to confront them, even if it means battling and losing their Beyblades in the bargain. Ozuma reveals the history of the Bit Beasts to the Bladebreakers, telling of them of their origin as benevolent spirits until evil men discovered how to control them and use them for their own malicious needs. Since that time, the clan of the Saint Shields has made it their mission to seal the Bit Beasts and save the world from destruction. Dunga issues a battle challenge to the Bladebreakers and Ray answers it with confidence, but Dunga’s new Vortex Ape proves too much for Driger. After Ray’s Bit-Beast is taken, the team goes into training but will they be able to save Driger without putting themselves into further jeopardy?
S02E34 Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider 02/09/2002 Ray's Driger has been stolen from him and embedded in a rock by the Saint Shields. Now it's up to Tyson who's determined to get it back. But before he can even attempt fighting anyone, he realizes he must train to get stronger or else he too could lose his Bit Beast. As the training season continues, Zeo shows up and sees Draciel and Dragoon in the sky doing battle. Suddenly he decides he must have a Bit Beast of his own, but everyone tells him you have to 'earn' a Bit Beast and it's 'not a toy.’ Meanwhile, Doctor K has extracted a Spider Bit Beast from the rock and gives it to a new Blader named Net whose mission is to go out and capture Tyson's Dragoon. As Tyson races to a Junior Beyblade Tournament, Net cuts him off and draws him into battle. During the fight, Net keeps telling Tyson to release his Dragoon so he can steal it, but when Tyson finally does, Dragoon wins and Net runs away crying. In the end, Zeo absorbs the lesson taught to him by the BladeBreakers who invite him to train with them.
S02E35 See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast 09/09/2002 Kai is busy practicing his Beyblade skills alone in the park when out of nowhere a gust of wind appears and starts slicing everything to pieces. It turns out that it’s the work of Jack, one of Dr. K’s Blader’s, and he’s got a Bit Beast that harnesses the wind. Once the Bladebreakers figure this out, Ray volunteers to fight, but Kai stops him and sneaks out in the middle of the night to battle Jack. Discovering Kai is gone, the gang runs and finds him just as he’s about to begin the battle. The gang realizes Kai doesn’t stand a chance against this wind Bit Beast because he can’t see it. Reluctantly they let Kai fight. An intense battle ensues and Kai takes a severe beating as he waits to catch a glimpse of Jack’s Bit Beast. Finally Kai summons Dranzer and spots the wind Bit-Beast and defeats it. Defeated, Jack runs off while Kai leaves the rest of Bladebreakers in awe as he walks off into the night.
S02E36 Friends and Enemies 16/09/2002 Goaded by Dunga, Mariam goes off to capture Max’s Draciel and finds him battling Dennis and his Bit-Beast, Tyranno. Using his new Bit Finder Kenny measures Tyranno’s impressive strength and is surprised when Dennis backs out of the battle before using its full power. Unaware that Mariam is following him, Max runs off in pursuit of Dennis and finds himself deep in the bowels of a mysterious building. He is ambushed by Dennis- who is now backed up by Dr. K and her Technicians. Mariam lies in wait, planning on taking Draciel once Tyranno weakens him. But when she discovers that Dr. K is using Power Injection to make Tyranno even stronger, Mariam launches Sharkrash and destroys the machinery and much of the building with it. It is now up to Max and Mariam to work together to find a way out of the crumbling building. But will Mariam capture Draciel once they escape?
S02E37 Beybattle at the Bit Beast Corral 23/09/2002 Fed up with all the recent attempts by Zagart and others to acquire the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts for sinister purposes, The Saint Shields decide to take action. Having already acquired Ray's Bit-Beast Driger in an earlier match, the Saint Shields confront our heroes again. They challenge the BladeBreakers to a match at an abandoned amusement park. The BladeBreakers know that if they lose, The Saint Shields will seal their Bit Beasts away forever in a mysterious rock to prevent them from being used for evil. Despite this, the team accepts the challenge. In the amusement park's Wild West area, Mariam and Max are the first to engage in battle. The match goes back and forth as their Bit Beasts take giant form and thrash about the Wild West saloon. It ends in a draw, and the combatants try again. Over the course of the second battle, Max's bond with Draciel makes Mariam realize she and her Bit Beast Sharkrash share an equal closeness. Max's determination not just to win, but to fight for the return of Ray's Bit Beast Driger culminates in Mariam's defeat. But she's not as upset as losing as she thought she'd be. Mariam realizes how much Max has taught her about treating her own Bit-Beast with respect, and how the determination of an entire team can overcome any obstacle.
S02E38 The Fate Of The Spark Battle 30/09/2002 The Saint Shields have already captured Ray's Bit Beast, Driger, and now they’ve set their sights on capturing Kai's Dranzer. Dunga goes into battle against Kai and the fight intensifies as the blades race along the rails of an abandoned roller coaster to what looks like their doom. But suddenly, Joseph launches his blade and both Dunga and Joseph gang up on Kai! But just when things start to heat up, Ray launches his blade to try to even the score. As the battle rages, the roller coaster collapses around all the blades and it appears our heroes are done for, especially since Ray is fighting without his Driger! But Ray is determined not to lose again and using his amazing powers of concentration, he's able to release his Bit Beast from the rock and with it, Ray and Kai defeat their opponents. The battle ends in victory just as Ozuma, who is furious, steps up and warns Tyson his Dragoon will be the next to be sealed!!
S02E39 The Bit Beast Bond 07/10/2002 Ozuma, leader of the Saint Shields gang makes a final play for the BladeBreakers four Bit Beasts. During his battle with Tyson, it is revealed that he comes from an ancient group that is sworn to capture and contain all the Bit Beasts in the world. Thus protecting them from falling into the wrong hands and being used for evil purposes. However, once the battle heats up Ozuma’s jealousy of Tyson’s Beyblading skill takes him over. Pulling out all the stops, he forces Tyson to decide to give up the battle and surrender his Bit Beast or have his Blade destroyed. In a quiet moment of reflection, Tyson communicates with Dragoon and they decide to fight the good fight no matter what the result. Tyson and Dragoon lock horns with Ozuma’s Bit Beast and weave a path of destruction on the playing field. When the dust settles the match is declared a tie and Ozuma realizes that Tyson and the BladeBreakers are worthy enough to look after the four Bit-Beasts on their own. The Saint Shields say their goodbyes and walk away content that the four Bit-Beasts are in good hands!
S02E40 Squeeze Play 14/10/2002 Pleased that the Saint Shields no longer wish to seal the four Bit Beasts, Dr. K gives a new Blader, Denny, a powerful rock Bit Beast named Klarken and orders him to capture the four Sacred Bit Beasts. Meanwhile, Zeo catches up with the Bladebreakers and shows them his invitation to the upcoming World Championships. To his surprise, the kids invite him to practice with them but are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Denny who challenges them to a battle. Ray answers the challenge and manages to hold his own against the powerful Klarken. When Denny launches a second Beyblade, releasing yet another Klarken, Driger is overpowered and the battle seems lost. It is Zeo who comes to the rescue, refusing to back down despite having no Bit Beast of his own. Inspired by Zeo’s courage and determination, Ray rises to the occasion, vanquishing the two Klarken’s and sends Denny packing. In gratitude, Tyson makes Zeo the fifth member of the Bladebreakers.
S02E41 Who's Your Daddy? 21/10/2002 The Bladebreakers show up at the World Championship Tournament and go up into the stands to cheer on Zeo who's fighting in the preliminaries. Tyson is pumped watching his new friend who wins his first fight with ease. Later backstage, Tyson tells Zeo he's totally impressed and asks if Zeo would like to become his training partner. Zeo excitedly agrees. Meanwhile back at Zagart's lab, Doctor K is on the verge of removing the strongest Bit Beast in the world from the rock. But just before she can finish, Zagart enters and terminates her on the spot. That night at Zeo's house, his dad returns from work. The shocker here is, guess who his dad is? That’s right, Zagart!! And what's worse, an angry Doctor K shows up to confront her former boss in his house and as she does, Zeo overhears the entire conversation. Now Zeo realizes it's his dad who's been after the Bladebreakers' Bit-Beasts and his world is thrown into chaos!!
S02E42 Fortunes Dear and Dire 28/10/2002 Zeo focuses on Beyblade training with his father Zagart. The most powerful rock Bit-Beast named Cerberus is designated for Zeo, but he must first be able to summon it. Zeo trains furiously, but the elusive Bit Beast never fully materializes. Meanwhile, the Bladebreakers must choose their two team-pairs for the World Beyblade Championships. Hilary brings in a pile of her fortune-telling books to help. They decide that Tyson will team with Max, and Kai with Ray. Not long afterward, Kai meets a strange pair named King and Queen, who are very impressed by Dranzer. They talk Kai into battling them, with Dranzer's attack ring up for grabs if they win. To Kai's surprise, not only do they have Bit Beasts of their own, but they're not above tag-teaming him to avoid defeat. By the end of the battle, Dranzer is so damaged that its attack ring is useless, which sends King and Queen on their way empty-handed. When Kai discusses the incident with his Bladebreaker teammates, it's discovered that King and Queen are infamous 'parts hunters' - Blader’s who search for high-end Beyblade parts from others that they can acquire for themselves. Back at Zagart's lab, Zeo tries summoning Cerberus one last time – and succeeds. Cerberus is a massively powerful canine Bit Beast with three snarling heads. Zeo can't wait to use it against the Bladebreakers to acquire their Bit-Beasts, which are necessary to fulfill his mysterious and still-unrevealed destiny.
S02E43 Kai's Royal Flush 04/11/2002 While all that the Bladebreakers can think of are the finals, Kai can’t stop obsessing about King and Queen. With a brand new Beyblade crafted for him by Kenny, Kai longs for a rematch. But Kai isn’t the only one with the royal pair on his mind. Doctor K tracks the duo down and offers them a chance to team up with her so they can capture and wield the power of the four sacred Bit Beasts together. The pair blow her off, interested only in their quests for stealing the perfect Beyblade parts. That is, until they meet up with Kai once more. In a coincidental encounter, Kai gets his wish for revenge. But before he tastes victory, the two disappear! Who knows where they’ll turn up again but chances are good, Dr. K won’t be too far behind...
S02E44 The Calm Before the Storm 11/11/2002 After disappearing thirty years ago, Zagart confronts Mr. Dickenson, forcing him to enter Zeo in the World Championship Finals. He reveals that Zeo is his son and that he won’t show mercy when he confronts the Bladebreakers in the tournament. The Bladebreakers try to attend Zeo’s match so they can find out what’s happened to him but arrive at the arena too late. Meanwhile, Dr. K works with King and Queen to improve their powers so they can get the four sacred Bit Beasts for her. At the opening night gala, the final pairings are announced but tensions reach a boiling point when King and Queen start a no-rules Beyblade match with Dunga. The Bladebreakers manage to stop the duel, but the damage has already been done. The Beyblade finals will be a far more dangerous affair than last year. A grim Zeo looks down on the other finalists determined to win at all costs.
S02E45 Zeo vs. Ozuma 18/11/2002 The Beyblade World Championship Finals are underway and eight teams convene to compete for the title. The BladeBreakers are shocked to see that their old friend Zeo is in the competition and Tyson confronts him to find out why he has decided to compete against them. It turns out that Zeo is the son of Zagart, an old colleague of Mr. Dickenson’s who stole the ancient rock that contained captured Bit Beasts. Zagart has already made it known to the BladeBreakers that he wants their Bit Beasts and he’s going to use Zeo to get them. Once the competition begins, Zeo’s team member Gordo makes short work of Dunga. Then it’s Zeo turn. He goes up against Ozuma and it is clear to everyone watching that Zeo’s Blade is no ordinary Beyblade. After a very intense battle Zeo defeats Ozuma surprising the entire audience and putting him in a position to move on to the next round where his team will battle the Bladebreakers!!
S02E46 Black & White Evil Powers 25/11/2002 The World Beyblade Championships continue and the next round has Tyson and Max squaring off against Kane and Jim. Kane and Jim decide to have a little practice battle at the beach. But King and Queen show up and in a surprise attack, they jump into battle and literally destroy Kane and Jim's Beyblades, forcing them to withdraw from the tournament. So the next battle up is King and Queen facing Mariam and Joseph from the Saint Shields. Mariam and Queen launch first, and as they battle, King suddenly launches his blades making it two against one which is totally illegal! The officials are about to call off the fight when Joseph tells them not to and he joins in the fray! In the end, King and Queen combine forces and first attack Mariam and then they team up on Joseph. The battle is over, the crowd is stunned as King and Queen eliminate Mariam and Joseph from the tournament and it looks like the next targets of King and Queen are Max and Tyson!!
S02E47 Deceit From Above 02/12/2002 In the Semi-Final round of the World Beyblade Championships, Max & Tyson take on King & Queen. Doctor K tempts Queen into using a vicious new attack ring she's created called 'The Shredder'. Queen uses it against Max, and nearly grinds Draciel into a pulp. But with Max using the new Draciel V2 Judy gave him, and having the will of the crowd and his teammates behind him, Max overcomes this attack, destroys Queen's Beyblade, and wins the first match of the best-of-two. Next up, is King versus Tyson, who has an improved Beyblade of his own, thanks to Kenny's ingenuity. Angered by the failure of Doctor K's attack ring, King dissolves his partnership with the scientist and vows to combat Tyson without her assistance. The resulting match is an intense, high-powered battle that's not only fair, but completely up for grabs. When Tyson's blade begins faltering for some unknown reason, the combatants spot Doctor K high above the stadium. Through a rooftop window, she's using a particle beam to try and disable Dragoon. Disgusted by her attempt to throw the match, King and Tyson put aside their differences, combine their Bit-Beasts' attack, and destroy her weapon. With the playing field even again, the Blader’s resume their match and Tyson wins. King's display of honesty generates a newfound respect for King and Queen from the Bladebreakers.
S02E48 Phoenix Falling 09/12/2002 The second semi-final round begins pitting Kai and Ray against the surprising Zeo and Gordo. Ray faces Gordo first and attacks fiercely but Orthrus always seems to evade Driger’s attacks. Zagart has programmed all of the Bladebreakers moves into Zeo and Gordo’s Beyblades, making them unbeatable. Soon, Driger is almost out of power and Gordo seizes his chance. But when Kai reminds Ray of the pain he felt losing Driger to Dunga, Ray taps into his Beyblade spirit and helps Driger salvage a tie. Victory now rests on Kai’s shoulders. Kai and Zeo begin an awesome duel, unleashing so much power that the stadium begins to break apart. The duel becomes a question of whose endurance is greater. As the effects of one final, powerful blast subside, Kai falls to Zeo, who hasn’t even broken a sweat!
S02E49 The Enemy Within 16/12/2002 The stress of competing in the World Beyblade Championships has begun to fracture the Bladebreakers. Kai loses his match and his Bit-Beast Dranzer to Zeo. This makes Zeo even more powerful and puts the rest of Bladebreakers on edge. Tyson takes it hardest of all, and when he confronts his old friend he gets an earful on what it takes to be a real Beyblading champion. “A true Beyblade Champion fights alone and doesn’t need a team or friends to win!” Tyson takes this message to heart and decides to turn his back on his teammates. Meanwhile Kai, racked with guilt over the loss of Dranzer, decides to quit Beyblading for good! Hilary tries to change his mind but Kai is determined to never touch a Beyblade again. All alone, Tyson visits the Beystadium where he will fight the final match of the Beyblade World Championships. He has a vision, he sees his friends and teammates and begins to realize what they mean to him. Suddenly Kai appears and forces Tyson into a Beyblade battle hoping that he will stop doubting himself and focus on his important match with Zeo. The rest of the Bladebreakers show up and witness the awesome battle. Tyson realizes that with his friends by his side he can, no, he will, win the championship title again!
S02E50 Clash Of The Tyson 23/12/2002 The Championship Finals begin as Tyson faces Gordo. Despite Orthrus’ increased size and power, Tyson and Dragoon emerge victorious due to their spiritual link. Meanwhile Kenny and Mr. Dickenson confront Zagart with their suspicions about Zeo. Zagart listens to their pleas but refuses to pull Zeo from the match despite the strain it’s putting on his body. Zeo is battling for himself now. Determined to win back Dranzer for Kai, Max battles with an intensity he’s never had before and pushes Zeo to the brink of defeat. But Zeo summons a Super Bit Beast that combines the powers of Cerberus and Dranzer and overwhelms Draciel. The final victory comes down to a tie-breaking match between Zeo and Tyson. As the match begins, Zeo’s body begins to break down revealing his secret to the entire world.
S02E51 Destiny of the Final Battle 30/12/2002 It’s the finals of the World Beyblading Championships and Tyson is about to defend his title against Zeo who fights with the extra power of the Bit-Beasts he’s captured. But something strange is revealed at the start of the battle - turns out Zeo isn’t human after all! In fact, he’s a robot Zagart created to replace his real son who died in a tragic accident. And according to the evil doctor, if Zeo can capture Tyson’s Dragoon, then by using all the Sacred Bit Beasts powers, Zeo will be turned into a real boy! The battle rages on and Zeo seems to be the aggressor. Tyson tries to rally, but each move he makes is countered by the aggressive Zeo. As the finals heat up, it looks like Tyson is no match for his opponent when Tyson summons all his remaining strength and wins with a knockout! Zeo is sad to realize he’ll never become a boy, but Tyson convinces him you have to be happy with who you are, not what you are. Oh, and like last year, Tyson becomes the Beyblading Champion of the World!
S03E00 Beyblade: Behind the Revolution 24/06/2004 A special behind the scenes look at the making of G Revolution. Hosted by Ray's voice actor, Daniel DeSanto.
S03E01 New Kid in Town 06/01/2003 Tyson has just returned from the World Championships with another victory and he's decided to teach a class of boys in the neighborhood the fine art of blading. Just as he begins his session, a cocky kid comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. His name is Daichi and the battle begins with the challenger going for the jugular and has put the champ in a real spot! And what's worse, Daichi's blade copycats Tyson's every move, stealing power from him as the battle progresses! But it's Tyson who finally wins the battle by calling out his Galaxy Storm. Daichi is humiliated and begs Tyson for another battle. Tyson has had enough of this strange little twerp and is about to walk away, when, out of the blue, another character appears—Jin of the Gale. Now Tyson is facing another challenger who wants to strip him of his world championship title with Max as his partner.
S03E02 A Team Divided 13/01/2003 Tyson has his hands full when he is confronted by a tough little Blader named Daichi. Just as they are about to battle, another mysterious Blader named Jin shows up and wants to challenge Tyson as well. All three Bladers mix it up but Ray puts a stop to the fight when he realizes that Tyson can’t handle two Bladers at once. Across town Mr. Dickenson calls a press conference to inform all Bladers that the World Championships will begin again but this year there will be an interesting twist. Tag teams will represent the final teams in the championships. This news causes a stir throughout the city and the Bladebreakers are very excited, especially Tyson. Unfortunately Ray and Max don’t share Tyson’s enthusiasm for the new tag team rules of the tournament. They decide to leave the Blade Breakers and represent their hometown teams. Tyson is shocked by this news and confronts his friends but reluctantly agrees to let them go.
S03E03 Invitation to Battle 20/01/2003 Daichi continues to annoy Tyson with his constant battle challenges, which Tyson refuses to give in to – even after an embarrassing confrontation at the public swimming pool proves that Daichi is an impressive and highly skilled Beyblader. Meanwhile, Jin sends Tyson an invitation to a private battle, but Ray intercepts the message, and arrives in Tyson’s place. Ray ultimately loses the grueling match, but Jin is suitably impressed, and decides that Tyson has chosen his friends wisely.
S03E04 We Were Once Bladebreakers... 27/01/2003 Tyson’s alone and picking up the pieces of what used to be The Bladebreakers. Daichi won’t leave him alone, and Kai is...well, least he has the championships to look forward to, right? Meanwhile, both Ray and Max are going through the growing pains of being part of a new team. Ray, back with his old friends from his hometown, re-unites with the strange mystical sensei, Tao, and Max realizes that new teammate Rick, is more trouble than he could have bargained for. Last but not least, Kai deals with his own inner turmoil, trying to decide if he really wants to be a Bladebreaker at all anymore...Will he ‘blade next to Tyson at the preliminary round...or leave him to fight for himself?
S03E05 A League of His Own 03/02/2003 At the preliminaries for the World Championships, Daichi wins his matches easily, establishing himself as a new powerhouse on the Beyblading scene. Kenny also competes, defeating his opponents with such skill that even Tyson is impressed. Nobody thinks anything when a fan named Kotaro asks for an autograph and takes advantage of the opportunity to examine Tyson, Kenny and Daichi’s Beyblades. But when he shows up as competitor and defeats Kenny with the Chameleon Fake, everyone is alarmed. Does Kotaro’s Chameleon Bey have the ability to copy attacks as well as colors and will this spell defeat for Tyson?
S03E06 You're the Man, Kai! 10/02/2003 There's only one round left in the tournament to decide who's going to partner up with Tyson in the World Beyblade Tag Team Championships and it's between Daichi and Kai. When Daichi finds out it's a tag team event and he's not going to go up against Tyson, he's totally enraged, but decides to beat Kai anyway. Meanwhile, the mysterious Jin is lurking around the dressing room listening in on our hero's conversations. When the finals in Block B begin, a radical jungle dish is revealed which gives Daichi the edge. Quickly, the underdog starts slamming and attacking Kai while Kai does nothing to defend himself. As Tyson and his friends watch, they nervously yell out for Kai to attack, but he doesn't listen. Suddenly, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, Kai calls out for his Dranzer to attack. In one swoop, he destroys Daichi. After the battle, Kai is announced as Tyson's partner for the Tag Team Finals, but Mr. Dickenson makes an announcement that their new team, the BBA Revolution, will have two alternate players- Daichi and Kenny. And the announcement is made by Jin. But that's not the only surprise. It turns out Jin is actually Hiro, Tyson's older brother who has come back to coach Tyson and his team.
S03E07 Take Your Best Shot! 17/02/2003 The Block A and Block B finals of the Beyblade World Championships are underway. Max wins his match and finds himself partnered with a real bully of a blader named Rick. Tyson watches the event on TV anxious to get in the stadium and unleash his blade Dragoon. Meanwhile Kenny discovers the real physical aspects of Beyblading. Kai watches as his friends Max and Ray win the final matches of their respective blocks for other teams. This causes him to question his loyalty to Tyson. To make matters worse, a new team comes out of nowhere and poses a threat to Tyson and his dream of winning the championship title.
S03E08 Roughing It 24/02/2003 The BBA Revolution Team heads to a remote training camp to prepare for the upcoming tournament. When they first arrive, Hiro tells Tyson that Kai has quit the team. Tyson is ready to quit to, but Hiro convinces him to choose a new partner. Tyson picks Daichi, then whisks him off into the wilderness to teach him survival skills as they relate to Beyblading. The plan works well until Tyson strays from the main path, and gets himself and Daichi hopelessly lost. From there it is one disaster after another: They fall in the river, lose all their equipment, and eventually get trapped by a raging forest fire. Only by working together, and using their Beyblades in perfect unison, can they save themselves and the forest. Of course that is easier said than done when it comes to Tyson and Daichi. In the end, however, they get the job done – and Tyson realizes that Daichi does in fact have what it takes to be his partner in the championship tournament.
S03E09 Swiped on the Streets 03/03/2003 The BBA Revolution team fly to New York City for the Beyblade World Championships. The normally feisty Daichi proves to be afraid of flying, and once in the city, he becomes overwhelmed by the size and scope of things in the Big Apple. While eating lunch in a sidewalk café, Tyson and Daichi have their beyblades stolen by a young pickpocket and together they scouring the streets for the culprit. Tyson meanwhile, exhibits his first real sympathy for his diminutive teammate, and vows to go easier on him. Just as the pair are about to give up the search, Tyson hears the unmistakable sounds of Dragoon coming from a nearby alley. There, they find the boy who robbed them using Dragoon to battle Rick of the PPB All Starz in a street match. Rick wins and prepares to leave with his stolen bounty. Tyson and Daichi try to convince Rick to give back their blades, but Rick will only return them if they defeat him in a match. The three bladers engage in battle, with Tyson and Daichi tag-teaming Rick. Rick is on the verge of defeating them when a surprise fourth blader jumps in – Max. The match ends in a draw, and Rick leaves empty-handed. Max vows to try and improve his relationship with Rick, who's his PPB All Starz teammate. Back at their Hotel, the BBA Revolution team watch the sports news on TV, and learn that the other teams in the Championship Tournament have all arrived in New York City. But the most shocking news, is that a surprise addition has been made to the mysterious Blitzkrieg Boys team – their former teammate Kai.
S03E10 It's a Battle Royale...! 10/03/2003 The teams have been selected and the finals are about to begin. Unfortunately Tyson finds himself facing all of his former friends, each part of a team that he will eventually have to ‘blade against. The biggest blow that Tyson receives, is seeing Kai as a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys! After confronting his sullen, ex-teammate, Kai suggests to Tyson that the reason he left is because his old team just wasn’t good enough! Tyson is insulted to the core; even more so when Ray chooses to let Lee face off against Tyson in the first match, White Tiger X versus BBA Revolution! In an attempt to prove his worth, Tyson makes an arrogant demand: he insists on ‘blading the two White Tiger X team members at the same time! Can Tyson and his relatively untrained partner Daichi even hope to succeed?
S03E11 The Blame Game 17/03/2003 Tyson blames his embarrassing loss to Ray on Daichi, telling the team he is better off competing alone. As Tyson runs away, the US Finals continue with Rick of the PPB All Starz against Claude of Barthez Battalion. Claude’s skill gives him the upper hand until Rick’s unleashes his full power, destroying the stadium to get to Rapid Eagle. Barthez orders Claude not to avoid the shrapnel and he is injured, turning the crowd against the PPB All Starz. Despite losing, Barthez is delighted to have undermined the US’s popularity. Hiro finds Tyson and challenges him to a duel, defeating him easily. Tyson makes more excuses – the World Champion can never show weakness. Hiro walks away... until Tyson allows himself to admit his weakness, he will never grow stronger.
S03E12 When in Rome... Let It Rip! 24/03/2003 The Beyblade World Tag Team Championships are about to start in Rome as Barthez busily prepares his team for the big event. He's even invited a television news crew to document his efforts as a coach. Unfortunately, Barthez's personality slips through on occasion revealing the truth about how much a tyrant he really is. The Italian tournament begins and it's Barthez Battalion against White Tiger X. Ray starts for the Tigers going up against Claude. In mere seconds, Ray pulls off a victory that sets off alarm bells among the other competitors who think something is fishy. The second battle has Lee and Miguel pitted against each other. It doesn't take long for Miguel to win the match for Barthez Battalion which sets up the third and final round- Miguel against Ray. This battle starts off with Ray on the offensive, but suddenly, blades spring out of Miguel's blade and KABOOM. Miguel wins. Kenny, watching this on a monitor, is very suspicious of the victory just as Hiro enters to give the line-up for the next battle, which doesn't include Tyson.
S03E13 Kenny's Big Battle 31/03/2003 Tyson gets in a huff and leaves the team after he is dropped from the lineup against the Blitzkrieg Boys. This leaves Kenny and Daichi to pick up the slack against their opponents. Feeling rejected, Tyson wanders off and runs into a strange old man named Tao who takes him shopping. Meanwhile the competition rolls on and the PPB All Stars are victorious. Next up, the Blitzkrieg Boys face off against the BBA Revolution without Tyson. Daichi wins his match and Kenny nervously goes to the beystadium to face his opponent Tala. During the battle, Kenny finds himself way out of his league but when Tala starts to insult Tyson he discovers his blading spirit and vows to never give up and win the match for his friend!
S03E14 Picking Up the Pieces 07/04/2003 In the second of a best of three match, Tala thinks he’s broken Kenny down, but Kenny summons his inner strength and attacks with all of his combined power. Unfortunately, it’s not enough, and Tala shatters Kenny’s Hopper into pieces with his Novae Rog attack. Kenny loses the match, but in the process spots a major weakness in Tala’s game. Daichi is called to take on Tala in the tie-breaker. Tyson is desperate for the win, and tries to convince Tala to let him fight in Daichi’s place. Tala refuses, and Daichi is furious that Tyson has so little faith in his abilities. Meanwhile, Kenny rigs Daichi’s Beyblade with a special part to help him in the battle. He convinces Daichi to follow his game plan, and stay away from Tala’s ‘blade until the perfect moment. Daichi agrees, but it goes against his natural style and it takes all his strength just to keep from attacking. Finally Kenny spots the opening, and Daichi takes advantage. Daichi defeats Tala, and the BBA Revolution is awarded the victory. Tyson is humbled, and vows never to underestimate his teammates again.
S03E15 Sleepless in Madrid 14/04/2003 In Madrid for the Spanish leg of the World Championships, the hard-of-sleeping Lee has a nightmare that Ray kicks him off the team for his poor play. The day before their next match, White Tiger X encounters a pair of beyblading jugglers in Madrid's main square, who also happen to be trick bladers. When Lee criticizes their performance, he and Ray are challenged to an impromptu match. The jugglers beat them handily, which only exacerbates Lee's insecurity about his skills. Ray suspects that Lee's problem stems not only from a lack of sleep lately, but from a lack of communication between the two. Ray discusses the problem with Tyson, who suggests that Ray be more confrontational. Mr. Dickenson meanwhile, ponders whether to grant F Dynasty their request for a two-on-two match. Turns out it was Raul and Julia of F Dynasty who posed as the street jugglers in order to goad Lee and Ray. When the day of the match arrives, and White Tiger X faces F Dynasty, Lee and Ray discover the jugglers' true identities. Wanting payback for their earlier loss, Lee and Ray accept the two-on-two challenge and the match format is set. F Dynasty dominates the contest, causing Lee to go batty in fear of letting Ray down yet again. Coming loose at the seams, Lee's reckless blading becomes a serious concern. To save his fragile-minded teammate from further distress, Ray knocks out Lee's blade himself and accept his team's loss. Discussing the incident afterward, Lee acknowledges his mistake, and he and Ray vow to be more communicative in the future.
S03E16 Fire and Water 21/04/2003 As Max prepares to face Kai in the next round, the members of BBA Revolution overhear a confrontation between Johnny and Robert of the Majestics and Barthez Battalion. It turns out Barthez Battalion won their qualifying tournament through trickery. Thanks to Kenny, the teams find proof of Barthez’s underhanded tactics but it’s too late to disqualify them from the Championships. Armed with his new Draciel Gravity, Max takes Kai to the edge of defeat only to end up defeated himself. Rick uses his frustration at the loss to overcome Tala and goes on to face Kai in a tiebreaker. Despite his great power, Rick loses to the more experienced Kai. Inspired by the match, Tyson vows to face Barthez Battalion with everything he’s got.
S03E17 Same Old Dirty Tricks... 28/04/2003 The BBA Revolution are slated to face the sneaky Barthez Battalion, but while Hilary and Kenny want to report their dirty deeds to the authorities, Tyson believes the best way to teach them a lesson is to beat them fair and square…But that’s before he really sees how low the team will sink to win. When Mathilda blows up her beyblade on purpose, just to cause damage to Daichi’s Strata Dragoon, Tyson and his team are shocked…But Tyson stands his ground! Although Daichi wants to give Jean Paul Barthez himself a piece of his mind…Tyson holds him back, knowing that all will be decided in the beyblade dish…or will it? Tyson prepares to face off against Miguel, but how will he fare against the team leader’s own dirty tricks…?
S03E18 Beyblade Like An Egyptian 05/05/2003 Our heroes land in Egypt for the next leg of the tournament where the first two teams going up against each other are the Blitzkrieg Boys against the Barthez Battalion. But as Barthez readies his team, we learn he's devised a special spider web-like tape that is supposed to shoot out of his team's blades and trap their opponents in an inescapable web. Miguel is torn and knows that if they follow his coach's plan they could win, but he feels he'd rather lose with respect than cheat. In the first battle, Aaron goes up against Tala. Barthez tells his players to just act natural and he would operate the spider webbing by remote control. As the battle begins, Barthez desperately pushes the remote control, but nothing happens. Turns out Aaron refused to use the 'fixed' blade. Barthez is furious. Miguel is defiant and tell Barthez that they aren't going to be 'his puppets anymore.' As Barthez leaves, Miguel steps into the ring against Kai. The battle doesn't last very long as Kai wins handily. But Miguel has lost with dignity and that's just the way he wants it!
S03E19 One For All...Free For All 12/05/2003 Max is having trouble convincing Rick that he is truly dedicated to the PPB All Starz. Max just wants to play for love of the game but Rick thinks he should do anything to win. When the competition continues Max demands they fight a “pairs” match so that he and Rick are forced to work as a team. Rick’s ego gets the best of him and soon he finds himself not only battling the White Tiger X team but Max as well. Mariah tells Ray and Lee of White Tiger X that they should battle each other and find out who is the best blader out of the four of them. A beyblading free for all ensues until the final climactic battle when only one blade is left spinning. The winner, Lee is surprised as everyone else to learn that he is the best blader of them all!”
S03E20 Burdens of a Champion 19/05/2003 The Egyptian leg of the World Championships culminates with the final match highlighting F Dynasty against the BBA Revolution. The day before the match, Tyson has Daichi practice moves with him that they’re not usually accustomed to doing: namely, tag-team attacks. F Dynasty is renowned for their tag-team abilities, and Tyson wants nothing more than to beat them at their own game. He knows this will be a challenge, as F Dynasty has already used the tag-team format to defeat White Tiger X earlier in the tournament. But as the former Beyblade world champion, Tyson feels it’s his duty to prove that he’s the best, no matter what the format is. F Dynasty meanwhile, foregoes practicing in favor of another fantastic street show of their beyblading skills for a crowd of onlookers. In a flashback to their childhood, we learn that Raul and Julia have been performing as a duo since their formative years growing up in the circus. The introduction of beyblades to their act only solidified their skills. When the day of the match arrives, Tyson specifically requests the two-on-two format and F Dynasty agrees. The sand-filled Sahara dish gives Tyson and Daichi the pre-battle advantage, but during the match, Tyson’s beyblade has trouble keeping up. Coach Hiro realizes that the pressure Tyson is feeling to carry his team as the former Beyblade champion is affecting his performance. But this realization comes too late. Raul and Julia pull off another spectacular tag-team assault and defeat Tyson and Daichi. This results in an unusual predicament. All teams remaining in World Championship tournament now stand at two wins and two losses – meaning none of them have been eliminated yet.
S03E21 Under Pressure 26/05/2003 Tyson is feeling the pressure of being World Champion. Despite Hiro’s warning, a television crew follows him around for a day, taping his every move. Daichi feels jealous and tries to compete for the camera’s attention. Finally, BBA Revolution holds a three-way match between Tyson, Daichi and Kenny for the cameras and Tyson loses like an amateur. Tyson contemplates quitting and wanders to the Beystadium to be alone with his thoughts. Daichi confronts him and challenges him to a match. During the beybattle, Tyson is reminded of how it feels to beyblade for the pure love of the game. The pressure disappears when Tyson realizes he doesn’t have to beyblade like a champion. He just has to beyblade like himself! Tyson meets Kai, Max and Ray ands tells them that, from now on, they are all challengers and any one of them could end up as champion.
S03E22 Sibling Rivalry 02/06/2003 The final elimination round is underway, with F Dynasty trying to earn the last play-off slot, while their opponents, the already mathematically eliminated Barthez Battalion try to spoil their chances. Feeling like the weak link of the team, Raul surprises Julia by insisting he battle solo for F Dynasty, in order to prove his worth. Julia reluctantly agrees. In the first match Julia easily defeats Miguel, piling even more pressure on Raul. Raul is up against Mathilda of Barthez Battalion (who is using a combination of parts from her team’s Beyblades) in the second match. Raul freezes under the pressure, and it looks like he is a sitting duck. But Julia steps in to explain to Raul that the only reason she has so much confidence in battle is because she has him at her side. This fires Raul up, and he battles back to steal the victory. The Barthez Battalion team are eliminated, but they are very gracious in defeat.
S03E23 Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off... 09/06/2003 With Lee losing to Tala early in the match, White Tiger X is a game down, and Kai now steps up to battle for the Blitzkrieg Boys. This round is sure to be intense, as old teammates face off in the dish. Ray will represent White Tiger X, and the world is watching. The pressure seems too much for the players, as Ray collapses from the strain. Somehow he finds the strength to keep going, and the desire to bring Kai down! The intensity rises as the battle continues, with both players on either side of the dish so evenly matched, who can predict which one will walk away with the victory?
S03E24 Down Under, Thunder 16/06/2003 The tournament in Australia continues and this round pits the PPB All Starz against Tyson and the BBA Revolution. The first battle sees Daichi playing against Rick. Daichi seems a little overconfident going into battle as his sights are set on the bigger prize, fighting in the finals with Tyson. Rick on the other hand is more realistic. He understands where he comes from and that he's lucky to be where he is, yet he too wants to get this battle behind him. The fight is a tough one. In fact, the combatants are going at it so hard that the entire arena is filled with the acrid smell of burnt metal. This seems to be a battle of wills rather than blades as each Blader attempts to summon every ounce of power that they can. In the end, Daichi proves to be the winner, and Rick is devastated. Daichi on the other hand has used so much energy that he passes out. Now it's time for the next round, and it pits Tyson against his former teammate, Max!
S03E25 Max Attacks! 23/06/2003 Tyson and Max face off against each other in the semi-final of the World Beyblading Championships. The two old friends use two totally different blading styles in the dish. Tyson takes the offense while Max hangs back and chooses for a more defensive style. Tyson has a tough time battling Max and when Dragoon starts to lose power he starts his engine gear. When he goes in for the final hit, Max suddenly goes on the offense and starts Draciel’s engine gear. Just when it looks like Dragoon is going to be knocked out Tyson cleverly uses Draciel’s own power against it and defeats Max! This allows Tyson’s team, the BBA Revolution, to move on to the final round of the competition!
S03E26 Familiar Faces 30/06/2003 With three teams qualifying for the finals of the World Beyblade Championships – the Blitzkrieg Boys, the BBA Revolution, and F Dynasty - the BBA must make a decision. Only two teams can play in the finals, and a format to determine which ones will compete must be decided. Will they stage a mini-round robin tournament between the three teams? Or will the BBA Revolution and F Dynasty, who are both tied for second place battle, battle each other with the winner moving on to face the Blitzkrieg Boys in the finals? These questions will all take time to answer - time the various competitors use to catch up with family members. With the PPB All Starz eliminated from the tournament, Max visits his folks and then drops by the local community center where he and Ray first told Tyson they were leaving the Bladebreakers. Tyson goes home to visit Grandpa, and Daichi tags along, making himself a little too at home in the process. Grandpa is impressed by Tyson’s newfound seriousness when it comes to his martial arts training. Coach Romero of F Dynasty gives Raul and Julia a surprise when he brings them to visit the circus, which just happens to be in town. The circus is where the siblings grew up, and a heartfelt reunion ensues. At BBA Headquarters, Mr. Dickenson announces the finals format. The two second place teams will indeed face each other first, with the victor getting to advance. Tyson surprises everyone by requesting that his match be a tag-team battle. Kenny gives Tyson his newly created Dragoon Galaxy Turbo, an improved version of Dragoon, which performs well in tag-team practice. Tyson and Daichi are pumped - they couldn’t be more ready for their upcoming rematch against F Dynasty.
S03E27 What a Blast! 07/07/2003 The entire city is pumped for Tyson and Daichi’s rematch with F Dynasty in double-team play. At first, the awesome power of BBA Revolution has Raul and Julia on their heels. Raul manages to save Julia from a stadium out and his big sister lets him take command. Encouraged by the support of their circus family, the brother and sister use their experience and teamwork to push the BBA Revolution to the brink of defeat. Tyson and Daichi are losing strength when they realize they are having the time of their lives. There’s nothing like competing against powerful, skilled opponents. The BBA Revolution has one last shot at victory. Can Daichi and Tyson manage to use a risky move from F Dynasty’s playbook to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? When Tyson’s gambit wins the match, Raul and Julia are stunned to hear the crowd cheering for the BBA Revolution and F Dynasty! They are overwhelmed with pride as Kai leaves the stadium. At last, he will face Tyson for the World Championship.
S03E28 Changing Gears 14/07/2003 The finals have finally arrived and BBA Revolution gets ready to face the Blitzkrieg Boys in a heated battle. But before that can happen, a routine check-up of Tyson’s Beyblade turns up a faulty gear assembly, which needs to be repaired! Time is running out, and Daichi has to stretch out his match with Tala to give Kenny the time he needs to fix Dragoon! Just when things look their bleakest, Kenny brings Dragoon back to its former glory, which gets Daichi off the hook! And now, instead of running away from Tala, he comes back with an intense attack! But is it too late to get back the advantage over his crafty opponent?
S03E29 And Then There Were Two 21/07/2003 Daichi and Tala have both been thrown from the dish at the same time, resulting in a tie game. Because they are in no condition for a rematch, Mr. Dickenson rules that the next match will determine the new tournament Champion. It all comes down to Kai and Tyson. Kai shows up for the match battered and bruised from his training session with Spencer and Bryan, just so he can put himself at Tyson’s level of physical exhaustion, since Tyson had already battled earlier in the day. Kai wants them to be evenly matched so that he won’t have any advantage in battle. Because of the power levels involved, Mr. Dickenson unveils a new stadium dish, hidden under the floor of the main stadium. It is a square mile large, and in the style of an outdoor environment. Tyson is used to more traditional indoor stadium designs, but feels he is up for the challenge. Tyson begins to draw on the skills he learned from his previous battles, while Kai’s focus is on his exceptional abilities and his single-minded desire to be the best. The battle rages on…
S03E30 Let The Games Begin... Again! 28/07/2003 It’s the finals of the World Beyblading Championships and the final battle pits Kai against the defending world Champion, Tyson. The fight is incredibly intense and what’s even more amazing, it looks like the two combatants are so evenly matched, there might not be a winner. And that’s exactly what happens! At the end of the battle, Kai and Tyson drop out at the exact same time! Now a dilemma arises. Mr. Dickenson has to make the final decision and he’s leaning toward calling it a tie because he’s afraid that if they continue the battle, someone could get hurt. But Kai steps up to the plate and pleads his case for the battle to continue, which it does! As the fight resumes, the intensity is felt throughout the arena. Again they are evenly matched and it looks like no one will take it, when… they both mount a final assault! It’s huge! In the end, Tyson comes out on top and Daichi and Tyson become the new Beyblade Tag Team World Champions!!
S03E31 Runaway Daichi 04/08/2003 Tyson and Daichi win the Beyblade Tag Team World Championship but Daichi is jealous that Tyson is getting all the attention. He decides the only way he can get the respect he deserves is to go on a training mission and come back and defeat Tyson on his own. He hitches a ride on a truck and falls asleep but wakes up far away from home, alone and hungry. Luckily he runs into Max and his father who invite him back to their house for dinner. During the meal Max squirts mustard on Daichi’s steak telling him it will make it taste better. This disgusts Daichi, and in his anger he insults Max and his father. Max takes offense and challenges Daichi to a Beyblade battle. The match is a close one and Daichi is confident he can beat Max but he was beaten by Max’s strength. He decides that the only way he can become a better Blader is to start training with Max. Meanwhile Tyson discovers Daichi gone and wonders why and where his Blading partner has gone.
S03E32 Beyblade Idol 11/08/2003 A news bulletin announces that the BBA has been bought and transformed into a new, professional league, named the BEGA League and that Mr. Dickenson has resigned from his position as Chairman. The kids go off in search of their old friend and demand an explanation. Ashamed, Mr. Dickenson reveals that the board of the BBA had completed the plans to sell the league while he was occupied with the World Championships. Tyson resolves to show up at the press conference the next day and discover who is behind the plot. But at the press conference, he is faced with the new singing sensation, Ming-Ming who announces that not only is she the official mascot of the BEGA League but also its top ranked professional Beyblader. Tyson challenges her to Beybattle and Ming-Ming accepts under the condition that Tyson beat her entire Ming-Ming Band. Will Tyson, Max and Daichi be able to beat the Beybattling band and face off against an old foe?
S03E33 Out of Their League 18/08/2003 Tyson, Max, Kenny and Daichi are invited by Boris to take a tour inside his new BEGA headquarters. Hilary isn’t allowed inside until the official public opening, and is sent away, much to her chagrin. The boys find that the BEGA building is unparalleled in the quality of its Beyblade training and facilities. Impressive as it is however, Tyson is still highly distrustful of Boris, who was responsible for trying to take over the world two years ago by using his team the Demolition Boys as soldiers. Boris tries to convince Tyson that he’s changed. Ever since his scheme was uncovered, he roamed throughout his homeland doing some soul searching. There, while watching some village children Beyblade, he had an epiphany. He realized that Beyblading is all about honor and individuality, and he made it his new goal to bring Beyblading to the masses. That’s why he took over the BBA and turned it into BEGA – as a way to give children around the world that had no exposure to the game a chance to better their lives and become champions themselves. Tyson is still skeptical, and his bad-mouthing of Boris draws the ire of a top BEGA prospect – a juggernaut named Crusher, whose Beyblade launcher is the biggest one the boys have ever seen. When grilled by Tyson about his motives for joining this professional league, Crusher admits he’s doing it for the prospect of getting rich, but only so he can afford to pay his younger sister’s hospital bills. A Beybattle ensues, and Crusher shows he’s even more powerful than he looks. Tyson is nearly defeated, but he summons his will and narrowly defeats his jumbo-sized opponent. When Boris asks Tyson if he now believes he’s sincere in his reasons for creating BEGA, Tyson still isn’t sure. But Tyson does admit that if spirited and honorable Blader’s like Crusher are in it, maybe there is some merit in the new league after all.
S03E34 The Mysterious Mystel... 25/08/2003 A mysterious stranger wanders the woods of White Tiger Hills, the headquarters of the White Tiger X team, and although this strange young man performs incredible good deeds, Lee and the rest of the team are suspicious, and tell their leader Ray, all about him. It isn’t long until the entire team meets up with him again, and Ray comes face to face with the stranger’s incredible abilities like leaping, flying and jumping through the air, not to mention Beyblading like a world champion. He calls himself Mystel and amazes Lee and Ray with the mixture of his incredible acrobatics and Beyblading skills. Lee imagines how good the White Tiger X team would be if they knew how to move like Mystel, and, after challenging their new guest to a battle, has high hopes that he’ll share his secrets. But Lee is humiliated by a quick loss, and now it’s up to Ray to represent the team in its own backyard! Can he beat Mystel, and more importantly, can he find out the secrets behind this mysterious young Beyblader?
S03E35 Pros and Ex-Cons 01/09/2003 Tyson can’t seem to make up his mind whether or not to trust Boris and go pro. When the team is visited by a rabid pack of sponsors who want to sign them to product contracts, Grandpa is forced to step in and recommend that Tyson have a talk with his more experienced brother, Hiro. While looking for Hiro, Tyson and friends come across Tala, Bryan and Spencer, who are on their way to get revenge on Boris by bringing the BEGA league down around him. Tyson is torn between following Tala, and respecting Tala’s wish that he stay out of it. At BEGA headquarters, Tala, Spencer, and Bryan confront Boris and demand to face his top Beyblader’s. Boris accepts their challenge, but puts them up against some first-level recruits instead to make them feel overconfident. After Tala and the Boys have defeated the BEGA team, Garland challenges them to a battle. Boris promises to dismantle the league if they beat Garland, but they have to join his pro league if Garland beats them. Tala refuses the deal, but Garland decides to battle anyway as a point of pride. Tyson and the gang arrive just in time to see Garland destroy Bryan and Spencer in a two-on-one battle. Now it’s Tala’s turn…
S03E36 Boris, the Blade Stops Here! 08/09/2003 Without warning, a match is announced in town featuring Blader’s from the new BEGA League run by Boris. Tyson and his crew are skeptical of this new band of Blader’s, so they decide to go scope out the event. Once there, they find Garland and Tala going head to head all under the supervision of Boris who observes from the wings. An intense battle is played out on the stadium floor, when, it looks like Tala is about to lose, bars rise up out of the floor and keep him in the dish. As they continue to battle, Tala becomes weaker and weaker and collapses. Tyson's had enough. He yells out at Boris telling him his whole BEGA outfit is bogus and he challenges the shadowy figure to a battle. Boris accepts the challenges and at stake is the future of the BEGA and Tyson's future as a Beyblader!! Most of Tyson's friends surround him in a show of support, except one. Kai walks out of the stands and walks right by Tyson leaving him high and dry!
S03E37 The Bega Challenge 15/09/2003 Tyson accepts Boris' challenge to a five-on-five Beybattle for the future of the world of Beyblade. But, things are made worse when Kai joins BEGA and Hiro, as Jin of the Gale, becomes their new coach! It's up to Ray to bring Tyson back to his senses. But, since BEGA rules state that those who are not members cannot purchase new Beyblade parts, is this a battle they may end up regretting?
S03E38 Bega on the Rise 22/09/2003 Hiro stuns the world by joining the BEGA League and coaching Brooklyn, their secret weapon. As the popularity of the new league rises, BBA Revolution find themselves unable to practice because Boris has cornered the market on new parts. Boris is satisfied with the progress of his top Blader’s, who are training heavily in a series of practice and exhibition matches. Ming Ming and the rest of her teammates easily dispatch the competition. After meeting an exceptional Blader named Garland, Kai is warned not to go head to head with Brooklyn – the most powerful Blader at BEGA. Even Hiro is astounded by Brooklyn’s abilities. Kai warns Hiro to stay out of his way and plans to uncover the truth about Brooklyn.
S03E39 Rebel Alliance 29/09/2003 Tyson and Daichi disguise themselves in an effort to get badly needed replacement parts for their damaged Beyblades. But without an official BEGA I.D. card signifying membership in the new league – something they steadfastly refuse to get - they’re shut out from getting parts at any store. Despairing about how they’ll solve this dilemma, they’re visited by members of various teams they fought against in the World Championships: White Tiger X, PPB All Starz, Barthez Battalion, and F Dynasty. These former foes don’t like Boris and his professional BEGA league either, seeing this new entity as a threat to the sport of Beyblading. They vow to help Tyson and the other members of the BBA Revolution in whatever way they can to overthrow BEGA. Boarding a bus to the location Tyson and Daichi trained at, two questions remain unanswered. Which players from this talented assemblage will form the new five-player team to contend against BEGA’s best? And can they create a new, more powerful Beyblade with which to accomplish this task? Hilary surprises all by displaying her new ‘Hilary Star Flash’ persona in an attempt to secure a spot on the team as a player. Her skills are lacking however, and she’s relegated to helping Mr. Dickenson, Grandpa and Mr. Tate prepare food for the group. But despite Hilary’s setback, Mariah, Julia and Matilda show the boys that the girls can indeed compete for one of the five player positions on the squad. Practice, battling and training is the order of the day as everyone vies for one of the coveted spots, which have yet be decided. As for the Beyblade situation, Kenny, Miguel and Emily succeed in utilizing data from past battles and leftover parts to create the revolutionary new Beyblade they’ve been seeking – Dragoon Metal Storm.
S03E40 Back to Basics 06/10/2003 The good news is, the Hard Metal Beyblades are ready to go…the bad news: no one knows how to control them! Tyson, Daichi, Ray and Max each spend the day trying to learn the delicate new intricacies of the Hard Metal Beyblade, but the new blades seem to get the better of our heroes over and over again…some even wind up headfirst in the lake…No real progress is being made…It isn’t until the gang remembers what it was like when they first started Beyblading, including all the roadblocks that they once came across, that they realize the secret of reining in their new spinners…
S03E41 And Justice-Five For All 13/10/2003 Tyson, Max and Ray struggle to learn the “Hard Metal” system with the help of some of their friends from the World Championship tournament. They still need one more member for the team, and Rick, Lee and Michael have all volunteered to fill the remaining slot. But first they have to prove they can master the new system…which proves a lot tougher than they thought. Meanwhile, Hiro and Boris decide to hold a tournament to give some unknown Beyblader’s a chance to try and make the “Bega Bladers” team. Boris knows that they probably won’t be able to beat his Pro’s (Garland, Crusher, Ming Ming, Kai and Mystel… etc.) but Hiro wants to give everyone a fair shot, and Boris wants to see the mysterious Brooklyn in action. The tournament plays out as expected with the original BEGA pros all securing a spot on the team. Only one match left…
S03E42 When You Wish Upon a Star 20/10/2003 The Bega Bladers have one more Blader to pick for the BEGA 5 Justice Tournament and it's between the up and coming Brooklyn and Kai. As their elimination battle begins, Kai tries his best to take command but it seems Brooklyn mirrors his every move. Kai realizes something's fishy, but before he can do anything about it, Brooklyn takes the win, much to Boris's liking. So the BEGA Blader’s team has been picked, now it's up to Tyson and his crew to pick a team. After much discussion about it, they all agree it should be up to Tyson to choose, but Tyson (even though he wants to pick Kai), doesn't say anything. The next day the tournament begins and our hero’s new team (now named the 'G Revolutions' by Mr. Dickenson) arrive at Bega Stadium. At first they present only four Blader’s, however, they finally reveal their fifth… they call him 'Mr. X' but it's really Grandpa in a mask. Now the first battle is about to begin and it pits Daichi against Ming Ming!
S03E43 Sing Ming Ming Sing! 27/10/2003 It’s the start of “Justice 5” and Daichi is set to battle Ming Ming, the crowd favorite because of her cute demeanor and sensational singing voice. Daichi’s goal is to prove that Ming Ming doesn’t take Beyblading seriously and he vows to knock her out of the stadium early in the match. However, when Ming Ming gains the upper hand this makes Daichi very annoyed. Worst of all, Ming Ming has the nerve to break into song as if to mock Daichi. Even worse, her singing seems to make her Blading improve and she slams Strata Dragoon relentlessly. Kenny, a devoted fan of Ming Ming’s, realizes that it’s her voice that helps her concentrate on her blade and Tyson tells Daichi of her secret. Daichi uses his own voice to unleash the full power of Strata Dragoon but in the end Ming Ming proves to be the better blader and wins the match. Daichi is disappointed but being a good sportsman he congratulates Ming Ming. Tyson and the others realize that the Bega Bladers intend to fight fairly and they all vow to do their very best to win the next battle!
S03E44 Refuse to Lose 03/11/2003 It’s the second match of the Justice Five Battle and Ray and Crusher are facing off against each other. With Ming Ming’s win against Daichi in the previous match, the BEGA League is already ahead by one so the pressure is on Ray to take the match. But Crusher is feeling the pressure too, not only for himself and his teammates but for his sister, Monica, who is undergoing surgery at the very same time. From the beginning, the battle is fierce with both Blader’s inflicting significant damage. But Ray quickly gains the upper hand and it looks like its game over. It is only once Crusher calls upon the spirit of his brave, little sister that he is filled with the courage and strength necessary to match Ray. But with so much at stake, which Blader will emerge victorious?
S03E45 Max to the Maxx 10/11/2003 The first two matches of the ‘Justice 5’ tournament are complete, and things aren’t looking good for Tyson’s squad, G Revolutions. BEGA’s team is up two games to nil in the best-of-five series. If they lose another match, BEGA will be victorious and have complete control over the sport of Beyblading. This puts a lot of pressure on Max to win game three against Mystel. Tyson and the others argue whether Max’s signature defensive style will be enough to overcome Mystel’s unpredictable and overpowering attack. Max takes this as a sign that his teammates only think he can win if he changes the way he Beyblades altogether. His confidence shattered, Max isolates himself and does some soul-searching. He receives a morale boost from an unlikely source – Rick, his contentious PPB All Starz partner. Rick helps Max realize that his trademark style is what made him so successful as a Blader, and it would be foolish not to use it just because the odds are against him. Max never wanted to give up his defensive tactics in the first place, so Rick’s advice only strengthens his resolve to simply do what he does best. When the time comes for his battle against Mystel, Max uses his time-tested strategies. He’s quickly overwhelmed by Mystel’s wild, hard-hitting attack, and defeat seems eminent. But Draciel’s spectacular defense curtails the downward spiral, and the match ends in a draw. The stalemate result isn’t the victory that Max desired, but it successfully postpones any chance of losing the tournament for at least one more match. For the underdog G Revolutions team, momentum has finally turned in their favor.
S03E46 The Return of Kai 17/11/2003 With three rounds already played, the G Revolutions team finds themselves with an unimpressive record… two matches lost, and one ending in a draw. Tyson and the rest of the team are practicing furiously to guarantee a check in the win column for tomorrow’s big match. The bad news is, no one on the team has the same skill with the Hard Metal Beyblade as Tyson does… or at least that’s what he thinks, and he refuses to choose any of his teammates to Blade in the last round of the tournament, insisting instead to blade both rounds himself. As all of the others vie for the last spot, Kai’s frustration at his lack of control with his new Hard Metal Beyblade reaches an all-time high, combine that with his anger at what happened to Tala, and Kai’s mood is even less cheery than usual. It isn’t until he connects with an unlikely Blading opponent that he gains the technique he’s been seeking for so long…the real question is, will Tyson and the rest of the gang welcome Kai back after all they’ve been through in the past?
S03E47 Now You're Making Me Mad 24/11/2003 It's the continuation of the Justice 5 Tournament with the BEGA Blader’s leading the battle with two wins and a tie. If G Revolutions lose the next battle, they're out and BEGA (led by the evil Boris) takes over the Beyblading Empire. The next battle is set to pit Tyson against Garland, but when the G Revolutions enter the stadium, they reveal their fifth team member- KAI!! Everyone is stunned, except for the BEGA Blader’s who see him only as a loser. Kai is out for revenge because a few days earlier he lost a battle to Brooklyn. So, wanting to save face, Kai calls out Brooklyn, who arrogantly accepts his challenge. A massive battle ensues with Kai trying desperately to somehow attack his opponent, but nothing seems to work. And what's worse, Brooklyn seems to be copying Kai's every move. Kai becomes frustrated and realizes he must dig deep within himself to draw out more power. He does, however, it's making him weaker and weaker. The rest of the G Revolutions team wants him to quit. Kai refuses and in the end, he prepares for a final assault against his foe!
S03E48 Beyblading Spirit 01/12/2003 The battle of “Justice 5 Tournament” continues and Kai is clearly overwhelmed by the power of Brooklyn of the BEGA Bladers. Attack after attack sees Kai barely hanging on as he fights to stay in the match. Tyson and his team mates nervously watch, but vow to stay out of the battle because of a promise that Tyson made to Kai. Pleased with the progress of the battle and confident that Brooklyn will win, Boris watches from the sidelines with delight. Kai’s determination to win against these unbeatable odds begins to frustrate Brooklyn and he increases the intensity of his attacks. Suddenly, when it seems that Kai can’t take any more he manages to draw upon his Beyblading spirit and defeat Brooklyn. The crowd goes wild at this dramatic upset and Kai leaves the stadium only to collapse into Tyson’s arms, battered and bruised. Brooklyn remains in the stadium, stunned and confused after suffering the first defeat of his Beyblading career. Kai assures his concerned team mates that he is all right and tells Tyson that he should be more concerned with his upcoming battle against Garland. Tyson, as confident as ever, shrugs Kai’s advice off but secretly hopes he can summon the same amazing strength that his old friend showed in his battle. Kai walks unsteadily out of the stadium alone, collapses again, and then watches as Dranzer disintegrates in front of him.!
S03E49 Principles of Victory 08/12/2003 All of G Revolutions hopes now rest on Tyson’s match with Garland. Tyson is determined to make sure Kai’s brave victory over Brooklyn isn’t wasted. Garland is confident he will win. His family have been sports champions for centuries thanks to a book containing the Tzebult Principles of Victory. Those who follow the principles never lose! Tyson seeks the help of his friends to prepare, finding comfort and focus in their company. The match begins and Garland seems unbeatable due to the family principles. But Tyson isn’t satisfied… he wants to fight the real Garland, not a book of rules. Tyson convinces Garland to abandon the family code and Beybattle like a true Blader. But can he withstand the full force of Garland unleashed?
S03E50 Welcome to My Nightmare 15/12/2003 Brooklyn has gone a little loopy after his loss against Kai. And the loss means either BEGA or the G Revolutions need one more victory to win the Justice 5 Tournament. To determine a winner, one battle is left and it will pit Tyson going up against one of the BEGA Blader’s. But who will it be? Garland offers his services, but Hiro turns him down cold saying they need Brooklyn to fight this battle. Brooklyn's on the brink of a breakdown and now it's up to Hiro to get him back into fighting form. Meanwhile, Boris has taken matters into his own hands and dispatches Crusher and Ming Ming to knock Tyson out before he even has a chance to battle the BEGA Blader’s. Crusher and Ming Ming arrive and straight away challenge Tyson to a battle. Rick and Lee step in to protect Tyson. At first it appears Crusher and Ming Ming are going to go through with their attack, then stop when they realize Tyson isn't their enemy. Now the stage is set for the big showdown between Tyson and Brooklyn!
S03E51 Brooklyn's Back 22/12/2003 The final match between the G Revolutions and the BEGA Bladers has arrived. Tyson prepares for the contest, unsure of whom he will ultimately face. It isn’t until he steps onto the stadium floor when he discovers that he will go face to face, against Brooklyn himself. Brooklyn shows off his incredible powers immediately, stunning both teams on either side of the Beystadium. But no one has any idea of the true extent of Brooklyn’s powers until he creates a wormhole to another dimension, creating an empty shell, carbon copy of the real world! The freak out continues as Brooklyn destroys everything in his new empty world to mold it into an image that makes him happy! Tyson has never faced an opponent like this! Does he stand a chance, or will BEGA continue its evil infection of the Beyblading community?
S03E52 Beybattle for the Ages 29/12/2003 It’s mid-way through Tyson and Brooklyn’s final tie-breaking ‘Justice 5’ match which could give BEGA a stranglehold on the entire sport of Beyblading. Having suffered his only previous defeat at the hands of Kai, Brooklyn’s thirst for revenge takes the form of an unearthly power. Not only has his Beyblade Zeus given Brooklyn sinister black wings with which to fly, it has generated a giant vortex in the sky that is wreaking havoc on the city. Buildings are crumbling everywhere. The entire world is being enveloped by the growing darkness. Only Tyson can stop Brooklyn before it’s too late. Summoning his own formidable power from Dragoon, Tyson flies into the sky to convince Brooklyn to cease the negative emotions that are causing the havoc. When reasoning fails, the pair continues their battle above the ever-crumbling city. The tide turns in Tyson’s favor when he is able to summon the spirits of his teammates’ blades and merge them with Dragoon, which evolves into the most powerful Beyblade ever. By probing deeper into Brooklyn’s psyche, Tyson learns that his foe's anxiety stems from childhood isolation at being a genius so early in life. Tyson makes Brooklyn see that Beyblading is a pure sport to be enjoyed for one reason alone – the love of the game. Brooklyn calms down. The chaos ends. And the pair continues their match simply for enjoyment. With BEGA's HQ in shambles, the upstart league and its owner Boris are ruined. Mr. Dickenson’s BBA league restarts, but in a much more modest form. And kids everywhere – including Tyson and his friends - return to the simple, purest form of Beyblading.Then Tyson and Kai battle one last time
S04E01 L'arrivée de Pégasus 05/04/2009 Après avoir perdu un duel Beyblade dans le stadium de sa ville, Kenta est contraint de participer à un combat Beyblade par quatre Chasseurs de Têtes. Alors qu’il est en train de perdre, un inconnu entre en scène pour donner une leçon à ces voyous. Il gagne facilement contre les quatre Chasseurs de Têtes et leurs toupies. Le lendemain, les Chasseurs de Têtes sont de retour avec des renforts et leur chef Kyoya. Ils encerclent Gingka et le forcent à combattre seul contre cent. Gingka reste concentré et réussit à vaincre tous ses adversaires. Kyoya est impressionné et défie ce blader dans un duel.
S04E02 Le rugissement de Léone 12/04/2009 Madoka, la nouvelle amie de Gingka est une technicienne experte en matière de Beyblade et travaille sur Pegasus. Pendant ce temps, les Chasseurs de Têtes volent la toupie de Kenta et refusent de la lui rendre si Gingka n’accepte pas de combattre Kyoya. Gingka accepte de relever le défi malgré les mises en garde de Madoka. Durant le combat, la toupie de Kyoya semble intouchable mais Pegasus finit par percer ses défenses et gagner. Kyoya est contacté par un homme mystérieux qui lui propose de renforcer Rock Leone afin de vaincre Gingka, une bonne fois pour toutes.
S04E03 L'ambition de Dark Wolf 19/04/2009 Kenta a peur que Gingka quitte la ville pour trouver des adversaires à sa hauteur. Il décide alors de le défier en duel. Entre-temps, Kyoya et ses Chasseurs de Têtes sont emmenés dans un endroit rocheux par un personnage mystérieux, Doji. Doji défie Kyoya en duel ; ils se sont mis d’accord : si Kyoya perd, il devra travailler pour Doji dans le but de battre Gingka. Le duel est lancé et il s’avère que le Rock Leone de Kyoya ne fait pas le poids face au Dark Wolf de Doji. Vaincu, Kyoya doit donc suivre Doji. Kenta perd le duel face à Gingka mais gagne son respect.
S04E04 La charge du taureau féroce 26/04/2009 Benkei est dévasté par la perte de son mentor Kyoya qui a été obligé de suivre Doji pour payer sa dette. Benkei est surpris de recevoir la visite de Doji qui lui présente une toupie puissante, Dark Bull. En retour, Doji veut que Benkei l’utilise pour vaincre Gingka. Benkei est d’accord et s’entraîne durement. Gingka et Benkei s’affrontent et le Pegasus de Gingka finit par gagner. Un court moment, les deux ennemis donnent l’impression d’être devenus amis mais ce n’est finalement pas le cas car Benkei veut gagner ce duel contre Gingka dans les règles.
S04E05 La vengeance du Cancer 03/05/2009 Gingka refuse de combattre un voyou obsédé par les crabes appelé Tetsuya Watarigani mais lorsqu’il révèle qu’il détient Madoka et qu’il ne la relâchera qu’une fois le combat gagné par Gingka, ce dernier n’a plus le choix. Un combat animé s'en suit, durant lequel Watarigani se montre particulièrement déloyal. Mais alors que Gingka est coincé, Madoka réapparaît. Elle a été sauvée par nul autre que… Benkei. Avec les encouragements de Madoka, Gingka joue une dernière manche contre Watarigani et vainc cet étrange personnage.
S04E06 Le défi d'Aquario 10/05/2009 Les Chasseurs de Têtes rencontrent Hikaru Hasama qui a juré à sa mère, il y a bien longtemps, qu’elle deviendrait la meilleure bleydeuse du monde. Elle sait qu’elle doit battre Gingka et va le défier en duel via Benkei. Gingka est alité avec un rhume et Madoka le force à se reposer avant qu’il ne reparte mener des duels. Kenta est décidé à trouver son coup spécial. Sachant que Gingka est incapable de se battre, Kenta se fait passer pour lui et affronte Hikaru. Kenta n’arrive pas à vaincre Hikaru et perd tous ses points. Kenta est dévasté mais gagne le respect de Benkei.
S04E07 Voilà notre coup spécial! Sagittario ! 17/05/2009 Benkei entraîne Kenta pour que le jeune bladeur puisse affronter à nouveau et vaincre Hikaru Hasama. Madoka donne à Kenta un boulon en métal pour qu’il l’ajoute à sa toupie Sagittario et lui annonce que ça l’aidera à créer son coup spécial. Pendant ce temps, Hikaru découvre que Kenta s’est fait passer pour Gingka lors de leur duel. Elle n’a donc pas vaincu le vrai Gingka. Elle exige un duel avec le véritable Gingka mais lorsqu’elle est censée retrouver Gingka, Kenta l’intercepte et la défie à nouveau. Cette fois-ci, il utilise son coup spécial et bat Hikaru.
S04E08 Le dangereux piège de Merci 24/05/2009 Pour prouver son empressement à battre Gingka, Doji envoie Kyoya dans le Wolf Canyon où il devra escalader une montagne et combattre des loups sauvages. Entre-temps, les amis de Kenta supplient Benkei de les entraîner eux aussi ; il finit par accepter. Alors que Gingka est aux toilettes, ces dernières se transforment en plateau de jeu télévisé. Un animateur, Merci, indique à Gingka qu'il a été sélectionné pour jouer à un nouveau jeu. Mais en réalité, ce n'est qu'une ruse de Doji. Il a ordonné à son ordinateur, Merci, de tester les compétences de Gingka et de recueillir des données sur lui. Entre-temps, Kyoya arrive au sommet du Wolf Canyon et est prêt à affronter Gingka.
S04E09 Leone contre-attaque 31/05/2009 Lorsque Kyoya revient de Wolf Canyon, il démantèle le groupe des Chasseurs de Têtes et affronte Benkei dans un combat qui s'avère particulièrement destructeur. Kenta arrive pour aider Benkei, mais sans résultat. Les attaques de Kyoya sont tellement intenses que l'entrepôt lui-même est détruit. Pendant ce temps, Gingka retrouve Hikaru, la complimente pour son combat contre Kenta et la défie à un duel Beyblade. Après un dur combat, Hikaru est déçue d'avoir perdu mais Gingka lui rappelle que s'amuser est aussi une part importante du Beyblade.
S04E10 Duel passionné! Gingka Contre Kyoya 07/06/2009 Kenta porte Benkei jusqu’au B-Pit. Benkei est très mal en point. Il demande à Gingka de montrer à Kyoya ce que le beyblade veut vraiment dire. Gingka le lui promet au moment où Benkei commence à ronfler. Gingka rencontre Kyoya et le duel commence. Kyoya crée une tornade dans la ville. La foule se rassemble et soutient Gingka. Gingka réalise que le beyblade consiste à lier des amitiés lors de combats. Avec ses amis à ses côtés, il réussit à vaincre Kyoya en utilisant un coup spécial. Le mystérieux Doji, impatient de rencontrer Gingka, fait son apparition.
S04E11 L'attaque du Loup 14/06/2009 Doji arrive pour boire à la santé de la victoire de Gingka. Mais Gingka n'a pas le temps d'apprécier ses félicitations. Doji lance Dark Wolf et humilie Kyoya lors d'un duel. Benkei rejoint Kenta, Gingka et Madoka pour les aider à trouver le quartier général de Doji et pour détruire sa toupie interdite L-Drago. Mais Doji les attend et leur envoie un escadron d'avions de chasse pour essayer de détruire les toupies de la bande une fois pour toutes. Obligés de combattre des ennemis bien supérieurs en nombre, nos amis sont vraiment en difficulté. Heureusement, un allié inespéré les rejoint : Kyoya, dont la toupie, Rock Leone, arrive à renverser la situation. Tous se lancent alors à nouveau à la poursuite de Doji.
S04E12 Les défis de Doji 21/06/2009 Nos amis se sont introduits dans le complexe de la Nébuleuse noire. Doji les informe qu'il les attend au dernier étage. Mais, pour rejoindre ce dernier étage, ils doivent franchir toutes sortes d'obstacles, affronter de dangereux bladeurs et différents dispositifs de défense et d'agression. Ce sont finalement les talents d'informaticienne de Madoka qui leur permettront de franchir les obstacles et de se retrouver face à leur pire ennemi. Gingka allait battre Dark Wolf quand Ryuga se réveille d'un long coma.
S04E13 Le réveil de L-Drago 28/06/2009 À l'intérieur du château de la Nébuleuse noire, Gingka est face à face avec son vieil ennemi... Ryuga qui possède la toupie interdite, L-Drago. Gingka révèle que Ryuga est la seule personne au monde qu'il ne pardonnera jamais. Un combat s'ensuit durant lequel la colère de Gingka alimente le pouvoir de L-Drago. Ryuga pousse Gingka à bout en lui disant que son père n'était pas non plus à la hauteur. Cela augmente la colère de Gingka et malgré les avertissements de ses amis, Gingka bataille encore plus durement, aidant ainsi Ryuga à récupérer ses forces et remplissant L-Drago de pouvoir. C'est une défaite bouleversante pour Gingka. L-Drago est très puissant!!
S04E14 Les mémoires de Ryo 00/00/0000 Gingka est déprimé après sa défaite. Il ne veut rien dire de ce qui s'est passé dans le passé entre lui et Ryuga. Finalement, Kenta lui fait raconter son histoire : Gingka vivait dans un village qui était surnommé le Village Beyblade, dans lequel son père lui donne Pegasus. Il lui montre tous ses pouvoirs quand soudain Ryuga et Doji tentent de s'emparer de la toupie interdite. Le père de Gingka tente de les empêcher mais en vain. Il disparaît dans un écroulement de pierres et Gingka n'a pour l'instant jamais réussi à vaincre L-Drago.
S04E15 Le mystérieux Hyoma 12/07/2009 Kenta va voir ses amis pour leur annoncer que Gingka est parti. Ses amis veulent donc le retrouver et partent au village de Koma. Kenta, Madoka, Benkei et Kyoya s'arrêtent pour manger tandis qu'un singe leur vole de la nourriture. Ils se fâchent entre eux et se séparent. Kenta et Madoka passe par une falaise et tombent tandis qu'un inconnu les sauve. Il s'appelle Hyoma et leur indique un chemin vers le village de Koma et disparait. Pendant ce temps, Kyoya et Benkei rencontrent aussi Hyoma et retrouvent Madoka et Kenta. Mais Kyoya à des doutes.
S04E16 Aries, le magnifique 19/07/2009 Les amis de Gingka se dirigent vers Koma mais ont l'impression qu'ils tournent en rond. Kyoya a des doutes et pour le prouver, il place une pierre à chaque fois qu'ils sont passés au même endroit. Kyoya veut que Hyoma montre sa toupie, Rock Aries. Ils se battent contre lui et au moment au Kyoya va le combattre, il leur indique le chemin.
S04E17 Le Pegasus d'argent 26/07/2009 Les amis de Gingka arrivent au village de Comas, ils y font la rencontre d'Hokuto, un petit chien qui parle. Hokuto leur apprend que Gingka est parti à la montagne pour trouver un parchemin secret. Pendant ce temps, Gingka arrive à la montagne. Ses amis veulent le suivre et pour cela, il doivent ouvrir une porte que seules les toupies peuvent ouvrir. Gingka est confronté à un déluge de neige mais arrive enfin au sanctuaire où il se rend compte que le parchemin est écrit par son père et retrouve ses amis.
S04E18 Les enfers verts 02/08/2009 Hyoma et Gingka font visiter la forêt à leurs amis et Hyoma veut emmener Gingka aux enfers vers un stadium fait en Moldavite. Un combat à lieu entre Hyoma et Gingka mais Gingka gagne en fêlant la Moldavite.
S04E19 Combinaison gagnante 09/08/2009 Madoka répare les toupies mais détecte quelque chose sur Dark Bull et change les pièces. Kenta voit qu'il y a un problème avec Sagittario et pareil pour Benkei et son Dark Bull. Ils vont voir Madoka qui leur explique qu'elle a changé leurs pièces alors Kenta et Benkei font un duo en participant à une épreuve aquatique. Ils gagnent toutes les épreuves et en fin de compte, Gingka et Kyoya leur révèlent qu'ils ont gagné grâce à leur force et non grâce au changement de pièces.
S04E20 Le combat de survie 16/08/2009 Doji et Ryuga rencontre un bladeur qui va aider la Nébuleuse noire. Gingka, Kyoya, Benkei et Kenta vont participer à un combat de survie. Ils rencontrent Hyoma et Hikaru. Ils sautent en parachute sur une île déserte. Gingka combat contre cinq bladeurs mais les bat facilement, tandis qu'un bladeur en a battu 10 en même temps. Benkei et quelques personnes sont piégées par Tetsuya mais Kenta les sauve. Hikaru et Kyoya s'affrontent. Kenta a été blessé au poignet. Tandis qu'un jeune inconnu est dans l'ombre...
S04E21 Les guerriers Sur l'ile déserte 23/08/2009 L'inconnu possède Flame Libra et s'appelle Yu. Tout le monde fait un combat, Hyoma et Kyoya se battent dans un duel. Pendant ce temps, Sagittario, Aquario, Dark Bull et Libra se font une bataille. Mais Libra est aussi forte que ses trois adversaires et gagne.
S04E22 Libra, l'éffroyable toupie 30/08/2009 Il n'y a que trois bladeurs à la fin du combat destructeur entre Benkei, Kenta, Yu et Gingka. Leone, Pegasus et Libra s'affrontent. Leone menace de se briser, donc, Madoka trouve une faille dans Rock Leone, lance sa toupie et la bat. Pegasus et Libra s'affrontent, mais c'est Libra qui, à la surprise de tout le monde, gagne le duel.
S04E23 A L'attaque pour L'ultime bataille 06/09/2009 Il s'avère que Yu veut créer l'Ultime Bataille mais Doji arrive et indique que Yu est un soldat de la Nébuleuse noire. Ryuga arrive et Gingka veut le combattre mais il ne veut pas le combattre. Ils vont participer à l'Ultime Bataille. Gingka, Kyoya, Kenta et Benkei quittent la ville et rencontrent Hyoma, Tetsuya, Hikaru et les amis de Kenta. Ils font un combat et c'est Gingka qui le gagne.
S04E24 L'aigle magnifique 13/09/2009 Gingka est défié par un groupe de bladeurs mais est surpris lorsqu'un étranger rejoint le combat. Il bat tous ses adversaire en un coup, c'est impressionnant. Le nouveau concurrent s'appelle Tsubasa. Il explique à Gingka que sa toupie s'appelle Earth Eagle de la constellation de l'aigle. Gingka et Tsubasa rejoignent le prochain tournoi ensemble et lorsqu'ils arrivent, les nouveaux amis deviennent rivaux. Ils se combattent dans un duel spectaculaire. Eagle de Tsubasa rend coup pour coup au Pegasus de Gingka, aucun des deux n'accepte d'abandonner face à l'autre. Cette lutte fugueuse se termine lorsque Gingka finit par remporter le combat. Gingka a remporté cette manche mais sait qu'il recroisera le mystérieux Tsubasa.
S04E25 Le tireur d'élite, Capricorne 20/09/2009 Kyoya parcourt le pays à la recherche d'adversaires, malheureusement ceux qu'il rencontre ne sont pas à la hauteur de ses espérances. La situation change lorsque son chemin croise celui de Tobio et de sa toupie Capricorne. Tobio est un bladeur calculateur qui aime mener des duels à distance. Depuis une tour, Tobio lance sa toupie. Kyoya la voit arriver et n'a pas l'air impressionné. Les adversaires sont de nouveau l'un face à l'autre au cours d'un tournoi. Tobio se bat de manière agressive alors que Kyoya est plutôt passif, la présomption de Tobio le menera à sa perte. Kyoya a étudié ses coups et lui tend un piège. Kyoya est le vainqueur.
S04E26 Tsubasa s'envole vers les ténèbres 27/09/2009 Les bladeurs s'affrontent dans un tournoi de qualification mais Kumazuke Kumade mène le jeu jusqu'à ce que Tsubasa reprenne le dessus et remporte la victoire. Un peu plus tard, Doji est surpris de voir arriver Tsubasa au siège de la Nébuleuse noire pour vendre ses talents. Doji insiste pour qu'il passe un test, il combat alors contre les trois frères Kumadé et les bat tous en même temps. Il doit ensuite battre Yu qui a plus de talent à lui seul que les trois frères Kumadé réunis. Yu et Tsubasa combattent si férocement qu'ils font éclater le verre du toit de la Nébuleuse noire. Yu s'est beaucoup amusé mais Tsubasa remporte la victoire. Quant à Doji, il est plus qu'impressionné.
S04E27 Mission espionnage 04/10/2009 Lors de l'inscription à un match, Kenta retrouve son ami Hyoma. Kenta et Hyoma s’apprêtent à remporter le tournoi mais Yu arrive et défie Hyoma. Hyoma est surpris par les talents de Yu et de sa toupie Flame Libra mais à la fin, lui et sa toupie Aries sont battus. Dans le même temps, Tsubasa arrive et défie Kenta. Kenta et Sagittario déploient toute leur énergie pour tenir tête à leur adversaire mais Tsubasa est plus fort qu'eux. Les combattants de la Nébuleuse noire sont gagnants.
S04E28 Le commando des grands méchants crabes 11/10/2009 Tetsuya Watarigani, qui n'aime pas spécialement Gingka, récolte des points en utilisant des ruses diaboliques (telle que l'opération O qui veut dire Oh laisse-toi attendrir par mes larmes de crocodile) mais trouve qu'il n'est pas assez vengé ; il va donc faire appel à Doji et la Nébuleuse noire qui reconfigurent sa toupie en "Dark Gasher"...
S04E29 Kenta et Sora 18/10/2009 Kenta remporte les duels lors d'un tournoi excitant. Il va affronter un bladeur mystérieux que personne n'attendait. L'adversaire de Kenta prétend avoir été l'élève de Gingka et, au grand étonnement du public, il utilise le coup spécial de Gingka : l'explosion stellaire. Mais il rate son coup et Kenta gagne le duel sous les yeux ébahis de son adversaire. Ce bladeur s'appelle Sora, il prend la route avec Kenta et s'entraine avec, et le prouve en participant à un autre duel. Il essaie de se rappeler ce que Gingka lui à appris mais se rend compte que copier Gingka n'est pas la meilleure chose à faire. Sora perd et doit recommencer son entrainement.
S04E30 Les poissons magiques 25/10/2009 Gingka arrive en tournoi de qualification. Tous les participants sont gonflés à bloc pour se battre. Dans le même temps, Doji donne l'ordre à Tsubasa et à Yu de participer au tournoi afin d'y repérer les meilleurs bladeurs pour les engager dans la Nébuleuse noire. C'est Gingka qui ouvre le tournoi acclamé par ses amis et affronte Ryutaro, un nouveau bladeur prétendant être magicien. Gingka doit absolument garder la tête froide car Ryutaro semble avoir le pouvoir étrange de transformer la réalité pour déstabiliser ses adversaires. Au début, Gingka n'arrive pas à se battre mais, avec sa toupie Storm Pegasus, il contourne tous les pièges de Ryutaro. À la fin du duel, Ryutaro et sa toupie Thermal Pisces sont battus à plate couture.
S04E31 Les jumeaux Gemios 01/11/2009 Alors qu'une nouvelle journée de Beyblade démarre, Doji annonce quatre combats simultanés dans quatre stadiums différents. Pendant que Kenta lutte pour repousser le duo des frères Dan et Reiki, Benkei le surveille, oubliant de se concentrer, et est vaincu par Tsubasa.
S04E32 Une bataille royale tourmentée 08/11/2009 Pendant le précédent tournoi de qualification, les six derniers bleaeurs ont la surprise de savoir qu'ils combattront les uns contre les autres dans une bataille royale. Les bladeurs lancent leurs toupies et le combat commence. Yu et Libra s'allient avec Tsubasa et Eagle pour tenter d'éliminer Gingka et Pegasus, Kyoya s'interpose et repousse Eagle et Libra. Tandis qu'un mystérieux étranger regarde Gingka utiliser l'explosion stellaire de Pegasus pour faire tomber Libra et Eagle. Gingka a réussi à les sortir mais est lui aussi éliminé. Alors que le public est sous le choc, Kyoya en profite et lance le rugissement tempétueux du lion sur Kenta. C'est la fin : Kyoya est le grand vainqueur.
S04E33 Le serment de Phénix 15/11/2009 Kyoya remporte le tournoi et se qualifie à l'Ultime Bataille. Entre-temps, Madoka donne à Gingka un tout nouveau lanceur qui lui permet d'augmenter sa vitesse de lancement. Tetsuya arrive déguisé et vole le compteur de Gingka et s'enfuit. Ginga et Madoka arrivent à le coincer dans un entrepôt mais réussit à s'échapper. Un inconnu utilise sa toupie pour reprendre le compteur mais, au lieu de le rendre, l'inconnu défie Gingka en quête de ses points. Gingka accepte et un combat acharné commence. La toupie Burn Fireblaze, appartenant à l'inconnu, bat Pégasus dans une bataille spectaculaire. Gingka a non seulement perdu son nouveau lanceur mais aussi tous ses points.
S04E34 Brille, Virgo! 22/11/2009 Gingka doit gagner au plus vite des points car Phénix lui a enlevé tous ses points Beyblade. Un soir, il rencontre un bladeur nommé Teru Saotome. Ce dernier était un danseur exceptionnel jusqu'au jour où un projecteur lui tomba dessus et l'empêcha de continuer. Mais, quand il vit Gingka Hagane combattre avec Storm Pégasus, cela lui donna envie de faire de même, alors son amie lui confia Earth Virgo (une ballerine). Le lendemain, notre héros affronte Teru. Gingka devait faire preuve d'ingéniosité pour trouver un moyen de faire valser Virgo qui est une toupie très endurante. Gingka trouve une solution : attaquer Virgo par dessous. Gingka sort vainqueur et met au point son nouveau coup spécial : Tempête engloutissante.
S04E35 L-Drago passe à l'offensive 29/11/2009 Un tournoi de qualification est interrompu par l'arrivée surprise de Ryuga et sa toupie Lightning L-Draco. Ryuga et la toupie interdite se débarrassent facilement de leurs adversaires. Dans un autre tournoi, Gingka entend parler du retour de Ryuga et jure de gagner plus de points pour retrouver Ryuga et le vaincre. Capitaine Caprie et Ryutaro combattent ensemble contre Ryuga mais celui-ci les bat facilement. Pendant ce temps, Tsubasa pirate l'ordinateur de la Nébuleuse noire et télécharge des informations sur Ryuga. Il essaie de s'enfuir par le toit mais il est surpris par Doji et Yu et encerclé par les bladeurs de la Nébuleuse noire. Tsubasa combat de toutes ses forces pour les battre mais au moment où il veut s'enfuir, il est surpris par l'arrivée de Ryuga. Tsubasa doit se préparer à combattre à nouveau.
S04E36 Les ailes brisées 06/12/2009 Le toit du quartier général de la Nébuleuse noire s'est changé en terrain de bataille, Ryuga et L-Draco s'apprêtent à écraser Tsubasa et Eagle lorsque Phénix intervient avec Fireblaze pour sauver Eagle de la défaite. Phénix attrape Tsubasa sans voix et saute du toit s'envolant vers la liberté. Pendant ce temps, Gingka rencontre un nouvel adversaire durant un tournoi, sous les traits de Tobio qui est un membre de la Nébuleuse noire. Lui et sa toupie Capricorne se battent mais même un stadium avec des murs en mouvement n'est pas de taille face au talent de Gingka. Finalement, Gingka remporte la victoire et Tobio devra répondre de sa défaite.
S04E37 Le poison mortel de Rock Scorpio 13/12/2009 Kenta arrive dans une ville qui a l'air déserte, mais il fait très vite face à un combat Beyblade qu'il remporte. Il apprend que les enfants veulent gagner des points Beyblade pour récupérer le stadium de leur ville dont un invité du nom de Busujima s'est emparé. Sora, un vieil ami de Kenta, arrive lui aussi dans cette ville pour se mesurer à Busujima. Busujima essaie de distraire Sora en l'injuriant et en se moquant de lui. Gingka apparait et aide Sora a ignorer les moqueries de son adversaire et à se concentrer sur le combat. Gingka s'implique dans le combat, et lui et Sora réussissent à le battre. La ville récupère son stadium et ses habitants peuvent enfin jouer au Beyblade. Sora fête sa victoire avec son idole Gingka.
S04E38 Cours! Gingka 20/12/2009 Tous les amis de Gingka peuvent participer à l'Ultime bataille, sauf Gingka qui n'a que 47 000 points au lieu de 50 000. Madoka cherche sur Internet un endroit pour récupérer 3 000 points. Elle en trouve un qui offre 3 000 points au gagnant. Mais Tsubasa leur barre la route et les amis de Gingka affrontent Tsubasa mais perdent tous tandis que Gingka court vers un train. Finalement, Gingka retourne vers ses amis quand Phénix arrive et propose un duel contre Gingka.
S04E39 Le clash ! Fireblaze contre Pegasus 27/12/2009 Gingka se retrouve auprès de ses amis pour affronter Tsubasa. Phénix arrive et défie Tsubasa en duel en gagnant haut la main. Phénix défie ensuite Gingka qui accepte de l'affronter, ils se rencontrent dans un stadium en ruine hors de la ville. Gingka mène un duel épique devant ses amis et Tsubasa. Les choses se présentent mal pour Gingka mais il refuse d'abandonner et reprend l'avantage contre Phénix. Il finit par emporter le duel et récupère tous ses points. À la fin du combat Tsubasa révèle à Gingka que c'est un agent secret qui travaille pour l'AMBB.
S04E40 Que l'ultime bataille commence! 10/01/2010 Dans la première manche de l'Ultime Bataille, il y a : Gingka VS Yu, Benkei VS Tobio, Kumasane VS Kyoya, Teru VS Ryutaro, Hikaru VS Ryuga, Kenta VS Tetsuya, Tsubasa VS Dan et Reiki, Reiji VS Hyoma.
S04E41 La terreur du serpent 17/01/2010 Reiji, un bladeur inconnu qui fait partie de la Nébuleuse noire et sa toupie Poison Serpent affronte Hyoma et Aries dans une bataille. Ils lancent leurs toupies et le duel commence, Hyoma combat à fond mais il se rend compte que Serpent est dangereux. Hyoma encaisse l'attaque du venin sous les regard des ses amis. Hyoma et Aries s'accrochent mais ne font pas le poids face à Reiji et sa toupie. Hyoma subit une défaite écrasante. Le prochain duel entre Hikaru et Ryuga est encore plus dévastateur. Hikaru et Storm Aquario ne font pas le poids face Ryuga et surtout L-Draco. Hikaru subit une défaite destructive. Ses amis accourent vers elle mais arrivent trop tard.
S04E42 La punition du dragon 24/01/2010 Les quarts de finale sont : Benkei VS Kenta, Gingka VS Reiji, Kyoya VS Ryuga et Ryutaro VS Tsubasa. Pendant ce temps, au quartier de la Nébuleuse noire : Ryuga vole l'énergie de Dan et Reiki, Kumasane, Tobio et Teysuya. Il ne reste plus que Yu qui doit affronter Reiji mais le combat touche à sa fin par une énorme explosion et..
S04E43 Haute tension 31/01/2010 Changement d'ordre d'adversaire à l'Ultime Bataille : Kyoya VS Benkei, Ryutaro VS Gingka, Reiji VS Kenta, Ryuga VS Tsubasa. Kyoya et Benkei s'affrontent. C'est Kyoya qui gagne. Ensuite, Ryutaro et Pisces font de leur mieux mais Gingka gagne. Après les deux combats, Yu, qui a réussi à s'échapper de la Nébuleuse noire, les rejoint faiblement.
S04E44 Bataille en duo 07/02/2010 Kenta et Sagittario sont les prochains à affronter Reiji dans l'Ultime Bataille. Alors que Doji dans le public du stadium regarde le combat confiant, Kenta et Reiji combattent avec férocité. Le serpent de Reiji est puissant. Kenta et Sagittario tentent désespérément d'échapper à la force de son étreinte. Mais au moment où tout semble perdu, Kenta reçoit de l'inspiration de son ancien ennemi Yu. Kenta se ressaisit et commande à Sagittario d'attaquer Serpent une dernière fois. Finalement, Kenta s'incline mais il a su gagner le cœur du public.
S04E45 Les contre-attaques d'Eagle 14/02/2010 Ryuga et Tsubasa s'affrontent au cours des quarts de finale de l'Ultime Bataille. Tsubasa s'est entrainé durement pour ce duel et a élaboré une stratégie laborieuse pour battre Ryuga. Eagle arrive à mettre L-Draco en difficulté. Eagle attaque la toupie de Ryuga et utilise le coup spécial d'Eagle. Ryuga arrive finalement à le repousser et contre-attaque avec son coup spécial obscur. Ce coup a un énorme effet sur Eagle qui est violemment vaincu. Gingka arrive pour aider son ami et veut le faire payer pour cette cruauté. Yu s'enfuit quand il voit la cruauté de Ryuga.
S04E46 La disparition de Yu 21/02/2010 Doji et les bladeurs de la Nébuleuse noire encerclent Yu durant le tournoi de l'Ultime Bataille et le capturent. Gingka ignore ce qui s'est passé car il était bien trop occupé par son duel contre Reiji. Tandis que Pégasus et Serpent se livrent une terrible bataille, Hyoma et Kenta décident de sauver Yu eux-mêmes. Hyoma combat tout une troupe de bladeurs et Kenta doit affronter Doji. Le Dark Wolf de Doji prend vite le dessus même si Kenta utilise son Sagittario endommagé. Les choses commencent à mal tourner. Tout semble perdu mais lorsque Phénix intervient, il renverse la situation. À présent, Doji a un plus terrible adversaire.
S04E47 Liens d'acier 28/02/2010 Tandis que la bataille fait rage au quartier général de la Nébuleuse noire, Gingka prend définitivement l'avantage sur Reiji. Libéré de l'emprise de Serpent, Gingka et Pégasus ripostent et mettent Serpent à terre. Reiji lance alors son mouvement spécial obscur mais n'a aucun effet sur Pegasus. Gingka continue à attaquer et bat Reiji. La bataille s'achève sur la victoire de Gingka. Reiji a perdu et le poison qu'il a absorbé le change en pierre. Pendant ce temps, à la Nébuleuse noire : Phénix et son Burn Fireblaze écrasent Doji et son Dark Wolf. L'explosion atomise le toit de la base fait en verre. Phénix met Kenta et Hyoma en sécurité. Cependant Phénix perd son masque et lorsque Gingka arrive, il semble le reconnaitre.
S04E48 La vérité sur la lumière et les ténèbres 07/03/2010 Nos amis découvrent que Phénix est Ryo, le père de Gingka, que l'on croyait mort. Ryo raconte à l'équipe l'origine des toupies : une météorite diabolique a donné naissance à la ténébreuse L-Drago. Ryo compte à présent sur Gingka et ses amis pour vaincre Ryuga et son pouvoir des ténèbres. Ils promettent tous, sauf Kyoya qui veut vaincre seul Ryuga, et Gingka par la suite. Pendant ce temps, Doji, battu par Phénix, voit son énergie absorbée par L-Drago.
S04E49 Un combat féroce! le lion face au dragon 14/03/2010 Kyoya doit affronter Ryuga dans une demi-finale acharnée qui déterminera qui rencontrera Gingka en finale. Kyoya provoque Ryuga en lui disant qu'il n'est pas capable de faire face à ses adversaires tout seul et qu'il n'y arrive qu'en volant le pouvoir et la force d'autres bladeurs. Ryuga accepte alors de combattre Kyoya dans un duel de toupies où tous les coups sont permis. Pendant un temps, Kyoya a l'avantage. Mais alors même que cela le met durement à l'épreuve, Kyoya refuse d'abandonner. Finalement, Kyoya se retrouve face a une bête hideuse et L-Drago prend le dessus dans une violente explosion. Kyoya est vaincu et personne ne sait s'il s'en remettra.
S04E50 Le dernier duel 21/03/2010 Le groupe d'amis est encore tourmenté par la victoire dévastatrice de Ryuga face à Kyoya ; leur ami est faible et inconscient. Ryuga dit à Gingka que c'est sa faute si ses amis souffrent quand ils l'affrontent parce que Ryuga les utilise pour gagner assez de puissance pour arriver à vaincre Gingka. Gingka se rend compte qu'il va devoir se battre rudement face à Ryuga s'il veut préserver ses amis. Le duel a lieu dans une arène spécialement construite par Ryuga et au début, Gingka ne donne pas l'impression de faire le poids face à Ryuga. Ses amis viennent le supporter et, remonté par ce soutien, Gingka attaque Ryuga. Il y a un revirement de situation et c'est maintenant Ryuga qui est sur le point de perdre. Cependant, Ryuga commence à muter et Gingka se retrouve face à un monstre hideux...
S04E51 L'esprit du blader 28/03/2010 Gingka est impliqué dans une bataille, non contre Ryuga mais contre une version mutante de ce dernier, une créature hideuse. Gingka refuse de reculer et, avec Pegasus, il lutte de toutes ses forces contre ce Ryuga des ténèbres et sa toupie L-Drago. Le pouvoir de L-Drago semble trop fort pour Pegasus jusqu'à ce que Gingka réalise qu'il ne gagnera pas en utilisant la force. Il doit utiliser l'esprit de tous les bladeurs pour libérer Ryuga de l'emprise de la toupie des ténèbres et gagner. Puis les esprits de Kyoya, Tsubasa et Hikaru surgissent pour aider Gingka. Enfin dans une violente explosion, Gingka gagne ce duel et l'ultime bataille.
S05E01 La Toupie Légendaire 04/04/2010 Après que Gingka a perdu son Storm Pegasus, Ryo parle d'une toupie ayant servie de modèle à sa construction, Galaxy Pegasus. Avec Hyoma, Madoka, Kenta et Hokuto, Gingka part à sa recherche. Hokuto leur dit qu'elle est dans une pierre. Après de nombreuses épreuves, Gingka obtient Galaxy Pegasus, car elle l'aurait choisie. Pendant ce temps Yu et Tsubasa sont en finale d'un tournoi organisé par l'AMBB quand un inconnu du nom de Masamune Kadoya interrompt le match. Il prétend être le blader n°1. Il combat contre Yu avec sa toupie Ray Striker et le bat. Il cherche Gingka pour le combattre. Ne le trouvant pas, il quitte le stadium et va à la montagne où Gingka se trouve et le défie.
S05E02 Le Bladeur Obstiné 11/04/2010 Gingka combat Masamune une fois et gagne mais au milieu du combat, Gingka perd le controle de sa toupie. Masamune le provoque en duel plusieurs fois mais échoue jusqu'à ce que Kenta le suit. Kenta sympathise avec Masamune. Masamune provoque une dermière fois Gingka. Kenta s'apercçoit que la toupie de Masamune est plus rapide qu'avant. Il comprend alors qu'il a mémorisé les coups de Pegasus. Finalement, Masamune piège Pegasus dans du sable et gagne. A la fin, Gingka comprend que sa toupie et lui doivent avoir un seul coeur et un seul esprit et il réussit à la maîtriser.
S05E03 Un nouveau défi 18/04/2010 Alors que Gingka essaye de convaincre Masamune de lui accorder une revanche, une fille, Mei Mei vient et demande qui est Gingka. Elle lui donne une invitation sur la place des "Mille et Un Délices". Benkei leur indique la route et ils arrivent. Ils voient Mei Mei et un garçon, Chi-Yun, celui qui les espionnaient. Les deux bladers défient Gingka et Masamune dans un combat en duo. Chi-Yun lance Thermal Lacerta et Mei Mei son Aquario. Gingka et Masamune combattent chacun de leur côté et se piège eux même en lançant leur attaque. Madoka et les autres leur disent de travailler en équipe ce qui semble impossible. Les deux bladers font un effort pour faire équipe. Finalement, il gagne lorsque Aquario fait une sortie de stadium. Mei Mei et Chi-Yun leur dit que Mei Mei n'est que la remplaçante de l'équipe chinoise. Gingka et Masamune ont honte d'avoir mal joué face à une remplaçante
S05E04 Un ticket pour le monde 25/04/2010 Les tournois de qualifications commencent pour sélectionner les joueurs du championnat du monde de Beyblade. Gingka apprend par l'intermédiaire de Kenta qu'il fait déjà partie de l'équipe car il a gagné l'ultime bataille. Après cela, Kenta et Benkei sont éliminés. Yu, Masamune, Tsubasa et Kyoya sont qualifiès pour les 2 derniers combats qui choisiront les 2 membres titulaires. Yu et Masamune combatent en premier. Yu perd par une sortie de stadium et Masamune est titulaire.
S05E05 Le dernier combat! Leone contre Eagle 02/05/2010 Kyoya et Tsubasa s'affrontent violemment. Alors que Tsubasa semble en train de perdre, il est envahi par une force obscure. Malgré cela, Kyoya gagne quand même.
S05E06 À la face du monde ! 09/05/2010 Après que Kyoya ait refusé de faire parti de l'équipe du Japon , Yu et Tsubasa Combattent Pour une place de titulaire et le perdant sera remplaçant. Yu utilise son coup spéciale pour gagner mais Tsubasa se rappelle d'un combat contre Yu où il pouvait annuler les ondes. Yu ayant prévu cela change la fréquence des ondes pour piéger Tsubasa. Finalement, Tsubasa gagne et est Titulaire. Yu est remplaçant. Les joueurs partent avec Madoka comme experte technicienne.
S05E07 Entrainement à la chinoise 16/05/2010 Gingka et ses amis sont en Chine. Ils aperçoivent Mei Mei. Celle-ci les emmène au temple de Béline, où s'entraîne l'équipe Wang Hu Zang. L'équipe rencontre Da Shan, le chef de l'équipe chinoise. Masamune et Gingka réalisent les exercices d'entraînement. Da Shan félicite Gingka, que Masamune jalouse un peu par les compliments de celui-ci, car il a réalisé les exercices pas trop mal. Da Shan propose un duel avec Gingka. Masamune voit quelque chose de louche dans le comportement de Da Shan. Il comprend et interrompt le combat lorsque Pegasus utilise son coup spécial. Masamune explique par la suite à Gingka que Da Shan voulait voir la puissance de l'explosion galactique.
S05E08 Le troisième bladeur 23/05/2010 La Gan Gan Galaxy ne connaît que 3 sur 4 des memebres de l'équipe Wang Hu-Zang. Masamune l'aperçoit et le provoque en duel. Il s'appelle Chao Chin, est frimeur et ne prend pas au sérieux le beyblade. Masamune et lui combattent mais Masamune Perd. Da-Shan s'interpose et lui dit qu'il a gagné par chance.
S05E09 Le Championnat du Monde de Beyblade commence 30/05/2010 Les Gan-Gan Galaxy vont enfin pouvoir rencontrer et battre officiellement les Wong Hu Zong pour de bon. La première rencontre est celle du mystérieux et charismatique Chao Chin avec sa toupie Virgo, et celle de Masamune, qui est parti pour s'entraîner au près d'un vieil homme. Masamune semble incapable de battre Virgo jusqu'à ce qu'il se rappelle des conseils du vieil homme. Masamune gagne par la ruse.
S05E10 La volonté de Lacerta 06/06/2010 C'est au tour de Chi-Yun et Tsubasa de s'affronter. Alors que Lacerta est en train de gagner et que son propriétaire rabaisse Tsubasa en lui demandant de montrer la même puissance que lors du duel contre Kyoya, la même force obscur du combat avec Kyoya revient. Malgré cela, Tsubasa perd par une sortie de stadium et s'évanouit.
S05E11 Le secret de 4 000 ans 13/06/2010 C'est au tour des deux chefs d'équipe de s'affronter et le combat très difficile se termine par la victoire de Gingka. Da-Chan s'en veut mais son équipe lui propose alors de persévérer en créant leur propre style, tout en s'inspirant de leur entrainement ancestral. Les Wang Hu Zong promettent alors de battre les Gan Gan Galaxy à leur prochaine rencontre.
S05E12 La toupie au nom héroïque 20/06/2010 La Gan Gan Galaxy vont au désert pour assister au match qui oppose l'équipe européenne, Excalibur et Desert Blaze. Les tournois commencent jusqu'à ce que L'équipe Excalibur n'est composée que de Julian Konzern. Celui-ci leur dit qu'il jouera seul. le premier duel est joué par Gazur. Julian bat facilement La toupie de son adversaire. C'est au tour de Kart et de Dan, que Julian a obligé de jouer, de jouer. Une chose frappe tout le monde, la toupie de Konzern tourne dans le sens inverse des aiguille d'une montre. Excalibur gagne.
S05E13 Les plaines Glacées de Russie 27/06/2010 Les Gan Gan Galaxy s'en vont affronter les Russes en train. Ils rencontrent des bladers qui font partis du Centre Spatiale de Russie. Le jeune homme nommé Alexseï charme Madoka, qui ne résiste pas à quelqu'un d'aussi intelligent par rapport à son groupe. Mais le réel but d'Alexseï est de récupérer le maximum d'infos sur l'équipe japonaise depuis l'ordinateur de Madoka afin de les rapporter à un homme mystérieux. Cet homme veut éloigner Gingka afin que l'équipe russe gagne. Mais au final, c'est Masamune qui se fait piégé.
S05E14 Le Stadium Sans Issue 04/07/2010 Alexseï, qui avec son équipe est finalement l'équipe russe Lavshuka, a piégé le stadium de façon à ce que des fils électrisés fasse rester au sol Pégasus, ce qui empêche à Gingka de pratique son coup spécial contre le timide mais puisant Nowaguma. Mais il réussi à la percer en utilisant une stratégie et gagne finalement le combat. Pendant ce temps, Masamune trouve un moyen de retourner au stadium.
S05E15 Le premier duel de Libra 11/07/2010 Toujours dans un stadium truqué par les Lavshuka, Yu affronte le chef russe Alexseï pendant que Masamune cherche un moyen de les retrouver. Celui-ci arrive vers la fin du duel, découvrant le truquage par l'entraîneur russe mais Yu, ayant déjà comprit le stratagème de la transmission d'ondes, finit par les vaincre. Pour les russes, ils voulaient gagner afin de financer le projet spatial. Croyant tout espoir perdu, le DJ Blader russe lit un courrier qui annonce que des financements vont finalement les aider.
S05E16 Le Festival des Guerriers 18/07/2010 Gingka et ses amis ont appris qu'il y aurait un tournois en Grèce avec tous les bladers d'Europe et veulent y participer mais le problème est que pour y entrer il faut habiter en Europe mais ils réussiront finalement par y entrer et affronteront l'équipe européenne. Les toupies de Walls et Sophie ont une défense puissante. Ils utilisent leur coup spécial commun. Striker ouvre un passage pour Pegasus. Malheureusement, La toupie de Konzern, Gravity Destroyer, stoppe Pegasus avec facilité. Quant à Striker, il est noyé dans l'eau. L'équipe européenne est gagnante.
S05E17 Comme on se retrouve, Wang Hu Zhang ! 25/07/2010 L'équipe Wang Hu Zang reviennent voir Gingka et ses amis parce qu'ils ont appris qu'ils ont perdu contre l'équipe européenne (dans un match non officiel) et apprennent en même temps qu'ils se sont fâchés avec Madoka et qu'elle risque de dissoudre l’équipe mais grâce a Chao Chin, Madoka s'est réconcilier avec les autres membres de la Gan Gan Galaxie et leur dit que pour le prochain match, il vont affronter l’équipe Wild Fang puis Da Shan leur dit que leur chef utilise un Leone et qu'il se bat comme un lion déchainé. Gingka pense qu'il s'agit de Kyoya.
S05E18 La Fureur Brûlante du Lion 01/08/2010 L’épisode explique comment l’équipe Wild Fang s'est formé ; la sélection de Kyoya, la rencontre de Nil, ou encore la traîtrise de Marcus.
S05E19 Wild Fang, la terreur 08/08/2010 L’équipe de Gingka se rend en Inde pour assister au combat opposant la Chandora indienne et la Wild Fang africaine. La Wild Fang l’emporte, mais leur chef, Kyoya, semble surtout pressé d’informer Gingka que son but dans la vie est de le battre, lui.
S05E20 Horuseus Contre Striker 15/08/2010 Le championnat du monde de Beyblade est revenu au Japon, où tout le monde est impatient de voir Gingka affronter Kyoya. Mais Masamune doit d’abord affronter Nile et, lorsque ce dernier lui inflige une défaite cuisante, il découvre que ses rodomontades ne sont pas toujours suffisantes.
S05E21 Les éternels rivaux 22/08/2010 Kyoya et Gingka s’affrontent pour la deuxième fois. Les deux bladeurs sont plein d’énergie et donnent le meilleur d’eux-mêmes. Gingka semble en train de perdre, jusqu'à ce que Masamune lui dit de ne pas perdre. Ces paroles donnent du courage à Gingka. Pegasus et Leone donnent leur puissance maximum. Une explosion se créé, Gingka et Kyoya sont à terre. ils se redressent et font avancer leur toupie. Mais elles n'ont plus de force. Les 2 guerriers s'évanouissent et leur toupies s'arrêtent au même moment. C'est un match nul.
S05E22 Le troisième duel : sur le fil 29/08/2010 Un duel en équipe va se passer : Yu et Tsubasa contre Benkei alias le Taureau masqué et Damouré. Tsubasa et Yu pensent pouvoir gagner car ils savent tout de Benkei mais ils ne savent pas que Damouré peut lire les mouvements des toupies. Damouré élabore une stratégie avec Benkei ce qui commence à faire douter Tsubasa. Malheureusement, Tsubasa est à nouveau envahi par la force obscure. C'est une victoire pour la Gan Gan Galaxy mais tous les bladers sont jetés à terre.
S05E23 La fin d'une lutte féroce 05/09/2010 Le dernier combat pour gagner une place a la finale du groupe A est un combat en équipe encore. Les bladers de la Gan Gan Galaxy sont Masamune et Gingka et dans l'equipe Wild Fang Nile et Kyoya. Au combat les toupies éliminées sont Horuseus, Leone et Pegasus. Le n°1 soit disant Masamune et Striker sont les seuls à pas être éliminées. La Gan Gan Galaxy est en finale du groupe A. .
S05E24 L'invasion des ténèbres 12/09/2010 La Gan Gan Galaxy est en finale de groupe A. La demi-finale entre Excalibur et Wang Hu Zang décidera des adversaires de Gingka et ses amis. Tsubasa est toujours hospitalisé pour ses blessures. Gingka va lui rendre visite avec ses amis. Soudain, il perd la raison et est à nouveau hospitalisé. Le père de Gingka leur montre des images de la finale de l'ultime bataille opposant Ryuga et Gingka. Il compare une image de Tsubasa et de Ryuga lorsqu'ils sont possédés. Ils remarquent que c'est le pouvoir des ténèbres qui les controle. Peu après, La demi-finale commence. En premier, elle opposera Mei-Mei et Chao Chin pour l'équipe Wang Hu Zang et Walls et Sophie pour l'équipe européenne. L'équipe Chinoise se défend bien mais perd.
S05E25 L'axe de la destruction 19/09/2010 Chi-Yun nous raconte sa rencontre avec Da-Shan et son entraînement. Après cela, il affronte Clous, un puissant Blader. Chi-Yun perd et la Gan Gan Galaxy affrontera Excalibur pour la finale. Tsubasa ayant vu la détermination de Chi-Yun a une attaque et s'enfuit de l'hôpital à la fin. Hyoma retrouve Ryuga.
S05E26 Le retour de L’Empereur Dragon 26/09/2010 Gingka et ses amis sont à la recherche de Tsubasa. Pendant ce temps, Tsubasa espionne Julian Konzern et le défi en duel. Celui-ci est à nouveau possédé par la force obscure. Walls et Sophie s'interposent quand Ryuga fait son apparition. Il explique à Tsubasa que la force obscure a été créé par les humains. Il n'y a aucune raison pour que les humains ne puissent pas la combattre. Il Conseille à Tsubasa de fusionner avec la force obscure comme il l'a fait.
S05E27 Au-dela des limites 03/10/2010 La finale du groupe A approche. Gingka et ses amis sont prêts mais seul problème, Tsubasa n'est toujours pas là. Tsubasa les rejoint faiblement. Derrière lui se trouve Ryuga. Il défie Gingka en duel. Masamune, Yu, Tsubasa et Madoka vont à l'arène. Masamune commence et va combattre Clous. Masamune réussit à battre le coup spécial de Grand Capricorne. Mais il s'avère que Capricorne tourne toujours et que Clous augmente sa force. Striker n'a aucune chance face à cette attaque et perd. Pendant ce temps, Gingka et Ryuga s'affrontent toujours.
S05E28 L'Aigle Obscur 10/10/2010 Le prochain Duel opposera Tsubasa et Yu, Walls et Sophie. Tsubasa est à nouveau possédé par la force obscure. Il réussit finalement à la vaincre et gagne. Il rapporte une victoire pour la Gan Gan Galaxy. Ryuga et Gingka s'affrontent toujours. Ryuga a remboursé sa dette et s'en va.
S05E29 Gravity Destroyer 17/10/2010 Le dernier duel opposera Gingka et Julian Konzern. Julian utilise la rotation inversée mais Gingka réussit à anticiper les mouvement de Destroyer. Konzern ouvre les yeux de la méduse. Pegasus est retenu au sol et commence à s'enfoncer. Il s'avère en fait que Destroyer impose une forte gravité à la toupie de Gingka. Gingka réussit à s'en sortir et lance une contre-attaque. Il lance son coup spécial mais échoue. C'est au tour de Julian de contre-attaquer. Gingka comprend ce que Ryuga a dit et crée un nouveau coup spécial, bien plus puissant que l'explosion galactique. Gingka gagne et la Gan Gan Galaxy est vainqueur.
S05E30 La Bataille de rue 24/10/2010 Arrivés au brésil, nos protagonistes vont essayer de récolter le maximum d'information sur l'équipe nationale et rencontre Kenta ,lors d'une visite du stadium, qui leur assure qu'il était là pour les encourager. En réalité, dans l’appartement de l'équipe japonaise, celui-ci leur révèle des informations troublantes sur l'équipe Garcia... Au même moment Yu, dépité de ne pouvoir combattre, part seul à la recherche des Garcia mais il rencontre un des frères Garcia, Enzo, qui lui tend un piège. Attaqué de tout côté, Yu verra la dangerosité des bidonvilles du Brésil...
S05E31 Piège Brésilien 31/10/2010 Les deux équipes choisissent de faire un match où la dernière équipe qui gagnera sera celle dont le dernier joueur restera, les Garcia manipulant l'envie de combattre de Yu, réclamant vengence, pour les piéger. Alors que les Gan Gan Galaxy sont dans leurs retranchements à cause de la destruction de Libra et la victoire Enzo, Masamune se charge immédiatement de le faire valser. C'est ainsi que Sélène entre dans la piste. elle ne fait que déconcentrer Masamune à la métode "Testsuya", ce qui indigne Masamune et qui fait honte à Gingka, Tsubasa, Yu et Madoka, le trouvant stupide du fait de se faire avoir avec autant d'aisance. Masamune perd, honteux, au final et c'est Ginka qui prend la relève. Qui de la belle Sélène ou du courageux Gingka gagnera la bataille ?
S05E32 La Bataille de Cyclone explosive 07/11/2010 Sélène fuit devant Gingka. Gingka pourchasse Sélène. Alors que la partie devient longue et ressemble à un jeu du chat et de la souris, Sélène déclare qu'elle n'a jamais été battue. A la grande surprise de Gingka, elle fait sortir sa toupie du stadium. Ginka comprend alors que le but et rôle de la jeune Garcia est de neutraliser sa vitesse et sa puissance, étape nécessaire dans leur but d'atteindre la victoire. S'engage le combat de Yann et Gingka. Gingka le vainc, non sans mal. Mais cette victoire est au prix de la défaite de Gingka !
S05E33 Charge, Ray Gill! 14/11/2010 Reste Tsubasa pour défendre l'honneur de l'équipe Gan Gan Galaxy. Argo ayant catapulté Pégasus immédiatement après la victoire de Gingka, pendant que celui-ci était pendant quelques secondes encore étonné de sa victoire au prix d'une lutte acharnée, Tsubasa se met en place et Eagle fait son entrée. Ray Gill est ultra puissante en terme d'attaque, mais aussi en terme de défense quand aux attaques aériennes. Eagle semi-détruit et rabaissé par Argo au risque de nouveau se faire envahir par les ténèbres, Tsubasa va finalement battre Argo, dont le côté farouche et sauvage auront tout de même donné du fil à retordre, et se sentir, enfin, comme un des membres de cette équipe précieuse qu'est celle de Gingka.
S05E34 Mon ami Zéo 21/11/2010 Arrivé aux Etats-Unis, Masamune semble réveur et pensif mais arrête de s'autoproclamer "meilleur blader du monde", ce qui inquiète ses amis, qui finalement seront emporté dans la folie américaine. Il s'éclipse, laissant ses 4 compagnons derrière lui. Revenant déçu, Gingka lui fait signaler qu'il a dû supporter les shopping de Madoka et que s'il ne les avait abandonné, il n'aurait pas dû supporter son fardeau. Mais Masamune ne l'écoute pas et se rend dans un endroit. C'est une salle d'entrainement. Il semble connaître l'homme qui tient cet endroit et que tout le monde nomme "coach". Il lui demande alors s'il ne saurait pas dans quel hôpital se trouverait un certain Toby, inconnu de ses autres coéquipiers. C'est alors que Zéo Abyss, membre de l'équipe américaine Star Breakers et ancien ami de Masamune, fait son apparition et lui donne une adresse. S'ensuit d'un match amical entre les 2 anciens amis mais ils arrêtent leur duel juste avant leur coup spécial, prétextant que Toby devrait pouvoir assister à cela.
S05E35 Numéro un , c'est notre devise 28/11/2010 Le lendemain, l'équipe niponne se rend au côté du fameux Toby, laissant celui-ci faire ses retrouvailles avec Masamune. Alors commence un flash back, dans lequel l'arrivée de Masamune au U.S.A et son amitié envers Toby et Zéo, leurs entraînements et leur match pour gagner le respect des brutes des quartier.
S05E36 Le mystère s'epaissit 05/12/2010 Alors que Ryuga est retenu à l'académie HD, Zéo est appelé pour venir le combattre. Il perd et Ryuga, déjà furieux d'apprendre qu'il a été manipulé par Zigurat qui est en fait celui qui a envoyé Dodji, fait exploser une partie de l'immeuble.
S05E37 La boussole de Fate : Byxis 12/12/2010 Le Dr Zigurat décide d'envoyer Zéo afin de ramener Ruyga pour analyser L-Drago. Mais il se retrouve contre Masamune, sur qui il déchaîne sa haine et sa rancune. Gingka et Ryuga échangent quelques mots comme quoi les Star Breakers sont particulièrement dangereux et dont il faudra se méfier. Ensuite, Ryuga disparaît et Gingka se joint à Masamune, déclarant que si son ami était en danger, il viendrait immédiatement à sa rescousse. Avec mépris, Zéo se moque de son ancien ami et lui réprimant le fait qu'il ait souffert pour que Toby aille mieux car les soins ne lui suffisait plus pour le sauver. Ne comprenant pas son comportement Masamune est désemparé. Alors que le coup spécial de Zéo les inquiètent, une explosion et une fumée noire en forme de chien à 3 têtes provient du stade où Madoka, Yu, Tsubasa et Kenta évaluaient les toupies fraîchement réparées. Gingka vient à leur secours et découvre une scène d'horreur. Yu et Tsubasa sont inconscients, leur toupie sont de nouveau réduites à l'état de miettes. Gingka hurle sa fureur et promet qu'il se vengera, qui que ce soit. De l'autre côté, Zéo disparaît sous le désarroi de Masamune.
S05E38 Le paon maléfique : Befall 19/12/2010 La Gan Gan Galaxie est qualifié pour la finale du championnat du Monde de Beyblade. Curieux de voir comment vont se débrouiller les Xcalibur, Gingka Kenta et Madoka vont aller voir leur match, les opposant à l'américaine Star Breakers, en laissant Tsubasa et Yu à l'hôpital à cause du dernier évènement. D'ailleurs, Gingka leur demande des informations et il ne saura juste que l'auteur est Damian Hart, chef des Star Breakers. Jack, un artiste né se dit-il, entre dans l'arène avec sa toupie neuve Evil Befall. Klaus est désigné pour vaincre l'ennemi, qui semble de plus en plus fou chaque minutes qui passe. Klaus donne tout ce qu'il a mais perd. Sur ses pieds, il est debout mais a perdu connaissance et sa toupie est elle aussi debout mais ne tourne plus. Wells et Sophie accourent pour secourir Klaus et ils remarquent la forme dessinée dans le stadium pendant le combat, à cause des coups tranchants de Befall : une rose !
S05E39 Hades Kerbecs 26/12/2010 Julian battles Damian with Gravity Destroyer in it's clockwise rotation and loses. He callenges Damian to a rematch and switches Destroyer to counterclockwise rotation and is losing again which is making Julian emotionally lose himself which makes Sophie and Wells step in and the three members of Excalibur battle together and lose together. Damian stands there laughing and Julian is mentally and Emotionally destroyed.
S05E40 Le Duel Effroyable de Bladeurs 09/01/2011
S05E41 Compte à rebours pour la finale 16/01/2011
S05E42 Les descendant l'empereur Dragon 23/01/2011
S05E43 Le dernier bataille de l'esprit 30/01/2011
S05E44 Conclusion! Gingka contre Damian 06/02/2011
S05E45 La miraculeuse Vigueur Spirale 13/02/2011
S05E46 Entrée a la cité des Hades 20/02/2011
S05E47 La moral de l'empereur 27/02/2011
S05E48 Le piège de Befall 06/03/2011
S05E49 La bete dechainé 13/03/2011
S05E50 Le dechainement de Tempo 20/03/2011
S05E51 Le coeur de la Galaxie 27/03/2011
S06E01 Fragment D'Etoile 03/04/2011 It is the dawn of another new day. A new Star Fragment, similar to the one that created the original Pegasus and L-Drago, has entered the Earth's atmosphere. Yuki, a young astronomer and a Blader, is keen to see the mysteries behind the Star Fragment and unlock its secrets. Before the Star Fragment collides with the earth it explodes and sends beams of light across the world. Yuki and his Beyblade, Mercury Anubius 85XF, are hit by one of the beams of light and sent flying. After getting up, Yuki notices his Bey is shining and begins some research. However, there are some that have the same views but for a different purpose, Pluto and his apprentice, Johannes. Elsewhere, Madoka is fixing Gingka's Galaxy Pegasus which was badly damaged during the battle against the Spiral Core. All of a sudden, a beam of light similar to the one that hit Yuki's Bey hits Pegasus. The results are the same with Pegasus shining. The next day, Gingka and Kenta are at a local Beyblade tournament. With Kenta continuously defeating his opponents, Gingka bursts out cheering, despite the fact it is against the rules as he is commentating on the matches. Several rule violations later, Kenta is announced the winner of the tournament and is given a trophy. Upon reaching the B-Pit, Gingka lets loose with excitement when he sees his newly fixed Bey and thanks Madoka, who was sleeping. Upon awaking, Madoka tries to explain what happened the night before but Gingka and Kenta run out, already deciding to have a battle. While outside Gingka notices an arrow flying at Madoka and almost hits her. The arrow contains a challenge note from an anonymous person. Gingka quickly accepts despite not knowing who the challenger is. Gingka and his friends arrive at a beach only to be greeted by Kyoya and Benkei who are on a boat in the beach's ocean. Before long, a battle breaks out between Gingka and Kyoya who wish to settle the score once and for all. Rock Leone appears to be stronger than ever
S06E02 Bladers Légendaires 10/04/2011 Yuki had just arrived to his destination by plane to study the Star Fragment. However, he is stopped by none other than Johannes. Johannes challenges him to a battle and they proceed. Yuki's Anubius fights against Johannes's Beat Lynx. Anubius gets overpowered by Beat Lynx and Yuki and Anubius flee from Johannes but Johannes follows them. Elsewhere, Gingka and friends are having some practice battles. Gingka battles against Kenta while Benkei battles against Kyoya. Gingka and Kenta have a strong battle and Gingka defeats Kenta with his special move Final Drive, while Kyoya beats Benkei. Benkei then has a flashback to when they battle and he lost and he and Kyoya witnessed the Star Fragment fly pass them. Madoka and Hikaru watch as they battle. Madoka states that she has found out via her computer that Fang Leone is able to have a mode-change by simply flipping the Metal Frame turning it into "Counter-Mode". The same is with Big Bang Pegasus, it enables a mode change by turning the PC Frame left. Madoka and Hikaru tell this to Kyoya while he battles. Kyoya tells them that he has no care of this mode-change and knows he can battle just fine normally. He storms off while Benkei follows him. Yuki rushes to escape from Johannes but fails. Kyoya finds them and Yuki begs Kyoya to help him. Kyoya declines, he tells Yuki he needs to fight his own battles and learn some new skills and leaves Yuki for bait. However, Gingka launches Pegasus at Beat Lynx, saving Yuki. Yuki notices that Gingka holds a Bey with the power of the Star Fragment. Johannes then retreats. Yuki thanks them for saving himself but collapses to the ground. Gingka and friends pick him up and get him help. Yuki arrives safely onto a hospital bed and feels relieved. Meanwhile, Hikaru talks to Ryo about the Beyblade's power. Ryusei knows they contain power of the Star Fragment and in the wrong hands it will be dangerous. Yuki explains to them why Johannes was chasing him. Yuki tells tha
S06E03 Le Chat Sauvage, Lynx 17/04/2011 Gingka and co chat to their old friends Masamune and Team Wang Hu Zhong via webcam. They ask if they have heard anything about the Legendary Bladers or whether any of their Beyblades had evolved. Unfortunately, they do not know what they are talking about and are confused. Masamune shows Gingka his Ray Unicorno as nothing has made it different. They ask why they need to know this and Gingka tells them that his Pegasus evolved into Big Bang Pegasus F:D. They are amazed at this as he tells them Pegasus has a piece of the Star Fragment inside of it. Masamune states that he will try to become a Legend Blader just like Gingka. They say their final words and end the webchat. Gingka is disappointed that he still does not have any information on the Legend Bladers. Gingka then decides to start their quest to find the Legend Bladers. Kenta and Madoka agree and they run off to prepare for the trip. Meanwhile, Yuki and Ryo have a little chat. Yuki thanks him for their co-operation in their quest and goes off to prepare as he found out that a Star Fragment Beam hit the island of Indonesia. Ryo then has a chat with Tsubasa. Ryo tells Tsubasa to secretly find information on the Legendary Bladers and he accepts. Later, the gang are ready for their quest to begin. Yuki joins them and tells them that he has second thoughts on Kyoya. He has a flashback of when Kyoya did not help him when he was attacked by Johannes. Gingka responds by saying they'll knock some sense into him. Kenta then tells Gingka that he wants to become a Legendary Blader himself just like Gingka. Gingka appreciates his determination and hopes for the best. The gang start to walk on their quest as five cats watch them. The gang then get blocked by what appears to be many other cats, signaling Johannes to appear. Johannes won't let the gang pass and challenges Gingka to a battle. Gingka gladly accepts but Yuki decides to battle him instead. Gingka tells him to let him do it and he doesn't want Yuki t
S06E04 L-Drago Destructor 24/04/2011 Gingka and co are riding a ship to their first destination, Zarkan Island, in Indonesia. As they step foot onto the island, they meet a villager. The villager tells them that because of recent volcanic activity, it is highly possibly that a volcano will erupt. At that moment, they hear the ground rumbling and shaking. The gang take precaution as they continue their search. They find a village and hope that they can get some help. However, the villagers see they own Beyblades. They escape into their homes in fear. Gingka and Co. don't know what's going on as the villagers proceed to pelt them by throwing various items. Kyoya decides he will find his own route to the Star Fragment and leaves with Benkei. As the gang try to find a Star Fragment light beam, they find a little girl playing with her Beyblade. She attempts to knock over a soda can with her Bey but fails. The gang introduce themselves to the girl and she says her name as Sarah. Madoka sees her Beyblade but sees it is not strong enough. So she opens her suitcase and replaces the Spin Track and Performance Tip with "more suitable" ones. Sarah tries out her Bey and it gets stronger as it hits the can and the can goes flying into the sky. Sarah thanks them for the parts and has some battles with them. The gang then continue their search and find themselves in a barn. They hide there as they hear a villager of the island. Sarah runs freely but is stopped by her father. He asks her what she is hiding and takes her Bey. He then hears a grumbling noise coming from the barn. Madoka gets angry at Gingka because he is hungry. They are revealed to Sarah's father. Sarah's Father takes them to a feast for them to eat. He explains the reason the villagers are afraid of Beys. An anonymous blader infiltrated their village to get up the volcano. The villagers tried to stop him as it's a sacred mountain belonging to the "dragon emperor". The blader says that he will test whether th
S06E05 Le Réveil D'Anubius 01/05/2011 Ryuga and Kyoya continue their battle from the previous episode. L-Drago is taking all of Leone's hits without any effect which shocks Kyoya and the others. Soon enough, Kyoya proves to be too weak to defeat Ryuga and loses. Benkei tries to help Kyoya by comforting him while Gingka turns angry at Ryuga. Yuki then explains to Ryuga the story of The Star Fragment, the Legendary Bladers, and Nemesis. Ryuga doesn't believe this story and rejects the offer to help them in their quest. Gingka, turning furious by this, attempts to force him to cooperate by battling him with his new Big Bang Pegasus. Ryuga notices the new Pegasus, but does not think it will do much effort to his L-Drago. The battle begins in a clash of the Beys. L-Drago Destroy occurs a "mode-change" and behaves in a different manner, beating Pegasus more efficiently. Gingka tries to ignore the change and fight but, he again is defeated like Kyoya; Gingka towers to the floor defeated. Ryuga has defeated two Legendary Bladers effortlessly and prepares to turn back and leave but Yuki stops him. He tells him he wants a chance to battle him and help in their quest. Ryuga questions at how Yuki can beat him, but as Yuki launches his Bey, Ryuga does the same. The Beys fight as Yuki tries to win against Ryuga. After many hits, Yuki turns angry and soon enough, he begins glowing with a blue light, indicating that Yuki is indeed a Legendary Blader. Unleashing his Legendary Power, his encouragement attacks with such force against L Drago Destroy. Despite this, Yuki is again defeated by Ryuga. Nevertheless, Gingka and Co. comfort him. Ryuga believed the story after seeing Anubias change, but said that to increase his power, he will get all the star fragments into his pocession, and leaves laughing.
S06E06 N'Est Pas Bladeur Légendaire Qui Veut 08/05/2011 Gingka and co have just relieved themselves from their battles with Ryuga who leaves them. Gingka thinks about what Ryuga said. They need to get stronger and decide to do this. He confronts Kyoya and asks him for help. They need to become stronger as Legendary Bladers. Kyoya accepts to help train Gingka and himself to become stronger. The Bladers battle near giant rocks as their Beys clash with explosions while in their heated battle. The rest spectate as Kenta wants to become a Legendary Blader like Gingka but does not think he can. Yuki tells him he will help him. Kenta smiles at this and accepts this. Meanwhile Sarah visits the gang but is surprised when she sees Kenta and Yuki battling. The Beys fight but Sagittario is having a very hard time fighting Anubius. Kenta turns in doubt that he will ever become a Legendary Blader as Sarah is saddened by this. Later, the gang have a feast courtesy of Sarah's father. They all say their thank yous but Kenta is still saddened by the fact that he failed to become a Legendary Blader. The next day, Kenta trains with cans just like Sarah used to. Sagittario succeeds at this but Kenta still does not seem fit. Sarah then approaches him and offers to help with her own Bey. Back at village, the volcano has begun to erupt; lava is already spurting out. The villagers panic at this while Gingka and co try to stay calm. Sarah's Father attempts to find Sarah while Gingka and friends try to stop the eruption. Kenta and Sarah try to get back to the village but get stuck in a dead-end when fiery rocks, caused by the volcano get in their path. Sarah begins to cough due to the smoke. Kenta launches Sagittario at the rocks attempting to break it but fails. He finds the power inside of him to break through the rock and saves Sarah and himself. They escape to the village where Sarah hugs her father. Kenta oversees Gingka, Kyoya, and Yuki using their power as Legendary Bladers to stop the volcano's lava and have it instead escap
S06E07 La détermination de Kenta 15/05/2011 In a village near the Mohenjo-daro ruins, a Bey tournament is commencing. Contestants battle their way to get to the top and Ryuga, who is on his own search for the Legend Bladers, enters. He battles and blows the competition away. In the semi-finals he fiercely defeats his opponent. Ryuga is searching for the Star Fragment but despite this, he does not wait for the finals and abruptly leaves. Suddenly, a mysterious figure stops him in his path and reveals himself to be Kenta. Ryuga questions who Kenta is and Kenta topples over explaining that he one of Gingka's friends. Kenta wants Ryuga to help Gingka and Co. on their quest to find the Legend Bladers. Ryuga does not comprehend and attempts to leave. Kenta claims to be a legend blader, and challenges Ryuga to a battle, which he loses. Ryuga was angry at being lied to, and left. Kenta refuses to allow this to happen and follows him on a trackless path to convince him to help Gingka and Co. They travel through mountains, jungles and other dangerous roads as Kenta attempts to convince Ryuga. The two meet a tiger in the jungle. Kenta gets frightened and attempts to climb a tree but fails while Ryuga just scares the tiger away with his stature. Kenta then proceeds to follow Ryuga. Meanwhile, Gingka and Co. are training their hardest. Benkei throws trees at Kyoya in which he uses Fang Leone to destroy them, Gingka trains hard when launching Big Bang Pegasus with Madoka while Yuki does some research on the Legend Bladers. Day turns into night when Ryuga and Kenta camp for the night. Ryuga eats a fruit and sleeps while Kenta, who is hungry, is deciding on whether to eat one of Ryuga's fruit. He attempts to launch his Bey to obtain it but Ryuga wakes up to defend his fruit and launches Kenta back; he then goes back to sleep. Kenta dreams of him and Ryuga arriving at Gingka and Co. where Ryuga has agreed to help and Gingka and Co. throw Kenta up in the air in happiness. Later, a dust storm commences as Kenta is hav
S06E08 L'Eclair Pourpre 22/05/2011 Chao Xin is taking a walk with his many fans. However, he hears a disruption near them. Chao abruptly leaves them and runs at the roof of houses to find out what the commotion is. He finds two expelled Beylin Bladers attempting to attack innocent boys. Just when Chao is about to launch his Bey to stop the two Bladers, another Bey is launched instead. It knocks out the two Bladers in a crimson red hue and returns to its owner. Chao finds a group of mysterious Bladers, all wearing robes. They have small grins on their faces and leave, prompting Chao to question what is going on. Meanwhile, Gingka and co are traveling on a quest to China. Gingka and friends received a message via webchat by Dashan Wang who tells them about a rumor. The rumor is that an anonymous Blader who keeps finding expelled Beylin Bladers and defeating them. They travel to Dashan's place judging on whether it is a Legend Blader or not. As they arrive, they have a reunion with Team Wang Hu Zhong, Dashan Wang, Mei Mei and Chi-yun Li, however Chao is not there at the moment. The team are amazed as the Bey while Kyoya does not think it is that impressive. Gingka and co see how after the tournament, Big Bang Bladers, Team Wang Hu Zhong have started to train monks in learning how to fight. Da Shan then tells them that the anonymous Blader might be participating in a tag-tournament just a few days away, called the "Gateway to Success". Gingka is very excited, and show them his Pegasus. Da Shan and the others are stunned, but Kyoya is not, and left with Benkei to practise for the competition. Gingka decides to have a little training as he launches Pegasus. Pegasus knocks out practice targets and finishes off in a success. Yuki decides to go out and try it with his Anubius but fails as he misses one target. He tries again but fails. Chi-yun said that he expected more from a Legendary Blader, but Dashan noticed that all the targets hit by Yuki was hit at the bullseye. Gingka and co congratula
S06E09 Le Grand Tournoi De Combats En Duo 29/05/2011 Gingka and co are on a boat tour with Team Wang Hu Zhong. They explain that their destination is a hidden arena floating on a river where a tag-tournament is taking place. A blimp overhead appears and the Chinese DJ announces that the “Gateway to Success” Tag battle will soon begin. Fans begin cheering as the gang approaches. Chi-yun Li explains that Gingka and Kyoya have already been entered in the competition much to their surprise. Gingka quickly, excited for the competition, selects Yuki as his partner leaving Kyoya to battle with Benkei. Yuki states that he is honoured that Gingka picked him and says that he will not let him down. Mei Mei and Chao Xin reply to these stating that they are entering as a tag-team and Dashan Wang and Chi-yun Li will be entering as a team too. Chao Xin then appeals to his fangirls with a wave causing much screaming and also causing Mei-Mei to sigh. An extra boat appears containing more contestants including Bao, Aguma and Johannes. Kyoya walks up to Yuki and tells him not to let Gingka lose because that's his job, intimidating Yuki slightly. The camera then cuts to Johannes and his younger sister Motti, who, like Johannes, has an attitude like a cat. The Chinese DJ then announces that the tournament’s first match is starting. This match is won quickly by Da Shan Wang and Chi-yun Li. The next match is once again quickly won by Benkei and Kyoya with a single hit from Dark Bull's Red Horn Uppercut. The third match features Johannes and Motti facing two confident karate black belts. These two intimidate Motti to which Johannes triggers the battle. The teams launch their Beys and Johannes immediately warns Motti to back away while he delivers the first blow. Lynx changes its height to 220 to evade the invading Beys. Lynx then changes to Assault Mode and smashes the enemy Beys out of the stadium, winning the match. The next match is revealed to be Gingka and Yuki versus Mei Mei and Chao Xin. This shocks both pairs and they prepa
S06E10 Le Nouveau Rugissement! 05/06/2011 In the first two battles of the second round of the Gateway to Success, Gingka and Yuki and Dashan and Chi-yun easily defeat their opponents. In the third battle of the second round, Kyoya and Benkei face off against Johannes and Motti. Johannes has been a nuisance to Gingka and co in the past, however upon learning that Johannes may be a Legend Blader, Kyoya goes all out against him on his own to see if he truly is one. Benkei then sees that Motti isn't interested in the battle at all and goes to attack but she pleads with him to stop, which he does as Benkei once saw a stray cat before. He then gets angry because he realises he was tricked after Motti attacks him. Benkei goes underground to attack Motti, who afterwards pleads with him again, but Benkei does not fall for it and goes to attack her again, but Johannes sees this and stops Benkei from attacking, Motti thanks Johannes for saving her and falls in love with him until he gets angry and shouts at Motti. He then uses the sand to create a twister which knocks both Benkei and Motti out, leaving just Johannes and Kyoya. Kyoya uses the sand to create a sand version of Lion Gale Force Wall which lifts Beat Lynx into the air and sends it flying into the sky, giving Kyoya and Benkei the win. The next match sees Bao and Aguma battle which they win with ease, sending them into the next round.
S06E11 Tornade Cosmique 12/06/2011 The semi-finals for the Gateway to Success Tournament have just begun. As the Chinese Blader DJ announces the next match of Gingka and Yuki against Dashan and Chi-yun. Bao and Aguma comment on the match to see how powerful the Bladers really are and flashbacks to an earlier time when he and Aguma were training to Beyblade. Two long bridges open to a small circular arena for the battle. Dashan and Chi-Yun jump to the arena with ease while Gingka and Yuki have difficulty crossing the bridge. They cross the bridge and get ready for the battle. The Bladers launch their Beys and begin the battle. In this intense battle, the Beys ram at each other with such force. Dashan and Chi-yun use a Special Move that hits Anubius. Due the hard impact Yuki almost falls off the arena prompting Gingka to save him. As they battle, this happens yet again and Yuki almost falls down. Yuki gets tired of this and activates his Legendary Power. Dashan and Chi-yun are shocked and try to defend but Anubius turns the tables and hits them. Though this is not enough as Dashan and Chi-yun use Special Moves that counter-attack the Beys. Gingka, tired of this, activates his Legend Power like Yuki. Big Bang Pegasus takes the skies and comes rushing down in a tornado-like motion in its new Special Move, "Big Bang Tornado". In this harsh impact, it knocks Rock Zurafa and Thermal Lacerta into the cracks of the Stadium. With this, Gingka and Yuki have won the battle and will advance to the finals. Later, it is time for Kyoya and Benkei's battle against Bao and Aguma. In this short battle, the Beys defeat Bao's Bey with ease but are knocked out when Aguma reveals his Legend Power and defeats Fang Leone and Dark Bull. Bao is glad that they have won as Aguma stays silent while his eyes are red from activating his Legendary Power.
S06E12 Le Dieu De Saturne, Kronos 19/06/2011 The finals of the Gateway To Success tournament have arrived! Gingka and Yuki will be battling against the team of Aguma and Bao. This is their chance to find out if Bao or Aguma are Legendary Bladers. The Stadium rises, much to the shock of Gingka and Yuki as they see walls and barriers on the Stadium, giving it a maze-like appearance. This will hinder the Beys movement and possibly make them prone to ambush. The Bladers ready their Beys and launch them at full force. Yuki chooses to attack Bao's Bey, Hell Crown while Gingka decides to attack Aguma's Bey, Scythe Kronos. The Bey Forest Fist Team gain the upper hand against Gingka and Yuki; pushing them around and ramming them against the walls of the stadium. Gingka and Aguma even glow with their Legendary Blader aura. This makes it even harder to give a chance for Gingka and Yuki to fight back. Yuki won't let this happen and unleashing his Legendary Power, giving Anubius the boost is needs ram Hell Crown against rocks which trap Hell Crown. With this, it allows Yuki to join Gingka in defeating Aguma. Despite two against one, Aguma does not seem to mind and fights back. Big Bang Pegasus and Mercury Anubius keep striking and ramming Scythe Kronos that it might as well seem that Gingka and Yuki will win. This of course does not last very long as Hell Crown gets out of its trap and helps Scythe Kronos. Madoka notices via her computer that Scythe Kronos has flipped its PC Frame, possibly giving it a mode-change. Aguma unleashes his full potential and dodges the opposing Beys' attacks. Scythe Kronos unleashes a hurricane of rocks that fly everywhere and just then, Scythe Kronos' Beast appears striking at Pegasus' Beast. In one final clash, the three beys go flying as they stop spinning except for one, Scythe Kronos. This gives Aguma and Bao the win they need to win the Gateway To Success Tournament. Gingka and Yuki rise from their injuries and cannot believe the power Aguma contains with Scy
S06E13 Confrontations A La Tour De Babel 26/06/2011 At the Gateway to Success, after defeating Gingka and Yuki, Aguma and Bao board a helicopter and leave the tournament without even attending the award ceremony. Gingka and Yuki become confused and wonder why they left so soon. However, just before Aguma and Bao board the plane, Johannes sends a cat to spy on them. Later, Aguma and Bao get off the helicopter and start walking until they are stopped by Johannes. Johannes challenges Bao to a battle, where Johannes beats Bao easily. Johannes has an invitation for them and they accept. Meanwhile, Gingka and co are contacted by an old friend, Julian Konzern. They wonder why he contacted them while the gang plan to go to Europe to find out the reason. Elsewhere, a new tournament is starting. In a race, Bladers are challenged to climb the tower whereas on top, they will face a powerful Blader with a powerful Bey. Tsubasa is one of the many Bladers in the crowd to compete while he finds Ryuga, who is attempting to find a Legend Blader and Kenta too as Ryuga startles the Blader DJ. The tournament begins and all the Bladers dash to the top of the tower. The Blader DJ gets confused as Ryuga just stood there and did nothing. The other bladers shoot their Beys at them. Tsubasa dodges it and launches his Earth Eagle at them, which stops them. However, he is stopped by Kenta who is trying to check on some unusual activity. They battle with their Beys and although Kenta unleashes his full potential, he still takes a loss by Tsubasa. Tsubasa eventually makes it to the top where he finds Ryuga with his Bey L Drago Destroy F:S. Tsubasa and Ryuga battle where Ryuga gains the advantage. Eventually, L Drago Destroy throws Earth Eagle in a new Special Move. Tsubasa crumbles to the floor as he takes a loss. Ryuga now faces the Tower Champion but the so-called powerful Blader is left in fear at Ryuga and shows Ryuga his Bey. With this Ryuga knows he is not a Legendary Blader and is furious at this, as he crushes the Bey with his foot and des
S06E14 La Nouvelle Equipe Dungeon 03/07/2011 Aguma, who received Johannes invitation along with others, gets introduced to The Black Sun and the rest that happened to them is unknown. Elsewhere, Gingka and his friends, who visited Greece, head through ruins to find a Legend Blader holding onto Vari Ares, Madoka then finds out that the Blader that caused the wreckage is heading to America. Elsewhere, Masamune is "completely stoked" about the Legendary Bladers and begins intensive training with Toby and Zeo when suddenly, Tsubasa appears. Zeo and Toby show their new Beys to him and use it against him. The coach comes out and showed Masamune a drawing which has pictures of him on it. Masamune then cheers loudly for the battle in the gym which make the coach angry. He shouts at Masamune which stops the battle between Toby, Zeo and Tsubasa leaving the battle with no outcome. Benkei, Kyoya, Yuki, Madoka and Gingka head on a plane going to America.
S06E15 Le Dôme De La Destruction 10/07/2011 The Destroyer Dome; the Latest stage which uses the inside of a huge sphere as a stadium, enabling 360° omnidirectional battles. For the first match, Block A group, a battle royal with ten people began. In this match Tsubasa, Toby and Zeo are participating and the opponents they should watch out for are the four Garcia siblings. However, now Selen and Enzo revolt against them en route, leaving them in a melee situation. Tobio eliminates both of the amateur Bladers. Selen is knocked out by Argo. Just as Enzo was about to be attacked, Toby and Zeo block the attack. Enzo then thanks Toby and Zeo for saving him but then turns against them because the Garcias next. Tsubasa then stops Argo from attacking Zeo. Just when it looks like Tsubasa is going to be eliminated, he goes and attacks Ray Gil but Enzo blocks him and gets eliminated. At this stage, only Tsubasa, Zeo, Toby, Argo and Ian remain. Argo then attacks Tsubasa and then Ian goes and helps Argo attack Tsubasa. Toby and Zeo help out Tsubasa, making it a 3-on-2 match. Argo and Ian combine their special attacks to try and knock out Tsubasa, while Zeo, Toby and Tsubasa combine theirs to create a huge ball of light that engulfs the stadium. Afterwards, it is shown that Ray Gil and Cyclone Herculeo are knocked out eliminating the remaining Garcia siblings. Tsubasa, Toby and Zeo are the winners of Block A. It is then showing the four Garcia siblings leaving the stadium, with them all crying, Masamune then starts crying, although it is just another of their tricks, and are in the corridor. Masamune then becomes angry, when he realizes he was tricked. Toby and Zeo cheer on Masamune who will be competing in the Block B round.
S06E16 Le Nouveau Striker Est Enfin Prêt! 17/07/2011 Before Block B's Match, Masamune clashes with King, who boasts that he will win the tournament. Furthermore, Jigsaw , a mysterious boy who despises the two of them, stirs things up between them. A battle royal which includes the three members of the Russian Team and Jack against them as so began. As all bladers launch their blades, Unicorno and Variares go directly head to head. However King then attacks the Russian Team as the Masamune's three friends team up to attack Jack (with a new look) and Evil Befall but Jack unleashes his special move Beafowl Ripper followed by his Upper Wing spin track attack and takes out one of them. Jack then moves on to attack Jigsaw and his blade, Forbidden Eonis ED145FB but his opponent blocks it with the ED145 track and attacks with a special move and Befall is knocked out. Variares then attacks Eonis but ED145 fails the attack. Masamune attacks too but the same thing happens. King unleashes Ares who attacks with his sword but Eonis dodges all those attacks. Blitz Unicorno then zips in between and switches to Assault Attack Mode and attacks Eonis but fails. King and Masamune then recklessly attack Eonis but it is useless against the ED145 track. The boy then uses a special technique that causes his bey to become invisible and attacks Masamune's friends. Madoka then analyzes Eonis and finds out how it is doing that by using mirages. King goes back to Unicorno and the two continue fighting while the Russian Team trash-talks/introduce themselves to Jigsaw who attacks Nowaguma. Dora then has Scorpio attack by first having a small tornado surrounding itself then turning into a giant boulder which shakes and vibrates the Sphere 360 stadium and cancels out Jigsaw's invisible technique. She wraps it up with a new Ultimate Attack that uses Escolpio's tail which spins and sends pink round sonic-like aura's to disable his technique and succeeds. King and Masamune are very impressed as Dora brags to Jigsaw. The boy
S06E17 Le Champion, C'Est Moi! 24/07/2011 It's the final round of the Sphere 360 competition. The A Block winners (Toby, Zeo, and Tsubasa) are joined with the B block winners (Jigsaw, King, and Masamune) to face off in the final battle royale. King and Masamune continue to fight over who will win but Jig Saw interjects claiming he'll best the both of them. Tsubasa also reminds them about Jigsaw's special move that ended the B Block round. Gingka, Yuki and Madoka are watching from the sidelines, keeping their eyes on Jig Saw whom they suspect may be a Legend Blader while cheering for their friends. Jigsaw uses the invisible move with his Forbidden Eonis when Zeo attempts to attack him. Tsubasa then uses a new special move that cancels out the waves created by Forbidden Eonis and becomes visible again. Jigsaw goes after Tsubasa but Zeo and Toby stops him with a combined special move. However, it is not enough to defeat Jigsaw. In turn, Jigsaw launches his powerful special move. King, Masamune and Tsubasa are able to protect their beys but Zeo and Toby are eliminated. Masamune goes after Jigsaw to avenge his friends' defeat but King cuts in and defeats Jigsaw which also inadvertently begins to crack the stadium support beams. This is when Gingka, Madoka, Yuki, Masamune and Tsubasa realize that Variares is spinning to the left. Yuki, Gingka and Madoka try to figure out more about this beyblade. It can spin either to the left or to the right and the group wonders whether there is some connection with bi-directional spinning beyblades and European beys like Gravity Destroyer and Variares. They also begin to suspect that King is the Legendary Blader and not Jig Saw whom they had previously thought might be one. King and Masamune continue to battle it out when Tsubasa joins in. Even with the joint attacks from Masamune and Tsubasa, King is still holding strong and loving every minute of the battle. Finally, Tsubasa launches his special move and King gets so pumped from the battle, his hair turns
S06E18 Le Labyrinthe De La Montagne Brume 31/07/2011 Gingka and co arrived in Africa where a Fragment of the Star is said to have fallen. Their destination is the Mist Mountain, named the "Mountain of No Return". With the help of Nile and Demure, Gingka and co arrived at the Mist Mountain, only to see a huge maze in front of them. Using his map, Nile leads them through the maze. Johannes, Aguma and his followers follow Gingka and co through the maze at a safe distance. After walking a long distance, Gingka and co take a break. Madoka accidentally placed her hand on the wall, triggering a trap hole below her. Quickly Gingka managed to grab her, preventing her from falling into the darkness. After pulling her out, Gingka himself triggered a trap and fell to a ground with nearly complete darkness. Gingka still manages to send them a message. Gingka told them that he saw something bright in the darkness and wanted to investigate. At first, his friends were reluctant, but had given in to Gingka. They told him that they will be proceeding on with the maze and asked him to take care. Gingka ran towards the bright light, just when the pillars on the sides collapsed. He finds a stranger, who is looking for something. Gingka went up to him and wanted to talk to him. He thought that Gingka was trying to stop him from searching for his treasures and challenged him to a Bey battle. Gingka readily accepted. It was an intense battle as both Bladers used their special moves against one another. The battle ended with huge explosion near the others location. A mysterious Bey flew straight towards them and landed on the ground Spinning. It was followed by Pegasus flying out from the dust caused by the explosion and sleeping out. Gingka jumped out and grab his Bey. His friends were stunned as they could not believe Gingka managed to have a Bey battle even if he was trapped. The stranger ran forward and catch his Bey, Omega Dragonis. It was then when he first introduced himself as Ryuto, claiming to be a treasure hunter. He deci
S06E19 La Fierté Du Lion 07/08/2011 After adding Ryuto to their group, Gingka and co. move on with their journey. They arrive at the mouth of Mist Mountain. As the name suggests, there is thick dense mist everywhere which slowly engulfs them. Gingka and co start to panic but Kyoya launches his bey and creates tornado which clears the mist and reveals a huge entrance. As they proceed through the entrance, Johannes and Aguma follows the group. Gingka and his friends arrive at a fork in the path and do not know which way to go. Ryuto notices the statues eyes seem to point the way and tests the corridor for traps with his Bey. It is safe and he takes the path on the right. Gingka and co follow him. Ryuto arrives at the next junction and quickly takes the path on the left, following the statues eyes they arrive at the third junction which has three doorways but Ryuto realizes something is not right about the path the eyes are pointing to this time. Benkei does not take heed, he decides to take the path the eyes are pointing to. Ryuto tries to stop him and warns him that it could be a trap. As Benkei tries to enter through the doorway, a gate begins to fall but he manages to stop the gate long enough to free himself from danger. The gate closes all the way and then reopens. Kyoya observes that when the wooden gate had sealed the path, the statue's eyes had moved into another direction and mentions this to group. Ryuto and Kyoya both agree that the path on the left is the correct way. Throughout the maze in Mist Mountain, Johannes, Aguma, Bao and their followers continue to follow at a safe distance from Gingka and friends. Ryuto suddenly stops but Gingka is unable to stop in time and slides down a slope. Gingka and co realize they have reached an ancient Bey Stadium. They see an enormous stone gate and try to figure out how to open it. Kyoya realizes they are being followed and launches his bey causing an explosion in the corridor that they previously had entered from. Johannes and Aguma come out, coug
S06E20 Dynamis, Le Gardien Du Temple 14/08/2011 Gingka launches Big Bang Pegasus through a wall and breaks it, leaving a path out of the labyrinth. Suddenly they hear a mysterious voice and the dull, grey clouds come apart to reveal a clear blue sky and ruins, which are set up similarly to Stonehenge. Gingka then notices the temple behind it, which has a large, black door. Gingka then bangs on the door several times before preparing to launch Pegasus at the door, until Ryuto stops him. Ryuto then notices strange writing on the door, which Madoka uses her laptop to try and analyse it, but to no avail. They decide to look around the Stonehenge, when a yellow snake appears out of nowhere and scares Yuki. Ryuto then notices a small hole in one of the stones and looks through it, wondering what caused the hole, which prompts Ryuto to put Omega Dragonis near the hole. Benkei, Kyoya, Nile and Demure all come out of the labyrinth, to which Benkei gives out a huge sigh of relief. They then notice Gingka trying to move one of the stones to no avail. Gingka then gets frustrated when he cannot move and kicks it, only to hurt his foot and hop up and down. Gingka then turns around and notices Kyoya and the others. Kyoya then prepares to launch Fang Leone at one of the stones but Gingka attempts to stop him, but Kyoya still launches Leone at the stone, but it rebounds off it and rebounds onto the stones around it and back onto the stone Kyoya hit and then rebounds towards them and they start running, which Ryuto and Yuki notice. Leone ends up breaking one of the stones, and Ryuto gets angry at them. Gingka and Kyoya start shouting at each other, which makes Madoka really angry and starts shouting at them. They are then seen at the temple door to try and figure it out and Madoka walks up to the door and concentrates and says something to open the door, which doesn't work. Later, Yuki looks up at the sky and notices the Cygnus constellation, and then runs back down the steps, and up to the top of a pile of fallen stones. Gin
S06E21 La Légende Du Retour De Nemesis 21/08/2011 Ryuto, who searched for the Fragment of the Star as if it was Treasure, is defeated by Dunamis without it growing into a tough fight. At that moment, Yuki and Gingka put themselves forward for the next challenge. Then, Dunamis, who has taken heed of Pegasus, accepts Gingka's challenge and a battle ensued once again. When Gingka attacks daringly, Dunamis sees through it and took measures against it. Having been driven into a predicament, Gingka, however, displays the results of hard work learnt from his previous defeats and goes all-out but Dunamis stops the battle in the midway and reveals the story of Nemesis' legend and Gingka and others come to know about another Legend Blader called Titi.
S06E22 Les Bladers Des Quatre Saisons 28/08/2011 The reason why the radiance of the Star lies within Pegasus and Leone was because it had been established that their power dwells in the constellations which govern the Four Seasons, in order to face the threat of Nemesis. Not only are Gingka and his friends astonished by this new fact, but so are Johannes and the others. However, Aguma, who hasn't decided his fate after his battle against Kyoya, attacks Gingka and his friends so that he can steal the radiance of the Star and use it as his own power.
S06E23 Le Combat De L'Ile De Toupâque 04/09/2011 In order to confirm whether the Legendary Blader who governs another season of the Four Seasons Masamune, Gingka and his friends participate in the "Beyster Island Championships". However, as Johannes and the others also do the same thing. Ryuga also appears on a thunderbolt for the same reason. Gingka spots one with exact resemblance to Kenta and follows him. Fierce battles commence at each place at the beginning of the tournament. Starting with Gingka, Yuki and Benkei and the others smoothly win and advance to the next round as well. And importantly, Masamune clashes with Bao of the Beylin Fist. Furthermore, at a different location, Aguma and King collide, it's a showdown of Solar System beys. But, as all these battles are happening, Gingka is looking for Kenta. Back to the battles of Aguma and King, they use their best they have to offer and Aguma loses after a grueling match, however Masamune defeats Bao quite easily
S06E24 Deux Duels Impitoyables 11/09/2011 Battles unfold at each location of Beyster Island. Ryuga raises his Dragon aura, and draws closer to the leading group at a terrifying speed despite being the last entrant. However, King is interested in that strength, and personally challenges him to a match. Meanwhile, Gingka chases after Kenta and heads onto a ferry anchored at a lake. The joy of their reunion is cut short, so Kenta, who is awaiting him, challenges Gingka to a match. Having accepted the match in recognition of Kenta's seriousness, Gingka is surprised at the fact that Sagittario has become much stronger than before. He even managed to acquire a new special move. Gingka defeats Kenta and Ryuga defeats King in two awesome matches and advance to the next round.
S06E25 L'Adversaire Invisible 18/09/2011 As the Beyster Island Tournament comes to a close; Toby and Zeo find themselves defeated at the hands of a mysterious blader who doesn't show his face. Masamune arrives and hears the story; He becomes determined to battle this blader at the final stage and runs full speed to it. Shortly, he discovers the final stage and ends up battling a blader who goes by the name of Chris and his bey Phantom Orion B:D. The battle is tough. Masamune fights with all his might and hits Orion high up in the air and uses his special move but amazingly his bey takes no damage at all. He is then surrounded by dark power and uses his special move that knocks Masamune and Unicorno out and Chris is revealed as another of the Legend Bladers by Gingka and co.
S06E26 Le Blader Mercenaire 25/09/2011 After defeating Masamune at the final stage, Chris is suddenly possessed by a darker attitude. Johannes steps in to try and recruit Chris to the Dark Side but both Gingka and Ryuga refuse to allow it to happen. And so, a battle of massive proportion begins. Johannes manages to escape after L-Drago nearly defeats Orion. At the end Pluto sucks the power out of Dunamis and gives him dark powers.
S06E27 Le Lion Dans La Savane 02/10/2011 During his travels, Kyoya undertakes the extermination of a monster that is causing trouble by using a bey. Having headed to the mountain recesses where the monster is said to have emerged. Kyoya encounters a shadowy object behind some mist in the mountains. Both launch their beys. Kyoya creates a tornado, blowing the mist away and revealing the figure; Yu Tendo. Kyoya is surprised he calls back his bey. Yu has just spotted a new bey. He runs up to Kyoya and snatches his Fang Leone from him and looks at it. Kyoya snatches it back. Kyoya walks away but Yu follows then stops him in his tracks. Yu shakes his hand. Kyoya isn't amused. Kyoya then pulls his hand away. Yu makes a Bey stadium using Libra. The two Bladers start a battle. But watching their battle from behind a crumbled wall is someone wearing a mask.
S06E28 Quetzalcoatl, Le Dieu De Venus 09/10/2011 Kyoya ends up battling with Yu. The monster, provoked by their intensifying battle, attacks suddenly but then flees into a maze of stone walls, Kyoya and Yu run after it but the monster knows the maze well and teases them when it can. The monster flees but this time, Yu and Kyoya launch their beys, Fang Leone and Flame Libra at two places in one wall behind which the monster is running; the hit wall bricks collapse, trapping the monster in its tracks. The monster runs another way but once again, the wall bricks collapse. Kyoya and Yu approach the monster, Kyoya yells at it and in fear, the monster takes off its large mask, revealing it to be a small boy. The small boy's name is Titi, Yu befriends Titi immediately.
S06E29 La Résurrection Du Dieu De La Destruction! 16/10/2011 After meeting and discovering how Titi is, Yu decides to challenge Titi to a battle, since he'd never battled anyone ever before. The two Bladers ready their Beys as they prepare to launch and begin the battle. Titi, oddly, appears to be very confident in himself with no worries about losing. Yu ignores this as he fights to his maximum potential with his Flame Libra, activating two Special Moves. Titi, however, despite getting a multitude of hits by Libra, reveals his Legendary Power as a gold aura appears before him. Yu activates his Inferno Blast Special Move to try and subdue Quetzalcoatl in one hit. Titi is impressed but he counters. He activates a Special Move as Death Quetzalcoatl's Beast appears and in one final blow, Death Quetzalcoatl defeats Flame Libra, winning the battle. Kyoya however, is impressed by his power and the fact that he's a Legendary Blader and decides to challenge Titi to a battle, even though Titi doesn't want to.
S06E30 Le Descendant De Némésis 23/10/2011 Kyoya challenges Titi to a battle in order to defeat the Legendary Blader. However, Yu, who couldn't just watch Titi fight against his will without doing anything, intervenes and the battle is suspended. Later on, Yu contacts Gingka that he found the 9th legendary blader which was Titi hiding behind the mask. Meanwhile, a secret-maneuvering Pluto commences the revival ritual of Nemesis, the God of Destruction using the power of the three Star Fragment Beys he has obtained in his team.
S06E31 Les Quatre Coeurs 30/10/2011 Somewhere, Johannes, Bao, Aguma, and Chris are led by Pluto to a dark cave where they meet a dark version of Dunamis. Right there, Pluto and Dunamis use a dark power that uses dark energy from Jupiter, Kronos, and Orion that when used together, split the ground apart and cause a Stadium in the lava to appear, and in that Stadium, lies the early version of Nemesis; Proto Nemesis. Pluto tells them that only non-Legendary Bladers have the ability to pick up and use Proto Nemesis. Bao decides to go into the Stadium and see Proto Nemesis for himself and as he grabs it, Proto Nemesis flings Bao against a wall, showing that Proto Nemesis is, indeed, a threat. The others launch their Beys in order to test Proto Nemesis' power. Despite this however, Proto Nemesis keeps taking the hits and is unaffected, keeps spinning as if nothing has happened, and for some strange reason, Nemesis seemed to always be drawn to the center of the stadium. This repeated over and over, until the bladers realize that Nemesis is filled with bewildering dark power. In one final clash, the Beasts of Jupiter, Kronos, and Orion appear and as they attack Proto Nemesis, But Nemesis releases so much dark power so that they lose and Proto Nemesis keeps spinning. They are amazed at this Bey as they cannot believe the power Proto Nemesis holds. Gingka and co talk to Ryo and Hikaru via webcam and find out a presence is happening to their Beys. Gingka's Big Bang Pegasus and King's Variares are glowing with their corresponding Legendary colour due to Proto Nemesis sending a seismic wave of Legendary power. Ryo tells them that Nemesis has been resurrected and is up to them to defeat Nemesis once and for all. The gang then run to begin their adventure to stop Nemesis. Meanwhile, somewhere near a waterfall, a man with a cane in a top hat and a gold streak of hair opens a gate that reveals a group of men, and one of those men, will be the owner of Nemesis.
S06E32 Tous Ensemble, Bladers Légendaires! 06/11/2011 The sinister power of Proto Nemesis affected L-Drago too. In order to stop Ryuga from drawing himself towards the forces of darkness again, Kenta challenges him to a battle. No matter how many times he is beaten by Ryuga, Kenta stands up for the sake of Gingka, and for his friends. And then, having become injured all over his body, he finally delivers a Special Spin Move with all his might to L-Drago. Despite this, Kenta is still no match for Ryuga as L-Drago defeats Sagittario by digging it into a rock. However, L-Drago's Face Bolt has become cracked as a result. In a helicopter, Gingka and his friends are flying to an ancient temple.
S06E33 Le Descendant De Némésis 13/11/2011 Through a helicopter, Gingka and the gang; Yuki, Madoka, King, Masamune, Benkei, Toby, and Zeo are rushing to the ancient ruins where inside, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis was given off and had affected all of the Legendary Bladers' Beys. Big Bang Pegasus was glowing with its aura due to this, leading the gang to the ruins. While inside the ruins, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis continues, as if it will never stop. Pluto gazes at this and is enjoying the power of Proto Nemesis. However Chris and Aguma try to pull themselves together after their incredible loss to Proto Nemesis. Pluto tells them that soon Gingka and the others will arrive in response to the dark energy. Just then, the mysterious person with a walking cane arrives at the scene. He tells them that he knows about Gingka and the others. Aguma reacts and attempts to assault him with his Bey, but Johannes reassures him that everything is fine. Just then, the mysterious person with a walking cane arrives at the scene. He tells them that he knows about Gingka and the others. Aguma reacts and attempts to assault him with his Bey, but Johannes reassures him that everything is fine. The man tells Pluto that he has brought along people with him. He has brought along with him, and the three Nemesis Bladers: Herschel, Keyser, and Cycnus. The three reveal their Beyblades with Herschel owning Duo Uranus, Keyser owning a Bakushin Beelzebub, and Cycnus owning Kreis Cygnus. Rago then out of nowhere, uses his power to control the dark energy of Proto Nemesis which increases it and made it more powerful. Dunamis starts to choke as the energy is too much while Pluto becomes excited when he has found the worthy Child of Nemesis, Rago. Meanwhile, Gingka and co. arrive at the ruins but just when they attempt to enter it, Beat Lynx subdues them as Johannes, Bao, and the Temple Bladers arrive. They want to stop Gingka and the others from entering the ruins as they attack them. With Toby fighting Johannes and Zeo fight
S06E34 En Route Vers L'Ultime Combat 20/11/2011 Having looked sideways at the battle between Aguma and Yuki, Dunamis challenged Gingka to a battle. Although Masamune and King tries to take cover, they are completely hindered by the new Nemesis Bladers, who suddenly appeared. Amidst the mayhem Kyoya, Yu, and Titi showed up to break through the wall, interrupting all three battles.
S06E35 Le Royaume Perdu 27/11/2011 While Kyoya battles with Dunamis and Titi battles with Aguma respectively, having heard the words of Dunamis, who regained his true character just for some moment, Gingka and Madoka leaves behind and hurries towards the inside of the ruins. It was one of the necessary requirements to stop the Nemesis. That was, to make the spirits of the Bladers of the Four Seasons become one.
S06E36 L'Etoile Manquante Des Quatre Saisons 04/12/2011 As the fierce fighting between the Legendary Bladers continued, Gingka falls into a predicament when he receives a fierce attack from Chris. However, in his battle with Chris, he saw through the fact that he was not putting in his passionate Bey Spirit. Chris, who left the front stage still lonely as his companion was unable to compete together with him as a consequence of him being too strong, was unable to have hope in his bey.
S06E37 Flash Sagittario 11/12/2011 In order to persuade Chris to bring back his friends and make him switch sides, Gingka unfolds a battle. In the next moment, when their Special Moves clashed, Gingka, who was hurled into a mysterious space, then learns about Chris's tragic past.
S06E38 Hades Résiste! 18/12/2011 In order to create a new world, one must destroy this world. Having obtained Proto Nemesis, which has accumulated power, Rago unleashes that power on Gingka and the others. Gingka fights against him along with Kyoya and others. The other Legend Bladers gather, and Ryuga unexpectedly barges in using L-Drago Destroy F:S. The Legend Bladers of the Four Seasons, who gathered unexpectedly, appeared to pin down Nemesis using a barrier, known as Zeus' Barrier, but then Ryuga gets out of the circle and starts to absorb Proto Nemesis' power but fails due to Nemesis reversing the effect and evolves into Diablo Nemesis X:D.
S06E39 Le Dernier Combat! 25/12/2011 The episode starts with the aftermath of the previous battle, with Diablo Nemesis X:D being born. Rago calls its power and the Gang are sent flying again, except for Gingka, who stands up and protests. Rago stops as both Bladers load their Beys and launch. Big Bang Pegasus F:D gets off to a good start, overpowering Nemesis. Pegasus changes to Upper Attack Mode and deals more and more blows each time. Nemesis then begins not to budge at all, much to Gingka's disappointment. Nemesis changes it's X Drive Tip to XF and begins attacking Pegasus, who stands there helpless. Gingka tries a counter attack, but Nemesis' Beast emits from its Bey and takes the form of an evil version of Pegasus. Pluto states that Nemesis has the power of the nine Legendary Beys, allowing it to do so. The Gang cannot sit there any longer and watch, so Yu announces that they should all launch their Beys to help Gingka, who seemed to be losing the battle. Kyoya, Yuki, King, Chris, Dunamis, Titi, and Masamune all launch their Beys, while Ryuga does not. Nemesis takes the form of each of their Beasts and knocks them back. Doji begins to taunt Ryuga once more for helping Gingka in the first place, annoying Ryuga deeply. Doji goes on to provoke him further by telling Ryuga that he caused the rise of Nemesis and was only a tool in the plan, again, annoying Ryuga further. Ryuga, enraged by Doji, launches L-Drago Destroy F:S, creating a "wall of fire" in its path. Ryuga states that his "Dragon Spirit" is awake and orders L-Drago to attack Nemesis. Similar to the others, Nemesis takes the form of "L-Drago" and counter attacks, sending the real L-Drago backwards. Rago calls his Special Move, Armageddon, which begins to destroy The Mayan Ruins. Elsewhere, Hikaru and Ryo notice the extreme energy levels and send the WBBA Squads and Tsubasa to help everyone. Back at the temple, Gingka and his Gang call back their Beys and make a hasty retreat to avoid being crushed
S06E40 - 08/01/2012 At the WBBA HQ Ryo, Hikaru, Tsubasa, Yuki, and Madoka look at a screen of the world. They look at the presence created by Diablo Nemesis, as it is growing stronger in North America, Central America, and South America. They become worried as a result, as they fear the dark power Nemesis holds. Elsewhere at the HQ, the Legendary Bladers and Kenta, are all around. After the massive battle that took place previously at the temple which was destroyed by Diablo Nemesis, everyone had seemed to lose hope in themselves, and each other. Tired, the Bladers remember what took place during the battle, and felt as it Nemesis was unbeatable. But some did not despair, as they believed that their strong bonds and feelings for wanting a bright future, will become the strength of their Beys. With this, it has started to give them hope as well as determination. The Bladers eventually decided to go through some training, in order to prepare for their next battle with Nemesis, and will use their maximum potential this time. As the rest of the Legendary Bladers left, leaving only Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, and Dunamis. Gingka decided to go train with Kenta asks Dunamis would he like to come with them, but he declined. Telling him that he needs to go talk with someone, about something important. Meanwhile at another place at the HQ, Aguma, Bao, and their Bladers are sitting around with Bao angry at the fact of the huge power Nemesis holds, stating that they will have to train much more harder if they are to be on Nemesis' side. Though Aguma is skeptical on this but just then, Dunamis drops by. Dunamis tells Aguma a story of his ancestor. That long ago, Aguma's ancestor fought alongside Nemesis just like he was now. But through determination and bonds, Aguma's ancestor was able to be with his true side, his fellow Legendary Bladers. Dunamis tells Aguma that he wishes he will do the same as his ancestor, and be with the Legendary Bladers. As Dunamis leaves, Aguma thinks about this
S06E41 - 15/01/2012 While Gingka and the others prepare for their next battle, repeating their intensive training in order to increase the power of their Star Fragments, Nemesis is infused with power by Rago and it finally starts to cause unusual phenomena worldwide. Having discovered Nemesis' whereabouts based on the data observed from the Cosmos that was sent by Aleksei and co. from Russia, Gingka and the others try to head out to their headquarters so that they can prevent a disaster this time round, but...
S06E42 - 22/01/2012 Gingka and the others are locked in a melee at the heliport when Johannes and Co. showed up to interfere. When it became a critical moment in which they are forced into a defensive battle, Aguma takes part in the fight. Rejecting Johannes and Co., he decides to fight together with Gingka and the others as one of the Legendary Bladers. But in the meantime, the moment of the God of Destruction's revival was drawing near.
S06E43 - 29/01/2012 The episode begins continuing from the previous one with Pluto's evil laugh at the Kingdom rising up. Rago launches Nemesis into a Stadium and begins exerting "Dark Energy", causing abnormal weather and natural disasters to occur worldwide. News channels are shown to be alerting citizens of countries. In the helicopter, King asks Madoka about the location of the power source. Hikaru provides a report about it and shocks Tsubasa with the location. Dunamis explains that an old underwater shrine lurks there and that it may have been Pluto's plan to raise it up in the first place. Hikaru explains that strange wind patterns and whirlpools surround the temple, making it harder for the Bladers to get close. She also provides an analysis file on Diablo Nemesis' stats and mechanics. Lightning hits the helicopter and the lights go out, causing steering to somewhat become harder. The problem doesn't end there as unexpected turbulence pushes the helicopter off course. The turbulence rocks the helicopter enough to throw Masamune, Yu and Kenta out of the backroom and into the main cabin, annoying both Gingka and Kyoya. Aguma attempts to scare the trio with lightning but they appear to be determined to stay and help. Lightning strikes once again, throwing the helicopter completely off-course and out of control as smoke begins emitting from the rotor blades. Tsubasa flees to the cargo bay and opens the hatch, dropping all the cargo to attempt to increase speed and control. This doesn't work and the helicopter crash-lands on an island. Gingka and Kyoya exclaim how the island is the same one they battled on before. Madoka checks the distance away from the target and states that they're close. King and Masamune jump with excitement and run, along with everyone else, towards the speedboats dropped from the helicopter before the crash. Kenta is unsure but Gingka reassures him that everything will be fine and that he's glad he came, motivating
S06E44 - 05/02/2012 The match between Nemesis and L-Drago, who appeared to be evenly matched, turned into a one-sided trampling down which lead to Nemesis making a serious effort. L-Drago, who boasted of being the strongest, is overwhelmed by Nemesis and Ryuga falls into an unprecedented predicament. Despite having wounds over his body, Ryuga puts winning or losing at stake with an Ultimate Spin Move in which he put his heart and soul into. However, it appears that Nemesis' power exceeds even that.
S06E45 - 12/02/2012 The Dragon Emperor, who was boasted of being the strongest, fell and any means of stopping the God of Destruction were lost. Rago emerges victorious. Gingka and the others don't give up and challenge him to a battle, but Nemesis, who had obtained the power of all the Fragments of the Star, repels their attacks. Then, in agreement with Aguma's proposal, they stop Nemesis' counterattacks one by one. And finally, they put winning or losing at stake with Pegasis' Special Move. Will a single blow with all their might get through!?
S06E46 - 19/02/2012 The episode continues where the previous one left off with Diablo Nemesis X:D attacking each and every one of the Legendary Blader's beys. Each of the Legendary Bladers is sent flying backwards as well. Masamune, Tsubasa, and Yu will not stand for this and get Unicorno, Eagle, and Libra to attack Nemesis which ultimately fails as they are sent flying backwards as well. Gingka, Kyoya, Aguma, and King all stand up again and order Pegasus, Leone, Kronos, and Variares to attack Nemesis, only for it to fail yet again and get them sent flying back against the walls. Each of the Legendary Bladers are in terrible states as they struggle to get the strength to even lift their heads up. Dunamis loses hope, exclaiming that it's useless to fight anymore since Ryuga is gone and he was one of the Bladers of the Seasons needed to seal Nemesis away. Rago then unleashes huge amount of Dark Power from Nemesis, causing severe weather problems and the entire Earth to go black. Lava comes out of the ground in front of Nile and Demure as they watch. Volcanoes erupt around Team Excalibur as they watch them erupt. Pillars around the Beylin Temple crumble as Team Wang Hu Zhong watch their temple slowly crumble around them. Ryo and Hikaru watch all the disasters happening on the WBBA computer. The Legendary Bladers are amazed by the power, but Gingka still refuses to allow it to happen as he orders Pegasus to attack once more. Pegasus is sent flying even further backwards than before as Pluto and Rago laugh. The Legendary Bladers collapse as they have lost their hope that they had built up. All hope appears to be lost. Kenta begins reminiscing about his journey since he met Gingka, how he stood up to the Face Hunters, how they participated in the Survival Battle, how they all set out to enter Battle Bladers and the friends they met on their way, how they met Masamune as a Persistant Challenger and ended up winning the World Championships, and even his journey alongside Ryuga. Kenta
S06E47 - 26/02/2012 The power of the Star Fragment that was passed on to Kenta by Ryuga, who should have died, evolved Flame Sagittario into Flash Sagittario. With the Bladers of the Four Seasons all together, Rago could not hide his shock at Gingka and the others, who went on the counteroffensive. At that moment, Pluto, who absolutely believes in the prophecy of King Hades, goes on the offensive in order to eliminate Kenta.
S06E48 - 04/03/2012 Kenta repels Pluto with a new Special Spin Move "Diving Arrow" because of the newly evolve Sagittario doesn't have any claws on it's Spintrack. Gingka and the other Bladers of the Four Seasons catch the God of Destruction, who was created at the risk of everyone's lives, off guard, and finally complete Zeus' Barrier, succeeding in restraining the God of Destruction's power. The clash of Zeus' Barrier and the God of Destruction is ended with a bang.
S06E49 - 11/03/2012
S06E50 - 18/03/2012
S06E51 - 25/03/2012
S06E52 - 01/04/2012
S07E01 Le début d'une nouvelle ère 08/04/2012 It's been several years later since the battle with the God of Destruction. Beyblade has entered a new era. Meanwhile, new Blader, Zero Kurogane goes on a training pilgrimage with his Beyblade, "Samurai Ifraid".
S07E02 Zero-G Battle! 15/04/2012 Zero Kurogane and the "Invincible Salamaner", Shinobu Hiry?in are in the premise of their battle; a battle royale. With Zero eager to take on the Beypark's No. 1 Blader, while Shinobu wants to show Zero what happens to those, who change the ways of the Beypark. They both get ready to do battle in the humongous Zero-G Stadium, with their Beys being set up and ready to shoot, they prepare for their match. They are finally ready, "Go Shoot!" and begin the battle. Zero commands Samurai Ifraid to get some hits at Shinobu's bey, Shinobi Saramanda. It is nothing but useless, as Shinobu is having Saramanda dodge and use the Stadium's slope to his very advantage. Zero is not very keen on this and tries his best to use some counters and such, but to no luck. Shinobu continues to play and toy with Zero and his Samurai Ifraid, making Zero even more furious and desperate to find a way. Zero then commands Ifraid to strike a direct hit at Saramanda, yet it too, is futile when Saramanda dodges. Zero seems to have had enough and won't take it any longer, so he has Ifraid attack once more, yet Shinobi Saramanda dodged again and throws Samurai Ifraid up into the air. Zero uses this as his advantage as he begins his special move, Shooting Star Crash. Samurai Ifraid uses this and strikes downward, aiming to knockout Shinobi Saramanda. Shinobu however, is shocked and worred at this and in a quick reflex, commands Saramanda to dodge it. However as a result, several cracks and heavy damage is done to the Stadium's centre, shocking nearly everyone; including Zero Kurogane. Shinobu uses this as his advantage with Saramanda getting direct hits and in the end, pushes Ifraid to an escape pocket of the Zero-G Stadium and knocks-out Samurai Ifraid. Giving Shinobu Hiry?in the win, and ending Zero Kurogane's consecutive victories. Zero is quite shocked and leaves the Beypark afterward. Zero is then walking on the sidewalk, thinking of the battle he
S07E03 Fierce Training of Hell 22/04/2012 Zero Kurogane is in the midst of his training. Benkei Hanawa, an old friend of Gingka Hagane has a kindred spirit that Zero found in him. Zero's passion for becoming the next No. 1 and to defeating Shinobu Hiry?in showed Benkei his potential, and with this, he and Mal have agreed to be helping him. Zero starts off by running along the slope of a street hill, while tied to a platform, of which Mal is happily sitting on. Benkei is right next to them, riding on a sort of motorcycle, as he encourages Zero to get to his best. The process is difficult for Zero as he is trying his best to not giving up. Yet, when Benkei tells Zero that he'll never beat Shinobu if he does not pass this, Zero angers at the name and at the moment, Zero speeded up along the hill. For the next training, Benkei orders Zero to hold two pails of water, while his arms go straight. The catch is, he has to stay still and not move a single muscle at all. This too is very hard for Zero yet Benkei tells him he made the time; and as a result, caves in and collapses to the ground, in pain and agony. Later trainings include Zero getting into a bunked outside bed, and launching his Bey from there while not getting tied up, committing push-ups with Mal on his back, squat thrusts while carrying Mal, and lastly, sit-ups. Then comes dawn where Shinobu is seen, thinking to the previous battle. He finds Zero dashing at the hill, which startles Shinobu for a second. Later, at Benkei's burger-shop, the gang take a break and eat some of Benkei's famous burgers. Mal later talks to Madoka of some occurrence. The next day, Zero is seen doing the first exercise he made, running along a hill yet without Mal, instead three platforms this time. Zero puts full throttle into this yet finds an occurrence with a skateboarding young boy. He asks Zero what and why is he running alongside a hill, to which Zero responds to becoming the next No. 1 Blader. The boy questions this and wonders why; he even makes fun
S07E04 Battre Orochi le pirate 29/04/2012 Zero Kurogane and Eight Unabara ready their stances, for their first battle and at the sound of "3... 2... 1... Go Shoot!", they fiercely launch their Beyblades into all the force they can achieve, they have entered the Zero-G. Eight of course, is easy-going and laid-back, thinking Zero will not cause much damage to Eight's own Beyblade, Pirates Orojya. Zero still, with his Samurai Ifraid W145CF do all the best they can to attack Pirates Orojya with all he can do. This turns downhill however, as Eight commands Pirates Orojya to chase Samurai Ifraid in hot pursuit. Zero doesn't seem startled at all and turns the table on it. Eight is still though, relaxed and reassured, as if nothing Zero does can change Eight's attitude. Mal and Madoka along with many other Bladers are the spectators with Benkei appearing to see battle unfold. Mal explains to them of the Zero-G Stadium's swaying, how it's giving Eight's Orojya the advantage and proving biased against Zero's Ifraid. Benkei still knows that there is hope, as Zero did not go through all that training for nothing. Eight as calm as always, has Pirates Orojya skid through the Stadium, much like how Eight rides his skateboard. Zero is very tempted by this and tries to find out, someway to stop it. Zero is steady, knowing he has to do something quick or fail at nothing. He has Samurai Ifraid ram at Pirates Orojya, misses, and then starts to use the swaying of the Zero-G Stadium to switch advantages. Eventually, surprising the mass audience, everyone is shocked with how Samurai Ifraid's quick advantage has done something never-before-seen. The Zero-G Stadium is actually swaying around, being very chatoic in movement, and challenging the battle even more intensely. Mal analyzes this with her BeyComputer and sees that Samurai Ifraid has greatly shifted the whole battle. While Zero knows it is time to finish it, and so he does. He commands Ifraid, in a burning blaze of fire, whi
S07E05 Showdown! Revenge Match 06/05/2012 The episode begins with a replay of a scene from the previous episode; Ifraid knocks Orojya out of the Stadium and wins. Everyone comments on how Orojya has lost, while Benkei and Mal compliment Zero, who is ecstatic about his victory. Later the next day, everyone around Metal Bey City is talking about Eight's loss and Zero's strategy on beating his Orojya. Bladers have visited the B-Pit attempting to improve their Beys to be like Zero. Zero is now a local idol. Shinobu is shown battling a Blader in the local Bey Park, merely toying with him and not putting any effort in at all. Zero shows up and challenges Shinobu. Mal comments on how much stronger Zero has become in an attempt to lure Shinobu in. Everyone is amazed at the challenge as they stare at Zero. Shinobu finishes off the Blader and walks away, refusing to battle Zero. Zero then hops into battling against Bladers in the Zero-G Stadium. Again and again, he continues to win with one-hit-KOs, vowing to become even stronger. The Bey Park Bladers are amazed at Zero's power and appear frightened. Mal comments that Zero's burning revenge and desire to battle Shinobu is driving pushing him to his limits and bringing out his power. Madoka and Benkei discuss about Zero and Shinobu, and how their next battle will be hard to predict. Tsubasa appears and interrupts their conversation, shocking both Madoka and Benkei. Tsubasa mentions that, in order to test Zero's power, and give him a chance to battle Shinobu, he is running a Tournament. Benkei offers to sponsor the tournament. The next day, Video Screens around Metal Bey City are showing a video of Blader Gai, who is informing Bladers of the Bey Park 1-Day Tournament. Shinobu appears shocked to hear of this. Benkei informs Zero of the 1-Day Tournament, and how Bull Burger is sponsoring the Tournament. He also explains that the Zero-G Stadium is used by default, and that Shinobu will more than likely enter. Zero jumps at this, realising that, if
S07E06 The Special Move of Flames 13/05/2012 The episode starts at the final battle of the 1-Day Tournament where Zero Kurogane and Shinobu Hiry?in both yell "Go Shoot" and launch their beys. Zero has Samurai Ifraid to attack Shinobi Saramanda. Shinobu has Saramanda to circle the stadium to shake it, but Ifraid catches up to it and attacks. Mal and Madoka sees that Zero mastered the Zero-G Stadium. Eight gets mad because Zero is copying all his moves while Kite becomes interested in the battle. Shinobi Saramanda does barrage attacks on Samurai Ifraid, but Zero starts to push back. He goes for another attack, but Saramanda disappears and continues its barrage attacks from behind. Mal looks on her computer that the stadium moved when Ifraid flicked Saramanda and went behind in a split second. Shinobu continues to make Shinobi Saramanda disappear and attack Samurai Ifraid. After many barrage attacks from Saramanda, Zero commands Ifraid to spin around the stadium. Shinobu watches as Saramanda gets suck into Ifraid's speed. Eight tells Kite that was the move that defeated him. Shinobu tries to make Saramanda disappear, but Zero has taking away its movement. Shinobu is surpeised Zero improved in a short time wonders what kind of person is he. Ifraid attack sends Saramanda into the air, but Saramanda misses the escape pocket and is still spinning. Mal sees on her computer that Saramanda's track was set defense mode to conuter Ifraid's power. Zero tries the attack again, but Saramanda dodges it and Shinobu continues his barrage attacks on Samurai Ifraid. Zero tries use the attack again and Shinobu continues his with both beys passing attacks while dodging each other. Saramanda stops its attack on Ifraid and Zero is shocked. Mal wonders why Samurai Ifraid stamina is dropping against Shinobi Saramanda because it didn't against Pirates Orojya. Madoka tells her that Orojya depends on stamina and Saramanda is balanced in every way. Orojya depends on counter attacks while Saramanda barrage atta
S07E07 Revizer's Challenge! 20/05/2012 Eight Unabara skateboards along a half-pipe in a basement. While his brother, Kite Unabara is in the same room, on a computer and studying the mysterious Beyblade owned by advanced Blader, Zero Kurogane: Samurai Ifraid. Kite wishes to study this Bey to the fullest to find out what makes it so successful. Zero Kurogane, Shinobu Hiry?in, Mal, and Benkei Hanawa meet at a park where Benkei announces training for Zero and Shinobu to compete it. They all cheer and get ready for the epic training to build up. The first part consists of Zero and Shinobu running a multitude of laps to discover who is the fastest among them. They ready themselves and take off in a dash, with Mal hosting the laps. After 10 laps, the two are still up and raring to go, while by lap 20, they turn tired and by over 30 laps, Zero and Shinobu give up as they cannot take the running any much longer. More exercises follow, with Zero and Shinobu doing various activities. One such is rock-climbing where once Zero and Shinobu get to the top, they both fall down in pain and agony as yells follow from them both. After the training, it ends, with Benkei rewarding Zero and Shinobu with BBQ burgers for them all due to a job well done. They eat their burgers in the greatest delight, knowing that this is what their training has paid off for. Back at the basement, Kite Unabara finds out the secret of what makes Samurai Ifraid so powerful. After many instances of the word "perfect", Kite gives a grin as he now knows how to defeat the so-called unbeatable Ifraid and show Zero Kurogane what occurs when one messes with them. Zero, Shinobu, Mal, and Benkei walk alongside a street at darkest night, where Eight appears to them and hands Zero a note. Stating to meet at the Beypark for a battle between Zero and Eight's older sibling, Kite Unabara. Though quite suspicious of this, the gang decide to go ahead with it and travel to Beypark. Zero Kurogane takes side of the Zero-G Stadium and Kite Unabara does
S07E08 The Miraculous Synchrom 27/05/2012 Zero Kurogane begins his battle with Kite but wonders as Kite begins to pull off his "Perfect Plan", Zero begins to attack Revizer with great power but fails every time, Kite's master plan then fails, causing him to have a mental breakdown, Zero finishes Kite off with his blazing special move, Burning Upper! Kite then is disappointed in his loss, as Eight begins to cry that his strong brother lost, Eight throws Pirates Orojya to Kite, then showing a mysterious new thing - Synchrom! Kite then shows his synchromed Bey, Orojya Revizer, shocking everyone. Zero and Kite begin another battle, with Ifraid being knocked out easily, Zero tries to defeat Revizer again but does not stand a chance with this "Synchrom". Meanwhile, Mal sends the data of this "Mysterious Synchrom" to Madoka and Tsubasa, who are very shocked at this. Kite then defeats Zero with an incredible special move, Spiral Crush, unleashing Orojya Revizer's Beast and knocking Ifraid out.
S07E09 The Crimson Challenger 03/06/2012 Zero, Shinobu and Mal visit Tsubasa and Madoka at the headquarters of the WBBA and are informed about the Synchrom. Shinobu learns that Zero's Samurai Ifraid was given to him by Gingka Hagane, which leads to Shinobu leaving the group. The next day, tag team battles are being held. Shinobu faces off against various Bladers and beats them all, including his partner. Next a new Blader called Ren Kurenai battles against several bladers and, like Shinobu, beats all of them, including her partner. The episode ends with Zero and Ren launching their Beys for battle.
S07E10 The Power of Bonds 10/06/2012 Zero and Ren launch their beys and Thief Phoenic starts copying Samurai Ifraid's moves. Ren uses Zero special move and sends Ifraid flying, but Zero stops it from landing out of the stadium. Zero tries to attack Phoenic, but its spin track stops it from getting attack. She uses Zero's move again and Samurai Ifraid is getting pulled in again. Zero tells Shinobu that he can only be his Synchrom parnter because he helped master Ifraid's move and lose until he is partner. Ifraid dodges Phoenic and Zero uses his special move, Burning Upper, sending Thief Phoenic out of the stadium. Benkei tells Shinobu to stop worrying about worthless things and focus on his dream if he want to surpass the Legendary Bladers. Shinobu asks Maru to contact the Unabara brothers for a rematch. They accepted the battle and attive at the Bey Park. They perform a Synchrom again and Zero performs one with Shinobu creating a new bey: Saramanda Ifraid. They launch their beys and Saramanda Ifraid starts pushing back Orojya Revizer. Kite starts getting angry because he any data the bey and sends Orojya Revizer into the middle of the stadium. Zero makes Saramanda Ifraid spin around the stadium and Kite uses his special move, Spiral Crush. Saramanda Ifraid gets pulled into special move, but Zero powers up Saramanda Ifraid and cancels out Kite special move. Saramanda Ifraid spins around stadium fast and Orojya Revizer is getting pulled into it. Zero creates a new Synchrom special move, Super Burning Upper, and sends Orojya Revizer out of the stadium. Zero thanks Shinobu and Saramanda for their help and Kite gets angry for not having enough data to win. He tells Zero they will win next time and Zero tells they battle anytime they want without penalty games and build a new era together. Ren becomes interested as well in building a new era.
S07E11 The Hawk Has Landed 17/06/2012 Zero, Mal, Shinobu, Kite, and Eight enter a Beyblading park where a training session hosted by Benkei to strengthen their skills is about to begin. Ren however, interrupts them as she decides to join in it too. Benkei explains the session to everyone as Eight goes rambling about his opinion at the training, at hand. Benkei explains that Synchrom is forbidden, shocking everyone else, including Mal, who wanted to collect data on different combinations. The training unfolds with a battle between Shinobu and Ren. The battle seems very one-sided, with Shinobu putting in no effort and knocking Phoenic out quickly, thinking of how to create his own special move to contest with Zero. Zero trains his bey's reflexes by steering around the boulders and hitting the bulls-eye. Benkei realizes he is late for work and dashes off, with Kite losing all his stamina and collapsing, leaving a bucket to cover his face with water. Later, the gang travel to Benkei's burger shop when much to their surprise, they find a very busy day for them. Benkei asks that Zero, Mal and Ren help him for the evening and get a free meal afterwards. While preparing, Ren spots the key to the local BeyPark hanging up and quickly grabs it, being as discreet as possible in the process. After the work is done, Ren immediately leaves, puzzling Benkei, who thought she would at least stay and have a meal on the house. Zero expresses concern as she leaves. Shinobu begins training against a boulder, trying to increase his strength for a special move. However, Saramanda quickly spins out with barrage attacks, much to his dismay. Nonetheless, he continues his training with his goal in mind. Ren enters the BeyPark using her stolen key. After running onto the platform and launching, Ren begins training her Phoenic's speed around the stadium, taking joy in being able to practice alone in the Zero-G Stadium. A boy walks in and observes Ren, mistaking her for Zero. Ren becomes annoyed as the boy explains tha
S07E12 Explosion! Flying Dragon Assault 24/06/2012 As Ren and Shishiya have their Beybattle, Zero, Mal, Shinobu, and Benkei arrive in response to someone using the Beypark; discovering it to be Ren in the process. Nevertheless, they spectate the match and ponder on the new Blader, Takanosuke. Ren's Thief Phoenic battles with Takanosuke's Archer Gryph. Phoenic appears to be having difficulty in battling Gryphon, as Takanosuke unleashes a special move. Gryph's motif glows as its beast soars through the air and rams Phoenic hard. As a result, Ren is left defeated and very saddened by it. The others are shocked as well, with Zero deciding he should battle Takanosuke. Despite this, Shinobu thinks he would be the right one to do battle, because he has an idea to create his own special move to accomplish this, he'll put his whole heart and mind into the making. When Takanosuke finds out Shinobu wants to challenge him, Takanosuke turns very excited. Knowing that the "Invincible Salamander" would like to battle him. A bit cocky, Takanosuke accepts and knows he'll try his best. The two prepare for the Zero-G Stadium and prepare to "Go Shoot!". Archer Gryph fights Shinobi Saramanda in the stadium with full force. The gang hope Shinobu is going to do his best, yet the problem arose when Shinobu gets it, that he's no match for the awesome power Takanosuke holds. Soon enough, Archer Gryph emits a strange howling sound. This causes it to happen every time Gryph gives a hit to Saramanda. Shinobu really tries his all to stay calm and hold through it, but Gryph's might hinders it extremely. Shinobu then decides enough is enough when he conjures his heart and mind into something that will turn the tables around. Shinobu creates a special move which consists of Shinobi Saramanda creating multiple of itself; very similar to an illusion by the way of the ninja. Takanosuke is startles but commands Gryph to take down every multiple, until it finds the real one. In the end, its too late
S07E13 Terror! The Midsummer Beach 01/07/2012 At a beach called Midsummer Beach, a group of people are telling one another urban legends. A man tells them of a monster that is said to lurk around Midsummer Beach. Here, this monsters comes out of the ocean and attacks anybody at the beach. The monster is said to resemble a dark and beastly ghoul, covered in seaweed with glowing red eyes, flashing. The man then concludes that it is just an urban myth and they should not worry, with a laugh of relief following. However, a monster then comes out of the water and attacks the people, calling it the monster they spoke of. The next day, Zero and Co. have decided to go to Midsummer Beach for some rest and relaxation, to take their mind off Beyblade. Everyone has put their swimwear on, all very happy and playing at the beach. Benkei however, commands Zero for more training, despite Zero's refusal. Telling him that in order to become the best, he'll still have to do more training. Zero accepts anyway as he is told to tie a rubber wheel with rope on his waist and run with it. Shinobu wants to follow as well, then soon enough, everyone else does. They all do their best to pull their weight until Madoka voluntary throws the volleyball at Zero's head. Zero picks it up and soon after, a game of volleyball starts with everyone in the game. Benkei instead plays with a fellow crab, curious of it. Meanwhile, Tsubasa relaxs himself at the top of a cliff drinking something. Next, they dress up and go to have some drinks. They all discuss the wonderful and fun day off they had, enjoying their refreshing cold beverages, while Tsubasa does sailing. The sunny day turns to dark when the gang find a plate full of sandwiches. Knowing what to do next, they enjoy dinner as they eat their large delicious sandwiches. Benkei, already in his Bull Burger costume, has second-thoughts on the burgers, until he eats one however. Tsubasa eats some ramen while looking at the ocean. Finally after that, the gang relax with the boys sitting
S07E14 Kraken Attack 08/07/2012 Zero and Co. have just met the true identity of the "sea monster," Gen Kinokura. Upon their unusual encounter, the gang discuss what they should do, now that they've met him. Gen stops them there and tells them his back story. The reason why Gen poses as a sea monster, is because he cares deeply for beaches. However, beaches have become infested and inhabitable because of the trash and litter the people recklessly put everyday. Gen only cares for the beach, and he'll never stop as the monster unless people care for their beach. Zero thinks he should Beybattle Gen to stop his terrible goals, yet Kite believes he himself should challenge Gen. Gen agrees to the challenge and the gang move to a water-esque BeyStadium to do battle. The competitors "Go Shoot!" and the battle begins. Mal studies Gen's Beyblade, known as Pirates Killerken and discovers something that will make the battle hard for Kite. Killerken uses the A230 Spin Track, which blocks low-attacks such as from Kite's Guardian Revizer. A230 not only gives Gen the advantage, but stalls the battle completely. The Beybattle, originally a fight becomes a sleep-out where Kite and Gen wait impatiently for their opponent's Beyblade to stop its spin. Outside water even retreats to the BeyStadium and causes no effect. This causes everyone else besides Zero to enjoy some summer fun rather than the boring battle. Zero then yells out randomly and commands the battle to end, with no winner due to no result, at anytime soon. Zero tells Gen that he will fight him next, this time with a result. Zero and Gen ready their Beys and launch into the Stadium. As hard as the battle was on Kite and Revizer, it's the same with Zero and Ifraid. Only worse because Samurai Ifraid is of a lower-Track then Revizer. Zero pulls through though, and in order to end it: he commands Samurai Ifraid to take the skies and crash back down on Killerken with his special move, Shooting Star Crash. Gen, a
S07E15 Assault! The Mysterious Blader 15/07/2012 At the WBBA, Tsubasa tells Zero and co. that Zero-G stadiums are spreading around the world and wants them to demonstrate it to other bladers. They accept it and split up to different places to show how the Zero-G stadium works. Zero arrives at a different BeyPark and the bladers challenges him to a battle. Shinobu defeats a blader and the others are ready to challenge after watching to use the Zero-G stadium. Kite and Eight arrives at another BeyPark and battle each other to show the Zero-G stadium. They launch their beys and the bladers become amazed by the battle. Pirates Orojya attacks Guardian Revizer but it has no effect on it. Kite sends Revizer to the center of the stadium, but Eight has Orojya to stop it. A blader in the shadows launches his bey and knocks Orojya and Revizer out of the stadium. His bey returns to him and leaves. Ren arrives at BeyPark and finds Takanosuke there defeating a blader. He is training to defeat Zero and Shinobu. Ren decides to him battle again to demonstrate the Zero-G stadium. They launch their beys and Thief Phoenic spins around the stadium to attack Archer Gryph but is countered. Gryph attacks Phoneic but its spin track changes to counter the attack and pushes back Gryph. As both beys push each other back, a bey is launched into the stadium and attacks both of them. The blader appears and his bey, Dark Knight Dragoon, is spinning in left rotation shocking Ren and Takanosuke. It stops the Zero-G stadium and attacks Gryph and Phoneic defeating both of them. Dragooon returns to the blader and Takanosuke asks who he is. The blader tells them his name is Sayko Kuroyami.
S07E16 Le dragon noir 22/07/2012 Continuing the Zero-G Stadium battles, Zero Kurogane fights a Blader in a green Zero-G Stadium. His Samurai Ifraid knocks the opponent's Beyblade out easily, surprising the crowd. The audience is very excited and note Zero's strength; they begin to ask Zero for a challenge. Zero, excited, agrees to all of their challenges. The scene shifts to another Zero-G Stadium as well, where Shinobu is battling another opponent but, because of his amazing strength, he also knocks out the opponent's Bey easily with a sneak attack. The scene shifts once again as a recap of the events when Ren battled Takanosuke and the secretive, Sakyo Kuroyami appeared out of the shadows. Ren begins to get angry and challenges Sakyo in a rematch battle. Despite this, Sakyo is merely cocky and states that his Dark Knight Dragooon is a powerful Beyblade, and tells about how it is Left-Spin capable. Takanosuke then remembers the time when Gingka fought Ryuga who also had the Left-Spinning Bey, L-Drago, seven years ago. Ren believes that she still can defeat his Bey, no matter how strong, or even if it doesn't spin right. The two Bladers shoot their Beys, and Ren starts the battle with an attack. Dragooon and Phoenic begin clashing, but Dragooon unleashes its strength once again, and smashes Phoenic out of the stadium. However, because of the impact, Ren is also sent flying back, but Takanosuke saves her from collapsing on the ground. As a result, it angers Takanosuke and tells Sakyo that he will definitely pay for his wrongdoing. Takanosuke and Sakyo battle again, but Takanosuke reveals his true potential and sneak attacks Dragooon. They clash head on, but even Gryph is not tough enough to defeat Dragooon. Sakyo showcases Dragooon's ultimate power and single-handedly defeats Gryph, but also crashes the stadium into the air. Takanosuke is very surprised, and asks what kind of Bey does Sakyo possess. Sakyo shows off his Left-Spinning Bey, Dark Knight Dragooon, and tells that
S07E17 The Gargole's Trap 29/07/2012 After the merciless taunts by Akuya, Zero engages him in battle to prove who will really win. As the Bladers "Go Shoot!" the members of Akuya's group join as well. They intend on helping out Akuya and taking down Zero, even it means an unfair fight for the Blader of Fire. As they're battling the Zero-G Stadium, every Beyblade assaults and barrages Samurai Ifraid. Hitting Ifraid that it is thrown back by force and still can't seem to find anywhere to go. The pressure builds onto Zero, with Mal attempting to figure out just what is going wrong this time. Any direction that Ifraid takes, it is attacked. One by one, every Beyblade keeps attacking Ifraid that Zero needs something, something to change the odds. Desperate for help, with Mal still researching, Zero needs to fight back, hard. Meanwhile, outside BeyPark are Shinobu Hiry?in and Sakyo Kuroyami. Upon a challenge requested by Sakyo, Shinobu does battle as they lauch their Beyblades into combat. With Shinobi Saramanda armed against Dark Knight Dragooon. Zero is still having a very difficult time in his Beybattle. The Beys just keep on coming, all armed and ready to destroy Ifraid. All of a sudden, Mal figures out the motives behind the beys. Akuya's bey, Archer Gargole, performance tip appears to allow the Stadium in its advantage, yet Zero can still win by using a comeback from force. Thankful for the tip, Zero uses it as Ifraid is knocked up in the air by an opposing Bey; then the real match begins. Ifraid quickly hits the other bey and forces it back, using the same strategy. It does the same for every other beyblades, intending to use their own strategy against them. Ifraid then dashes in one direction and uses Burning Upper to defeat Gargole giving Zero the win. Shinobu is expiericng similar difficulty to what Zero had in his own. Dragooon just seems so full of power that Saramanda is trying to hold on, but just can't. Takanosuke spectates and amazed at Dragooon's power
S07E18 Zyro contre Sakyo 05/08/2012 Shinobu attacks Dark Knight Dragooon but Sakyo counterattacks and huge dust storm appears. Zero and Mal arrive to Dragooon's beast. Shinobu is sent flying to the ground and Shinobi Saramanda stops spinning as well. Takanosuke is shocked that Sakyo has defeated Shinobu when he couldn't. Zero and Mal run to check on Shinobu and finds his Saramanda in cracks. Zero asks Sakyo why was he attacking the Zero-G stadiums. He tells him his going to be the top blader and defeat anyone. Zero and Shinobu remembers Gingka strongest rival was called the "Dragon Emperor" and had a left rotating dragon bey. Sakyo challenges Zero to a battle and they launch their beys. Samurai Ifraid and Dark Knight Dragooon push each other back after strong attack. Ifraid goes to attack but Dragooon doesn't let it escape. Zero has Ifraid go behind a rock so it dodge Dragooon's attack and attacks it. The ground starts to crack as both beys attack each other and Ifraid tries to attack but is knocked into the air by Dragooon. Zero starts to get scared as Ifraid is by attack from different directions. Mal looks on her computer and sees Dark Knight Dragooon's chrome wheel has three dragons on it to attack stronger. Dragooon teleports close to Ifraid and attacks it. Mal says it the effect of its blade semi-flat bottom because it makes tight turns and attack in an instant. Takanosuke sees the attack that defeated him is the same attack Archer Gryph uses being used on Ifraid. He wonders if Sakyo could him and Gryph stronger. Shinobu tells Zero to run away from Dragooon's attack as Ifraid is being pushed back. Zero says he can't lose because Gingka entrusted him Samurai Ifraid and to surpass him and the Legendary Bladers, he won't lose to a left rotating bey. Sakyo tells him he inherited the jet-black dragon and Zero wasn't the only one received a bey from a Legendary Blader shocking Zero, Shinobu, and Mal. Zero has Ifraid to attack and Shinobu has Mal t
S07E19 The Strongest Man Defence 12/08/2012 A blader walks off the train with saying he's in the bey's holy ground. Zero, Shinobu, and Ren undergo training with Benkei because they loss to Sayko. Kite does inductive research to find info on Dark Knight Dragooon because he lost to Sayko. All he can find though, are Lightning L-Drago, Meteo L-Drago, L-Drago Destructor, Gravity Destroyer, and Variares. Though not his goal, he is trying to find information on Dark Knight Dragooon. With no documents leading to it, multiple screens of no data randomly appear infuriating Kite. His younger sibling, Eight, offers Kite a water bottle to take a rest form his exhausting searches. Kite, too distracted by his work ignores his brother as Eight then offers some sandwiches. Still infuriated, Kite smacks the sandwiches out of Eight's hand. He tells Eight to leave him alone for while and Eight leaves on his skateboard. Finding a swarm of Beybladers around the B-Pit, Eight decides to take a look for himself on the unexpected disturbance. Inside the shop every Blader is angrily complaining to Madoka about their beyblades. As she takes a closer look at one of their beys, it has been damaged and the same has happened to the others. They explain to Madoka that a brutal Blader has committed this crime. Another blader tells Eight that the blader destroyed the beys is looking Kite and decides to take it up by himself. Zero, Shinobu, and Ren are doing push ups and Madoka arrives to tell Benkei and others an emergency. After riding around the city, Eight finds a large blader towering over Eight. As Eight asks for his name, he says it is Yoshio Awayama. Eight accuses Yoshio of his damage to the blader's beys and Yoshio doesn't deny it. Eight ask him why is he looking for Kite. Yoshio wants to defeat him and make his bey, Bandid Goreim the strongest defensive bey. Zero and the others run to where the blader is to stop him. Eight tells Yoshio that he is Kite and they launch their beys. Pirate Orojya attacks Bandid G
S07E20 The Goreim's Iron Wall 19/08/2012 Sprinting, Kite arrives at Bull Burger to find his brother, Eight safe from any harm. With Zero and Co., Eight explains to Kite how he battled with Yoshio after he terrorized many Bladers with his Bey, Bandid Goreim. In response, Eight impersonated Kite, the person Yoshio searched for and battled him, ultimately losing in the process. Although safe, Eight did manage to obtain a small wound on his elbow, safely covered by a bandage. Outraged by this, Kite demands to find Yoshio and make him pay for his actions. That night, Kite commits to some special training before he intended battle with Yoshio. Eight arrives soon, offering Kite the water bottle and sandwiches that he subsequently turned down the other day. Accepting it, Kite deeply apologizes for letting Eight to obtain a battle wound. Eight takes it lightly however, and is just glad that Kite is with him. The following day at the Bey Park, Yoshio just finished a victorious fight. Out of nowhere, Kite arrives with his friends, there to challenge and defeat Yoshio for assaulting his defense-less brother. Following this further, he introduces as the true Kite Unabara, whom Yoshio was seeking. Satisfied, Yoshio agrees and they begin their battle. Starting off calm, Yoshio's Bandid Goreim throws down against Kite's Guardian Revizer. Yoshio finally intends to discover who of the two is the real defender. One clash causes both Beys to spring back. Still fighting, Goreim takes the lead and subdues Revizer even further with more hits. Mal studies the actions behind Bandid Goreim as it progresses. Suddenly, Kite just snaps out of his current persona and becomes enraged just like his first battle with Zero. Decided he had enough hits to take place, Revizer comes back and hits Goreim; both extensively using their full power. Kite adds even more strength and Goreim is beginning to lose grasp of it. Despite this, Yoshio commands Goreim to break away. Goreim then takes its position and dashes back to Revizer in which
S07E21 The Heated Battle of Friendship 26/08/2012 After his defeat at the hands of the powerful Yoshio and his Bandid Goreim, Kite undergoes extensive training in his home. Harboring a powerful passion to pass his limits, Kite takes it extremely serious, with no hints of being passive, laid-back or even taking a break. Eight however, meets his brother and asks what he is doing. After being informed, he tells Kite to relax and not think so much at his loss. Kite ignores it however and rather knocks-off some metal barrels which land very close to Eight. He tells him that the only solution in winning, is to commit to Synchrom. Meanwhile at Bull Burger, Zero, Mal, Shinobu and Ren sit down as Mal examines Kite's Guardian Revizer through her laptop. They all debate on what went wrong with Kite's failure to win as they suddenly get an idea. Needing to help a friend in need, they each play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to battle one another where the losing player of Rock, Paper, Scissors picks a team-mate where they engage in a one-sided Tag-team battle against the other player. Zero wins with scissors while Shinobu loses. He picks Ren as his partner, with Zero taking this as a challenge for himself. They later meet at the Bey Park, where each of them begin their battle. Shinobu and Ren with their Shinobi Saramanda and Thief Phoenic respectively facing-off with Zero's Samurai Ifraid. After they "Go Shoot!" Ifraid has to prove its strength when Saramanda and Phoenic keep hitting and assault Ifraid in every move, yet Zero still remains confident in this challenge. Elsewhere Gen walks along the sea of Metal Bey City, infuriated to discover a man littering by throwing a drinking beverage into the sea. Leaping out in his "Sea Monster" form, enraged, he scares off the man and the woman alongside him. He then cleared all the seaweed he collected in the ocean, remaining at how people are careless of littering and preserving places such as coastlines. Yet he still retains his hope with his Pira
S07E22 Roar! Orojya Revizer 02/09/2012 After Gen's defeat and plumage into the waters of Metal Bey City, Takanosuke gets a visit from the Unabara brothers. Impressed by his battle, Eight offers Takanosuke the chance for another Beybattle. Takanosuke however, feels too encouraged and confident by his recent win, as he shows off his fiery aura to test the brothers' might and perception of him. Eight accepts it as they travel to the Bey Park, with Takanosuke following them. Meanwhile at Zero, Shinobu and Ren's Bey Park battle, no true victor has been declared as Ifraid fight single-handedly against the team-up of Saramanda and Phoenic. The brothers' and their challenger arrive at a different part of the Bey Park, reserved exclusively for their battle in a red Zero-G Stadium. Just as they enter however, Takanosuke stays in awe at the Bey Park, amazed and delighted by it and the chance to actually face the Unabara brothers. Little to any of them know that Sakyo spotted Takanosuke following Kite and Eight and decided to spectate it. Kite and Eight announce a Synchrom match to Takanosuke, where Kite and Eight will put together their Guardian Revizer and Pirates Orojya respectively, to create Orojya Revizer. Takanosuke will battle it with his Synchrom-less Archer Gryph, still believing he will claim victory and teach them a lesson. Deliberately beginning their matches, Orojya Revizer delivers hits to the Archer Gryph, who returns the favour indeed. Continuing to pummel one another, Gryph evades by spinning around the Synchrom combo but is again met by the Orojya Revizer. Although the heat of the battle is getting to Takanosuke with Kite and Eight merely revealing their cocky side, Takanosukes refuses to believe in defeat with the red-hot glow of his intense aura; surprising Sakyo to an extent. The Beyblades still continue to fight each other but Kite and Eight command a Special Move, signified by the blinking of Orojya Revizer's motifs. A large typhoon of water erupts from the Bey, with
S07E23 Break the Iron Wall's Defense 09/09/2012 Zero, Ren, Shinobu and Mal relax at Bull Burger after Zero's battle against Ren and Shinobu. Eating the favourite of his idol's, the triple-beef burger, Zero notices how his wrist starts hurting as he indulges to eat his burger. He realized he obtained it from the difficult and endearing match. Despite this he continues to eat with a full round of more food, shocking his friends. At the Bey Park, Akuya returns with his gang, back to wreck more havoc and intimidate new Bladers as he is ready to fight. Soon enough, Yoshio arrives there as well and introduces himself. Surprised by this new Blader, Akuya challenges Yoshio to a Beybattle in a test of might, after one of his gang members commented how Yoshio greatly resembles a "living golem". The two set up their Beybattle as they stand atop the platforms opposite of one another with the Zero-G Stadium set and ready for battling. As Akuya shows off his Archer Gargole, intending to scrape Yoshio with it, Yoshio in turn brings about Bandid Goreim. Interested in this Bey, they begin their match as Gargole clashes in combat with Goreim. After a few hits and misses, Akuya is shocked to discover that Goreim seems to be the ultimate Defense-Type, judging from its extreme ability to withstand even the most harsh attacks of the Attack-Type Gargole. Akuya feels intimated that he commands his five gang members to launch out their own beys and duke it out with Goreim as they protect Gargole. Though suited for the fight, they like Gargole, are still not a single match to withstand any of Goreim's solid iron wall of defense. One by one, each bey is knocked out of the Stadium until only Gargole is left, with Akuya in deep fear. A blader dashes off to the Bull Burger, announcing to everyone how Yoshio is very unbeatable, with nobody's beyblade able to stand a worthy opponent for Bandid Goreim. Zero and Co. are greatly concerned about this but decide to run off to the Bey Park so that Zero may finally meet i
S07E24 The Cruel Begirados 16/09/2012 In the continuation of Zero's battle with Yoshio to avenge Kite, Samurai Ifraid is delivering multiple hits and smashes at the seemingly unstoppable Bandid Goreim. The battle's intense fury is starting to heat Zero as he grows a fierce fiery aura in this epic battle against Yoshio. Yet after some other attacks onto Goreim, Zero becomes intensified in the battle for him to unleash his fury. Zero uses his special move, Burning Upper, yelling out and using all of its known power. Ifraid gives multiple barrages to Goreim which results in the latter being thrown back, hitting the surface and losing; ultimately giving Zero the win he needed. As Zero rejoices in his proudful yet difficult challenge, Yoshio is just totally shocked and moans to the loss of his formerly unbeatable Bey. Out of nowhere however, a speeding Beyblade infiltrates the Zero-G Stadium and dashes right into Goreim, sending it flying to the outer-reaches of the BeyStadium with Yoshio in total distraught. Zero and Co. are caught off guard as well when they discover the mysterious Bey's owner, Kira Hayama. After introducing himself to everyone, he introduces his Beyblade Berserker Begirados. Kira has come for a Bey battle and does not plan on leaving until he is given one; with Shinobu stepping up to take his challenge. Accepting this, as Shinobu is the "Invincible Salamander" after-all, they get into battle position and launch their Beys. While Begirados faces-off with Saramanda, Mal checks on her laptop for an inside-look at Berserker Begirados; only to show her and the rest with extraordinary results. With all of these newly-discovered parts, they find Kira's Bey to wield SR200: a Stamina Ring built to defend and conserve Stamina and BWD: a larger version of Wide Defense constructed to improve the overall-Stamina. While Begirados seems a worthy opponent for Saramanda, Shinobu still does not give up as he commands his Bey to deliver not only hits to the Chrome Wheel, but th
S07E25 Win! The Right to Challenge 23/09/2012 In the WBBA building, Tsubasa and Madoka analyze Kira's beyblade. Meanwhile, Zero and the gang are practicing for the new Synchrom battle request. In the rocky location, Zero practices by destroying the rocks with Saramanda Ifraid. All of a sudden, Kite Unabara comes and angrily "attacks" Zero. Eight explains that it is because Zero managed to beat Yoshio before he could. When kite finds out about the Sychrom battle, he decides that he should be the one to battle in it. Benkei settles their argument by saying that they should battle at BeyPark. And so they do, and Zero emerges victorious. In the WBBA headquarters, Kira has hacked into the computer and chats with Tsubasa.
S07E26 Fierce Fight! The Synchrom Battle 30/09/2012 Zero and Co. stand outside of a canyon, waiting desperately in response to Kira's hacking of the WBBA and for Zero's Synchrom Battle. Kira finally shows up to which Zero and the gang's awe, a stadium bursts out of the ground and ready for the battle between Zero and Kira. Everyone relocates to the new stadium, which seems to have a red centre. Kira approaches Yoshio and asks for his Beyblade, Bandid Goreim to which he hands off to Kira. Kira subsequently produces Synchrom with Bandid Goreim and Kira's Bey, Berserker Begirados. As a result he forms Goreim Begirados while Zero intends to battle with Saramanda Ifraid. The two make their mark for the battle, as they "Go Shoot!" and Zero aspires a great confidence to win this battle and ultimately avenge Kite. Saramanda Ifraid and Goreim Begirados throw down, with the two Synchrom combos clashing and thrashing each-other at a time. Zero's friends cheer on as the battle deepens its way. With a few more slashes here and there, Kira decides the time is right for the end of this battle. Launching out the call for a special move in response to Saramanda Ifraid's "Diving Crash", Goreim Begirados creates "Iron Hammer". The berseker beast finally appears and with the one thrust and slam of its flail, causes Saramanda Ifraid to crash out of the BeyStadium and take a loss. Zero collapses in frustration, unable the acknowledge the immense defeat he suffered at the hands of Kira.
S07E27 Evil Gene 07/10/2012 Thrown back and collapsing after his recent defeat at the hands of Kira, Zero moans his loss. Disregarding this, Kira discusses matters about the WBBA and suggests that they head back to their home for something, "special" to happen. Retreating to the WBBA headquarters, Zero and Co. are met by Tsubasa and Amano whom, announce a revival of an original and popular tournament approximately seven years ago; Neo Battle Bladers. Announcing the rules and regulations of the tournament, it focuses on tag-team battles in a similar manner to the World Beyblade Championship. Taking this into account, they are set to focus on the aspects of Synchrom with tag-teams of Bladers using their Beys in Synchrom to win. Greatly anticipating and overjoyed, Mal imagines the Synchrom teams that she would love to see in Neo Battle Bladers. With teams compromised as Zero and Kite, Kira and Yoshio, Sakyo and Taknosuke, and Shinobu and Ren. Despite getting ahead of herself, the team are subsequently met with an unexpected and mysterious video chat. Speaking in a deep voice, this mysterious person talks about the recently-discovered Neo Battle Bladers tournament, much to his joy. While the gang are just puzzled at who this mysterious man could be; they face nostalgia when the man announces his name as Argo Gracy. With Mal subsequently doing an internet check, she shockingly discovers him as a former-member of Team Garcia, the former Brazillian team of the World Beyblade Championships held about seven years ago, before the reign of Nemesis. Now older and more intelligent, the Garcias head the recently founded company, "DNA", quite similar to the HD Academy that also took place during the previous championship. With a focus on Blader strength with advanced and superior Bladers, they announce how they dispatched Yoshio and Kira to foreshadow Neo Battle Bladers. Kira's hacking of the WBBA thus forced them to comprehend and hold the tournament, with no other option left for t
S07E28 Les néo battle bladers 14/10/2012 With the stages set and voices clear, Blader Gai announced nationwide to the advent of Neo Battle Bladers, the latest in Beyblade official play. Screaming with glee and chanting in enthusiasm, Gai gives every bit of insight, tips and the more to come in the revival of an popular championship. DNA however, just sit quietly with a smirk on their face, quite satisfied that everything is going as planned. Zero gets on stage to compete for the registration of the tournament, battling an opponent and fiercely claiming victor. Other Bladers take on the stage as well, with the evil minds of Kira and his comrade, Yoshio as they wipe out the competition with complete ease. Ren joins as well, fierce-fully fighting with her Thief Phoenic in the quest for Neo Battle Bladers glory. Soon enough, Ren is bewitched and noticed by a newcomer Blader who goes by the name of Genj?r?. Chewing on a dandelion, he exclaims how we would like to engage the Crimson Challenger in a fight, in order to see who will continue on in Neo Battle Bladers. Very confident of herself and to win, Ren gladly accepts as they get ready and "Go Shoot!". With the Beyblades clashing and fighting in ultimate fury, Thief Phoenic sees the hands of Genj?r?'s Bandid Genbull. With hits and misses and more clashes of the metal, Phoenic's beast rises in glory and fury, blazing in the eyes of the firebird. Genj?r? however, is not intimated one bit and decides to give his try when Bandid Genbull's beast comes about, the Black Tortoise itself. Genbull and Phoenic continue to assault on one-another, with Ren supposedly getting a loss in her battle, starting to put her focus in an undivided manner. Even with this, she is no match for when Genj?r? unleashes his special move to attack and literally wipe away, Thief Phoenic in a stadium-out; with Ren regretting her loss. Genbull returns to Genj?r? as he obtains a call from DNA, when it is revealed how he is a representative of them in the same manner tha
S07E29 The DNA Shutdown Coalition 21/10/2012 As the battles to enter in Neo Battle Bladers rages on, Zero is on a roll with consecutive wins and victories as he leads into victory. Despite this, he just obtained an unwelcome visit from Sakyo and Takanosuke, the former of which would like a battle with Zero to enter in Neo Battle Bladers. Remembering their past fight and the fury Dark Knight Dragooon held, Zero accepts as he and Sakyo prepare for a fight. Unexpectedly yet again, a new Blader barges into the tournament to confront Zero, himself. Known as Spike Bourne, Spike challenges Zero for a battle in Neo Battle Bladers, causing Zero to be distracted and forget his planned rematch with Sakyo. Holding the beyblade, Thief Zirago, he pits it against Zero's Samurai Ifraid and with it, the sound goes off to signal their battle. Takanosuke and Mal watch from the sidelines, as Mal seems concerned about Spike and the beyblade this Blader possesses. Meanwhile, Kira and Yoshio exchange a talk with the Unabara brothers, conversating about the so-called Revizer who was the top in the lineage of Defense-Types. Still infuriated with the outcome and the fact he never collected a rematch, Kite furiously challenges Yoshio to a rematch to finally decide the better defender: Goreim or Revizer. While Yoshio accepts, his master Kira, gets a battle with Eight as they all compete for a position in Neo Battle Bladers. As Yoshio and Kite walk to a BeyStadium to commence their battle, five gangmembers surround Yoshio, each arming their Beyblades as him while a voice commands them. Revealed as Akuya, he wishes to pit Yoshio in a six-way battle of him against Akuya and his teammates. While not intimated at all, he gladly accepts as he launches out Bandid Goreim and the others do the same. Ultimately, the five beys trap Goreim just long enough for Gargole to come in and fight. Back at Zero's battle with Spike, the beys clash in an epic battle as the Blader of Fire must find a way to defeat this also Fire-elemental Beyblade. Us
S07E30 Les huit meilleurs sont là 28/10/2012 In Neo Battle Bladers, the battles become fiercer and more difficult as every competitor moves on to a new opponent. In Kite's case, he shows nor restraint when he consistently knocks-out the beys of Akuya's gang. His younger brother, Eight, however shows decent signs of his battle with the Dragon Killer, Kira. Although doing his best to survive every hit, Kira's Berserker Begirados delivers a barrage of hits to Eight's Pirates Orojya who Eight is counting on to survive the round. In Zero's battles with Spike, he is undergoing the heat of the moment. Every moment that Spike hits the air in fury and craze, his Thief Zirago launches an attack onto Zero's Samurai Ifraid. Zero shows signs of losing it because he knows he must think fast or lose the fight. With a scorching aura of flames, the Blader of Fire commences his special move, Burning Upper. Samurai Ifraid's beast appears and it smashes Zirago with his blazing katana. Zirago undergoes a ricochet out of the Stadium, losing. Although Zero is quite pleased with himself with the outcome, Spike is rather, acceptante of it as he calls on to his fellow DNA member, Genj?r?. Announcing his defeat and his offer to challenge Zero, Genj?r? accepts as he gets on stage for the fight. He introduces himself to Zero along with his goal of being a member of DNA, intimating Zero. While Zero decides to begin this fight, Sakyo confronts him and tells Zero that he instead, will fight Genj?r?. Sakyo and Genj?r? "Go Shoot!" as the Dark Knight faces off with the Black Tortoise. As The Beyblades first begin to clash into combat, Genj?r? commands a special move which signals Bandid Genbull's beast to appear. Surprised by this, Sakyo does the same when Dark Knight Dragooon's comes in as well. Deciding he has enough of how it already is, he commands Dragooon to attack; which ultimately destroys Genbull with amazing ease of the Dragon Emperor himself. Not surprised by his victory, he tell
S07E31 Getting Fired Up! The Finals 04/11/2012 Coming up on stage are none other than the Top Eight, the top eight competitors of the tournament full of hype that is, Neo Battle Bladers. With Zero, Shinobu, Kite, Sakyo, Yoshio, Kira, Takanosuke and Captain Arrow making it front-and-centre to the audience's applause. Blader Gai announces these eight Bladers, expressing the complete strength and endeavors these persons had to make in order to make their way to the best. The mass audience cheers in delight and enthusiasm, as Mal, Madoka, and Benkei watch from the sidelines as they cheer on Zero and Shinobu. After the applaud and mood starts to calm down, Gai goes on to announce the first battle of the Best Eight, beginning with the Invincible Salamander, Shinobu against the golem-wielding, Yoshio. Each Blader makes their way to the Zero-G platforms, rising up to Zero-G Stadium and ready to fight face-to-face. Though not surprised of his opponent, Yoshio shows no fear in his current battle while Shinobu feels the same. Getting into launching stance, they Go Shoot! and the battle begins. Shinobi Saramanda facing off with Bandid Goreim. The Beyblades first reach contact in a single smack that ricochets both of them. Knowing no fear, the Invincible Salamander quickly offers some hits and smashes to the defendable Goreim, as the latter tries to keep up with every hit that comes in. Shinobu decides to follow this up with his special move, Infinite Fire Stream Assault, creating multiple copies of Shinobi Saramanda to in an attempt to fool Yoshio. Yoshio commands Bandid Goreim to go blow away all of the Saramanda copies. Yoshio believes he has won when Saramanda seems to be circling the stadium creating more and more copies trapping Goreim. Finally Shinobu calls a new special move, Soul Ring Assult, creating a burning ring around Goreim that closes in and sucker punches Goreim into the air giving Shinobu a win by stadium out. Blader Gai subsequently proceeds to announce the follow-up with Kite against the Dragon-Kille
S07E32 Hot-Blooded! Zero VS Takanosuke 11/11/2012 In the second part of the quarter-finals comes the awaited match between Sakyo Kuroyami and Captain Arrow. While both Bladers move to their respective Zero-G Stadium platforms, Captain Arrow introduces himself. With his own Beyblade, Archer Wyvang 145WB, Arrow intends to easily win this battle after he reveals at how he is also a DNA Blader. This startles Tsubasa, Madoka and Benkei who are affiliated with the WBBA, the enemies of DNA. Knowing that they need Sakyo to defeat the new DNA representative, both Bladers "Go Shoot!" and launch their Beyblades. Dark Knight Dragooon is already receiving barrage attacks by Archer Wyvang, while Sakyo remains as calm as ever. More smashes originate here and there that it seems that Arrow has already figured out the path to victory. This is evident when he already unleashes his special move, "Arrow Tornado". An immediate torando of wind bursts out and throws Dragooon away, despite Benkei's comments that Kyoya had made better tornados in his days. Sakyo however reveals that he never really was trying all along and immiedately his focus shifts to turning the tables. Commanding Dragooon to recover from the special move, he has it dash all towards Archer Wyvang. With the beast of Dragooon coming together and tackle the tornado. Subsequently Dark Knight Dragooon goes under Archer Wyvang and flips the latter to have it thrown to the other side of the Stadium. A small hole is created as a result and falls through it to give Sakyo and Dragooon the win. Blader Gai announces Sakyo's victory alongside the audience cheering as well. Although Tsubasa, Madoka, and Benkei are quite relieved that another DNA Blader has been taken down from thr tournament, Selen of DNA is quite angered by the result. Ian shares his concerns as well yet Argo remains very a cosmpoloite, knowing that everything shall come together in due time. Blader Gai then announces the last match of the quarter-finals that will then culminate into t
S07E33 A Pledge with Friends 17/11/2012 With the transition from the quarter-finals to the semi-finals, Blader Gai announces the four Bladers left in Neo Battle Bladers. Consisting of Shinobu Hiry?in, Kira Hayama, Sakyo Kuroyami, and Zero Kurogane. Subsequently, he details the two battles that will compromise the semi-finals that will later lead to the finals and declare the winner of the tournament. The two battles will consist of Zero versing Sakyo with the second as Shinobu versing Kira. As the audience is loud in its cheering of its competitors, Tsubasa and Madoka are still concerned with DNA. Mal even shows them footage of some of the semi-finals battles via her laptop, trying to comfort them in their DNA scruples. As the evening shifts to nighttime, Shinobu has come to Bey Park along with some friends in order to undergo extensive training prior to his fight with Kira. At first he is fighting Ren as her Thief Phoenic battles Shinobi Saramanda. Shinobu is able to quickly unleash multiples of Saramanda and follow it up with a special move that he first used when defeating Yoshio in the quarter-finals. The Saramandas circled and trapped Phoenic as each Saramanda transformed into a ring of fire that was able to blow Phoenic out of the BeyStadium and much to her dismay. Meanwhile, Zero decides to partake some training for himself elsewhere outside of Metal Bey City. Bringing Benkei along, Zero returns to the same area where he first had his battle with Sakyo. He had Benkei bring a wrecking ball crane with him, that is to be used for Zero to counter and defeat. Although Benkei is very skeptical of this, not wanting to endanger Zero's life or put any hurt on him, Zero commands Benkei to go through with it, to which the former does, despite his dismay. As Zero launches out Samurai Ifraid into the ginormous hole mimicking a Stadium, Benkei controls the wrecking ball to circle the hole at its edge. When Ifraid collides with the wrecking ball, it is thrown back immediately which also throws its owner back
S07E34 La rencontre prédestinée de deux rivaux 25/11/2012 At the signal of "3... 2... 1... Go Shoot!", Zero Kurogane and Sakyo Kuroyami launch out their Beyblades to commence their semi-final match. As soon as Samurai Ifraid and Dark Knight Dragooon land in the Zero-G Stadium, Blader Gai notices how the two Beys are already delivering some hits. A marathon of barrages are followed as Ifraid knocks away Dragooon with a powerful blow but Dragooon returns to deliver the same exact hit that befalls upon Ifraid. Zero intends to fight to his fiercest in this battle, commanding Ifraid to barrage-smash Dragooon, whilst Sakyo copies this command. Ifraid and Dragooon are locked in combat, presenting extraordinary smashes and smacks to each-other in this battle. Spectating from the sidelines, Takanosuke cheers on Sakyo while Kite, Eight, Ren, and Mal do the same for Zero, instead. The battle becomes more exciting with each second that passes when Sakyo brings an interesting take to the battle. Dark Knight Dragooon speeds to the top of the Stadium and then comes running down to hit Samurai Ifraid, sending it flying from the Stadium. The crowd is surprised by this until Zero manages to have his Ifraid comes crashing down in an enormous impact, but safe from a possible knock-out. This surprises Sakyo as well, and Zero decides to follow this up with his special move, Burning Upper. Harboring a blazing presence, Samurai Ifraid spins at high speeds to collide with Dragooon. When this collision occurs, a massive explosion escapes and affects the whole arena; with massively powerful winds that follow suit. Despite this, Sakyo is able to have Dragooon survive the assault. While the Beys begin barraging each-other once more, vortexes of winds follow through with every collision, as announced by Blader Gai. After a few more attacks, Zero plans to gain impending speed for Ifraid and allows Ifraid to circle the Stadium to do so. To counter Zero's attempt, Sakyo has Dragooon circle the Stadium but spins in a path that is greater tha
S07E35 Bahamoote, l'empereur de la destruction 02/12/2012 Blader Gai gives a recap of the recent match between Zero and Sakyo, the resulting of this first match of the semi-finals to ultimately have Zero advance to the finals as the second and last match of the semi-finals is about to commence. As this happens, Team Garcia are spectating the soon-to-be match as their motives and expectations for Kira are soon, underway. Shinobu will be pitted against Kira in order to determine who shall advance to the finals and battle Zero to be crowned the champion of Neo Battle Bladers and essentially, the No. 1 Blader in Japan. As this occurs, the audience remains cheering in excitement as the two opponents walk to the Zero-G Stadium with Shinobu's friends cheering him on with confidence. Entering the platforms, they are raised up to prepare for their match as immediately, Shinobu announces to Kira how he has conducted intense training and has been prepared to defeat Berserker Begirados. Kira however, merely smirks and scoffs at this when he tells Shinobu that he had no need to wield Begirados anymore, throwing it away in search of something "more". As a solution, Kira was able to receive what he was aspiring for in the form of Gladiator Bahamdia. Alarming everyone in an instant including Team Garcia, each remains in shock and distraught by this unexpected debut of a new Beyblade. Kira further announces that his new Beyblade is something not to be underestimated and that Shinobu's plan to counter Begirados' moves has now failed; forcing Shinobu to cope with the advent of a new Bey. Shinobu, irritated by this, starts of "3... 2... 1... Go Shoot!" as he and Kira launch their Beyblades for battle. Shinobi Saramanda lands in the arena to combat Bahamdia yet in an instant, Bahamdia shows full-throttle already when it brings Saramanda to leap off the Stadium floor. Surprised, Shinobu commands Saramanda to return safely but only to face the same attack and is thrown out into the air. Quite irritated and surp
S07E36 Entrusted Emotions 09/12/2012 Blader Gai offers another recap in the form of the recent match between Shinobu and Kira which resulted in not only wrecking the whole Zero-G Stadium, but Kira winning with his unexpected but new beyblade, Gladiator Bahamdia. This allowed Kira to advance to the finals of the tournament in which he will face off with the Blader of Fire, Zero of whom, was able to advance upon defeating Sakyo. The match is expected to be held the next day as blimps fly throughout Metal Bey City to inform everyone of this historic event. A certain individual however, catches the glimpse of Gai as he stares in content to the announcement. Over at DNA however, Team Garcias could be less than excited when they have called for a confrontation with their most powerful member, Kira Hayama. Upon his recent victory over the Invincible Salamander, Kira happened to wield a Beyblade other than Berserker Begirados: the Dragon-Killer and the strongest Stamina-Type in existence. When Kira used a different Bey in the form of Bahamdia, it shocked them as to concern as to why Kira was not using it and demanded a reason why. Kira, acknowledging Begirados, scoffs and smirks at it as he explains to them that he threw Begirados away. Kira was in search for something "more", something that offered something else than just being the best in Stamina, something that would satisfy his needs. The Garcias however are shocked to hear these words coming out from Kira, knowing that it had always been planned for Kira to use Berserker Begirados and nothing else, and the arrival of a new Bey completely destroys their had-been plan; even Yoshio and Merci side with Kira, something that not only alarms the Garcias but commands the remaining DNA Bladers to assault Kira. Spike, Genj?r?, and Captain Arrow subsequently appear to launch Thief Zirago, Bandid Genbull, and Archer Wyvang at Kira. Despite this sudden three versus one match, Kira is not shocked when he launches out Gladiator Bahamdia with almost no skill t
S07E37 Sublime! The Final Match 16/12/2012 Commencing with another recap by Blader Gai, the finals of Neo Battle Bladers are about to begin. Zyro Kurogane, the Blader of Fire, will be facing off against Kira Hayama, the Killing Mountain-Breaker. News of Blader Gai's words are shown throughout all of Metal Bey City, informing everyone of the extraordinary match that has almost arrived. Benkei hears the news along with an injured Shinobu, while Mal and Ren hear as well. Subsequently, they are met by a sprinting Zyro apologizing for the delay in his arrival; assuring them that he is ready as he ever be for the battle. Meanwhile, Kira is on his way to his upcoming match whilst accompanied by Yoshio. As they go, they exchange a talk where Yoshio asks if Kira is ready for his battle and acknowledges how Zyro will be a force as his opponent. Kira however, does not worry as he is quite calm and confident that he can and will defeat Zyro; suggested by their past Synchrom battle after Kira hacked the WBBA just before Neo Battle Bladers was announced. Yoshio hears Kira's words and accepts this as they at last, arrive to the tournament. Elsewhere however, are the heads of DNA, Team Gracia, trapped in a room. After the betrayal of their two most powerful Bladers, they tapped the Garcias in one of their headquarters' rooms, not able to leave due to a locked door in their way. As they pester and argue over what their bladers has done, Merci begins a chat with them over the query. As uncaring and sarcastic as Merci is, Merci shows no remorse or compassion over their "reprogrammers", stating that Kira will go off to continue in his fight against Zyro with Gladiator Bahamdia, not Berserker Begirados. Not long after, Zyro and Kira have finally arrived to their highly-anticipated showdown in Neo Battle Bladers, the final fight that will decide the No. 1 Blader in Japan. As they walk toward their respective Zero-G platforms, Blader Gai announces how this battle is almost ready to begin. Zero has a short
S07E38 The Spirit's Blow 23/12/2012 The last match of Neo Battle Bladers pits the fateful brawl between Zyro and Kira. As the battle continues, Zyro is caught off by surprise from the tremendous power of Kira's Gladiator Bahamdia. Bahamdia is showing powerful moves against Zyro's Samurai Ifraid. As the audience looks in with awe and cheer, they watch every second of this enticing battle. As the two Beyblades continue to clash in an epic combat, Zyro is frustrated when Bahamdia is showing incredible power that seems to become too much for Ifraid to handle. As the Zero-G Stadium continues to sway and rock at every second, and combined with the powerful winds that were created and emitted by Bahamdia, it seems as if Zyro does not have a way to get out of this predicament. It only gets worse when Kira builds up the moment to use his special move, Gladiator Demolition. Just like in Kira's battle with Shinobu, the beast of Gladiator Bahamadia returns to wreck havoc once again on his opponent and the Zero-G Stadium. A heavy rocking causes incredible force to occur to the Zero-G Stadium with the bladers' platforms as well. Zyro attempts to hold on to the difficult shaking of the destruction when smoke created by explosions escape into the air. The shaking and thrusting of the demolition is like that of an earthquake, and an explosion covers the view-point to make it impossible to decipher what is the outcome. As a result, Mal, Kite, Eight, and Ren stand from their seats in fear in response to Kira's special move. Not wanting to see their friend hurt or lose the battle, they are relived because once the smoke clears, they find Gladiator Bahamdia spinning with Samurai Ifraid. Kira is shocked by this as well, seeing as how nobody could survive what is believed to be the ultimate special move in history, even if Shinobu was the only one to witness it, first-hand. Although he is alarmed, Kira does not hesitate to have Bahamdia continue to attack Samurai Ifraid of which, in turn, holds its
S07E39 Un nouveau combat 28/05/2013
S07E40 L'alliance de la légende et du mal 03/06/2013
S07E41 Le repaire de Doji 04/06/2013
S07E42 Pris au piège 04/06/2013
S07E43 Le rugissement de Biakko 10/06/2013
S07E44 Combat dans les airs 13/06/2013
S07E45 Un pont vers le futur 13/06/2013