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Horror stories, by definition, are scary but when you know they are based on real life incidents, does the fear factor increase? Based on supernatural true incidents; ‘Bhoot Aaya’ is Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, which attempts to explore the unexplained forces of the dark world and their encounters with humans. The show depicts real life, spine chilling experiences of ordinary people.


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S01E01 Black Magic 13/10/2013 A horrifying incident occurs with Prem Vashisht residing in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Prem reveals a spine-tingling story in which he got possessed by his neighbor who often practiced black magic in her house. Prem goes through severe pain.
S01E02 Haunted House 20/10/2013 Ashraf Hussain’s wife, daughter, son and daughter in law shift into their newly bought house which is a little away from the city. On the first night someone bangs the door loudly continuously for a few minutes but on opening the door they find no one. Next morning the mother and daughter hear strange and scary noises coming from the terrace. On reaching terrace they find the clothes making the shape of zero.
S01E03 Spirit of a Lover 27/10/2013 Rani is a young basketball player who is selected in school basketball team to play in Wardha. The school bus stops near a jungle for a break. Rani stops near a well and reads Sharad loves Rupali inscribed over it. When she shouts their names in the well she hears back Rupali in a male voice. Her friends find her near the well in an unconscious state with high temperature. The servant maid present in the hotel tells the coach that she is possessed. They find that the girl is possessed by Sharad’s spirit. With the help of the servant maid Coach finds a guru who helps in freeing Rani from the spirit.
S01E04 Possessed Girl 03/11/2013 Rinku had recently come back to her parents place in Ahemdabad after a long time. But on the first night of arrival she turns aggressive. Her rude behaviour shocks everyone on the family. Her father Anil Mehta is worried to death when her body temperature suddenly goes high. In spite of medicines from the doctor, her temperature does not fall. Later in the night when she speaks in a different voice, the past memories dawns upon Anil. Anil’s younger sister Chikoo had committed suicide by setting up herself on fire 20 years ago when Anil did not approve her relationship with a local boy. Chikoo had come back to avenge her untimely death.
S01E05 Plan Chart 10/11/2013 Mansi is young girl from Gauhati, Assam studying in 12th standard. Her life is was perfect but she was curious to know her future. During her mathematics class she overhears her fellow classmates talking about using plan chart to call ghosts and know their future. Mansi does her research on the subject and one fine day decides to experiment on calling the ghost. During her first experiment, a ghost makes his presence felt but before he can appear in front of her, the door bell rings and she has to stop the experiment mid way. During her second experiment another ghost appears but does not leave her inspite of Mansi’s asking the ghost to leave. What did the second ghost want? Why didn’t the spirit leave her in peace for years to come?
S01E06 Fight Against the Dark 17/11/2013 Nisha Verma an X model residing in Bangalore, Karnataka with her Husband Raj and Daughter Babli shares an unforgettable horrifying incident that took place in her life. Nisha was not comfortable with Navin and Raj's Friendship. Nisha gets to know about Raj and Navin's accident.
S01E07 Double Marriage 24/11/2013 Abhishek and Bharti residing in Mahipalpur located in Delhi fall in love with each other and decide to take their relationship to the next level by talking to their respective families about their marriage but there seems to be a problem is Bharti's astrological charts. Bharti Sharan is Mangalik but despite of Acharyaji's warning, Abhishek and Bharti get married. Bharti and Abhishek's marriage turns into a worst nightmare.
S01E08 Evil Spirit 01/12/2013 A Chocolatier Richa Mehra residing in Pune, Maharashtra with her Husband Software Engineer, Himanshu Mehra were happy & excited to welcome their first Child but happiness soon turns into a worst nightmare as Richa & Himanshu go through a bizarre series of events in their House. With the help of Hypnotizers, Richa recollects the incident that took place in her past.
S01E09 Spirit of Wife 08/12/2013 Rizwan living with his Family in Sasaram, Bihar gets married to Farhana. On their first wedding night, Rizwan observes a shadow outside his House but does not share it with Farhana. A horrifying incident occurs with Farhana.
S01E10 The Spirit Rises 15/12/2013 A girl's mistake makes a spirit rise from his grave.
S01E11 Forbidden Land 22/12/2013 Chandan Singh and his Elder Brother Anmol Singh had recently shifted to Ferozpur located in Punjab. Chandan and Anmol crack a huge deal with Gurdeep Kaur. Gurdeep's 5 acre land gets sold. Gurdeep Kaur warns Chandan to stay away from the land. Chandan was interested in buying the land. Despite of warning, Chandan enters in the restricted area and a horrifying incident occurs with Chandan Singh.
S01E12 Happy (!) New Year 29/12/2013 31st December, 2011 becomes a worst nightmare for 2 Friends Karthik Gupta and Imran Qazi who decided to party with 2 unexpected Friends Saniya and Riddhi in Alibaugh's Villa. Just when the entire group was welcoming 2012, one of the Friends Saniya drowns in the pool. Saniya returns.
S01E13 Killer Spirit 05/01/2014 Rajjo residing in Sarhali, Punjab is shattered due to sudden demise of her Husband Paramjit who was extremely possessive about his Wife Rajjo and often tortured her. Paramjit's Family members decide to tie Rajjo's knot with Paramjit's younger Brother Manjit Singh. Paramjit's spirit tries to kill Rajjo and Manjit meets with an accident.
S01E14 Haunted House of Goa 12/01/2014 Jannet and her Husband Garry arrive in Goa to sell their Father's House as they had to head back to Australia but things turn worse for Jannet as the House was haunted. The owner of Lawrence Global Real Estate reveals to Garry that his House won't get sold as the house is haunted but this apparently does not go down too well with Garry.
S01E15 House of Dead Child 19/01/2014 A horrifying incident occurs with a couple, Aditi and Tejas Deshpande residing in Pune, Maharashtra. An owner of a Telephone Booth reveals a shocking truth to Aditi about the past history of the House. Bizarre series of events occur in Tejas and Aditi's House. Aditi gets severely injured. Aditi and Tejas get to know about a 5 years old Child.
S01E16 Deadly Forest 02/02/2014 Newly married couple, Photographer Varun Shrivastav and his wife Archaeologist Naina visit Thattekad Forest located in South Kerala to make their honeymoon trip more exciting and adventurous but a horrifying incident occurs with Nania and Varun lands in deep trouble.
S01E20 The Treasure Guard 09/03/2014
S01E21 Fear Inside 16/03/2014 Actress Sunny Leone narrates a horrifying story of Devange residing in Kolkata, West Bengal. Debojit babu meets Devange and agrees to marry her. A horrifying incident occurs with Devange just before her marriage ceremony.
S01E22 Dark Spirits 23/03/2014 One of the Villagers of Ram Nagar gives information about a different kind of black magic which is known as Nishidhak to her Grandson. One of the Kids Chotu dies because of Nishidhak. A School Girl Jhumpa also becomes a target of Nishidhak.
S01E23 Mayajaal 06/04/3014 This is a story of Aushima residing in Kolkata, West Bengal. Aushima who couldn't speak often communicated with her Mother Suverna in sign language. Aghori Baba residing in Kolkata, West Bengal often targeted young Girls and innocent Aushima was one of the Girls who got trapped by Aghori Baba. Purohitji reveals to Suverna that the Family who was coming to see Aushima for marriage meets with an accident.

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