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From power lines to irate neighbors, urban tree cutters encounter things that the forest loggers wouldn't dream of. Big Wood follows four urban tree-trimming companies in the greater Boston area. Tree Tech has millions of dollars worth of equipment and is one of the largest tree cutting companies in all of New England. Specialized Rigging and Tree Care are old school and take down trees with nothing more then a rope, pulley and a chipper. American Climbers are the cowboys of the bunch and there’s no tree too big or too challenging for these guys to tackle. All Season Tree Service are a tight knit group and consider themselves like family. Their motto is “if you don’t fit in, you gotta go.” Every day is different, and each job presents a whole new set of obstacles. Up in the tree, there are no second chances. One wrong move could cost them thousands of dollars in property damage… or even their lives. (Source: National Geographic Channel)


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S01E01 Boston Tree Party 17/10/2013 Urban tree cutting crews take down giant trees right smack in the middle of greater Boston. The crew of All Season Tree Service starts its day off wrong when the bucket man shows up for work drunk and punches the owner. The cowboys of American Climbers have to avoid power lines and a locked, unmovable car on the street to remove a 70-foot box elder from a narrow yard. Specialized Rigging and Tree Care take down a towering white pine while giving a new crew member the chance to show his stuff.
S01E02 Tree of Terror 24/10/2013 The gang from American Climbers is hired to take down a 90-foot pine tree the homeowner has nicknamed the ?Tree of Terror? because it almost killed his son. After losing their number one bucketman, All Season Tree Service is down to a team of three and has to tackle a huge tree that's surrounded by power lines. The new guy on the Specialized Rigging & Tree Care crew has only one job to do ? deflect the falling branches with the pole saw. But even that task may be too advanced for the newbie.
S01E03 The Lion's Den 31/10/2013 The crews step out of their comfort zones as they confront dangerous weather, family feuds and a trip inside a lion's den. A simple takedown at Southwick's Zoo turns into a harrowing encounter in the heart of the lion's den for the American Climbers crew. In Everett, All Season Tree Service ends up embroiled in a family squabble as the boys are contracted to remove an overgrown maple with a great deal of sentimental value.
S01E04 Son of a Beech 07/11/2013 It's another tough day for these four Boston area tree cutting crews. American Climbers take on a hollow beech tree in Framingham with a fraying rope. When the Specialized Rigging and Tree Care crew are called to take down a dangerous tree near a school, a crew member's back injury gives the greenhorn, Ted, a chance to prove himself up in the tree. Tree Tech struggles to lift a massive, dying ash tree over a three-story house while dealing with faulty communication equipment.
S01E05 Demon Tree 14/11/2013 On a cold, windy day in Boston, Specialized Rigging and Tree Care tackles a giant pine that the client claims is possessed by a demon. A 200-year-old oak gives Tree Tech's young hanger a chance to prove himself. Facing a huge pine with one man down, the American Climbers crew must work twice as hard to beat the rain. All Season Tree Service owner Brian Kittery decides to show his crew he still has what it takes by climbing a 100-foot pine, but one wrong move brings everything crashing down.
S01E06 Turf War 21/11/2013 A turf war erupts on the outskirts of Boston; tree tech crew learns a valuable lesson in safety.
S01E07 Live Wire 05/12/2013 Another day, another dollar for the four rough-and-tough crews in Boston as they battle enormous trees, the elements, and each other.
S01E08 Homeowner from Hell 12/12/2013 Four Boston area tree removal companies find themselves clashing with a leaning pine, a homeowner from hell, an unfortunately placed shed, and a tricky par five on the 15th hole.
S01E09 Graveyard Shift 19/12/2013
S01E10 The Final Takedown 26/12/2013