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Children see this world entirely from the animal-perspective through a narrator, with stories centred around playing, learning, discovering and mischief. Petal the piglet, the embodiment of girl piglet-power; Gobo the goat, enthusiastic, inventive and greedy; Dash the donkey, thoughtful, kind (and easily the tallest of the gang) and Digger the Labrador pup, not the brightest dog in the litter but very cute, are all loveable characters you will find on Big Barn Farm. Each episode follows the day-to-day adventures of these and all the other farmyard animals using a combination of live-action and animation that lends the series its distinctive character and humour and taps into children's love of animals in a truly unique way. The dramas are simple and entertaining, producing an utterly magical world as the secret life of the animals is revealed.

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