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Children see this world entirely from the animal-perspective through a narrator, with stories centred around playing, learning, discovering and mischief. Petal the piglet, the embodiment of girl piglet-power; Gobo the goat, enthusiastic, inventive and greedy; Dash the donkey, thoughtful, kind (and easily the tallest of the gang) and Digger the Labrador pup, not the brightest dog in the litter but very cute, are all loveable characters you will find on Big Barn Farm. Each episode follows the day-to-day adventures of these and all the other farmyard animals using a combination of live-action and animation that lends the series its distinctive character and humour and taps into children's love of animals in a truly unique way. The dramas are simple and entertaining, producing an utterly magical world as the secret life of the animals is revealed.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Big Barn Farm

S01E01 You Can't Teach a New Dog Old Tricks 08/03/2008
S01E02 Lester Loses His Voice 09/03/2008
S01E03 The Grass is Always Greener 15/03/2008
S01E04 Keeping Quiet 16/03/2008
S01E05 Petal and Gobo Fall Out 22/03/2008
S01E06 To Catch a Thief 23/03/2008
S01E07 The Important Visitors 04/04/2008
S01E08 Greedy Goat 05/04/2008
S01E09 Lester the Leader 06/04/2008
S01E10 Driving Miss Petal 07/04/2008
S01E11 Best In Show 08/04/2008
S01E12 40 Winks 09/04/2008
S01E13 Hot and Sticky Day 10/04/2008
S01E14 He's Got to Go 11/04/2008
S01E15 Recycling Proficiency Test 12/04/2008
S01E16 Hide and Seek 13/04/2008
S01E17 Going Camping 14/04/2008
S01E18 Touch the Sky 15/04/2008
S01E19 What's Up Ducks 16/04/2008
S01E20 Who's Afraid of the Windy Wolf 17/04/2008
S02E01 Summer Fete 19/04/2010
S02E02 Whats that Smell 20/04/2010
S02E03 Great Eggspectations 21/04/2010
S02E04 Pink Play Pen 22/04/2010
S02E05 Hide a Donkey 23/04/2010
S02E06 Gobos Imaginary Friend 26/04/2010
S02E07 Hidden Piglet 27/04/2010
S02E08 Gobo Gets Hiccups 28/04/2010
S02E09 Giant Sunflower Seeds 29/04/2010
S02E10 Oink Factor 30/04/2010
S02E11 Vegetable Thief 03/05/2010
S02E12 Dashs Birthday Surprise 04/04/2010
S02E13 Quiz Wizard 05/05/2010
S02E14 Runaway Rubbish 06/05/2010
S02E15 Butter Fingers 07/05/2010
S02E16 Adventures of Petal 31/05/2010
S02E17 Brave Star 01/06/2010
S02E18 Pampered Pooch 02/06/2010
S02E19 Babysitters 03/06/2010
S02E20 Pigs Might Fly 04/06/2010 Petal tries to prove that pigs can fly using a few balloons and a basket.