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S01E01 The Georgian 09/04/2014 Jim Caruk, owner and operator of The Caruk Group builds a 5,000 square foot Georgian-style mansion, designed to the nines! From the demolition of an old bungalow in this upper class neighborhood right to the very end of this stunning project, Jim and his team face the ups and downs of an upper class build.
S01E02 The Victorian 09/04/2014 Jim takes on a "Buddy Build" (a build for a friend) and no one is happy about it. A century old house in a resort town intended to be a live/work space presents one challenge after another; Jim faces everything from knob and tube wiring to balloon framing, no insulation and rotten siding... a real pain! But if truth be told, Jim loves the challenge!
S01E03 The Fire Rebuild 09/04/2014 The Caruk Group has been hired to gut and rebuild an entire home after a heartbreaking fire. Clients Christine and Vito have a limited budget from the insurance settlement and very specific ideas on how they want their home to not only be rebuilt but also upgraded. Jim knows from the start that they're going to go over budget and is concerned that this job is going to go up in flames--only this time financially!
S01E04 Uptown Chic 09/04/2014 As a contractor, Jim works with a lot of designers. Designer Jo Matovich has worked with Jim before and they know what to expect from each other. With only three short months to renovate a kitchen, family room and powder room in a posh "uptown" house the pressure is on. Will Jim and Jo finish on time and with their designer/contractor relationship still intact?
S01E05 The Bunker 16/04/2014 A golf simulator and a playroom for children are constructed in an underground bunker.
S01E06 Porch and Garden 16/04/2014 A new team member brings in a new project that is full of problems including a two story porch and landscaping a whole garden.
S01E07 The New England 23/04/2014 Jim attempts to renovate his nephew's place which soon becomes a much bigger project.
S01E08 Heritage House 23/04/2014 Jim attempts to finish an uncompleted project for a couple of homeowners who need a new kitchen and a didgy fireplace and unfinished walls and floors.
S01E09 The Log Home 30/04/2014 A log home is constructed in a remote location.
S01E10 The Basement 30/04/2014 Jim finishes the basement of a home that he built five years ago and designs a wine cellar, a media room and a gym in the space.

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