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Some consider Phoenix to be the custom-motorcycle-building capital, where shops compete for clients willing to pay upward of $150,000 for a fully customized product. This reality series follows five of the desert's top designers -- ranging from the archetype to the newcomer. The rival crews strive for a share of the personalized-rides milieu. ``Godfather'' Paul Yaffe claims to have spawned the craze in Phoenix; hot-headed John Shope entered the business in the '80s and calls himself the industry's Mötley Crüe; deep-pocketed Len Edmondson sold a multimillion-dollar construction business to pursue his love of cycles; newcomer Kody McNew quickly became one of the strongest contenders; and underdog Brian Jenkins handcrafts every part of his bikes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Biker Battleground Phoenix

S01E01 Throwdown 01/07/2014 The battle begins in the custom motorcycle capital of the world. Master builder Paul Yaffe is under attack by four fierce rivals who claim his best days are behind him.
S01E02 Race to Daytona 08/07/2014 It could be a do or die as John Shope risks it all to re-design the New Indian–a bike he barely knows. All of the builders (except Jenkins) take part in the "Bike Builders Showcase." Later, Kody and Len both shift into high gear trying to build bikes for a highly anticipated debut at the famous Daytona Bike Week.
S01E03 Risky Business 15/07/2014 Azzkikr Customs goes for the gold at Daytona and unveils its first ever American made bike. Confronted by the criticism that he is growing stale, Yaffe announces he's come up with a brilliant idea for a new bike and will do something unprecedented: unveil the bike on a stage amidst the spectacle of Arizona Bike Week. Kody deals with the fallout of missing the deadline for Daytona but has one more chance to prove himself to a top customer.
S01E04 High Stakes 22/07/2014 The pressure mounts for three of our builders as Arizona Bike Week looms. Kody and his fabricator, Ricardo, prep an ambitious project with the construction of a fully tricked out bagger. The catch–the bike must be assembled in front of a huge audience within a 72-hour timespan. – Jenkins lets a good friend down when he doesn't finish his bike on time for Bike Week. Shope goes to exaggerated lengths to pull a prank on his customer Lou by telling him his bike isn't ready when it is. Yaffe faces severe self-doubt when faced with multiple obstacles on his biggest innovation, the SRT. Can he even build his dream bike?
S01E05 Respect 29/07/2014 As chaos descends at Arizona Bike Week, one of the largest builder/biker showcases in the country, Yaffe, Kody and Jenkins put their reputations at risk.
S01E06 Big Gamble 05/08/2014 The New Indian is finally ready for the big reveal as Shope plans a major event intended to leave Yaffe's SRT unveiling in the dust. Will his ultimate risk pay off?
S01E07 The Build 12/08/2014 It's an old school biker build off as our five guys all go head to head for the first time.
S01E08 Judgement Day 19/08/2014
S01E09 Ultimate Battle: Sturgis 26/08/2014