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Bill Granger has always been passionate about food and cooking. He takes pride in presenting delicious food that is simple, fresh and looks irresistible. This easygoing approach to food has always been Bill's philosophy and is an important element of his enduring popularity in Australia and overseas. Bill's broad appeal also springs from an instinctive understanding of how most of us like to eat. He is a self-taught cook who gained his knowledge from eating, reading and experiencing food.


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S01E01 Early Days 02/08/2004 We start with an exploration of Bill’s early days as a restaurateur and cook, and a celebration of breakfast, the meal he is most famous for. Bill cooks some of his classics including his world-renowned scrambled eggs and takes us on a journey to Cabramatta where he reveals the Asian influences in his cuisine. Recipes include: - Banana Butterscotch Pudding - Rice Paper Rolls - Ricotta Hot Cakes With Honeycomb Butter - Scrambled Eggs - Sweetcorn Fritters With Avocado Salsa - The Perfect Steak Sandwich - Vietnamese Chicken Salad
S01E02 Day by Day 09/08/2004 It’s Bill’s working week and Bill is on one of his food magazine shoots where he reveals his personal approach to food styling and photography. Bill shares his twenty-minute midweek dinner ideas with us. Most are one dish meals that are simple to prepare, drawing on pantry and fridge staples for easy family food. Recipes include: - Baked Italian Sausages, With Potatoes And Rosemary. - Baked Tuna Risotto - Barbequed Duck And Noodle Salad - Blueberry And Almond Toasted Muesli - Herb-Crusted Salmon Salad With Asparagus And Watercress - Lime Delicious - Thai Fried Rice - Warm Pasta Salad With Fresh Tomato And Ricotta
S01E03 Lazy Days 16/08/2004 It’s the weekend and after an early morning swim Bill cooks coconut blackberry slice with his three-year old daughter Edie in preparation for afternoon tea with friends. The friends stay over and Bill teams home delivery with a few of his own dishes for an adult’s dinner after the kids have gone to bed. Recipes include: - Baked Coconut Blackberry Slice - Chickpea Stew - Hommus - Potato Salad With Chilli & Spring Onion - Spiced Roasted Pumpkin - Tomato, Onion And Corriander Salad - Tuna Skewers With Preserved Lemon Dressing - Yoghurt Pannacotta
S01E04 Day & Nights 23/08/2004 Bill’s stress-free parties. It’s Bill’s daughter Inès’, first birthday and the kids join in to decorate her birthday cake tower. As day moves to night, Bill and his partner, Natalie, have a few friends over for a once-a-year intimate drinks party on their terrace where they enjoy Sydney’s divine seafood as the sun sets over the ocean. Recipes include: - Freshly Shucked Oysters - Soy Dipping Sauce. - Lobster Sandwiches - With Cucumber, Coriander & Lime Mayonnaise - White Chocolate Mousse
S01E05 Decadent Days 30/08/2004 Decadent can mean many things when it comes to food – it can be rich and traditional or lighter and drawing on the best beautiful fresh seasonal produce. Bill creates a modern twist on the classic Sunday lunch for his friends and caters for a dinner party for inner-city fashion designers from Sass & Bide. Recipes include: - Chicken Salad With Grapefruit And Pistachios - Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding - Green Bean Salad - Herb-Crusted Lamb Racks - Individual Potato Gratins - Mini Meringues With Fragrant Peaches
S01E06 Long Hot Days 06/09/2004 It’s hot and the weather lures Bill to the water and outdoor eating. He starts with breakfast in bed for the family and then sets about preparing food for the pool party at his friends’ house. The day closes with a relaxed Asian-style barbecue on the shores of Sydney’s famous Pittwater. Recipes include: - Apricot Upside-Down Cake - Baby Octopus Salad - Coconut Bread - Glazed Ham - Marinated Coriander Chicken - Rustic Cherry Tart - Sugar Snap Pea Salad
S02E01 School Days 04/08/2008 Bill puts together healthy lunch boxes for the family, then heads to teach at a Suburban Tech College in South West Sydney to inspire a group of students.
S02E02 Rainy Days 11/08/2008 Everything slows down on a rainy day. It's the perfect opportunity to close the doors, stay indoors and cook those recipes that take a little longer, food that is warming and comforting.
S02E03 Good Old Days 18/08/2008 Bill introduces us to his family history, generations of butchers and bakers, and to his home town.
S02E04 Far Flung Days 25/08/2008 When Bill was nineteen he went on his first international food adventure; it started in New York and ended in Spain. Bill's travels nowadays are more likely to be a whistle-stop tour for a book signing or launch, but all travel inspires Bill.
S02E05 Daylight 09/09/2008 Life and food is all about balance. Sometimes it's tricky, but Bill gives helpful hints on how to make that balance work for you, by showing us ways to make food that is healthy and delicious for all times of the day in not much time at all.
S02E06 Days Together 16/09/2008 Bill has been auctioned off to create a first anniversary dinner, and he shows us how special an intimate dinner for two can be, once you throw in a spectacular natural setting and deliciously romantic food. Your wedding should be the happiest day of your
S02E07 Holly Days 23/09/2008 It's Christmas time in Sydney! It's hot and the seafood is on the barbecue. This is Bill's family Christmas, Australian-style with a little nod to tradition, still festive and simplified.

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