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Wildcatters and their crews race each other from location to location as they try to be the first to tap into some of the last remaining oil reserves in Texas. The stakes are higher than they've ever been with the dwindling supply of oil and the risk involved in striking oil in Black Gold.


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S01E01 A Boom in West Texas 18/06/2008 In the West Texas oilfields, three crews of roughnecks hit the ground running in the race for Black Gold, but all three face disaster on day one. The Viking rig has all the advantages that come with being state-of-the-art, but the crew can barely get the system started. On the tried-and-true Longhorn rig, the smallest roughneck, Peanut, gets crushed by a piece of equipment. And one crew leader will not survive the end of the first week.
S01E02 Keep It Drilling 25/06/2008 The race heats up in the oilfield. Longhorn Driller Gerald has his team in the lead but when a no-show puts the crew in jeopardy, the no-nonsense driller explodes. Wayne and the Viking crew work 'round the clock to go from dead last to neck and neck with the Longhorn men. Driller Justin takes over the powerful Big Dog rig, only to find out he's up against the toughest challenge he's ever faced: "The Well from Hell."
S01E03 Digging Deep 02/07/2008 There's big trouble on the rigs this week. Gerald's Longhorn crew is about to hit the pay zone, when suddenly, a crisis forces them to pull all their pipe out of the ground. Danger strikes Wayne and the Viking crew and one of his roughnecks could be down for the count. On the Big Dog rig, Driller Justin tries to show his rookie Derek the ropes, but the good times don't last long.
S01E04 Blood and Guts 09/07/2008 Tempers flare on the West Texas oil rigs. The mighty Big Dog driller, Justin, is beginning to lose patience with his rookie Derek - planting the seeds for an explosive showdown. A tiny substance causes devastating problems for Wayne and the Viking crew, as they struggle to find oil. And, Gerald gets tough with his Longhorn crew but things get tougher when one of his roughnecks get seriously hurt.
S01E05 Enough Is Enough 16/07/2008 The West Texas oilfields unleash their fury in tonight's episode. Good-guy driller Wayne can do nothing as his crew is taken out by injuries. The powerful Big Dog rig is ground to a halt and driller Justin's job is on the line. On the Longhorn rig, no-nonsense driller Gerald is pushing his crew past their breaking point and winds up paying the ultimate price for it.
S01E06 An Accident Waiting to Happen 23/07/2008 The pressure is on as time begins to run out for the crews racing to strike oil. In dead-last place, the brawny Big Dog rig completes one hole and moves on to the next, but old tensions flare between Derek and Justin, threatening their progress. The Viking crew overcomes all obstacles to reach pay dirt on hole number two. And, a change in the Longhorn rig could put the entire crew in danger.
S01E07 Hitting Bottom 30/07/2008 Long-burning fuses come to a head in the pressure cooker of the West Texas oilfields. In last place, Driller Justin is reaching his boiling point trying to train his difficult rookie, Derek. The young, inexperienced crew of the Longhorn rig must deal with a poisonous, and deadly, gas leak. And just when things start looking good for the high-tech Viking rig, Wayne and his crew face a crisis that could destroy their well.
S01E08 The Big Strike 06/08/2008 It's do or die time in the West Texas oilfields. The tension between Big Dog's driller, Justin, and his rookie, Derek, comes to a head, and only one is left standing. On the Longhorn rig, the young driller and his crew get reckless and pay the ultimate price. Wayne and his hard-working Viking crew make an unexpected discovery that could turn a common gamble into a huge fortune.
S02E01 Boiling Point 19/08/2009 Oilfield veteran, Gerald Williams attempts to show rookie Cheston the ropes. Plus, on the night shift, driller Ron is forced to deal with the flaring tempers of his crew. And, when Travis the new guy on the rig shows up late on his first day, hothead Brandon challenges him to a good ol' fashion throwdown.
S02E02 Rookie Mistake 26/08/2009 Veteran Gerald makes a rookie error that could cost everyone their jobs. Meanwhile, Pee Wee is pulling out all the stops to get Cheston to quit. And, things on the night crew get testy when Brandon makes a huge mistake that brings drilling to a screeching halt.
S02E03 Oscar the Grouch 02/09/2009 The crews of Big Dog 28 are on edge as they race to finish the second of four wells in 50 days. When Tool Pusher Freddy may have pushed the crews too far, as driller Oscar threatens to quit on him. Meanwhile, Worm Cheston makes a mistake that threatens the lives of everyone on the rig, and Gerald uses the opportunity to put himself in the running for driller Pee Wee's job.
S02E04 Tanks for the Memories 09/09/2009 Cheston pushes Pee Wee to his breaking point, and even Gerald's had enough of the rig's worm. Meanwhile, Ron's evening crew loses a roughneck to another company and is forced to break in a new hand who calls himself "Tank." Plus, the roughnecks are faced with "The Hole from Hell."
S02E05 No Bones About It 16/09/2009 When the rig isn't drilling Big Dog owner Autry Stephens is on the verge of firing the crew. Worm Cheston finally gets in the good graces of his hotheaded driller Pee Wee, but learns it's sometimes dangerous to get what you wish for. And, night driller Ron finds Tank's attitude harder to manage as the ex prizefighter struggles with keeping his tank-sized ego from exploding.
S02E06 Banged Up and Run Off 23/09/2009 Driller Pee Wee may find himself without a job after pushing the rig too hard. Plus, veteran Gerald makes a poor decision that could change the course of his life. Then, when Ron takes things too far with Travis, the roughneck walks off the job and it could be for good. And, Tool pusher Jerry takes over for Freddy, but when he goes to lend a hand on the rig floor, he literally comes face-to-face with the force of the spinning chain.
S02E07 As the Rotary Turns 30/09/2009 Disaster strikes Big Dog 28 when a snapped chain leaves tool pusher Jerry blind in one eye. Plus, after being fired, Gerald finds an unlikely source of income. Then, Pee wee kicks Cheston off the day crew for mouthing off to the other hands, while Tank's reckless attitude puts the night crew in danger. When the fighting becomes too much, Supervisor David Kiser must decide who stays and who goes.
S02E08 Do Or Die 07/10/2009 The roughnecks have only three days left to finish the final hole when all hell breaks loose. Two of the most troubled roughnecks swap shifts; one of the most experienced hands takes a pipe spinner to the head and is rushed to the hospital; and an unscheduled drug test sends panic through one roughneck's veins. As if that isn't enough, rig owners lose confidence and contemplate handing out pink slips.
S03E01 Meet the New Boss 08/09/2010 The roughnecks of Rig 28 are back and taking on their riskiest mission yet as they're forced to drill on untested land, with a new boss in town - the hot-tempered, meddling lady rancher who owns the land.
S03E02 Wild Cats 15/09/2010 Landowner Peggy welcomes the roughnecks with an apple pie and a threat. Then, legendary roughneck Gerald strips down to his underwear when he gets ants in his pants. Plus, Cheston and Brandon have another fight. And, Tank receives devastating news.
S03E03 The Waterboy 22/09/2010 A driller quits and the roughnecks vie for his job. Brandon fights with a repair technician; Freddy and Josh clash over the promotion of the new driller.
S03E04 Favor for a Favor 29/09/2010 First, Freddy tries to bribe landowner Peggy. Then, Tank goes to the airport to get his wife back before it’s too late. Plus, Cheston is the victim of a terrifying accident.
S03E05 Freddy's List 06/10/2010 First, Peggy catches a roughneck relieving himself on her property. Then, Freddy clashes with the roughnecks over an annoying to-do list. Plus, Tank is mysteriously AWOL from work. And, a vicious lightning storm cripples the rig.
S03E06 Judgment Day 13/10/2010 It's Judgement Day for Rig 28, and the threat of being shut down has the roughnecks at each other’s throats. Plus, Gerald trespasses on private property, and faces Peggy the landowner's wrath.
S03E07 The Test 20/10/2010 First, a promotion shakes things up on the rig. Then, a drug test may end Tank's career. And, Freddy and Jerry's power struggle explodes into an all out fight.
S03E08 Cheston vs. Tank 27/10/2010 Tank and Cheston get into a brutal fight. And when Cheston returns to the rig, Tank comes looking for revenge. Plus, Peggy confronts Oscar who is in over his head.
S03E09 The Aftermath 03/11/2010 Peggy fires her gun at a roughneck's truck. And, still reeling from his fight with Tank, Cheston may quit the rig.
S03E10 A Score to Settle 10/11/2010 The roughnecks scramble to hit oil as the lease on Peggy's land is about to expire. Tank tries to settle the score with Cheston.
S04E01 A Roughneck Mission 30/11/2011 Hot-headed Driller, Brandon Watson, has new marching orders: find a top secret oil reserve and protect it from hungry competitors at all costs. When he tries assembling a crack team, they immediately get off to a rocky start. Plus, a power outage and the appearance a mysterious truck raises suspicions of sabotage.
S04E02 Cheston vs the Wheelers 07/12/2011 Tension rises between Cheston and the Wheeler twins, and after a long day of arguing, things get physical. While on his way to a DWI class, Brandon has a run-in with the law, which could land him in jail
S04E03 Hotheads and Hair Triggers 14/12/2011 The long arm of the law catches up with Brandon Watson, and the Big Dog driller could face hard time. Brandon finds trouble on the job too when a slacker crew sent to help with the rig move mouths off - forcing him to challenge them to an afterhours fight.
S04E04 Cheston on the Chopping Block 21/12/2011 Cheston guns for a promotion but his plan ends up backfiring when he finds himself fighting to keep his job; drilling on the rig comes to a stop with the arrival of a competitor's rig; Brandon finds himself in a pickle after a petty incident involving a sandwich mix-up.
S04E05 There's A Storm Brewing 28/12/2011 Cheston tries to get his job back but Brandon is reluctant to rehire him. Meanwhile, a $50,000 bit goes missing and drilling is shut down, but Oscar has an idea of who took it; and there's an instance of roughneck betrayal that causes problems.
S04E06 Brandon's Battle 04/01/2012 In the most dramatic episode of Black Gold yet, Brandon's demons catch up with him, leaving Aaron Wheeler a victim of a brutal assault. With felony assault charges looming overhead, Driller Brandon Watson is forced to turn himself in to the Federal Marshalls.
S04E07 Renegades & Rodeo 11/01/2012 Brandon's absence makes things difficult on Rig 28; Josh's rodeo ride could get him tossed from the job; Tank seeks a barroom brawl rematch with Cheston.
S04E08 Sabotage 18/01/2012 A rival driller pays a visit to Oscar and his crew on Rig 28; competition intensifies as the crew finishes the third and final leg of Big Dog's challenge. Later, the remaining roughnecks await news of their long-awaited bonuses.
S04E09 Guess Who is Back 25/01/2012
S05E01 Under Pressure 19/12/2012 The 5th season of Black Gold gets off to a hot start with temps - and tempers - rising, with no end in sight. Brandon struggles to keep a crew on Rig 28, and puts his hands at risk by running a bare bones operation. When a worm hits the dirt, it could be the end of his drilling days. Cheston's found a new gig with plenty of perks, but gets lonely on his own. Will a heartfelt plea from his pal be enough to get him back with Big Dog?? And when a gas leak sends the roughnecks running, will they all make it out alive??
S05E02 Home Sweet Homelessness 26/12/2012 Brandon does not show up for work and is kicked out by his girlfriend; the crew gets some much needed reinforcement.
S05E03 Growing Pains 02/01/2013 Brandon gives Cheston a lesson in drilling; Cheston risks his friendship with Brandon; the landowner reiterates a deadline to Oscar; Brandon has legal troubles.
S05E04 Drilling Lessons 09/01/2013 Cheston walks a fine line between loyalty and self preservation when Brandon lets him down yet again, and he must seek out the help of a rival driller - behind his best friend's back. Brandon is put on final notice by Oscar when his own job is threatened. And, a worm's butterfingers might cost the rig big time, as a small mistake halts drilling - and could spell a stack out for the rough necks.
S05E05 Double Cross 16/01/2013 A deadly gas build up threatens the crew, and it's up to Brandon to soar high above the rig to try and relieve the pressure. Things turn tense when Freddie comes by for an impromptu rig inspection, and the friction between the boys builds up at couples therapy.? They try at let loose with some lakeside R&R, but the law is not far behind.?
S05E06 End of the Line 23/01/2013 Brandon runs into legal problems and is upset when Cheston doesn't bail him out; and to compound matters, Oscar is tiring of Brandon's all-too-frequent no-shows. Later, Cheston squares off against Mitch in a battle for the vacant driller position.
S05E07 Aftermath 30/01/2013 Competition for the driller position heats up; Freddie doubts Cheston's ability; Brandon's antics catch the attention of the police; Oscar and the crew are unhappy when Freddie sends in some help.
S05E08 The Final Countdown 06/02/2013 A dangerous explosion rocks the roughnecks of Rig 28, and it's an all-out sprint to finish the fourth and final hole before the looming deadline. With no driller to take charge, Freddie commands Oscar to do it himself. That doesn't sit well with Mitch, who's been gunning for the job. A battle between the two leaves only one man standing - but not for long, as an injury takes out a key player. And finally, Brandon's long awaited day in court arrives, and he must face the consequences of last year's brutal assault.
S05E09 Digging Deep 13/02/2013 When a pressure spike causes a cave in and brings the rig to a screeching halt, Oscar steps up to the drilling slot to keep the rig running. A visit from his family reminds him of what is truly at stake. With their competition to become a Big Dog driller on hold, Mitch and Cheston have a spitting contest of sorts - roughneck style. Cheston's attempt to earn bonus points with Oscar by helping out with rig repairs backfires - big time. And a heart to heart with his father brings Brandon to tears - and closer to the root of his anger issues.
S05E10 Showdown on Rig 28 20/02/2013 Oscar takes out frustrations on his slacking crew; Cheston's girlfriend distracts him while he's working; Mitch risks a parole violation.

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