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Blamimations are a series of animated shorts from Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. These shorts are hosted on Penny Arcade's PATV online channel.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Blamimations

S01E01 Blam #1 25/12/2009 Premier episode of Blamimation with Kris and Scott. Red Sharpe is the only man of average intelligence in a town of morons: Get Sharpe! In 1974 Michael Driver was contacted by an organisation that had a totally bitchin' car, this is Night Driver!
S01E02 Blam #2 22/01/2010 Jeff Brackish finds himself Heir to the Crown of Atlantis, these are the adventures of Deep King. Tetris Cop can't get anything done with his new partner in the way.
S01E03 Blam #3 19/02/2010 Jenkowski takes on Yalevabridge's hot new debater, The Airhornsman. Monster Nash: If Nash lets his resolve slip for a moment, he could become all monsters! Fin & Feather: Fin needs Feather's help preventing environmental pollution.
S01E04 Blam #4 19/03/2010 Kris and Scott try and enter the Matrix, but wind up in Fron! Michael Night and W.H.E.E.L.S. return in Night Driver
S01E05 Blam #5 16/04/2010 Scott tells Kris they're going to Penny Arcade Expo, but instead takes to a Christian Cable Network convention to see Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. The new director of F.U.C.K. hospital struggles to keep his employees relations in check. Kevin attempts to teach people lessons in Saw Babies.
S01E06 Blam #6 14/05/2010 Kris and Scott struggle with negative viewer feedback. Sharpe returns in Get Sharpe! where his brother Chet takes control of the city while he's out of the town keeping his mind honed. John Deikas takes calls on the John Deikas Show.
S01E07 Blam #7 11/06/2011
S01E08 Blam #8 09/07/2010
S01E09 Blam #9 06/08/2010
S01E10 Blam #10: Blam Nights! 27/08/2010
S01E11 Blam #11 10/09/2010
S01E12 Blam #12 24/09/2010
S01E13 Blam #13 15/10/2010
S01E14 Blam #14: Blam Nights! 22/10/2010
S01E15 Blam #15 12/11/2010
S01E16 Blam #16 04/12/2010
S01E17 Blam #17: Season Finale 31/12/2010
S02E01 Season 2 Premiere 05/08/2011
S02E02 Season 2 06/09/2011
S02E03 Blam #3 04/10/2011
S02E04 Blam #4 01/11/2011
S02E05 Blam #5 29/11/2011
S02E06 Blam #6 27/12/2011
S02E07 Blam #7 24/01/2012
S02E08 Blam #8 21/02/2012
S02E09 Blam #9 20/03/2012
S02E10 Blam #10 17/04/2012

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