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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Blue Skies

S01E01 A Partner Changes Everything 12/09/1994 Joel Goodman and Russell Evans (Corey Parker, Matt Roth) are partners in a small mail-order business celebrating its first anniversary. First up: after being scammed by their accountant (Richard Kind), the guys hire spirited Harvard MBA Ellie Baskin.
S01E02 Kenny Returns 19/09/1994 Joel must choose between friendship and the company when Russell and Ellie cast opposing votes on whether to sponsor the embezzling Kenny (Richard Kind) in a prison work-release program.
S01E03 The Quick and the Alone 26/09/1994 Russell dates Ellies' cousin, a gorgeous overachiever—and a bore. But Russell promised Ellie that he wouldn't break her cousin's heart.
S01E04 A Hatful of Pain 03/10/1994 Sales skyrocket on Blue Skies' fishing hats after an overindulgent rock star is seen sporting the original—which Russell had reluctantly given to a flaky model he dated.
S01E05 If You Knew Daddy Like I Know Daddy 10/10/1994 John Forsythe plays Ellie's imposing father, who won't take no for an answer when she defiantly refused the senior vice presidency of his global business empire.
S01E06 Cat's in the Bag 17/10/1994 No write-up available at this time.
S01E07 A Kiss is Just a Mess 24/10/1994 The company ""no-dating"" rule is put to the test after Ellie breaks up with her live-in lover, leaving her vulnerable—and needy.
S01E08 The Girl, the Bull and the Amenite Hat 00/00/0000 A girl who Joel slept with in Spain shows up in Boston looking for him.