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S01E01 Episode 1 18/06/2003 The seven world-class surfers arrives on the Hawaiian island of Oahu to compete for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Later, the group goes out to a huge party on the first night, and it would not be the last night. Danny mixes with all the girls on the street unlike Sunny who gets into nasty argument when someone tries to hit on his wife, Raina. While the rest of the group are still out partying, Myles, Holly and Damien decide to make it an early night for the competition the next day. Meanwhile, Chelsea is dragged by Veronica to go out for some late night partying. The next morning, the surfers recieve the news that the first leg has been postponed for a while. The pressure starts to get to some of the Surfers through out the next xouple of days. Holly is stuck in a house full of racous roomates. Veronica is offered with a modeling job which takes time out of her schedule for surfing. Meanwhile, Sunny and Myles face the facts that only one of them will be leaving with the money.
S01E02 Episode 2 25/06/2003 Veronica finds out that partying doesn't pay when she shows up for the first round of the Vans Triple Crown, fails miserably and winds up in last place. Meanwhile, Holly's very unpopular, all-work-and-no-play approach to surfing lands her in first place. However, Holly's friendship with Veronica is not on a winning streak. While Holly pretends to have a genuine connection with Veronica when they are in the same room, as soon as VK is gone, Holly has no problem talking openly about her the lack of respect for girls who use surfing to get ahead in modeling. Danny and Chelsea keep a low profile, while Damien, a native of Florida and a virtual newcomer to huge North Shore surf must face his trepidation as he prepares to go up against Sunny for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Sunny seems to be clocking in a punch-out or brawl per day. It seems as if, no one is immune from his jealousy and rage. Of course, all that pent up aggression does work to his advantage in the water and despi
S01E03 Episode 3 02/07/2003
S01E04 Episode 4 09/07/2003 The second leg of the competition is on for the women, and the big waves and messy conditions worry Holly Beck, Veronica Kay and Chelsea Georgeson who must all score high points to remain in the contest. After Veronica has an emotional breakdown, Holly ends up in a tense confrontation in the water with one of her opponenrs. Meanwhile, five-time Triple Crown winner Sunny Garcia, defending champ Myles Padaca and fifth-ranked Damien Hobgood compete in the Rip Curl Cup at Sunset Beach, the most challenging break on the famouse North Shore.
S01E05 Episode 5 16/07/2003 Danny finds out whether or not he will be allowed to surf with the pros at Pipeline. Chelsea, the only girl in the house who's still fighting to stay in the competition, flies off to Maui for a chance at winning Rookie of The Year. Sunny, takes a time out and goes home to the west side of the island where his family still faces the challenges of living in one of Oahu's poorest neighborhoods. With the competitions behind them, Holly and Veronica seem to mend their ways and head out for a girls-only surf trip followed by a wild night of boy watching. Extra-lethal waves arrive just in time for The Pipeline Masters and Myles, Damien and Sunny once again, risk everything as their family and friends cheer them on.
S01E06 Episode 6 23/07/2003 A huge crowd is on hand as the competition for the Vans Triple Crown soars into its final stretch at the infamous Bonzai Pipeline. Myles and Danny face treacherous conditions during the pressurized elimination heats. Sunny's chances of winning are in jeopardy when the judges force him to compete against ""Jake The Snake,"" a notorious surfer known for his dirty tactics in the water. Later, during a night of intense celebrating, Holly causes a wave of gossip to erupt when a surfer she ""picked up"" at the local super market unexpectedly settles into the house for a night of at partying. With only a few days remaining, emotions run the gamut for our crew of pro surfers. Only time will tell whether the bonds they've made over the past few weeks will make up for the losses they all incurred.