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Bobby's World premiered on FOX on September 8, 1990. From the wacky mind of comedian Howie Mandel comes the coolest cartoon yet, Bobby's World. Bobby lives in a typical suburban neighborhood, but step inside his imagination and discover a world of daring adventure, incredible wonder and lots of laughs-all in pint-sized perspective. We see BOBBY'S WORLD through the eyes of 4-year-old BOBBY, the alter ego of comedian Howie Mandel. Bobby's two biggest character traits are his penchant for taking things literally and letting his imagination get the best of him. Bobby, a short, toddling instigator of mischief, goads his siblings into courses of action that produce hilarious and timeless results. WEBBLY, the stuffed spider. Essentially, a face with eight legs, Webbly's expressions are worth a thousand words. In addition to being Bobby's security blanket, Webbly is a multi-functional stuffed arachnid, serving as everything from an escape ladder out of Bobby's playpen


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bobby's World

S01E01 The Visit to Aunt Ruth's 08/09/1990 Bobby does not want to stay at Aunt Ruth's house. He thinks he'll be bored and she smells. However, Bobby finds that being with his Aunt Ruth is actually fun and he begins to look forward to going over again.
S01E02 Uncle Ted's Excellent Adventure 15/09/1990 Uncle Ted and Bobby decide to have a campout in the back yard. This is Bobby's first time sleeping outside and he does not know ifhe is ready. At first Bobby can't wait, but when he finally does campout with Uncle Ted he is frightened by many things. At the end of this adventure the whole family ends up roughing out for the night with Bobby and Uncle Ted.
S01E03 Adventures in Bobby Sitting 22/09/1990 Pint-sized Bobby Generic and his king-sized imagination have another fantasy adventure in this episode of the Fox kids' series.
S01E04 The Best One of the Mall 06/10/1990 Bobby goes with his family to the mall, but ends up getting lost.
S01E05 My Dad Can Fix Anything 20/10/1990 Bobby's dad tries to fix a plumbing problem in the house...with not much luck
S01E06 Me and Roger 03/11/1990
S01E07 The Big Sweep 10/11/1990
S01E08 The Night of the Living Pumpkin 24/11/1990 It's Halloween and Bobby is too little to go trick or treating, so Uncle Ted helps Bobby turn the house into a Halloween House of Horror.
S01E09 Beach Blanket Bobby 01/12/1990
S01E10 The Revenge of Dr. Noo 15/12/1990 Bobby watches a scary movie on TV about a character named ""Dr. Noo"" -- when he gets sick and Uncle Ted takes him to see a ""new doctor"", Bobby is petrified thinking he means Dr. Noo.
S01E11 See America Last 12/01/1991
S01E12 Bobby's Big Broadcast 19/01/1991 Bobby goes on TV.
S01E13 In Search of the Ring Bear 05/01/1991 Bobby goes with his family to a relative's wedding, having the dubious distinction of ring bearer. There are of course mishapps on the way to the wedding.
S03E01 Bobby's Tooth or Dare 29/08/1992 Bobby gets a loose tooth, and all heck breaks loose
S03E02 Bobby's Big Move 05/09/1992 The Generics moves to a new house because they need more room for their new soon-to-be-born baby.
S03E03 Bad News Bobby 12/09/1992
S03E04 Swim by Me 19/09/1992 Bobby and Uncle Ted take swimming lessons together.
S03E05 The Play's the Thing 26/09/1992 Bobby and the kids are performing a play,but Bobby thinks it`s fun when it really isn`t.
S03E06 Fish Tales 10/10/1992
S03E07 The Music 17/10/1992
S03E08 Misery Loves Company 24/10/1992
S03E09 Bobby Phone Home 07/11/1992 Bobby gets locked out of his house, and cannot figure out what he should do.
S03E10 Baby Brother Blues 14/11/1992
S03E11 Bobby's Girl 21/11/1992
S03E12 Ill Effects 28/11/1992
S03E13 I Want My Mommy 08/05/1993
S04E01 The Hero 18/09/1993
S04E02 Uncle Ted's New Friend 25/09/1993
S04E03 The World Accordion to Bobby 02/10/1993 Bobby's Mom & Aunt Ruth Make Bobby Take Up The Accordion.
S04E04 Bobby Ties the Knot 09/10/1993
S04E05 Jets, Choo-Choos, and Cars 16/10/1993
S04E06 Karate Bobby 23/10/1993
S04E07 A Day with Dad 06/11/1993
S04E08 Psycho Bobby 13/11/1993
S04E09 The Smell of a Tattletale 20/11/1993
S04E10 It's My Party 27/11/1993
S04E11 One Clump or Two 05/02/1994
S04E12 Bobby's Big Dream 19/02/1994
S04E13 Bobby, the Musical 26/02/1994 Durring a blackout, Bobby performs different styles of songs.
S05E01 Rebel Without a Clue 12/09/1994
S05E02 Geriatric Park 13/09/1994
S05E03 Harry Takes a Powder 14/09/1994
S05E04 Bobby's Big Boo-Boo 15/09/1994
S05E05 Mom on Wheels 16/09/1994
S05E06 Weekend at Teddie's 07/11/1994 Bobby spends the weekend at Uncle Ted's, to take a break from his family. But it isn't what he expected.
S05E07 Generics Under Construction 08/11/1994
S05E08 Mrs. Noogiefire 14/11/1994
S05E09 Bobby Slicker 21/11/1994
S05E10 No Sale 28/11/1994
S05E11 Who You Gonna Call...??? 06/02/1995
S05E12 Starring Bobby 13/02/1995
S05E13 The Truth About Aunt Ruth 20/02/1995
S06E01 Bobby On-Line 11/09/1995
S06E02 Bobby the Genius 12/09/1995
S06E03 Hooked on Caps 13/09/1995
S06E04 Bobby's Last Stand 14/09/1995
S06E05 Miracle on 34th St. & Rural Route 1 22/12/1995
S06E06 Just Plain Sleepless 05/02/1996
S06E07 Bobby, Lord of the Slopes 12/02/1996
S06E08 Time After Time 20/10/1996
S06E09 Independence Bobby 27/10/1996
S06E10 Bobby the Candidate 04/11/1996
S06E11 The Importance of Being Ernest 06/05/1996
S07E01 Bad Manners Bobby 06/09/1997 This is a test
S07E02 Roger's Ransom 13/09/1997
S07E03 Cooties 20/09/1997
S07E04 Promises, Promises 27/09/1997
S07E05 Generics and Indians 04/10/1997
S07E06 It's A Generic Life 11/10/1997
S07E07 Cruisin' Bobby 18/10/1997
S07E08 Dad's Big Day 15/11/1997
S07E09 Blue Eggs And Bobby 23/02/1998
S07E10 Back To The Furniture 23/02/1998