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The Boblins are kind, loving, mischievous characters, who live in a land full of colour called Rainbow’s End, existing in harmony with nature and caring for the animals, plants and trees. The Boblins enjoy a life filled with fun and adventure where each new day brings a fresh chance for their personalities to shine. Each of the seven Boblins represents one of the seven colours of the rainbow, and possesses the characteristics and mood associated with their colour Bodkin (Blue) is calm and wise. He is the leader of the group. He is kind, generous and rather absent minded at times. He always tries to understand everyone’s point of view which sometimes makes it difficult to make decisions. Onny (Orange) is loving, kind and motherly. She helps everyone in a maternal, caring way. Her domain is the kitchen where she does all of the cooking. Yam Yam (Yellow) is always happy and sometimes over excitable. Unfortunately he get carried away with his bouncing, which can lead to some tricky situations. Yam Yam can always be relied upon to come up with a plan when one is needed! Gully (Green) is practical and hard working. She looks after the animals that live on the farm and is very interested in recycling and the environment. Gully is multilingual, a unique skill which none of the other Boblins share. She can talk to all the animals which can be very useful, and even talk to aliens! Pi (Violet) is very clever and a mine of information, however, he becomes a little haphazard at times and would rather make things up to hide the embarrassment of not knowing an answer. Pinny (Indigo) is very kind, creative, artistic and gentle and often paints pictures when she walks through the countryside. Ruddle (Red) can be a little grumpy at times, but in a very funny way. He loves to join in with the other Boblins but does not like to show that he is enjoying himself. He is practical, can fix anything and has his own workshop.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Boblins

S01E01 Newsletter 00/00/0000 Pinny writes a newsletter all about the Boblins, specifically about their individual skills, talents and interests.
S01E02 Oddbot 00/00/0000 Pinny is having a tea party and has invited everyone to join her. Meanwhile Pi has made a robot to help Ruddle paint all the buildings. Yam Yam switches on the robot before Pi has finished it and the robot starts painting anything in its path. As Pi tries to track it down it causes mayhem for everyone which makes them late for Pinny's tea party. The robot finds Pinny alone at the tea party and they become friends through their shared talent for painting. Eventually the other Boblins arrive at the tea party and the robot paints a group picture of them all.
S01E03 Race Day 00/00/0000 It’s that time of year when all the characters get together for a race. They all build their own racing carts, but Pi and Ruddle both add a few extra gadgets to theirs which gets them into trouble, whilst Yam Yam whose cart falls apart, improvises and wins the day.
S01E04 Overground Underground 00/00/0000 Onny goes to the vegetable patch to get some carrots and sees them disappearing into the ground. She goes to Pi to get help. He decides to use his drilling machine to investigate the mystery of the missing carrots, and takes Gully with him. Underground they find a large cavern inhabited by moles, and Gully finds out that they are taking the carrots to help them see in the dark. With the mystery solved, they head back but Pi realises they are stuck because the drilling machine can only go downwards. They discover that the cavern contains magical bouncing mushrooms that they use to bounce up the the hole in the ground made by the drilling machine and they get back overground safely.
S01E05 Bobsleigh 00/00/0000 It snows in Rainbow's End and everyone is having fun, except Gully who doesn't like the cold. Onny asks Gully to find Yam Yam and give him his hat, whilst Ruddle is sent to find firewood. Ruddle finds a large log and with the help of some of the others, he puts it on a couple of sledges to lower it down a hill. Unfortunately the log gets out of control and Gully ends up riding it down the hill. Gully has so much fun riding the log that she forgets about the cold and ends up enjoying the snow.
S01E06 Kite 00/00/0000 A baby bird is being trained by Gully to fly. Unfortunately he hasn’t quite got the hang of it and a few of his friends laugh when he crashes to the ground. Gully reassures the little bird that one day he will be able to fly really well. Ruddle makes a kite for Pinny but before he can give it to her the wind blows it from his grasp. Ruddle gives chase promising to retrieve it for Pinny but before he knows it the kite has flown far from Rainbow’s End and towards the mountains. Bodkin is busy rock climbing when the kite knocks him off the ledge of a mountain, he grabs hold of the kite which mangages to take him flying all over Rainbow’s End before crashing into an old tree. Ruddle and Pi catch up with him and they hatch plan after plan to get the kite but it’s just too high. Luckily the birds realise the Boblins’ predicament and the baby bird takes the initiative to retrieve the kite for Pinny.
S01E07 Baby Rainbow Dragon 00/00/0000 Whilst collecting rocks, Ruddle and Yam Yam accidentally take a Rainbow Dragon egg. The egg hatches and Gully and Yam Yam try to return the baby dragon to its mother. On the way Yam Yam and the dragon end up in a boat which falls over a waterfall but they are rescued by the dragon's mother.
S01E08 Pi in the Sky 00/00/0000 Pi and Ruddle decide to take a hot air balloon ride so that Pi can make a map of Rainbow's End. When Pi has climbed into the basket, Ruddle unhooks the ropes holding down the balloon and the balloon starts to fly away. Ruddle tries to stop the balloon by holding onto the ropes but he gets pulled into the air and is dangling below Pi. Pi tries to land the balloon which results in him falling from the basket and getting caught on a rope too. Yam Yam bounces into the basket and becomes the hero by helping to land the balloon. They return home safely tell the others about their misadventure.
S01E09 Robovac 00/00/0000 Pi finds Ruddle clearing out unwanted items from his workshop. Pi thinks he can help Ruddle clear up by inventing a device that vacuums up old bits of junk. Pi unveils his contraption which resembles a mechanical chicken. He presses a few buttons on a remote control and the chicken vacuums up the rubbish. Astounded, Ruddle can’t wait to take the chicken to the workshop to get rid of all the junk. Ruddle and Pi relax while the chicken gets on with its work but unfortunately it malfunctions and decides to vacuum up everything else as well, including Ruddle’s beloved cart and shed. The robot chicken makes a dash for it with Ruddle and Pi in hot pursuit. They finally catch the robot chicken and Pi fixes it.
S01E10 Gully's Surprise 00/00/0000 Gully’s chickens are running wild, so Ruddle decides to surprise her by making her a chicken enclosure at the farm. The other characters keep Gully busy whilst Ruddle builds it.
S01E11 Shrink 00/00/0000 Pi invents a shrink ray and wants to show it off to the others, but after a small accident, Pi, Yam Yam and Gully end up getting shrunk. The only way Pi can return them to their normal size is to use his grow ray which is back at the lab. They head back towards the lab but it’s taking them a long time as they are so small. They get stuck at the edge of the river when they meet a large beetle who offers to take them home.
S01E12 Space Chickens 00/00/0000 Some aliens land in Rainbow's End because their spaceship runs out of rainbow power. They meet the Boblins who think they look like chickens. The Boblins help the aliens recharge their spaceship by providing objects, each a colour of the rainbow, to restore the ship's rainbow power.
S01E13 Clean Sweep 00/00/0000 Yam Yam is looking for a fancy dress costume for Pinny and accidentally takes a witch's magic broom. Pinny is carried off by the broom and ends up stuck in a hollow log whilst Ruddle becomes stuck in a giant pumpkin as he jumps out of the way. The others try to free Pinny and Ruddle whilst the broom helps Onny to clear up all the mess. They then have their fancy dress competition and Pinny wins with her tree outfit.
S01E14 Paws for Thought 00/00/0000 Yam Yam is playing on a pile of rocks and accidentally causes them to roll down a slope, blocking the entrance to a cave, which happens to be a bear's home. The bear returns home but can't get to his food, which is in the cave. Just then Gully walks by with a jar of honey, and the bear follows the scent of the honey. Gully arrives at the farm and puts down the jar of honey whilst she goes to get some eggs. The bear picks up the unguarded honey and walks off with it. Gully enlists the help of Pi to solve the mystery of the missing honey and they follow clues which lead them to the bear cave, where they find the bear with the jar of honey. Gully finds out that the bear can't get into his home and Ruddle and Yam Yam help to unblock the cave entrance. The bear gives them some fruit to say thanks.
S01E15 Use Your Loaf 00/00/0000 Onny finds some seeds in the magical clearing and takes them home to make bread. Unknown to her they are magical seeds. Whilst Onny is making bread with the seeds a hungry chicken eats some, and is turned into a giant chicken. Hilarity ensues. Eventually Ruddle, Gully and Yam Yam lure the chicken back to the magical clearing where it is restored to its normal size.
S01E16 Gorilla 00/00/0000 Gully meets a gorilla and goes for a walk with him. Yam Yam mistakenly thinks she is in trouble and he and the other characters try to rescue her. Eventually the gorilla meets a female gorilla and the two fall in love.
S01E17 Careful what you wish for 00/00/0000 It’s Pinny’s birthday and whilst out walking, Bodkin discovers a treasure map and decides to look for the treasure to give to Pinny as a present. Ruddle goes with him. They find the treasure, which looks like an ordinary teapot, in a secret cave. When Bodkin picks it up it sets off a booby trap and they have to run away from an enormous boulder heading their way. As they run, Bodkin wishes that they had Ruddle’s cart with them and the teapot makes the cart magically appear from nowhere and help them to safety. They realise they’ve found a magic teapot that grants wishes and take it back home. However, the teapot becomes more trouble than it’s worth, and Bodkin ends up wishing that the teapot goes back to where it came from. With the teapot gone they can all enjoy Pinny’s birthday party.
S01E18 Yeti Get it 00/00/0000 One of Gully’s chickens becomes a little ill and Onny suggests that the fruit from a tree at the top of Yeti Mountain will help it feel better. Bodkin overhears Onny and loving adventures he offers to go and get the fruit. Whilst up the mountain Bodkin meets a yeti who has a thorn stuck in his foot, Bodkin helps the yeti by pulling the thorn out and in return he helps Bodkin get the fruit and return home quickly.
S01E19 Eager Beaver 00/00/0000 Gully and Bodkin try to discover what has been chopping down trees all over the forest and find that it is a beaver. Meanwhile Pi, Ruddle and Yam Yam try to clear a blockage in the river but unfortunately this turns out to be the beaver's new home. They then work together to rebuild the home and divert the water around it.
S01E20 Three Colours Moo 00/00/0000 The cows, unhappy with being black and white decide to go to the magical clearing to change colour. Meanwhile Gully panics because they are missing and a search ensues. Gully, Yam Yam and Pi find the cows in the magical clearing, as they change colour from black and white to colorful rainbow cows. Unfortunately this drains the colour from all the other animals in Rainbow's End. Eventually the cows decide they do not like being rainbow coloured because they can't tell each other apart. Everyone goes back to the magical clearing to change the cows back to normal. The status quo returned, everybody is happy.
S01E21 Barrel of Laughs 00/00/0000 After hearing a great pirate story from Onny, Yam Yam finds Ruddle and Bodkin about to go on a fishing trip. Yam Yam decides that fishing is something a pirate would do and goes on the trip with them. Whilst fishing, they see a large pirate ship heading towards Rainbow’s End, captained by a parrot and his first mate, the alligator. The parrot turns out to be an old friend of Gully’s and he invites her onto his ship for a meal. Ruddle and Bodkin try to get on the ship and end up stuck in a couple of barrels. Whilst Yam Yam is trying to get on he breaks through the floor causing the ship to leak, which Ruddle has to fix - something he can only do when he gets free of the barrel.
S01E22 A Trip to the Moon 00/00/0000 Pi invents a rocket to take himself, Yam Yam and Ruddle to the moon. Yes that’s right, the moon! Whilst they are packing a sheep accidentally climbs on board, unknown to the rest of the crew. After they land on the moon’s surface each of the Boblins goes off to explore the new world, whilst the sheep manages to put on a pair of rollerskates that was packed by Ruddle and starts his very own roller disco by going up and down the moon hills, accidentally knocking Pi onto his back, skating off out of control. Ruddle and Yam Yam go off in the moon buggy and rescue them both in the nick of time, just before they go over a big moon cliff. They all then blast off back to Rainbow’s End just in time for tea and cakes.
S01E23 Rainbow River Troll 00/00/0000 Yam Yam meets a rainbow river troll on the way back home from collecting apples for Onny. Yam Yam invites him back home for tea where the troll ends up breaking things accidentally when he only means to help. Onny suggests he breaks some eggs for her as he's so good at breaking things. He turns out to be a master chef and makes the rest of the Boblins a slap up meal for causing so much trouble.
S01E24 Brain Gain 00/00/0000 Yam Yam gets bumped on the head by a meteor, which makes him as clever as Pi. They both then solve problems together, but Yam Yam is unhappy because even though he is now clever he has lost his bouncing ability. Pi and Yam Yam invent a bouncing machine together so that Yam Yam can bounce again. The machine goes out of control and in the mayhem that follows he gets a bump on the head again, causing him to lose his new found cleverness, but his bounces have returned!
S01E25 Unicow 00/00/0000 Pinny is walking along the woodland path and discovers a unicow behind some bushes but before she can say hello, it disappears. Pinny rushes off to tell Onny about her experience only to be told she probably imagined it. Pinny and Yam Yam then go off to play hide and seek and Pinny finds a hollow tree stump to hide in. Yam Yam spends all day trying to find her but to no avail. Pinny gets bored waiting for Yam Yam to find her and decides to come out of hiding, only to realise that she is lost. Just then the unicow appears from the woods and takes Pinny back home through a scientific process known as flight. All the other Boblins see her land with the unicow and now believe her story of seeing one earlier. As a reward for the unicow helping her, Pinny paints his portrait
S01E26 That's Magic 00/00/0000 Marlon the Wizard visits Rainbow’s End to collect some ingredients for one of his spells. He asks Yam Yam to look after his magic wand and spell book whilst he goes away with Onny to collect the gear. Yam Yam plays around with the wand and ends up turning several of the Boblins into animals including turning himself into a frog. The whole thing is resolved when the Wizard arrives back and reverses the spells.
S02E01 Double Trouble 00/00/0000 Pi invents a duplicating machine, which, with a little help from Yam Yam goes disastrously wrong. The machine gets out of control and ends up duplicating Pi. With two Pi’s running around rainbow’s end trouble is surely not far away!
S02E02 Yam Yam the Acrobat 00/00/0000 Yam Yam dreams of being a circus performer, and decides to make his dream become a reality by becoming an acrobat. He enlists the help of Ruddle and Bodkin, albeit reluctantly. Disaster strikes as one of Yam Yam acrobatic stunts goes wrong.
S02E03 Hide and Seek 00/00/0000 Jealous of Pi is inventing ability, Yam Yam makes himself a hide and seek machine. The machine inevitably malfunctions and starts hiding everybody’s things; Yam Yam is not popular with the other Boblins.
S02E04 Book Bedlam 00/00/0000 Pi invents a mobile book dispenser, but it seems nobody wants to read anymore. When his book dispenser goes wrong and strands Pi on top of a cliff the Boblins realise that reading books might be the only way to save him.
S02E05 Paddle Power 00/00/0000 Bodkin, Gully, and Yam Yam go on a boat trip and are stranded when, during a stop for food, Yam Yam forgets to tie up the boat. Pi and Ruddle stage a daring rescue attempt.
S02E06 Dial Yam Yam 00/00/0000 Inspired by Ruddle’s daring rescue of a sheep, Yam Yam decided to set up his own rescue service. He goes around Rainbow’s End ‘rescuing’ his friends, whether they need it or not!
S02E07 Honk 00/00/0000 The gang keep hearing mysterious noises in Rainbow’s End. Is it a monster, is it a ghost, no, it is Pi and his new one-man-band musical suit.
S02E08 Midnight Meddler 00/00/0000 Somebody is getting up every night and meddling with everybody’s things. Pi and Bodkin decide to investigate to find out exactly who this mystery midnight meddler could be.
S02E09 Cake 00/00/0000 Onny decides to take a day out from housework and cooking and go out for a nice walk. Yam Yam knows how hard Onny works and decided to treat her by baking a cake. Will Onny’s spotless kitchen survive the ordeal, and will she return to an almighty mess, or a beautiful homemade cake?
S02E10 There's Snow Place Like Home 00/00/0000 While skiing on the mountain, Yam Yam and Bodkin accidently destroy a friendly penguins home. They help him rebuild it, and in return, he teaches Yam Yam how to ski properly.
S02E11 Buried Treasure 00/00/0000 Gully tries to help a friendly squirrel who cannot remember where his nuts are buried. Pi and Ruddle are testing a new metal detector and have a brilliant idea of turning it into a nut detector.
S02E12 Hic Hic Hurray 00/00/0000 While getting ready for Ruddle’s surprise birthday party Yam Yam eats a muffin too quickly. He promptly gets the hiccups, and not sure how to get rid of them he seeks advice. However, everybody seems to have outlandish ideas as to how it should be done.
S02E13 Jurrasic Lark 00/00/0000 Pinny and Bodkin find a dinosaur frozen deep into the ice on top of a mountain. When they bring the dinosaur down and he thaws out, they find out that not only is he friendly, he is also a fantastic dancer.
S02E14 Light As A Feather 00/00/0000
S02E15 Whale of a Time 00/00/0000
S02E16 Cheeky Monkey 00/00/0000
S02E17 Helping Hands 00/00/0000
S02E18 Rocket Ruddle 00/00/0000
S02E19 Hard Cheese 00/00/0000
S02E20 I Can't Sleep 00/00/0000
S02E21 Counting Sheep 00/00/0000
S02E22 Yam Yam's Way 00/00/0000
S02E23 Muffin Magic 00/00/0000
S02E24 On A Roll 00/00/0000
S02E25 Flying Machine 00/00/0000
S02E26 Pressing Buttons 00/00/0000

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