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Provocante. Séduisante. Intrépide. Superbe. Des danseuses se mettent complètement à nu dans cette série osée sur le monde torride et sexy de la danse érotique. Qui de mieux pour vous présenter cette série que Zalman King, celui qui vous a offert 9 semaines et demie et Red Shoe Diaries! La narratrice, Samantha (interprétée par Jessica Rimmer), une étudiante qui travaille dans une boîte de striptease pour payer ses études, vous invite à découvrir son monde. Body Language vous transporte directement dans le salon VIP où vous serez témoin de moments si chauds que vous n’en croirez pas vos yeux. Épisodes intenses LES MEILLEURS MOMENTS DE BODY LANGUAGE La bibliothécaire : Monter sur scène pour danser avec des danseuses nues professionnelles semble inoffensif, mais ce n’est que le début d’un cycle de destruction impossible à contrôler. La vérité nue : Une agente d’infiltration perd plus que sa couverture afin de démasquer un revendeur de drogue. La diva du midi : Molly (Anna Kalina), mère de deux enfants, est mariée à un homme qui ne sait pas qu’elle est la vedette du Club… ou le sait-il? Le garçon de la boutique érotique : Un jeune commis de boutique érotique filme les clientes et les amène à révéler leurs secrets les plus intimes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Body Language

S01E01 Peeping Tom 06/09/2008 Mia knows that she is being watched but it intrigues her and she sets to seduce her hidden admirer.
S01E02 Naked Truths 13/09/2008 An undercover female cop comes to work at the Club in order to bring down a major drug dealer who has a thing for strippers.
S01E03 Lap Dance Queen 20/09/2008 The thing that makes Molly the best lap dancer at the club is not just her body (which is sensational) but her ability to understand the fantasies of each of her clients and deliver on them.
S01E04 Dirty Little Secrets 27/09/2008 Samantha’s friend Kate visits the Club on the same day that an erotic music video is being shot there. It turns her on so much that she acts out her own sensual scenario with the Club’s bouncer after everyone has gone home.
S01E05 Sex Shop Boy 04/10/2008 A young and beautiful young clerk at a sex shop videos the clients (including two girls from the Club) and gets them to reveal their most intimate secrets to his camera.
S01E06 The Librarian 11/10/2008 Going on-stage to dance with the professional strippers seems like a harmless lark but it is the beginning of a destructive cycle that spins Gigi out of control and into a world of sexual addiction.
S01E07 Lunch Hour Diva 18/10/2008 Molly has two kids at home and a husband who doesn’t know that she is the star attraction at the Club for the lunch hour crowd… or does he?
S01E08 Bachelor Party 25/10/2008 A young man about to get married throws a wild and crazy bachelor party at the Body Language club.
S01E09 Cat Fight Fever 01/11/2008 Two best friends from the Club go on the road to a wild and wooly strip club in the sticks and fall for the same guy.
S01E10 Next Stop Porn 06/11/2008 For Natasha, it’s all about the money and it’s just a small step from stripping at the Club to starring in porn movies. She doesn’t think it any of it will really affect her but then she meets a very rich man who wants to marry her and she realizes that she can’t hide her past.
S01E11 Beauty and the Biker 15/11/2008 Stormy always falls for the wrong kind of guy and the Biker is no exception.
S01E12 The Dominatrix 22/11/2008
S01E13 Money Talks 29/11/2008
S02E01 Baby Doll and the Hungry Girls 05/06/2010 Baby Doll, a mysterious but beautiful girl, and her two friends, bring their unique dance act to the Club. It's like performance art, a modern version of "Flash Dance." They become an instant hit. Managers and producers flock around. But Baby Doll doesn't seem to care. She grows more and more distant. And then, one night, she finally just disappears.
S02E02 Beautiful Sin 12/06/2010 Ruby has two special qualities - a body to die for and a passion for rockers. especially Bobby Lee. Ruby was fine with just having sex with Bobby Lee. She warns him - "Don't say you love me unless you really mean it." But he says the magic words anyway and their night together is amazing. Bobby Lee videos every passionate detail. But when Ruby wakes up the next morning, he's gone. The problem is that he made one serious mistake. He forgot the video behind. Ruby knows that she has what she needs to get revenge. She just has to figure out how and when to do it.
S02E03 Private Dancer 12/06/2010 Mia does her job at the Club and she does it well. She is a real favorite. But when her shift is over, no one knows where she goes. And then we learn that she has been having a torrid affair for years with a police captain. When his wife finds out, Mia has to decide whether to try to preserve her relationship with the Cop or help his wife become sexy enough to satisfy him.
S02E04 Almost Perfect 19/06/2010 Ruby wants to give her boyfriend, Martin, a really special present for his birthday. So she chooses Luz, the sexiest dancer at the club. The threesome is amazing but their liaison has unexpected consequences for them all.
S02E05 Big Mambo 26/06/2010 Big Mambo has just gotten out of prison and is determined to go straight. The Club gives him a bartending job to help. Then he falls head over heels for beautiful Maria but she won't give him any play. So he follows her. And as he learns more and more about her life outside the Club, he realizes that he is going to have to do something very dramatic to help her even if it means risking his own life to do it.
S02E06 Russian Roulette 10/07/2010 Tatiana and Rachel have come to the Club from Russia to earn money. There is no future for them back home. When an elegant madam promises them huge amounts to become the highest of high-class escorts, they have to decide if they can bring themselves to take that huge step from stripper to call girl.
S02E07 Amateur Night 03/07/2010 Underneath Emma's nerdy appearance was a real beauty just waiting to emerge. A failed attempt to strip at the Club on Amateur Night inspires Emma to begin to get naked for her roommates at home, especially for Aaron. And as her confidence grows, her relationship with Aaron changes from platonic to sizzling.
S02E08 The Driver 24/07/2010 Someone is trying to muscle in on the Club's business so it hires The Driver as protection. Ex-Navy Seal, mercenary, martial arts expert, he's definitely the right man for the job. Rachel is a sweet girl from Russia looking to make enough money to start a new life. They both just want do their jobs and be left alone. But when these two private personalities collide, they spark a forest fire of passion that will burn white hot until it burns itself out... if it ever does
S02E09 Chasing The O 10/07/2010 Ryan, a film student, gets a job driving the dancers home after work. When they talk in the car, he can't believe his ears. They are so frank, direct and outrageous. He asks if he can film their conversations and they agree. When his girlfriend finds out what he's really doing, to his amazement, she isn't upset. In fact, she and her friends want to be interviewed too.
S02E10 Stormy Weather 17/07/2010 Lisa can't make up her mind about anything. She leaves that all to Jacques, her fiance, who dominates her completely. But when she meets Rhett, she learns that a lover can be sweet and caring as well as sexually fulfilling. Now she has to decide - Should she leave Jacques or not? For the first time in her life, Lisa has to make up her mind on her own.
S02E11 Stripper Logic 14/08/2010 Luz knows that she wants to make something out of her life. She doesn’t want to be a stripper forever. But she has one weakness that always seems to get in the way of her career ambitions… Cowboys.
S02E12 Fresh Meat 21/08/2010 Fresh Meat Jeans is Amanda’s new client. Rita, its owner, is as much interested in sex with the beautiful models as she is in Amanda’s new campaign. Amanda needs to figure out exactly when art becomes porn.
S02E13 Fight Girls 28/08/2010 Amanda, the bartender at the Club and an aspiring fashion photographer, has her first shot at the big time. When her client urges her to push the edge of the sexual envelope with her photos, Amanda has to decide exactly where to draw the line.

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